Mafia Conquest. (Mafia love story #2)

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It was morning, she groggily woke up and found the other side of the bed empty. But what got her attention was a brown envelope placed there.

She hold it in her shaky hands because her heart already knows what it is. She took the papers out and found them to be divorce papers which aren't signed. He didn't signed them!

On cue the door to their room opened and he walked in freshly clothed with a breakfast dish in his hands. Their eyes met and he gave her beautiful grin, his dimples appearing and her heart almost skipped to beat. He placed the dish on the bed side table got closer to her and kissed her forehead. A gasp escaped her lips and she closed her eyes for the briefest second.

"Freshen up Habibti." He spoke softly and girl numbly went to the restroom leaving divorce papers on the bed. Why he's doing this? She didn't understand anything. She did her routine and freshened up. She came out to found him on the couch with table of food set in front. He patted the seat beside him and she quietly sat beside him, completely jumbled.

He take the pancake on the fork and moved it in front of her face, she stared at the fork and then at him as he indicated her to eat and she ate silently as he feed her and himself with the same fork. "Why are you doing this? When you clearly placed the divorce papers on bed." She asked confidently, eyes narrowed.

"I'm not doing anything Habibti. I just want to cherish my last moments with you." His voice crack in the last part.

That was all for her stone resolve to broke. The next second she moved and was standing in front of Michael. She hold both of his wrists and moved it away from his front, the next thing she placed her knees on either side of his waist and straddles him. On the next moment she let go of his hands and hold his face in her hands and gave a quick peck on his lips.

Michael's pupil dilated as his mouth was opened ajar a little to draw breath and utter shock, bewilderment and disbelief was written on his face. "W-What a-are you d-doing Habibti?" He asked while stuttering.

"I can't leave you Habibi so, that's not an option the only option we are left with is for you to make me forgive you. Can you do that?" She spoke confidently and a surge of warmth swiped in his heart and he instantly wrapped his arms around her waist. Her endearment for him was complete love filled blow for him.

"I will do anything to get your forgiveness Habibti. I will give my life for you, love." He rasped and took her lips in a passionate kiss.

The boat has already sailed a long while ago. Now the two souls were trapped in the middle of nowhere. They had passed the storm of heavy waves. The wind was harsh and thunder was raw. But they faced it all. What can they do now? Separate one boat into two in the middle of their journey, because of certain sins? Will they both be able to survive? No! The waves has already left the shore, and when the wind is content with the rhythm of finally peace, their souls are in turmoil. One in regret and the other in past. What's the only option?

To let go of the things. Give time to each other and sail on. Because, if in the end you've to let go, so what was the reason to hold on for so long?

Habibti decided to give a chance to her Habibi.

But they had to overcome a lot of obstacles which will take time to conquer.

When the kiss got deepened Anisah tensed as she put her hands on his shoulders and pushed him away a little. He felt her resistance and broke the kiss. Both panting heavily, he joined his forehead with hers and her face was flushed and lips swelled. She softly tried to get off of his lap but he tightened his hold not letting her move. She tensed more and he saw something that was like salt or alcohol on his wounds of guilt and regret.

It was fear!

She's scared of him. He slowly loosened his hold and she immediately get off of his lap, moving towards the bed slowly she picked up her veil and her walking stick as she moved out of the room, without a word.

Michael sat there for longest of the minutes. His mind swirling with lots of things. He will get her trust back. He has to, there's no other option.

Michael went to uncle Imran's room who was silently sitting on the bed with sad face. Michael went in and softly sat beside his uncle. When Imran noticed Michael he gave him a soft smile. "What brought my son to visit me?" Uncle Imran asked softly rubbing Michael's shoulder.

Michael's eyes moistened as he spoke up. "I'm s-sorry uncle, I cannot t-take away your heartache." His voice soft.

Uncle Imran shook his head and side hugged Michael. "Don't think like that son. I was already prepared for this from the time of our marriage. I always loved her but she never loved me. But the thing that she could scoop so low in killing my brother was not in my imagination. She killed the last strings of my love, I had for her." Imran spoke sadly and Michael listened.

