The Last Man Standing

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M was how people identified him that was all he gave them to work with few knew him as Michael's or boss, less knew him as James and even less knew him as Jim. He was a criminal consultant of the highest order but even that can get boring and annoying with everyone vying for his attention every five minutes screaming at each other and at him, honestly the people in his line of work or needing to use his expertise could be so petty and never saw the intricacies that went into his games which annoyed and dragged him into despair at the same time was he destined to forever wonder the world forever alone ever searching ever wanting yearning for something someone who could comprehend surrounded by people and yet he stood as if he were on the opposite side of the glass of life looking in but never truly experiencing. He drowned himself in expensive alcohol and dragged himself to restaurants and other people dense places to play mind games with the general populace or to a club just to loose himself in a sea of normality for a couple of hours when these black moods came about because it numbed the feelings.

Thriller / Mystery
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2 years (before M leaves his empire)

In a dreary rundown warehouse in the middle of a crime ridden city underbelly. A young man with slicked back midnight black hair dressed in a well tailored suit, sits perching on the edge of a folding chair completely ignoring the pained cries of the man who was being questioned about his loyalties to HIS organisation. Grunts of effort followed by the whimpers of pain echo throughout the warehouse. A motion of his hand and the beating stops he slips his phone into his pocket, he rises to his feet and gives the traitor his full attention. Piercing dark fern green and gunmetal grey eyes meet frightened hazel brown, “Mr Levell should you have tried this with anyone but me it might have worked but you tried to trick me even though you had been informed of and said you understood the extent to which I watch those in my employ you think I wouldn’t observe you returning to the mansion later than you should have and all those mysterious phone calls to ‘family and friends’ puh lease I didn’t become as good as I am by being unobservant”. “so now begs the question what should we do with you, Aleister” he says his attention snapping around to a taller man with tawny blonde hair whose hands were dripping with the blood of Levell, “what do you think” he inquires with a drawl with a sharp grin and even sharper eyes, “I have a few ideas” drawls back Aleister with a widening shark-like grin and cold ice blue eyes “do tell” says the younger man waving for Aleister to continue, “could break a few ribs” says Aleister kicking Levell harshly in the stomach, “you’re right but you also could break a few bones”states the young man stamping down on Levell’s hand grinding his heel in harshly his face remains completely impassive as the man screams in pain. “We could let him up” that causes a glimmer of hope to build in Levell’s eyes “and set the dogs on him” continues the young man harshly stomping out Levell’s hope of mercy from M. “I say we cover him in some sort of flammable liquid and light him up” suggests Aleister his eyes burning into Levell’s. “Nooope I have a better idea crows the young man pulling a square parcel out of his pocket. I do like a healthy dose of irony now and again Lister”, Levell’s eyes widen recognising the parcel and he tries to make a crawling break for an exit but Aleister simply kicks him leaving him immobile. As M stares at him rocking backwards and forwards on his heels grinning “nope no getting away from this one Levell you tried to kill me and failed even with this little beauty I on the other hand will not” states the young man dropping the parcel at the feet of the traitor. He steps back and he and Aleister make their way to the exit “Ciao George Levell” he calls over his shoulder in a lilting but almost mocking tone, “You’re a monster!!!” Levell screams. M simply looks over his shoulder arching an eyebrow and states in his most calm level tone “you’re only just getting that now, man some people really are just that dense” he then turns to Aleister and states “blind blind as a bloody bat, how could he not have known” M just shakes his head and keeps walking.

Aleister follows M out of the warehouse, Aleister seals the warehouse shut as M starts up a texting frenzy over incomplete tasks, new clients, incompetent employees and the overall state of his empire. Aleister watches as his boss descends like a bat from hell on the suspecting and unsuspecting alike it was truly something to behold. All of the ruthless efficiency and precision that his boss held was aimed towards building up his global empire of crime, anonymity complete anonymity M/Michael’s those were the only titles that all employees knew and all clients were informed of. Once they got far enough away from the sealed warehouse M pulls a remote detonator out of his pocket with a flourish. “Tick tock Tick tock” he remarks thumb hovering over the trigger he grins his eyes alight with a malicious sort of mirth as he presses down on the trigger “Bang” he remarks coldly dropping the detonator to the floor as a loud explosion sounds BANG and the warehouse explodes going up in flames. Aleister sees the flames reflect off of his bosses cold eyes as M destroys the detonator by driving his foot through it and grinding down for good measure with his heel “so” his boss remarks casually turning to him with a grin “lunch” Aleister rolls his eyes at his bosses ever changeable behaviour but says with a smirk “yeah i can eat”. M and Aleister make their way back to their parked car Aleister hops in the drivers seat and M hops in the back, “Anywhere you have in mind boss” inquires Aleister, “Nah surprise me” remarks M lounging in the back of the car without a care in the world.

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