Mafia Conquest. (Mafia love story #2)

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Chapter 1

An eerie like silence resided in each corner as the anxiety clutched at the dying man's heart.

The room was filled with the smell of dried blood as the man on the floor trembled, scared of his almost written fate.

Strong footsteps echoed in the empty basement as they reached the trembling man's body on the floor.

Footsteps halted as the man with power and dominance radiating off of his large posture sat down on the chair in front of the laying man.

"Sarkar, he hasn't said a word." One of his man spoke tensing slightly when the man folded his sleeves up in such a slow and menacing pace, that his man gulped in anticipation.

The Sarkar man placed his elbows on his knees and ever so slowly he moved forward. His face coming out of the shadows as he placed two fingers on his lips with his thumb beneath his chin as if calculating the ways for killing the man laying in front.

The man who was laying on the floor stared at the Sarkar guy horrified. All the blood drained out of his system when his eyes met with the man's.

Dark green eyes stared at him with such vicious fierceness that the trembling man moved back in shock.

His posture so strong and dominant full of authority and power oozing out off of him. The man was sitting so calmly that not a single creature could predict what he's thinking but one thing was sure.

His eyes held the promise of death. His presence was screaming of the deadly vows.

"F-forgive m-me S-sarkar. I-I d-didn't know it w-was your fam-Ahhh!" The man screeched out in pain, spluttering blood out of his mouth because of the harsh punch on his jaw.

The dark green eyed man growled viciously as he clasped his fist in the laying man's hair pulling it harshly. The beaten man cried out in pain.

"Did I tell you to speak!" He hissed maliciously that the trembling man felt his heart in his throat.

"Who are you working for?"He snickered this time, letting go of the trembling man's hair.

Instead of answering simply, the man kept on asking for forgiveness like a filthy shit a trembling mess.

The green eyed man shook his head in a circular motion giving him a deranged look.

His men held their breath. "Ibrahim!" The man yelled.

The Ibrahim guy who was standing beside him tensed as he started speaking. "Wife Raheela Mukhtar. Son Ali Mukhtar with parents Mukhtar Ahmed and Nusrat Mukhtar. Address, block C, building X. Wife Raheela phone number 036****, age 38, a former teache-"

"PLEASE!" The trembling man screeched as his eyes were bloodshot. "L-Leave my f-family alone! I-I'll t-tell you e-everything."

Ibrahim smirked as the green eyed man remained emotionless. "Jamal. He p-payed me five l-lacs to k-keep tabs on your f-family but trust me I didn't knew it was your fam-"


A loud shot was heard as it echo resounded in each corner, spreading the secrecy of death. The man's body lay dead with a bullet pierced in the middle of his forehead. His eyes wide opened as life was faded away from it.

A malicious smoke erupted from the gun's hole from where the bullet has been fired and killed the one whose death was written on it.

His body tensed, his eyes speaking volumes of how painful their deaths will be. Mess with him all you want but never just never ever go after his family. Because if you do, you'll probably end up six feet under the ground.

The green eyed man didn't said a word as with just one glance his man scurried to work pulling the dead body away.

Rubbing a hand across his beard the man stood up to his mighty height. Taking out his cigarette he lit it up, placing the end at his lips. As he placed the gun in Ibrahim's hand. His first in command and unfortunately his cousin from his father's side.

He twirled around walking out of the creepy building as Ibrahim followed closely behind. His face stoic very well aware where they're heading.

The men sat in their sleek black rang rover and headed to their direction. The green eyed man was driving as he threw out the finished cigarette and placed his ray-ban smoothly looking elegant as ever.

The car came to a screeching halt in front of a mosque. "We should wait!" Ibrahim spoke almost immediately knowing very well about the rage building inside the man beside him.

A glare from the man was enough as his eyes spoke volumes of vengeance. After all he's no other than Michael Sheikh the name of death himself.

"Namaz-e-Jummah is going on. We c-can't just barge in a-and kill him in the mosque." Ibrahim spoke seriously knowing fully well that he's playing with a ticking bomb.

Ibrahim is a man of strong beliefs. He's tall and a bit muscular with brown complexion, trimmed beard, black hair with dark brown eyes. He's a swoon worthy man as girls always chase after him. He's kinda charmer with cheeky smile.

Ibrahim himself wanted to teach that Jamal a lesson for his life but every thing has time and place.

Michael stared at his good for nothing cousin for good minutes as Ibrahim tensed under his gaze. He felt satisfaction of authority run through him at that moment.

His men are scared of him!

The man didn't bothered to answer Ibrahim as he went out of the car towards the mosque, from his peripheral vision he saw Ibrahim going inside to pray where as he stood outside with gun at his back.

He had left praying a long while ago. His heart that was once full of eman is now nothing more but a beating stone.

He can hear the imam ending the prayer and just in few seconds the people started coming out of the mosque making the area crowded.

A small shining light flickered his eyes as his gaze shot up to the intruder for any attack but what met his eyes kept him entranced.

On the second floor of the mosque in the far corner, away from prying eyes. A girl stood beside the railing. Her posture in submission. Her hands raised in a crescent shape, with head facing the sky her eyes closed as thick long lashes caressed her cheeks. Her lips moving in rhythm with slight tremble as she was drowned in her devotion to her lord.

"MashaAllah!" A word so foreign whispered from his lips.

He could feel someone approaching him but the man remains entranced. The glass work done on her veil was the one that was reflecting sunlight on his face getting his attention.

Staring at the beauty whose one traitorous lock escaped the clutches of her hijab and caressed her cheek. The wind swirling in delight as playing with girl and it swirled around her lock as the girl caressed her face with her hands indicating the finishing of her (dua) prayer. A small smile formed on her lips as she opened her eyes-

"What are you doing?" A voice spoke as he abruptly turned to the person beside him seeing Ibrahim staring at him weirdly.

The man glared at him for interrupting his conquest as he immediately stared back at the place to find no one there.

His eyes searched the beauty but no one was there. It felt like a hallucination a mirage which almost lulled him in.

Glaring at Ibrahim the man marched back to his rang rover knowing fully well that bastard Jamal must have escaped.

Michael didn't waited for Ibrahim as he roared the engine to life and next thing he was speeding away.

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