"Son, please take care of Ibrahim and Sana. I've talked to Ibrahim last night, he showed that he was strong but I know how deeply it affected him. I want you to be there with him." Uncle Imran spoke softly and Michael nodded his head.

Giving a tight hug to uncle he stood up and Imran chuckled softly at the hug.

Michael decided to check on Ibrahim. When he reached his room, three other boys were already there. Amir and Jhangir were sitting on the couch, Zaroon and Ibrahim were sitting on the bed. When he entered they all stood up and Amir went to sit on the bean bag where as Michael took Amir's place on the couch. "How come you all are here?" Michael asked.

"Oh, we were doing a drug party." Zaroon commented while rolling his eyes. "Yeah and Zaroon bhai also called strippers." Jhangir informed making Zaroon's eyes to widened and everyone looked at Zaroon in shock.

"Fuck! He's lying!" Zaroon grumbled glaring at Jhangir who just shrugged. "I thought we were playing, who could lie best." Jhangir answered nonchalantly earning a smack on his head from Michael and that simple texture warm Jhangir's heart. His brother is getting normal with him.

"How's Asad?" Ibrahim asked to Zaroon and it got everyone's attention. "He's healing. The wounds were deep but nothing that he can't handle. He'll surely get discharged by next month." Zaroon informed and everyone sighed in relief.

"I got my memory back." Michael informed calmly and his words were followed by a pin drop silence for few seconds.

"Must be feeling like killing your self?" Zaroon inquired.

"I'd prefer you should try falling off the cliff to die." Amir gave and idea.

"Or can stab your self multiple times until you bleed to death." Ibrahim suggested.

"What the fuck is wrong with y'all?" Jhangir asked disbelieved as he's unaware why they said that.

"You shut the fuck up!" Three of them, Zaroon, Amir and Ibrahim spoke simultaneously making Jhangir to shut his mouth.

"I'm sorry." Michael spoke almost brokenly looking down and they all tensed. Their brother never bowed his head but this time he did and they felt like their brother is loosing and they can't see him in this state.

"Don't give up." Zaroon said.

"Ask for her forgiveness." Amir spoke.

"You both can overcome this." Ibrahim said and Jhangir was still confused as fuck.

Michael nodded as a new surge of determination racked his mind.

"Zaroon who's the girl living with Dr. Riya?" Michael asked simply and both Amir and Zaroon smirked mischievously knowing where this is going. "Oh, she's Shifa. Dr. Riya's elder sister. Why you ask tho?" Zaroon said all this with fake confusion.

"I was thinking to ask for her hand for Amir-" Before Michael could finish his sentence. Ibrahim spoke up. "BHAI!"

"What?" Michael asked confused. Ibrahim glared at the smiling Zaroon and Amir and then finally spoke up. "I-I like her." He confessed and there was howl of "OOOHHHH!" Was heard and followed by laughter making Ibrahim's ears to turn red in embarrassment.


Amir was sitting in the garden when Michael joined him. Both sitting silently staring at the stars. "You alright?" Michael asked him softly.

Michael know that the news of Yasmeen killing their parents was pretty hard for them to take in. "No." Michael answered honestly.

"Neither am I." Amir answered softly. "I miss mama and baba, bhai." Amir spoke softly and next thing Michael took him in a strong hug. Both men crying in each other's embrace missing their parents.

After talking with Amir he felt little relaxed. As he entered his room it was dark and he can see a silhouette laying on the bed. She was asleep. Without making a single sound he layed on his side, staring at her honey hairs for the longest of times and then sleep consumed him.


A month passed and now Anisah was fully healed. Her life was going simple. They've came back to his mansion a week ago. A daily routine was going on. Michael tried his best to keep space between them so she won't get scared of him or feel tensed. They would share small talks but no intense thing happened between.

Anisah was informed on phone by Michael to get ready till eight as he's going to take her out for dinner. He also sent a beautiful dress to her. She felt giddy with excitement but a small scared part was still there.

But a large part of her fear towards him was gone with his sweet gestures towards her. He was so precautious around her. Never made her uncomfortable always stayed in comfortable distance. The way he would not let her work on Sundays and would cook yummy food for her was all so beautiful.

