Mafia Conquest. (Mafia love story #2)

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Chapter 11

With that said he harshly push her on the bed and she fell face first. Before she could understand anything or gather her bearings he was on top of her like a predator.

The dish of food fell on the floor and break into many pieces.

She started screaming on top of her lungs as new set of fearful tears escaped her eyes. Her tiny fists were hitting his shoulders, chest and torso.

"STOP! Anyone! He-lp.... help me!" She cried but her heart almost stopped when she felt him pulling at her veil.

"P-please! Pl-ease s-stop!" She cried when he pulled her veil more forcefully and in hysterics or fear. She didn't know how but her palm came in contact with a strong bearded jaw.


She slapped him. Everything stilled for few seconds and he stopped. Her heart was thudding in an abnormal pace. New set of tears escaped her eyes and her hands on their own moved up and she palmed her face. Turning to the side slightly she sobbed loudly. "P-p-lea-se I'm s-s-sorry!" She cried, her body trembling in fear.

His anger was surging inside like a deadly storm. No one dared to even look him straight in the eyes and this girl slapped him.

Her slap wasn't even able to be labelled as a slap but more like a caress to him but the way she palmed her face, crying, her body quivering and her terrified sorry flipped his heart. She looks so fucking innocent!

Even tho his beast wanted to tear her palm away from her face and kiss those beautiful pink petals as her punishment but he controlled himself.

On cue his phone started ringing. Moving away from her, he stood and answered the call. His anger resurfaced and he cut the call.

The girl had wrapped her veil around herself like an armour and is crying in her palms, hiding her face from his hawk like eyes.

Moving closer to her he evilly caressed her arm sensually, in a manner of the forbidden threat.

The girl flinched back abruptly. "D-don't!" She mustered with tears.

Moving away from her. "I'm not done with you. You'll be punished for slapping me. I'll show no mercy!" He spoke with deadly calm as he stared at her trembling form for once and left the room.


"One more!" He ordered calmly while dragging his cigar. And eyeing the almost bloodied body of Zain Jamal who was hanging from the ceiling like an animal with feet up and head down. Screaming miserably. His man obliged and flogged him one more time.

He screamed in pain and his arms fell limply with gravity. "Still a no?" Michael asked calmly eyeing the bastard.

Jamal shook his head slightly indicating no. "You'll k-kill me a-anyway so why t-tell you anything. Your family is s-safe so w-why interrogating, just kill me a-and done w-with it."

"Fine!" Staring at his slightly swinging form Michael spoke coldly. "Bring his son inside. What's the fun in killing you myself when I can make your boy do it." He hissed.

Panic shot in Jamal as his eyes widened in fear. "No! Not my son! D-don't! I'll t-tell you e-everything." He yelled begging.

Michael stopped his man with the flick of his fingers and arched his brow at Jamal to start.

Heaving the man spoke up. "Shazia your maid is working for me f-from last two y-years. Her job was to keep an eye on the insides of haveli. But when you realised about someone keeping an eye on you I hired a man to keep an eye on you and soon you killed that man. It was just t-to k-keep your attention away from Shazia. It must b-be shocking for you to know that Shazia works for me. Well then Sana's marriage came up and I made a plan to kidnap her. As Shazia was the maid there so it was easy for Jameel to enter the haveli. It was Shazia's duty to send the girl in garden where Jameel can easily kidnap her but Alas! Those shits got caught before they can bring Sana to me." He chortled manically as of telling his greatest and proudest achievements.

Michael was shaking in anger but he controlled himself. "And the girl who's your fiancé?" He asked calmly slowly placing the pieces together one by one.

"Oh! That blind chick!" Jamal snickered.


Anisah couldn't even stand without dizziness hitting her. Controlling herself and the profusely bleeding foot, she tried to stop her bleeding.

When that animal left, she tried to stood completely forgetting about the broken pieces of dish and unfortunately one piece dig deep in her sole and the girl cried out in pain.

