Blood Bath and Revenge.

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After the violent death of her parents, Sabrina Moore was forced to play the role of a mother and father for her younger sister. She lived life differently than most students her age. She later embarks on a journey to find her parents’ murderer and in the process, she becomes a whole new person. Will she find her parents’ murderer or unlock a dark secret her parents buried six feet under? *Warning: This book has vulgar language and violence described in detail. If you are a sensitive person this is not a book for you. Don't say I didn't warn ya.*.

Thriller / Romance
Ibtesam Mirza
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Who would expect to come home after a night of partying with your friends only to find your parents lying dead on the floor and to see your six-year-old sister hiding and shivering in the closet? Neither of you would expect that.

Just like every eighteen-year-old, I came home at around twelve in the morning, I know most of you are good kids and come back home before curfew, but I wasn’t one of them. I was a badass, that’s what most girls at school called me. I was famous for my good grades and Gordon Ramsey level insults.

I took a deep breath before I knocked on the door to my home because I was about to receive a lecture that would last hours. The door to my home swung open as soon as I knocked on it. I stepped inside mentally prepared for the bashing I was about to receive, but I was caught off guard when I saw my parents lying on the floor with blood flowing out of their bodies. Their bodies had bruises in several places, there was blood oozing out of my mother’s mouth while her eyes were swollen. One of her eyes had a bluish-purple bruise, her normally pink lips lost its color due to the lack of blood. Her brown hair was drenched with blood. There were several bullet wounds in her body.

The same case with my dad, instead he had stab wounds in multiple parts of his body, I could tell that because I saw a large kitchen knife stuck in his abdomen. I walked painfully slow towards their direction, each step I took was painful. My feet seemed to have gained weight upon seeing my parents in such condition, coming closer to them I nearly stumbled back and hit the table behind me, my dad, he was beheaded. Thick beads of sweat were trailing down my face. My breathing got slow, it felt painful to breathe. My hands flew to my mouth and I pulled my phone out of my back pocket of my black jeans. My hands were trembling, I dropped my phone, when I bent down to pick it up, I fell on my knees and I did not have the energy to get back up.

I called the police as soon as I could, “Nine-one-one, what’s your emergency,” A female officer answered, “M-my-my p-parents t-they’re d-dead, s-someone killed t-them,” I stuttered. I explained the situation to the police as coherently as I could. My thoughts immediately wandered to my sister, where is she? I looked around the house, but I couldn’t find her, shit! Did someone take her? No way, someone can’t just take away my life like that, my baby sister means everything for me, I would die for her. I heard sobs coming from my room, I went in and checked my room and I couldn’t see her. “Amber, it’s me, Sabrina, where are you?” I asked as tears began to form in my eyes, “I-in t-the c-c-clo-s-set,” She said in between sobs. I opened the door to see her crouched down and trembling.

I quickly opened the door and dropped on my knees, a sharp pain passed through my knees but that was the least of my concern. My top priority was my sister at the moment, I wrapped my arms around her tiny waist, “It’s going to be alright honey, just stay here and don’t step out of the room,” I instructed her. I let go of her and ran down the stairs as fast as my legs could take me. I nearly fell and sprained my ankle. I wanted to check my mom’s pulse rate to see if she is still alive, but I didn’t touch her as I didn’t want to become a potential suspect.

I looked around the living room to check for any clues, but I couldn’t find any. This seems like a well-planned murder. My head was spinning with questions, but I needed to look after my sister and wait for the police, I heard someone walk down the stairs, I went over and saw Amber coming down slowly. “Amber! Go back to my room now!” I said making her cry. I wanted to cry too but I can’t be weak in front of her. I needed to stay strong if I lose myself my sister will become hopeless. She needs me more than anyone right now. I walked towards her and picked her up.

