Mafia Conquest. (Mafia love story #2)

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Chapter 10

A sharp pain radiated off her forehead and her whole body aches and is stiff. Hissing she tried to move but her back felt stiff. Slowly she opened her eyes but still met with dark. The only way she knew it was morning was the darkness is occurring less dark as compared to the night darkness.

Her hand shot up to her forehead and she hissed in pain feeling dried blood there. Slowly everything of the last night events sinked in and bitter tears formed in her eyes.

The room was deadly silent which meant she's alone.

She slowly touched her aching arm which he held in his death grip and winced in pain. The mere touch is causing her pain. She knows it must be badly bruised. Then her hand touched the cheek where he slapped her. It was swollen.

When her Chachi used to slap her, she would feel pain but the man who slapped her was far from painful it was completely brutal.

Her eyes welled up more recalling his inhuman behaviour. Allah knows what this man wanted from her. Even when she told him she didn't know where that Jamal is. He kept on pulling her hair mercilessly.

She must get out of this place!

Clutching her veil around her form, she covered her head and slowly with the help of a wall she roamed the room and again observed her surroundings. She found the restroom and did her routine. Her stomach grumbled and she bit her lips when hunger hit her.

Closing her eyes for brief second she opened it again and tried to console herself. "It's okay Anisah, you are strong remember the times you beard when Chachi made you starve, consider it one of that awful time. It will pass. Allah will help you." With that self motivation she wiped her tears.

The door to her room creaked opened and the girl dashed to the closed door of the restroom where she was in and applied pressure on it with her back so the person can't come in.

Her eyes were closed and sobs threatened to escape her lips but her heart almost stopped when she heard a female voice coming from the room.

She felt the other person rattling with the doors knob. "P-please." A soft cry escaped her lips.

"Open up bacha (kid) I won't hurt you." The woman spoke softly and Anisah was hesitant but felt a ray of hope emerging in her. Wiping her tears she opened the door slowly waiting for the impact of slap or something but was met with soft hand on her elbow.

Opening her eyes the girl bit her lip as she hold the woman's hand. "P-please h-help me." She mumbled softly and in reply got nothing as the woman walked her to the bed and made her sit.

After few seconds of staring at the crying innocent girl the woman spoke up. "Beta (Child) I can't help you. Here," She made Anisah touch a dish as she placed a spoon and fork in her hand and she continued. "Eat this. I'll come to collect the dishes." With that said the woman stood up and Anisah to lurched up.

"P-please Auntie h-help me e-escape. T-that man, he'll k-kill me." She whispered crying. There was a silence for few seconds but then the woman left the room and her heart sank hearing the locking of door.

Numb she felt. It was like no one is human anymore.

Wiping her tears she softly sat on the bed feeling fear for herself. Her hunger long gone due their cruelty.

She wanted to cry in sujood (prayer) but unfortunately she didn't know the qibla direction. Crying she sat on the floor beside the bed and did the Zohar prayers, even tho she didn't know what time it is. She then cried and cried to her lord for peace and escape.


"I want him alive in front of me in the next eight hours!" With that said he cut the call. His voice was calm yet deadly.

After a relaxing shower he changed into khaki Armani suit, hair in a bun, sharp eyes with thick beard. He was looking dominating and power oozed out of him.

The haveli was buzzing with life, after all it was Sana's wedding. Men and women were chattering in hall and kids run around. The haveli was decorated heavenly looking like a newly wedded castle. Waiters were serving starters and everybody waited for the barat to arrive.

But it never came.

Uncle Imran had a heart attack on hearing the news of the groom not coming and abandoning his daughter on her wedding. Yasmeen was crying. Amir and Ibrahim took Uncle Imran to hospital.

Storm was brewing inside Michael. "This was bound to happen after her kidnapping. No one will accept her." Rabia spoke up making Jhangir to yell out. "Don't start mom!"

"Look Imran is in the hospital and we can't have these guests leaving like this it will be a disgrace on our family's name. We can make Afzal marry Sana." Rabia spoke out with fake concern making Yasmeen gasp.

Michael's jaw clenched in anger as his eyes landed on the numb crying bride. His sister Sana.

Uncle Sufyan spoke up. "Stop this Rabia." Rabia continued. "Trust me we should marry her with Afzal it will save the families name."

That was the end of Michael's patience as he snarled inhumanly. "SHUT IT! I don't want to hear a single advice from anyone!" He glared at Rabia as he slowly moved to his crying sister.

Her teary eyes met his and she hugged him while crying "b-bhai!"

"Jhangir! Make the guests leave right now. I don't give a shit about anyone. I will never make my sister marry a fucking driver for family's name!" He growled while caressing Sana's head.

Jhangir left immediately to do as told as Rabia looked scared of him and he continued. "I will definitely found out how the groom side got to know about Sana's kidnapping just an hour before the wedding and I'm going to make that person pay!"

Rabia was sweating and Uncle Sufyan took her away. Nodding at the crying Yasmeen auntie he took Sana to her room. Making her sit on the bed. He sat beside her. "Don't cry kiddo." He patted her head softly.

"That guy lost the diamond and trust me kiddo you'll find someone far more good than him." He spoke softly trying to comfort her.

Sana sniffed. "Papa! Bhai how's pa-pa." She whispered.

