Mafia Conquest. (Mafia love story #2)

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Chapter 14

"Huh!" She mumbled confused and scared not getting what he's implying.

Michael didn't bothered to elaborate anything to her as he moved to the bed side table and picked up the dish of food and sat on the bed in front of her. The girl moved back at his sudden behaviour.

"Here eat something." He places the plate of food in front of her on the bed.

The girl just sat their like statue. Even tho she was hungry before but now even the delicious aroma of food didn't change her mind, she was scared in his presence and the thing that he knows the truth and still not letting her go is eating her brain.

"Eat!" He spoke loudly making her flinch. Michael's patience was running thin at her such behaviour.

"I'm n-not h-hungry. J-just let m-me go!" She whispered with scared voice.

That's it! She hasn't eaten anything from two days, was merely surviving on tap water and to top it all has lost blood due to injury and still she's resisting to eat.

"Are you eating by yourself or you want me to feed you because girl..." He intentionally caressed her cheek with his knuckles and like flash the girl flinched back and he continued.

"If I had to feed you. I'll make you sit on my lap with my arms all around your body keeping you in place. And will force the food down your throat. Now you want that?" He asked calmly as if he hasn't sucked the life out of the girl just by his mere words.

Anisah's mouth was opened ajar in horror and her face was pale as lifeless. Her wide eyes stared from where his voice was coming.

She so desperately wanted to call him 'bloody blackmailer' but she chooses to seal her mouth shut. And she didn't know why but from the bottom of her heart she knows, he'll do it.

A frail hand came out from her sheet castle and she slowly touched the plate then she slowly dragged the plate inside her castle and the next thing her face to disappeared inside her sheet castle.

Michael stared stunned at this child like tactics. And for a second he thought that he's treating with a child. Weird! But cute!

Wait! what?

The voice of spoon clattering with plate indicated she was eating and in few minutes half eaten plate was slowly pushed out of her sheet castle and she to bothered to show her face.

Her appetite is so small just like her frame.

"Water?" He asked calmly. The girl kept her eyes down covered by thick long lashes but nodded slowly.

Anisah couldn't understand why this man was being good to her. Let it be for a second, but what does he want.

She felt the glass of water touching her lips so she immediately took it from him and drank the water completely.

Michael places the plate and glass on the bedside table and now he was staring at her.

She could feel his heated gaze on her and it made her highly uncomfortable. When all of a sudden his voice reached her ears.

"What's your name?" He asked calmly in his deep bone chilling voice.

'Tumhari mout'

(Your death)

Her brain spoke the line she heard in one of the tv serials where the villain asked the same question and the hero replied with this but she surely can't say this to this evil angry man. He will probably kill her painfully and will slap her to death.

She felt utter discomfort when she applied weight on her injured foot and her fingers observed the stitches. 'Ya Allah they sew my foot' And tears pooled in her eyes just by the thought of needles piercing her skin and sewing it like clothes.

Michael stared at her continuously changing expressions and her tears literally made him angry. Who the fuck in their right mind cries when someone ask about their name.

"Name?" He growled. Anisah came out from the haze of her needles and stitches but deep growl which scared her even more than the fact of stitches.

"A-a-nisah...R-Rehman." She stuttered with teary eyes.

Silence resided in each corner for couple of seconds and was broken by his deep throaty voice.


The way he said her name wasn't normal at all. Gulping she tried to scoot more away from him to the other side of the bed when his voice halted her.

"Why are you hiding in sheets?" He asked calmly.

Anisah didn't feel good at all in his presence. His dominating presence was suffocating her. She wanted to get away from him. So instead of replying she scooted more away from him to the other side but unfortunately the bed ended before her realisation and thud... she was on the floor groaning in pain.

Michael stared at her small form tangled inside sheets and the most intimidating man couldn't stop the smile from forming on his lips.

Shaking his head the man left the room. Leaving the girl tangled in sheets on the floor.


"Sarkar! That guy Sameer wants to meet you. He work for 'Scorpions' and according to him. He brought some information regarding David's upcoming raid on our penthouse in Lahore." One of his man Asad informed him in respectful voice.

Michael indicated him through his eyes to let the man in. Asad nodded his head and with his hand on his chest in respectful manner he left the office.

Standing up from his chair Michael faced the vast beautiful city through his glass wall window. A smirk appeared on his features thinking of games to be played on this man.

In just a minute a knock appeared on his door and he allowed the person to enter. He didn't bothered to turn around but the hesitant steps of that man screamed his power of fear in people.

"S-Sarkar..." The man stuttered visibly scared.

Michael didn't bothered to turn around as the man continued. "Sarkar! David knows about your weapon transaction and he's planning a raid on your penthouse on the same date." The man spoke nervously.

Michael turned around smoothly and eyed the man who is here to sell his boss. "How did he know?" He asked calmly.

"Sarkar his men are keeping eyes on the dealer from whom you've bought the weapons. They forced him to speak and he spilled everything." The named Sameer spoke scared.

"What's your gain in it?" He inquired dominantly. While observing the man.

The man gulped and didn't dared to make eye contact with Michael. 'Coward' Michael thought. As the man continued.

"I was one of the best men of David but just because he got someone better than me, he degraded me in front of my men whom I've trained for years. I want to join hands with you for revenge." Sameer spoke confidently this time.

Michael took out his cigar from the drawer, cut the head of it with the cutter and then he lit it up. Drawling a long puff he calmly told Sameer to sit down.

Sameer obliged and sat down on the seat in front of his desk. Exhaling a puff Michael spoke.

"I like your bravery man." Michael spoke authoritatively signing a blank check as he put it forward on the glass desk for the man to take and he continued. "But take this! Fill it with as much money as you want, after all you deserve this."

All to familiar shine of money showed in Sameer's eyes, even his face looked like drooling over money. And just like a hungry wolf he took the blank check.

Michael smirked inwardly. As Sameer looked at Michael with a bit of hesitation but he only urged the man to do what he deserves and like money lusted man he was he took it.

"Tch...Tch...Tch...." Michael snickered at him and like a lightening bolt a shot was fired which pierced Sameer's arm and the man screamed out in pain.

Asad didn't bothered to enter the office as he already knows what's taking place inside.

"Not making an eye contact with your rival or friend simply shows you're a coward. Just for tiny bit degradation you're willing to sell the plans of your boss." Michael hissed rounding the table as he stands in front of the bleeding man on the floor.

"If you can betray him, surely you'll do the same with me!" Michael hissed walking in circles around the man.

Exhaling a large puff of cigar he crouched down in front of the crying man, begging for mercy. Aiming the gun at his head. His green eyes ablaze he spoke.

"In my empire there is place for only warriors not for fucking money lusting bastards!"


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