She's trying to remove this distance between them but whenever she looked at him, sometimes those haunting memories will come back and she'll take two step back.

But she's trying and she knows he's trying as well.

At perfect 8 o'clock Asad came to escort her to the destined place. Anisah was so glad to see him all well. She had visited him many times in the hospital but seeing him all good and fine outside the hospital made her so happy.

Asad dropped her at certain shore side making her brows furrowed. Before she could ask him where's Michael abruptly a lots of fairy lights turned on and made a way for her.

Anisah looked back at Asad with mouth agape. He chuckled at her, sat back in the car and waved at her to go on and with that Asad left completely amused at Michael's surprise. A big bad Alpha has gone all softie for his wife and creating surprises. He needs one wife too, he thought smilingly as certain someone's face flashed in front of his eyes.

Anisah looked at the fairy lights all mesmerised. She took two steps in the fairy lights valley like path and then stopped. She hurriedly took off her veil from her head and placed it on her neck. Then straightened her hairs a little and take a deep breathe. Knowing Michael she knows there won't be any men around here. Squaring her shoulders she took elegant steps further looking at the beautiful lights.

When she reached the end of it. Her mouth opened in awe looking at the beautiful setup just in front of the ocean. The moon was shining brightly and the sea looked beautiful under that beautiful night. She took slow and steady steps there but Michael was nowhere to be seen.

Once she reached the table she looked around and got little tensed. Where is he? Slowly most dreading scenarios started entering her brain. She was about to scream his name but stopped abruptly when she felt it. His presence just behind her. His strong cologne reaching her senses. Sighing in relief she slowly turned around only to shriek out in shock as she took two steps away from him.

Her eyes wide with her hands on her moth in shock cause the man standing in front of her was surely her husband but he didn't look like her husband! Does that even make sense?

His hairs were cut short, no traces of those long hairs. His beard was trimmed, no traces of that heavy beard. He was wearing a loose sando shirt with shorts and his muscles were on complete view. He was grinning at her. And Wallah! He was looking young, carefree and a lot less intimidating and rugged.

"Surprise!" He spoke while smiling, his dimples on show.

"Wow!" A breathy wow was all she was able to speak. "Y-you look different." She spoke, her eyes still taking him in.

Damn, she felt hot seeing him like this. And her ears turned red giving away her thoughts.

Michael noticed it and smirked devilishly. "You like it?" He asked taking a step closer to her.

"I love it!" She spoke enthusiastically before thing and then she stiffened and smiled sheepishly earning a deep chuckle from him.

"You look beautiful Habibti." He mused, looking at her beautiful form draped in that dress. He knows she'd look exquisite in that dress, standing in her personal space as he kissed her forehead and she breathed him in.

Softly he placed his hand on her lower back and guided her to the chair. He made her sit and then sat beside her tilting his chair a little so he could face her. He served the food and they ate while stealing glances at each other.

When they were done with food. Michael stood up and then forward his hand in front of her. "Would you like to dance with me Habibti?" He asked softly.

Every time she looks at him, she felt giddy, damn he looks so different, so easy going and she's loving it.

"Let me think." She made a thinking face and he chuckled at her tactics before gripping her arm and pulling her in his arms.

Anisah gasped when she landed on his chest. Michael snaked his arms around her waist and pulled her closer. Her hands that were already on his chest moved to his shoulders. "There's no music." Anisah spoke softly not looking at his face.

"Listen to the waves Habibti." He husked bear her ear making her take in a sharp breath. The whole area was vacant and she knows he planed it.

"W-Why you changed y-your appearance?" She asked softly as her hands entangled at his nape. Her honey eyes met his green ones for the briefest second and she lowered her gaze again.

"I thought it'll make me less scary to you." He spoke softly in merely a whisper and her heart beat for him. He knows she's scared of him or was?

"Thank you." She spoke softly and a beautiful smile appears on his handsome face.

The next thing she did took him off guard and then he was stunned cause she was hugging him. Her head on his chest as her arms wrapped around his torso as she heard his heartbeat which was like a lullaby to her ears.

"I love you Habibi." She whispered with her face squished on his chest.

He placed his chin on her head and hugged her more tightly. "I love you more Habibti."


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