Nodding at her he replied. "Ibrahim called Uncle is out of danger now." He assured.

"Why bhai? Why t-this is happening to me." She cried and laid on the bed crying on the pillows. Her sobs echoing in his ears making his blood boil in fury and vengeance.


Anisah jolted awake when she heard two gun shots being fired one after the other. Her heart started beating erratically. Clutching the veil tightly she scooted closer to the wall beside bed and cocooned herself.

The atmosphere was cold indicating it's late night. Anxiety was eating her alive when the door burst opened with such force. She thought it will come out of its hinges.

Gasping she abruptly stood up. From the bottom of her heart she was praying it to be the woman who brought her food but luck wasn't on her side when the echoing of boots reached her ear.

Dread creeped in every fibre of her body and her eyes teared up.

He's here!

He stopped just a step away from the trembling girl. He hasn't even said a word and she's crying with trembling.

"You might know. Today was Sana's wedding." The man spoke calmly but his deep voice held revenge.

The girl was aghast to know that this man knows about Sana but she kept her mouth shut.

"You must be happy to hear this but Sana's barat never came as they got to know about her kidnapping. They abandoned her." He hissed.

"W-What?" She stammered. Her face showed confusion and than pain and she shook her head in negative. "N-no." A sob was threatening to escape. "You're l-lying."

The girl palmed her face in despair and cried for Sana. This is cruel, her loving friend was abandoned on her wedding. "Allah why?" A soft cry escaped her lips.

The man was astounded to see such behaviour from her. He wasn't expecting this. His eyes caught a scar on her hand. It was a severely burned mark but it was healed. The scar was there. Unintentionally he hold her hand in his large one hers looked so small and the man examined the scar.

Like lightening she snatched her hand away from his grip and yelled. "Don't t-touch me!"

Michael raised a perfect brow and in no time he was just inches away from her. The girl gasped and moved back on the wall.

Intentionally he slammed his palm on the wall beside her head earning a whimpering gasp from her.

A cold metal like substance touched her temple and the girl tried to move back in the wall. "You know what is this?" He spoke coldly, pocking the thing on her temple.

When she stayed quiet he spoke up. "It's a gun!" A terrifying shudder escaped her body and her teary eyes widened, when he continued. "I just shot your aunt and cousin Jameel with this few minutes ago." He said gliding the head of the gun to her cheek.

His words made her numb. He killed her Chachi and Jameel. She should be happy or more like at peace but no she was terrified out of her wits. He going to kill her too.

His hot breath fanned her forehead and she realised how close he is. On their own her hand shot up to his chest to push him but wasn't even budging.

If possible he got even more closer almost touching her. She was feeling his dominating aura. Panicked stricken she hit his chest with her tiny fists and in seconds her frail wrists were taken in a deadly grip by his one hand and slammed on the wall above her head.

A sharp cry escaped her lips and her body arched. "I will not kill you. Not yet!" He whispered near her face making her close her eyes shut tightly. Few honey strands adorned her face as his gun caressed and pocked at her plump pink lips lustily.

"P-please!" A soft cry escaped her lips and she turned her face aside and hid her lips inside her mouth. But her veil fall to her shoulders and her sawn like white neck was on his view and he slowly caressed her neck with his gun. Her whole body was quivering and shuddering, she was trying to struggle.



He breathed caressing the the thudding vein in her neck with his gun. A soft cry escaped her lips as he loosened his hold a bit but not enough to let her go.

"Tell me about it. How you planned to kidnap Sana?" He asked calmly moving a bit away from her but not leaving her wrists.

"W-wh-a-t" She croaked out confusion coursed through her features. "I-I d-didn't." She whispered softly not understanding anything at all.

"Please l-leave m-me." She cried. She was looking extremely innocent and naive. He felt like every word coming from her mouth is true.

Her ring scratched his hand as she was struggling. Taking it out of her finger he examined it and mocked a laugh. "That bastard of your fiancé gave you a fake gold ring."

The girl didn't said a word. That Zain didn't gave the fake ring it was her aunt who changed the ring with fake one and kept the gold one for herself. Anisah easily identified it due the weight variation but she could care less.

He simply tossed the ring away and was expecting her to fight for the ring but it looked like she didn't care. "You told Sana to go in the garden because her mom was calling her there?" He asked coldly.

"Who are you?" She asked confidently this time and with one harsh jerk she was out of his grip. Immediately she covered her head and clutched her veil tightly.

Gripping her wrist tightly he yanked her to him and her frail body collided with his hard one and she immediately moved back as if disgusted. "Answer me DAMMIT!" He growled.

Terrified she cried out. "Y-Yes my Ch-Chachi told me t-to call S-Sana as Yasmeen a-auntie was c-calling h-her in the g-garden." She whispered while crying.

"P-please l-let g-go." She struggled to get out of his grip. "What was Jamal's plan?" He asked angrily.

"I-I d-don't k-know." She mumbled and the next thing he twisted her wrist behind her back and cupped her chin harshly making her lips to pucker out.

"Tell me the truth girl or else!" He snarled hovering over her small frame.

"I-I d-don't k-know a-anything! Leave me!" She cried on top of her lungs as the pressure on her arm was unbearable. Her head felt dizzy.

"Bata rahi ho ya kapre utaru tumhare?" He growled coldly.

(Are you telling me or you want me to strip you off of your clothes.)

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