Stories Of Suicide.

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We live life for love, excitement and thrill. We live life for oppurtunity and success. Those who do not have such a life, May decide to end it. These are their stories. These are... Stories Of Suicide.

Thriller / Mystery
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The sheer nothingness was the hardest part of seeing it. Not the cold, not how uncomfortable it was... Just the nothingness. It made her feel empty and cold. Even more empty and more cold then before. It was so dark, that Liyah could see nothing more than her shivering hands. What time could it possibly be? She had snuck out the window at 01:06, run through the empty Town square by 01:17 and followed Gabrielsen Alley until around 01:55. So it had to be at least 02:30. That meant that Liyah had been walking, running and sprinting for well over an hour. Her parents would be impressed, Liyah thought, smiling. She jogged towards Rappahancookce cliff, as her smile dimmed. "No, they wouldn't" she thought. Running around the forest in the middle of the night, about to do one of the most Satanic acts in the universe. Liyah didn't bother to look back... She knew that she wouldn't be going back, anyway. Not ever, ever, ever again. Liyah didn't want to go back to Nonna, Aaron or Iridessa. She ESPECIALLY didn't want to go back to Dad or Mom or the mess she had gotten into with Greg. She didn't want to see Kaitlyn again, she would prefer to keep away from Andy and she knew that she would want to keep Javier away for as long as possible. Just thinking about those people made Liyah sick, and her pace got slower and slower. It didn't matter, though, because she had arrived at Rappahancookce cliff. There was a battered Electric fence in front of her, with several warning signs. Liyah didn't care any more. Nothing was worse than all the people she knew. Her alcoholic mother, abusive father, epileptic sister, druggie Brother and badmouthed grandmother were all part of that mix. School wasn't any better, as her exes tormented her, and her best friends snickered about her behind her back. Finally, she could end her suffering. Finally, she could be at peace. Her phone buzzed as she climbed the dysfunctional Electric fence. It was probably her Dad, threatening to beat her up if she didn't return home. "He probably checked my room a few minutes ago, and saw that I wasn't there." Liyah thought silently, getting to the bottom of the fence. She stepped forward, viewing the beautiful view in front of her, that was hardly visible by now. She opened the "Notes" app on her phone, quickly tapping out a simple message, that you will hear shortly. Liyah carefully placed her phone by the Electric fence, making it visible to any passerby.

"Dear Police, or whoever who was so rude to snoop on my phone without giving it to the police first."

Liyah stepped forward, looking at the cliffside.

"I, Liyah Fergusson, have run away from home."

She looked down, taking her first steps toward destiny.

"But it is not because I want to be with some boy, as my abusive father may tell you."

Liyah took one more step.

"Or to get drunk, as my alcoholic mother May tell you".

Liyah took another step.

"Or to get attention, as my bullying class mates may tell you".

Liyah took another step, closer and closer to the cliffside.

"I did it because, as God has said, it is only in death that we are truly at peace".

Liyah took a step.

"So, therefore...".

Liyah took another step.

"... I have decided... ".

Liyah came to the edge of the cliff, staring down at her fate.

"... That I will..."

Liyah shakily inhaled, looking up at the bleak, Black sky.

"... Committ Suicide"

Liyah jumped.

Off the cliff.

Into the Rocky cliffground of Rappahancookce cliff.

She was stabbed by a sharp rock.

Despite all the clues she had left behind, all the leads she had left untied... her family, when they found out, did not file a case for finding the body of their daughter (or sister).

To this Day, the story of Liyah Fergussons Suicide, is left unsolved and unchecked.

Liyah and her legacy will forever remain in her self-dug grave...

... Or will it?

Stay Tuned!

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