With a lot difficulty she took that sharp piece out of her foot and from then onwards the blood wasn't stopping from pouring out. She even tore a piece from her veil and wrapped it around her foot but after that also the blood has wet the cloth.

Crying she crouched on the floor and tried to remove the scattered pieces from the floor, wincing several times, feeling cuts on her palms. When her hands came in contact with something.

Picking it up she made up her mind. She will run away from here. And for doing that if she has to to hurt him, she'll do it.

Tears welled up just by thinking of his indecent acts and his threat. He'll surly do bad to her if he come back this time. He promised to punish her for her tiny slap than what about his brutal slap that made her unconscious.

Dizziness was making it difficult for her to stay focused. Two nights without eating was hitting her hard. And now the extreme loss of blood. She didn't even want to think how her foot would be a mess because of her blood.

She must protect herself. He killed Chachi and Jameel and he'll surly kill her to but not yet. Why? He wants something from her. He'll do bad to her. Her mind mumbled as she felt like dying every minute.

She'll not let him touch her, no! She'll prefer to die before that. Sleep was far away from her as she sat beside the bed on the floor completely awake. Her belly hurts due drinking tap water.

Clutching her hand on her belly she pulled her knees up, wrapping her arms around her knees she laid her head on it. Forcing her eyes open she tried to stay awake.

The night was getting more chilly and calm. Not a single voice could be heard in the surroundings simply indicating she's far away from the city.

Climbing out of the window was one thought that keep popping in her head but then again she can't see the depth. What if she's kept hostage on the tenth floor or worse. She couldn't take this risk.

At this moment she so desperately wished that her parents were alive. So she could complain to her father about him and could lay in her mom's lap for motherly comfort.

It was late in the night when the door of her room creaked opened. Her pulse was on high alert and she was panicking in fear.

Not a single footstep was heard. This is someone else she thought. Whenever that man comes the echo of his heavy footsteps would resound in the room but this time it was completely silent. It was like the person is still standing in the doorframe.

She didn't dare to move when all of a sudden a slight touch to her arm had her screaming like mad woman as she without thinking twice swung her weapon in the air and dig it in something earning a painful grunt from someone.

It was him!

The mere intrusion of him so close to her without her knowing was terrifying. The girl abruptly stood up and made a dash towards the door and in no minutes she was running in the corridor.

Cursing Michael stood up from his crouching position and stared at his arm where her weapon stood proudly digging in his flesh as if smiling at him on the stupidity of the woman.


She fucking stabbed him with fork on the arm! In her preferences she must wanted to stab it in his heart. But Alas! It landed on his arm. Never in his life someone was courageous enough to stab him with a proper dagger and here she attacked him with fork.

Pulling that fork out from his arm he slightly hissed and his eyes on their own landed on the the messed up bloody floor. His eyes narrowed and in no second he ran after her.

In no time he spotted her frail body, wrapped in her veil, limping down the stairs with the help of a railing, trail of blood was dripping in her way from her foot.

She's hurt!

In other scenarios he would've settled down somewhere and observed her tactics but now is not the time.

With silent steps he followed her and simply moved passed her and stood in front of the main door.

The girl felt someone passing by but no voice could be heard maybe she's assuming. Hurriedly she limped forward slowly and was about to fall when her injured food got entangled with the rug but got balanced.

Slowly limping her hands touched the head of the sofas and she kept moving. Scared terribly because any moment that jungli man (wild man) could come after her.

Her hands spread in front of her to feel and the next second they touched a hard torso and she recalled the all to embarrassing moment as soon as she felt the boxes.

It was the man from the haveli! She thought.

"Where do you think your going?" That voice! All the blood drained out of her system and she stumbled back.

Eyes wide as saucers and disbelief written all over her face. "No!" A small whisper escaped her lips.

This can't be!

Before she could move away from him. A large arm snaked around her small waist and a terrified cry escaped her lips.

"I'm not done with you!" He rasped.

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