Mafia Conquest. (Mafia love story #2)

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Chapter 73

An eerie like silence surrounds the haveli as everyone was gathered in the lounge looking dead serious. Nobody believes what Ebek said as it could be a ploy but the way his posture radiated confidence and triumph that he hit Michael at the perfect place was enough to say that Ebek wasn't lying.

Everyone was present in there, waiting for Yasmeen as she has gone for shopping and will be coming back soon. Michael still wanted to believe that Ebek is lying and he wished from the bottom of his heart that Aunt Yasmeen must deny these allegations.

Just like that the main door opened and walked in Aunt Yasmeen smiling softly but stopped to find everyone in the lounge with serious faces.

Her eyes looked at Ibrahim for a second whose eyes were lowered and then her eyes met with Michael's as in questioning. "A family meet-up without informing me at all." Yasmeen complained as she came to sit beside Ibrahim and patted his shoulder.

Uncle Imran along with everyone was looking at her wearily. "Bring him in." Michael spoke to no one in particular but Jhangir nodded his head and went out.

Yasmeen stares confused at everyone whereas Rabia was looking at Yasmeen as if she'll gauge Yasmeen's eyes out. Before Yasmeen could say a word Jhangir came in along with someone whose hands were tied.

It was Ebek.

As soon as Yasmeen's eyes met Ebek's her eyes darkened and this didn't go unnoticed by Michael. His hawk like eyes took in her every move.

"What's happening here?" Yasmeen asked confused with worry etched on her face. When nobody replied she continued.

"Don't tell me y'all started doing your work in the haveli too. I don't want such stuff in my house!" Yasmeen spoke a little angrily. Zaroon who was standing on the side with his back leaning on the wall and arms crossed gave a slightest look to Michael and it was as if they talked through their eyes.

"Stop acting! I already told them the truth!" Ebek spoke bit annoyed looking at Yasmeen's acting skills.

Yasmeen paused as she looked at Ebek and then gasped horrified. "Ya Allah! Michael, how could you let this man talk to your aunt like this?" She asked shocked with tears in her eyes.

"I'm sorry Aunt but there's a sad news. Sana was pregnant and it was the girl but she lost the baby due to accident." Michael lied in a sad voice as all the eyes were on her and what she said next confirmed each and everything.

"If the baby was girl then I'm glad she lost it!" Her tone bitter and there everyone saw it. The glimpse of real Yasmeen.

When Michael was kid he often used to see Yasmeen not treating Sana good and not giving her food on time so Michael took care of Sana at that time but when Michael's parents died after that aunt Yasmeen changed completely to loving. Why? Michael didn't want to believe what his mind was making up. But just like that the words were out before he could stop them.

"You killed m-my parents!" It was more of a statement then a question as Michael's green eyes looked at Yasmeen's shocked ones and it was as if the blood was drained out of her system.

Anisah gasped and everyone was shocked to hear such words from Michael. "W-what a-are y-you saying b-beta (son)?" She spoke with an ashen face.

Michael chuckled a broken one as he ran his hands on his face to think clear. Every posture of her body is saying opposite to her words.

"Admit it already!" Michael snarled loudly making her flinch back and just in seconds her expressions changed from soft vulnerable to bitter and venomous.

"I did!" Yasmeen hissed making silence to flow in the room as everyone stared at her shock. Ibrahim who was sitting beside her, stood up, taking steps away from the woman. Yasmeen to stood up.

It was as if everyone forgot how to speak anything at all. "W-why?" Michael croaked out almost brokenly.

"Because I loved your father. I wanted to marry him but he was in love with your mother and married her, my parents ended up forcing me to marry Imran. Imagine how much torture I was in to see my love, loving someone else! I tried to change when Ibrahim was born but your mother gave a second birth to Amir so I wanted another boy too but when Sana was born, I was enraged yet again. I never wanted a girl. They're weak. I again tried to get your parents separated but it never happened. Your mother got everything and on the other hand I had nothing so I did what I should've done a lot earlier. I got them killed in a accident and got my peace!" Yasmeen hissed all the words dripping with venom. It was like she's not Yasmeen anymore.

Family was to aghast to say a word so Zaroon spoke up. "Zain Jamal was working for you, you made him kidnap your own daughter, you ruined your daughters marriage just because you never wanted a daughter?" He asked, voice dead serious.

"No! She did that to distract our attention from her. No one would ever suspect a bride's mom to be behind all this. She also got that guard killed so her reality won't come out." Jhangir gritted lowly.

"Why you made Hina to kill Anisah?" Michael asked deadly making Yasmeen to laugh sardonically.

"Because she's your weakness! If she get her sight that time, then killing her would've been difficult that's why I tried to get her out of the way. But Alas! You saved her. I don't have any enmity towards the poor girl but she's your wife, that's enough reason." Yasmeen continued.

"Look Michael, my intention was never to kill you. I just wanted Al-Aqrab and Sheikh Empire for Ibrahim and I did all that for this motive only. If Anisah would've died, you would've became weak then Ibrahim would've taken your place." She ended smoothly.

"How you joined hands with David?" Zaroon asked with narrowed eyes.

