A Murder In The Woods

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Can a girl always get the perfect guy? (A short story)

Thriller / Action
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A Murder In the Woods

The sky was clear today: the birds flew around chasing each other, singing the morning song. The wind mingled with the trees as if they were dancing. Cheerfully, the sun beamed at me, warming my face with its sun rays like a warm embrace. I climbed through my bedroom window, lifting self-up from the tree. I slowly closed it, my face was full of dried tears, my hands full of dried copper blood, and my shirt splattered with it. I turned around, slouching in a chair, out of breath. I realized my mum was standing in front of me staring at my hands and my t-shirt, her mouth dangling from her jaw...

I slowly got up, avoiding any creaks on my bedroom floor. I grabbed my bag and headed to my window, I opened it. Climbing through the window, I placed my legs on the tall tree, hoping I won't break my legs. I braced myself and jumped, screaming doing so, I hit the floor with a thump! My arm screamed in pain; I lay there for a minute feeling my bones crack beneath me every time I moved. After a while, I got up goosebumps covered me like melting cheese. I ran towards the woods I used to explore when I was younger, knowing every step of the way, knowing I would regret it.

The moon shone above me, giving me a light for the way. I took out a cigarette, engulfing a huge breath. Smoke curled in my lungs making me cough. A taste of rotten fear slid through my tongue. Snap! A twig snapped in the distance. I felt hands wrap around me, it was my boyfriend.

I pushed him away, dropping my drugs, turning to see his face pale, and full of regret.

“Why are u pushing me away, Hun?” He asked his brows touching.

“We need to talk,” I said in a monotone voice. At that moment, I saw something shine from the reflection of the moonlight. It was a huge knife with razor-sharp zagged edges and he was holding it.

I gasped, taking a good few steps back. He was planning to kill me, of course, that's how he found me in the moors and now in the woods. The whole time he was stalking me, trying to find me alone so he can get rid of me.

“Is everything all right?” He asked in a gentle voice.

“Yeah, just remembered, oh my I have to do the laundry!”I said quickly.

Great, I couldn't have said anything worse.

I ran but was dragged back, feeling the tip of the weapon. I turned giving him a big punch in the face. His grip loosened, his other hand clutching his broken nose.

Wait, then where was the knife?

I panicked. Then I saw it, I dived scraping my knees doing so. He ran towards me, but he was too slow, so I kicked him hard in the nuts.

Yes, I got him in the weak spot!

He fell on the floor, rolling around in the muddy leaves, squealing in pain.

“Look, we don't have to do this!" I shouted at him, looking at his face, the face who would have murdered me and left me crying, with no one around.

“Well, I do! If u were dead, I would have a peaceful life with my wife and she wouldn't have known I am a cheat!”

His words just smacked me right in the face. My eyes were flooding, my hands were shaking. I slowly walked towards him, taking one last look at his face.

“Have a nice life in hell.” And I dug the shiny knife through his wretched heart. His face went pale. He coughed on me, blood spilling all over my body.

I stood there in shock. I need to get out of here, I thought, my breath quickening. I turned around and I ran, not stopping until I got to my bedroom window.

What have I just done?

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