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"Monster," I smirked to myself as I read the morning paper. If they only knew the truth. I sipped my coffee as I skimmed through the story. They had all the details wrong and the police were idiots. I heard the bell chime on the door to the coffee shop and saw her walk in. Her hair was down just the way I liked it. She was perfect I thought to myself as I eyed her and planned my next move. I think when she finally saw me she made the connection. Her eyes got wide. "Ethan?" Ethan Graves is a well-known man in the community with a dark secret. His darkness is so great that even he can't control it sometimes. He plays his role well during the day but at night he takes on a whole new persona. The newspapers call him a monster and the police are baffled. Then the new detective on the case walks in. The one that he let go. The one he was obsessed with. It was finally time to make her his. The game of cat and mouse had never been something he would ever consider, he usually likes the woman to be weak and defenseless against his charm and good looks. However, for this kill, he would play the game and Josephine Wells would be his trophy.

Thriller / Drama
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Chapter 1

The bundle was heavy as I carried it down the stairs and out to the garage. I threw it in the trunk and then went back into the house to clean up. I have to start doing this somewhere else I thought to myself as I took down the plastic that hung from the ceiling to the floor. The plastic made a perfect cover and an easy cleanup, but I knew that if I wasn’t careful enough I could fuck up and leave behind evidence that would link me to this. I carefully took the plastic to the car making sure not to drop any blood on the floor. Once everything in the house was clean and it was late enough I drove out to my dumping ground. I looked around to make sure no one was around and then unloaded my latest kill. This one was just like all the rest and fell for my charm so easily. Guess she should have just left with her friends when they were ready. Her mistake and my good luck.

I pulled down the narrow dirt road that leads to the river and parked the car. I got out and looked up at the night sky. It was a clear night, just enough light to see what I was doing. I opened the trunk and pulled her out and threw her over my shoulder. I walked down to the water and I tossed the naked body into the river wrapped in the plastic. I smiled as I watched the body float down the river and start to sink a little. It didn’t sink enough though and I knew it would be found quickly. I walked back to the car and backed out to the highway. Like I always did I walked back the same path and removed any evidence of my car or me from the scene. I had learned everything about this after my first few kills were sloppy and almost got me caught. But, no one ever suspected the innocent thirteen-year-old boy from one of the most prominent families in Little Creek. After the first few it got easier and I learned from my mistakes. Now, the cops haven’t got a clue and even come to me for help. Idiots. I laughed at the thought as I drove back home.

Two Days Later...

“Here is your coffee Mr. Graves.” I watched as my new assistant placed my coffee cup down on my desk and then started to walk away. She was young maybe twenty-one or so with bleached blonde hair, full D cup breast, a trim build but with a killer ass. You could tell she worked out and probably jogged every morning.

“Thank you, Tina. Oh, by the way, did you get the file on the woman I asked you for.” Tina stopped at my office door and turned back to me with a big smile.

“Yes, sir. It is on my desk I will bring it right back in.” I nodded at her and she left the office and returned a few minutes later with the file. She placed it on my desk and I dismissed her. I opened the file and saw a familiar face. Although this picture didn’t do her justice. She was a lot more prettier covered in her own blood as she laid naked on the floor of my house two days ago. I then looked at the next few pictures. These, I liked much better. Her lifeless body dragged from the river and laying in a plastic tarp. I pulled a cigarette from the pack on my desk and lit it. I stared at the pictures and read the information that I was giving about the case. Then as I was about to close the file I found the last picture taken by the coroner. My calling card, what linked all of the lovely ladies together. The image was crystal clear as I stared at it. The dying rose carved into her left breast. I gazed at the beauty of it and flashed back to the first one I ever did.

I was only thirteen at the time and my creativity wasn’t as formed as it is now. She was my older next-door neighbor. She would babysit me when my parents were off at their parties or whatever it was they were doing. I fell for her immediately but of course, the bitch wouldn’t give me the time of day because I was too young she said. Well, that just fueled me and before I knew it I had convinced her to go with me for a walk in the woods. I remember the look on her face when I let the animal in me lose. I hear her screams to this day replay in my mind every time I make a kill. I had been careless then and had been messy. I had bashed her skull in until you couldn’t recognize her. As I sat there staring at her body I looked over and saw a rose bush a few feet from us. I then looked at her bare breast showing and pulled out my pocket knife. It was sloppy but you could make out the image. A dead rose I left for all to see on her left breast.

