Mafia Conquest. (Mafia love story #2)

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Chapter 12

She was in his arms and in next second her world turned upside down. He was carrying her like a rag doll on his shoulders. His non-mehram touch burned her.

She can hear the opening of the door. He's taking her somewhere. Adrenaline rushed through her system and she started hitting his wall like back with her tiny fists but the man won't budge and continued to walk out of that place.

When the cool air of chilly night hit her. Her form started dreading what's coming. "P-please! Anyone help! HELP!" She screamed while kicking her legs in the air.

"Leave me! HELP P-PLEASE HELP!" She cried on top of her lungs, somehow her nails clawed and pinched hard at his back earning a slight grunt from him and then.


He spanked her on her butt. Anisah stiffened abruptly after a jolt and her ears became numb with the stoppage of her heart. Blood rushed to her cheeks of embarrassment and disgust.

Michael smirked at her stiffness. She became stiff as statue and not a single voice came out of her mouth.

He wanted to sooth her butt with his caresses after spanking but that would probably make her run for the hills, so he controlled his urge.

As soon as he placed her in the front seat of his range rover she came out of her stiffness and her face became horrified. Before she could started screaming again she closed the door and child locked it.

Anisah was scared out of her wits when she felt him sitting with beside her in the car and within no time he roared the engine to life and was speeding.

Allah knows where this man is taking her. What will he do? Is he going to kill her in some forest or something.

"P-please! L-let m-me go!" She whispered softly while large tears escaped out of her eyes. She was scooting towards the door away from him as if he's a cactus.

"I didn't d-do a-anything. P-please! I will not e-even t-tell a-anyone t-that y-you're a m-murderer and... and h-have a g-gun." She mumbled softly with hiccups, her large honey coloured eyes spilled lakes of tears.

Michael just glanced at her innocent form for a brief second. And a small twitch of his lips from one corner indicated a small smile.

He stayed quiet and keep driving, no sooner they reached his desired destination and he honked the car twice and some sort of large gates opening voice reached her ears and then he stopped the car with a screeching sound.

Anisah felt her heart dropping to the pits of her stomach. This is not happening, Allah will save her was the only thought racking her mind and her hands became cold when his warning of punishment with no mercy rewinded in her head.

He's going to hurt her!

Trembling she started reciting verses of Quran under her breath. Her head bowed down with body sticking to the door.

Michael stared at her for a second when her reciting reached his ears. She was reciting Surah An-nas.

"Am I a Jin (Ghost) to you?" He mumbled calmly while smirking earning a fearful gasp from her. Her eyes wide and face scared.

Shaking his head Michael got out of the car and in no time he opened her door only for her to be falling out. A shriek escaped her lips and he instantly holds her arms to steady her out.

She snatched her arms away from him like his mere touch burned her. This only made his eyes narrowed as he grasped her small frail hand in his large one and started dragging her with him.

Instantly a sharp pain shot up in her foot and she cried out. Her voice thick due to crying. "Leave m-me!"

Realising about her wound he stopped and abruptly turned around and as if she weighed nothing, his arms went around her thighs and whoosh she was in air and the next second her world turned upside down again.

A yelp escaped her lips and the reality dawned on her. He's taking her to some place to punish her. She started screaming on top of her lungs.

"P-put m-me d-down! Please! H-help anyone!"

His shoulder was so hard that her stomach started paining and her head became heavy. Her energy was draining away due to his man handling and her foot was numb as if lost its sensation.

"P-please...s-stop." Her body slumped and tears continued to fall out of her eyes, she fisted his shirt and can feel him moving up the stairs. His arms around her legs was like fire to her. His touch disgust her.

"P-please....!" She hiccuped. The creaking of the door opening hit her ears but the bolting of the door had her blood turning cold.

"P-please..... I'm s-sorryyyy!*hiccup* P-please... I w-will n-never *hiccup* s-slap y-you! L-eave m-me p- *hiccup* please!" She whispered while crying and hitting his back with the little strength she has.

What shocked her more was that she didn't landed on bed harshly but rather he was placing her on it softly like she's a baby.

