Mafia Conquest. (Mafia love story #2)

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Chapter 13

Pain was the first thing she felt in her whole body, but the soft mattress beneath was like a painkiller lullaby. Slowly she stirred in her place and seconds later she was fully awake, laying there like statue.

Her hands on their own touched her forehead and it was bandaged slightly same goes with her foot.

She recalled his footsteps from last night and then her form going unconscious. Unknowingly her hand went to her veil and her breathing stopped for a second.

Her veil wasn't on her and the clothes. She roamed her hands on her clothes as in feeling the texture of it and to her utter horror. These aren't her clothes.

Someone changed her clothes!

Large pool of tears formed in her eyes. He did something to her, her heart almost lurched to her throat.

Ya Allah!

A soft cry escaped her lips when the door creaked opened. She immediately fisted the sheets on her self completely hiding her form in it along with her face and was now crying hysterically.

It must be him! She thought crying. He took advantage of her unconsciousness and changed her clothes. Her heart was falling in the pits of darkness just by thinking of it and fear was crawling on her skin.

Not a single voice was heard for few seconds but soon she felt someone touching her shoulder from above the sheets. The touch wasn't brutal like his but it was rather soft. Nonetheless girl flinched back in fear. "P-please!" A sob escaped her lips.

The person immediately removed their hand and a elderly voice spoke. "It's alright beti (daughter)"

A sudden relief washed over her, knowing it wasn't that cruel man but someone else and more precisely a woman.

The girl slowly removed the sheets in a way only her face became visible. She was completely covered or more like cocooned in sheets with her face visible looking like a cute child.

The woman smiled seeing the adorable girl. "Why are you crying beti (daughter)?" The woman asked softly this time coming closer.

The girl sniffed. "P-please h-help me! He'll kill me! He d-did b-bad with m-me.." she sobbed with quivering lips.

In next second the woman sat beside her holding her shoulders softly. "Who'll kill you? Who did bad to you?" She asked concerned.

"H-he w-who bring m-me here. H-he changed m-my clothes. He d-did..." Anisah's sobbing mumbles were interrupted by the woman.

"No beti (daughter) it was me who changed your clothes." The woman mumbled softly.

The girl stilled for a second contemplating everything and a pure relief washed over her. She is safe...for now.

"P-please help m-me escape. H-he killed by auntie, he'll kill m-me to... h-help m-me p-please." She spoke while crying.

"You want to escape?" A deep bone chilling voice spoke from the side where the door is.

It was him!

The girl flinched so hard that her neck started paining. Pure dread creeped in her veins and large pool started pouring out of her eyes. Unintentionally she held the woman's hand as if she will save her.

Michael saw the girl holding Amma's hand in pure terror and Amma to was looking concerned. With cold green eyes he motioned Amma to leave and the woman slowly nodded and untangled her hand from girl's tight grip and she left the room not before closing the door behind her.

He saw the girl was wrapped up in white sheets and only her face was visible. She was sitting inside the sheet castle like the sheets will protect her from him. And not to mention she was looking so innocent.

He saw the tray of food placed on the bedside table. Slowly moving inside the room he repeats in his cold tone. "You want to escape?"

The girl gulped in fear as she scooted back on the bed, facing the direction from where the voice came from. The girl out of fear started nodding her head in affirmation but mumbled a soft fearful. "N-no..."

He arched his brow in amusement.Tongue saying something else and face saying another story.

"You don't want to escape?" He asked calmly with amusement.

Her lips quiver in fear of him but mustering up her courage she mumbled softly. "I w-want to."

"Where will you go?" He asked calmly now standing beside the window his posture in a leaning position.

Her chin started quivering in realisation. Where will she go? She didn't have any home. But why she has to tell him where will she go. She'll go to any nursery or any old age home or something else but she will not tell him that.

"H-home." She mumbled softly. Michael smirked at her answer. "Do you have any?" He asked bit harshly.

Her eyes watered at his coldness but she isn't going to back down. "Yes." She replied with small confidence this time.

"Oh, that house of your aunt is already taken by the ones from which she had taken loans and they had already sold it. So there's no home." He stated calmly.

After a long pause and fidgeting with the sheets she spoke. "W-What do you w-want from me?"

"Everything!" He stated with hidden meaning behind his words.

His one word scared every cell in her body. "I-I don't h-have anything to g-give." She spoke scared. When no reply came and the deadly silence followed she started again.

"W-why you kidnapped me f-from your o-own haveli?" She asked with lots of courage.

Michael was taken aback for a second. She knows him. "Do you know, who am I?" He asked rather coldly.

The nodded in yes but his low growl had her jumping in her place. "Use your words!"

"Y-you're S-Sana's e-eldest b-brother." She tremblingly stuttered.

"How did you know?" He asked but angrily. Gulping she wanted to reply with 'I can't see but surely I can smell and can remember the things my hands touched.' But she stopped herself from saying anything at all.

"Why d-did you k-killed my Chachi(aunt) and J-jameel? W-why you were a-asking m-me about Jamal?" She spoke this time with little confidence. These questions were eating her conscience. She can't stay quiet for so long.

Michael was angry at her interrogations but he controlled himself. Exhaling a deep breath he spoke. "It was Jamal who hired your aunt and her son Jameel to kidnap Sana and they did. It was Amir and Jhangir who captured you and your aunt from haveli and brought y'all to the rest house where your aunt put all the blame on you for Sana's kidnapping but when I captured Jamal. He told me the truth...." He stared at her pale face and spoke. "THE END!"

The girl was quiet for the longest of the times but then after a long pause she spoke up. "Now you know I didn't do anything. So let me go!"

The way she spoke, her posture, her confidence. Damn! It just blew him off guard for a second. Where did that innocent, scared little girl went?

Arching his brow he moved closer to the bed but she didn't backed away this time and stayed rooted to her spot. Her face showed happiness and relief.

It she thinks he'll be kind and gentleman enough to let her go, just by knowing she's innocent in all this.

So naive of her!

"And why should I let you go?" He asked amusingly his voice deep and powerful. The way he spoke was so chilling that the girl get the undertone of his words.

And just like that fear started creeping in again. "B-because....because.... I-I didn't do anything w-wrong." She stammered feeling her throat dry all of a sudden.

"You wronged me!" He stated as a matter of factly before the girl could open her mouth to speak he continued.

"You are clawing at the gates of my heart like a vicious lioness!"

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