"I'm not telling y'all everything. I did that just for my son, that's it!"

Everything is clear now. Ebek was the one who made both David and Yasmeen to join hands. Kidnapping of Ibrahim was another way to keep the suspicion away from Yasmeen and it was pretty easy for Yasmeen to drug Michael's IV without anyone knowing.

"You never asked me what I want mom! Or should I call you my mom?" Ibrahim roared making Yasmeen hell shocked. This time real tears formed in Yasmeen's eyes, she did everything for her son and he's saying all this.

"B-beta- (son)" Yasmeen tried to start but Ibrahim beat her to it. "Don't even fucking call me that!" His voice loud but full of despair.

"You didn't even care about your own daughter, she was your own flesh!" Ibrahim roared making Yasmeen to cry out. She did everything for Ibrahim, was her crime too big?

"Get out of my house!" Uncle Imran roared this time with tears brimming in his eyes. Yasmeen gave Imran a bitter look. "It's not like I'm dying to stay with you but, I will not leave my son here." Yasmeen spoke in anger.

"But my mom died the day she killed uncle and aunt." Ibrahim gritted out. Tears falling from his eyes.

"Never show me your face ever again!" Ibrahim hissed and left from there with angry steps. "P-please I'm sorry Ibrahim. I will not do anything again, p-please don't leave your mother." Yasmeen pleaded but Ibrahim was already gone to his room.

"I hate you all!" Yasmeen snarled.

"Get the fuck out of here, you bitch!" Rabia roared glaring at Yasmeen. She gave a deadly look to everyone as if warning them of the revenge and went to room, took all the cash and gold and without a single glance she turned to leave not before saying. "I'll kill you all!"

Devastated was the only thing that everyone felt at that moment. Zaroon took the smirking Ebek away from there. A teary uncle Imran went to his room followed by Rabia and Sufyan. Amir was crying as he went to his room with Jhangir just behind him to console his brother.

Michael with slumped shoulders went to his room. Anisah who was standing in the corner all the time, hearing each and everything was shocked beyond possible. She always thought Yasmeen to be the most loving and caring woman but she was in reality is beyond comprehension. How can people play with others life so easily. Do they consider themselves God?

Blinking her tears she also went in their room, not Sana's empty room but she went in Michael's room. Her walk was difficult but walking stick helped her. She went to the restroom and showered. Michael was in the terrace with smoke of cigarettes all around him. After shower she changed into a new set of clothes and came outside to find him on the bed with one arm draped on his eyes and his shirt was gone.

Anisah felt fear for few seconds but she controlled herself. With slow and steady steps she went to the bed and layed beside him but in a sitting position. She slowly scooted closer to him and softly placed his small hand on his arm.

He removed his arm from his eyes and her heart dropped at the sight. He was crying and just like that her chin quivers seeing him in pain. His green eyes looked at her honey one.

Slowly she lowered down as her small hand went under his head and that was the only thing needed as Michael turned and buried his face in her chest and his large arms wrapped around her waist as he hugged her, with his one leg on hers.

Anisah's hands softly hugged his face to her chest as she slowly caressed his face and hair and then a sob racked his body and he started crying on her chest. Anisah was also crying by now.

He considered Yasmeen as his own mother but she was one in the first place to take away his parents, not only that she tried to kill Anisah just for the Empire and Mafia. This world is full of snakes.

"She killed my parents. S-She took away my childhood." Michael mumbled in tears as Anisah softly wiped his tears and caressed his cheek.

"I know." Was all Anisah said as she tried to relax him. And soon enough his muscles relaxed and his crying seized. He slowly faced up, looking her in the eyes and she tensed.

"Why are you being nice to me? I don't deserve it!" He spoke softly and entangled himself from her and was about to leave but she tightened her hold on his neck.

"I know." She spoke softly. Michael slowly took her hand in his and kissed her palm softly. "I don't deserve you Habibti."

His voice a mere whisper but she heard it and her heart fluttered at that endearment after such a long time.

"I know." She mumbled softly not knowing anything else to say.

"But I'm so fucking selfish that I cannot ever let you go." His words were determined and the girl looked him in the eyes and spoke. "I know."

"But my love is stronger then this. If you want me to divorce you. I'll do it. I'll do anything that makes you happy." He spoke brokenly.

Divorce! This word never racked her mind. Not even after what he did. Sure she wanted to get away from him at that time. She wanted to hurt him but when he was in pain, she herself couldn't bear it. She can't ever see him in pain.

He was her captor first, he did wrong to get her but then he changed. He became a loving husband that was his true self but then things happened and they were back to square one but he sinned. She may forgive him, she may stay with him but forgetting was a difficult task. Is she strong enough?

"Are you willing to divorce me?" She asked softly and his eyes snapped to hers. He straightened up and was now sitting beside her.

"I-if t-that's what you want t-then I'll give it to you." He spoke almost inaudibly looking at the window.

"Hmm." Was all Anisah said as she layed down facing the other side to sleep but her mind was racing with trillions of thoughts. What's his fault? Their lives were being played but that didn't justify his sin! Is he regretting? Yes, it's clearly evident in his eyes how much he despise his doing and is in pure guilt and regret.


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