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Brian is a top level officer in Secret Investigation Agency. His life is always shrouded in mystery. No one knows How the son of a gangster went on to become a police officer. He had disappeared 5 years ago and had returned as a police officer. He had worked hard to make Dever a inhabitable place. He had eradicated 4 of the 5 most dangerous gangs in Dever. Thus the people of Dever had started considering him as their God. Suddenly a bomb shell is dropped on people when Brian is arrested for murdering 5 people.

Thriller / Mystery
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What would you do if the one that was supposed to be the protector of the city turns into murderer?

Would you give him the benefit of doubt?

What if he doesn’t want to utter a single word about the murders?

Would you give upon him?

Would you let him be hanged to death especially if he has saved you before?

Today the newspapers seemed to be plagued with the news of murders committed by Brian. Each article was more spiced up than the other.

Secret Investigation Officer Brian murdered a whole gang of crooks defying a direct order to arrest them.”

“ The same person who is considered as God by many women for saving them from skin trade taken into custody for allegedly killing 5 people”

“The Officer who busted the drugs racket last month accused of murder of 5 people.”

This news spread like wild fire and a mob of people gathered outside the office of The Secret Investigation Department In Dever.

When Rob, the head of the Investigation Department saw the large mob of people gathered outside his office, to support Brian he felt a headache coming on. How was he going to convince the people that Brian was a criminal ?

The people of Dever worshipped him like a God. He stood there motionless for a while. The expressions on his face turned from anxiety to grim determination. He muttered to himself, “ This is the only way to make them believe.” Then he walked towards the door.

Meanwhile the people outside were shouting slogans at the top of their lungs.




When the mob outside saw Rob emerging through the door they immediately quietened down.

Though Rob looked harmless on the surface his dominating aura could make everyone mute without him even having to speak a word.

The people thought that he would give them an explanation but he just uttered, ”Five of you follow me in.” and went inside.

The reporters of the five biggest media channels strutted in. They looked at the other reporters with an expression daring them to protest.

Rob led the reporters to his cabin. Rob flicked off the lights without even giving them a chance to sit. Before the reporters could say anything in protest a video started playing on the wall. The reporters stood there transfixed. All of them looked on with curiosity. If Rob had called them to show this video. It must be something very important. They felt that they were definitely going to make history in the world of mass media after reporting this video.

The video showed a dingy dark room. There wasn’t enough light but one could make out a silhouette that looked somewhat similar to Brian. On close observation one could make out the profiles of five other people who seemed to be tied to the chairs.

The man circled around the people tied to chairs spitting out something. There was no sound in the footage. So it was difficult to understand what he was saying. After circling them about three times he went and brought some bags. The bags seemed to be filled with something.

He thrust the head of one of the people tied to the chair into the bag and tied it. The person started trembling and shaking as if in pain. He shook as if he was being given electric shocks again and again. These reactions continued for what seemed like ages and then he went limp.

The man then moved on and continued this procedure with the other four too. By the end of it none of the men tied to the chairs showed any movement. Then he opened those bags one by one.

In that instance a light shone on the man’s face. The quite room was filled with gasps of the reporters before becoming eerily quiet again. In that on millisecond Brian’s face had been visible. The cold and demonic expression on Brian’s face was akin to the devil himself. It was evident now that Brian was in fact a murderer. That too not an ordinary one. He seemed crazed with blood lust. The same man who once evoked a sense of security among everyone now was personification of fear and horror.

Before the reporters could get their heads around this idea there was another flash of light and this time loud shrieks resonated in the room.

This time the light was cast on the faces of the people tied to the chairs. The faces of the five men were contorted beyond recognition. It seemed as though someone had poured a bucket of blood onto their faces. Blood was dripping down on the floor and had formed a large pool near their feet. None of the organs on their faces were visible.

While the reporters wondered what Brian had done to put them in such a state they caught a glimpse of a rat coming out of the bag which was lying on the ground. He had filled the bags with rats!!!!! What had these people done to evoke such monstrosity?

They watched in horror as Brian continued his assaults like a crazed maniac. It was evident that all of them were already dead but Brian seemed to be caught in a demonic frenzy. He took out something that looked like a saw. Realising what he was about to do everyone in the room shut their eyes. Even Rob closed his eyes. Though he had already seen it once he did not have the courage to see it again.

For a few endless minutes only heavy breathing and thundering heartbeats could be heard in the room. When Rob couldn’t take it anymore he opened his eyes. The only thing he could make out was a heap on the floor. He gulped as he saw legs, hands and other body parts lying in a bone chilling heap.

Brian poured some liquid onto the heap. Then he struck a matchstick and set the heap ablaze. He watched in horror as the red fiery flames engulfed the human body parts. Brian stood there watching the fire burn up everything like a statue. It was as if all his fury was spent. Then the screen turned dark……

All stood there in pin drop silence. No word from the dictionary could express the horror of what they had witnessed. No word in the world was enough to condemn the act. Rob was the first one to snap out of the trance.

He switched on the lights. Still the reporters showed no reaction. They stood there staring at each other’s ghostly pale faces. He called out to them but there was no response. Finally Rob had to call the ambulance to take them away for counselling.

Maybe his decision to show them the video was not right. At least he had refrained from publicly displaying it. If the reporters did not come back to senses he could also face prosecution.

The mob that had gathered there to support Brian stood there bewildered as they saw the five reporters being led into the ambulance by Mr. Rob and the nurses but what could they do? They had no clue about what had happened. After the ambulance left the crowd dispersed slowly.

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