I went upstairs and took her to my room and made her calm down, I heard sirens which would belong to a police car and the paramedics. I made sure Amber wouldn’t come downstairs this time. I opened the door and the police along with the paramedics came rushing in. One of the paramedics nearly fainted seeing my dad’s mutilated body. They picked up my parents’ bodies and put them in the ambulance. The police began interrogating me, “I came home a few minutes ago I don’t know how this happened I don’t know,” I said as tears began forming in my eyes. After asking me a few more questions they went upstairs to where my sister was, they began asking her questions too, but she couldn’t answer any of them. She was traumatized. I should take her to the doctor later. I picked her up and walked out of my home, I made sure I covered her eyes so she wouldn’t see the blood.

I hailed a taxi and went to the hospital where they were taken. “I’m the daughter of Mrs. Moore,” I told the lady who was at the front desk and she told me where I should go. I sat outside of the operation theater, seconds felt like hours, minutes felt like days, hours felt like weeks. After hours the doctor came out of the operation theater and I got up and ran towards her, “How is my mom? Please tell me she’s okay,” I asked, and my entire body was shivering. “I’m sorry, she lost too much blood and she was hit in their vital organs, I’m sorry I couldn’t save her.” Those words hit me like a bullet train, I fell on my knees and I lost control of myself, my sister began crying too, I held her and we both cried in each other’s arms.

I called my best friend Rena and then the second last pillar of my life broke when she laughed in my face and said I deserved it, at first I thought she was drunk but conversing with her a bit more made me realize she wasn’t, she would slur while talking when she was drunk, but her voice was normal and I could hear every word she said clearly. I thought she would be there for me, but she betrayed me, all the people who I thought were my friends left me. I felt alone but no, I can’t feel that way. I can’t break, my sister needs me more than anyone.

After a few days, I held the funeral with the money my parents left me, I found a new place to live. I found myself a job, not just one but three, I worked as a dishwasher at a restaurant after school, worked as a cashier at a convenience store that was in front of my new home during the nights and worked as a barista at a cafe on the weekends. I enrolled my sister at the school close to our home. I went to the same school I was studying before my parents died because I only had only one month left there.

A month later I graduated high school and I was accepted in a university, good thing it was close to my home so I could take care of my sister and study at the same time and earn a living. I would study on the bus and the subway when I’m on my way to university or going back home. The bastard who killed my parents disappeared without a trace and the police gave up searching if one day I find him I’m going to kill him just the way he killed my parents.

Every day of my life was the same, work, study, attend classes, sleep whenever I get the chance. Luckily, I didn’t have classes on Tuesdays. I could spend time looking after my sister. I still remember the day when the authorities came to take my sister away, I put up a good fight and took custody over her.

My sister was my everything, the only person I loved, my life, my reason to breath my only motivation to study and get a good job so I could give her the life she deserved, the kind of life my parents would give her. The poor child was traumatized and often got nightmares. With whatever money I had left after paying all of my parents’ bills, I took her to a therapist.

To some extent, it helped her. After a year of therapy, I stopped taking her there because I ran out of money. My salary wasn’t enough to take her there. Good thing I had good grades or else I wouldn’t have gotten a scholarship.

Life remained the same for the next three years of my life, I had no friends, I had no one to talk to, no one to share my feelings with. Life was hard and each day would be painful, but I couldn’t break down and cry. They say you find your life partner in college, but that’s false news. Life is not about Jack and Rose, Romeo and Juliet. Life is about survival. Only the strong could survive the bitterness the weak gets trampled.

Life was less complicated when I completed my education, at least I thought it was until my boss began seeing the darkness of my life and vice versa. He is tall, dark, and handsome and incredibly intelligent. He is cold, ruthless, conceited to everyone, but when he had me in his employ, he treated me the opposite because I was the same as him. He might not have admitted it, but my intelligence told me he hated the fact I was just like him. We weren’t polar opposites; we were polar identical.

The darkness of our lives clashed it always kept me on my toes. I never had a peaceful day. Life was a never-ending rollercoaster. I fought every day protecting both myself and my sister. I slowly began transforming into a person I never thought I’d be. From a bright, lively, smart and cunning I turned into a dark, not so lively, smart and cunning person.

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