What is this trick of his. Cold shivers run down her body and she immediately tried to move to the other side and hop off this extremely comfy bed but that man got her ankle. A scream escaped her lips and he pulled her back like an animal.

"No! P-please!" She cried her hands swinging in the air for her defence. Her injured foot started bleeding again due to her hysteric struggles.

With a low growl he held her arm harshly and yanked her up in a sitting position. Her hands landed on his chest due to abrupt pull and she tried to push him as tears pooled her eyes. His other hand snaked through her veil behind her neck and he fisted her hair and pulled them back making her almost face the ceiling as she screamed in pain.

"Listen here girl and listen well!" He hissed jerking her hair to tell her the depth of his words. Her hands shot up to lessen the pressure of his hold but it was a wrong move because she abruptly landed on him. His face neared her ear, his beard touching her cheek and his hot breath fanning her neck.

The girl closed her eyes in dread and bit in her lips, she tried to move her face away from him but he only pulled her hair more making her face closer to his.

"Agar nhi chachti ke tumhare sath kuch galat karu..."

(If you don't want me to do something bad with you....)

He spoke as he intentionally inched closer to her face. Her teary wet curled long lashes adorned her cheeks, with red nose and cheeks, she was biting in her beautiful petals of lips like forbidden treasure. Few rogue honey strands kissed her face, her thick eyebrows scrunched in pain.

When his hot breath hit her face she flinched back in fear while panting but he wasn't having it as he applied more pressure on her hair to keep her face up for his sinful eyes to see as she hissed out in pain. Her face held such pure innocence that he felt his mind going in haze.

"Then you must stay rooted to this spot." He completed calmly eyeing her trembling form and then let her go at once.

Straightening up he left the room and didn't bothered to even close the door. He can bet on his life she will not try anything it was written all over her. She was scared of him.

Rummaging through the cabinets he took the first aid box and went back to the room where she is and like he predicted. There she sat on the same spot clutching her veil to her body and blowing softly on her wound.

He intentionally made his presence known with loud footsteps and she abruptly flinched and her honey pools watered again. He slowly sat on the foot of the bed and she tried to scoot away.

But he immediately held her wounded foot and placed it softly on his lap. The girl gasped and tried to pull it back but his hold was firm. Before she could utter a word of protest. He placed his finger on her lips as in silencing her and after realising his touch she abruptly moved back from his touch.

"Shhh...Ek lafz nhi!"

(Shhh....Not a word!)

He spoke in fake anger and the girl shut her mouth immediately. Removing the cloth from her wound he softly cleaned it with cotton. The cut was long and deep, she needed stitches. Applying antiseptic powder for now, he securely bandaged her foot.

In doing so he kept on observing her. Teary honey lakes of eyes, red nose, quivering lips and chin. Biting her lips to control her painful sobs and continuously wiping her tears but they kept on falling. She was looking like the most innocent thing he has ever seen in his life.

After bandaging her foot he softly placed it on the bed and left her alone with another deadly threat to stay in place.

Anisah was baffled at his such behaviour at one moment he behaves like an animal and in second moment he's bandaging her wound. What about the wound she gave him with fork. Should she help him? No! This could be one of his tricks.

Why he kidnapped her? He was continuously asking her about Jamal. Is he really Sana's eldest brother but how can such a cruel person is sweet soul Sana's brother. These questions were eating her alive and were budging her to ask him. But the fear was so extreme that she wanted to stay miles away from him. He can kill her anytime.

Her heart was thudding in her throat like as if it's hanging on a thin rope and any moment it will collapse. He will hurt her! It was written clear in her head. He will harm her and just by thinking of it her blood was running cold, darkness started blocking her senses. His large footsteps echoed again but darkness completely consumed her as she drowned in unconscious.


“Oh! That blind chick!” Jamal snickered making Michael to grasp the cigar tightly.

“I bought her from her aunt. That Shazia is a greedy bitch, was ready to sell her own niece for money. If not because of you I would’ve married her and been banging my blind chick wife this time!” He rasped dreamily and in no time a hard punch landed on Jamal’s jaw.

“She’s not fucking yours!” Michael snarled and punched him again. He kept on punching him like he’s a punching bag. Panting harshly he growled.



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