“Mr. Graves. Detective Knight is here to speak with you.” Tina’s voice brought me back to the now.

“Let him in,” I said to her and she nodded and opened the door wider for the man. Detective Andrew Knight was not your typical young gun detective. He was in his late forties with a round belly and balding head. You took one look at him and knew he was tired. “Detective Knight, how are you today?” I asked as the man took a seat in front of my desk.

“Hello Ethan, please call me Andrew. I was wondering if you were able to get a look at the latest victim that we pulled out of the river yesterday. I sent everything over to your assistant.” He grabbed a handful of peanuts from my desk and sat back in the chair and you could hear the wood creak. Fat tub of lard. I thought to myself.

“Yes, I was just finishing up with the pictures you sent. It definitely looks like the same person is murdering these women. Looks like you have a serial killer on your hand, Andrew.” I watched as he took a deep breath and then sighed.

“I was afraid of that. So far we have connected at least four murders just in the last six months and who knows how many more there are.” If only you knew Andrew. I thought to myself. If you truly knew you would run screaming.

“Well, I will try and work on a profile over the next few days. Why don’t we meet up for lunch on Friday and I should have something for you.” Andrew smiled at me and tried to work his oversized body out of the small chair. Once he was up he shook my hand and I walked him to the door.

“Alright, Ethan I will see you on Friday. I really appreciate this man. The chief is really on my ass about this.” I nodded at him and watched as Tina escorted him out of the office.

“Tina please hold all my calls for the rest of the day. I have work to do out of the office today.” I said once Andrew was gone. She nodded at me and I went and grabbed my things from the office along with all the files I had on my last four victims.

I drove back to my house and then went to my study. I laid out all the pictures in front of me and smiled. All my work was meticulous and very well planned out. They were perfect all of them, but still, they all were missing something. Just that one thing that would suppress my appetite for longer. I would know it when I saw her blood on my skin as I slashed her throat and left my mark. The thought of it was making my mouth water and I knew that I needed to haunt tonight.

I looked up at the clock and it was already seven-thirty. I got up from the pictures and put them away. I then went into the bathroom and showered and dressed for the evening. Usually, I would only go out on the weekends but my hunger was strong and I needed to kill. I pulled up in front of the little bar and the neon lights reflected off the finish on my deep black corvette. There were actually more cars than I expected in the parking lot. I got out of my car and made my way inside. I soon realized that there seemed to be a new theme for the night. I guess maybe business was to slow during the week so the owners decided to try their hand at a karaoke night. It seemed to be working at least for the night. This was a small town and I was sure it would fade out quickly. I pulled up a chair at the bar and ordered my usual drink, bourbon neat. The cute bartender smiled as she placed my drink in front of me. Sorry babe not what I’m looking for. I thought to myself as I smiled back and handed her my card and told her to keep a tab.

I sat for about twenty minutes watching the crowd. The agonizing sound of drunken singing played and I was starting to get annoyed. I was about to give up and go home unsatisfied when I heard her angelic voice surround me. “Can I get a cosmo please?” She asked the bartender from my left. I turned slightly in my chair and there she stood. She was about five-six with a thin build and a great set of breasts. Her long red hair flowed down her back with just a slight curl to it but when she looked at me that sealed the deal. Her eyes were a perfect mix of blue and green and her lips were full and luscious.

“Put that on my tab please,” I said to the bartender and the angel before me turned to look at me.

“Thank you. So what’s a good looking guy like you doing in a dive like this.” She said. I flashed my charming smile at her and saw her melt before me. I knew she was mine.

“I was just enjoying the entertainment and looking for someone,” I said with a smile.

“Oh, well thank you for the drink. I hope you find who you're looking for.” She said as she turned to leave. I grabbed her slightly by the wrist and turned her back to me.

“I just found her,” I said and I saw the excitement in her eyes. That’s right little girl fall in line just like the rest of them. I said to myself.

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