Mafia Conquest. (Mafia love story #2)

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Chapter 15

Anisah has taken a good review of her surroundings and from what she has observed, she’s in a posh, beautiful room. The smells radiating of the couch and furniture is that of the new one. There’s a restroom on the other side of the bed which she hasn’t used yet and she desperately wanted to use.

The girl was aghast when that evil man indicated it clearly that he won’t let her go. Why was the only question racking her mind.

He killed her Chachi (Aunt) and Jameel. He’s a murderer and kidnapper to.

The mere thought of killing and murder made cold shivers run down her spine and not to mention how brutally he treated her when he blamed her for Sana’s kidnapping. And when he got to know the truth he’s still not letting her free. What does he want from her? Maybe he thinks the girl is going to tell cops about him being a killer.

Yeah he’s afraid that she might tell cops about him and he’ll go to jail forever. And Anisah is definitely going to do the same when she gets free from here but then again her heart didn’t want Sana to go through the pain of knowing about her cousin’s deeds whom she considered like her own brother. What will happen to uncle Imran and Yasmeen auntie when they’ll know there’s a murderer in their family. Their heart will broke and their pride will fall.

Anisah didn’t want this to happen to Sheikhs in her scariest dreams. Her train of thoughts were stopped when she heard light footsteps approaching.

On cue the door of that room creaked opened. Anisah was standing at the foot of the bed, her back facing the door. She didn’t know who it is but she definitely knows it’s not him. But nonetheless she was still scared and she didn’t have veil either.

“Beti (daughter), How’s your foot?” The same soft voice of Amma’s reaches her ears and she breathed a sigh of relief.

Slowly Anisah turned around with a slight limp and spoke rather inaudibly. “It’s paining less.” Her voice extremely soft.

Amma is the one who look after Michael and Amir after their parents death. They treat Amma like their own mother and she treat them like her own sons. Amma used to work in haveli under Michael’s mother but after their death. He bought his own mansion and asked Amma to stay with him. Amir was in New York for studies so Amma came with him to his mansion and has been taking care of him and his house from then onwards. Even tho Amma loved him a lot and he does the same but still she knows the lines of her authority on him.

Amma never saw him bringing a woman to his place and let alone a girl, she was stunned. The girl was beautiful and has an innocence to her face. She didn’t know why or what but she silently treated the unconscious girl and stitched her foot when she was unconscious. Amma also changed her clothes on Michael’s order.

When Amma tried to ask him about it. He simply dismissed the topic saying. ‘Take care of her food and everything Amma. She can’t see.’

And now looking at the scared girl standing in front of her Amma couldn’t help but feel sorry for her. Because it was clearly written on girls face that she’s here against her will.

“Beti you shouldn’t be standing, come sit here.” Amma lightly held the girl’s hand and made her sit on the bed. She to sat beside her. “Beti, What’s your name?” The woman ask sweetly.

“Anisah Rehman.” The girl didn’t hesitated as she replied softly. “Anisah if you need anything just let me know.” Amma spoke kindly.

“Veil.” Was all that Anisah said. Amma didn’t know why but felt the surge of pride towards the timid girl. Smiling softly Amma went out of the room not before telling she’s going to bring some clothes for her.

Anisah didn’t hear the locking of door and she had the urge to run away but how in the world she can runaway without a veil but the thought of wrapping herself in sheets do come in her mind. But before she can implement on her thoughts the door opened again.

“Here.” Amman placed neatly folded clothes in Anisah’s lap. “These are Hina’s cloth, she’s also a maid here. Her clothes will do for now.” Anisah just sat there listening and was wondering to ask Amma to help her familiarise with the essentials in restroom.

“Come I’ll tell you about the stuff in restroom.” Anisah smiles softly knowing that Amma read her face. Limping she followed the elderly woman into the restroom by holding her hand.

When Amma realised Anisah’s limping. She took the ointment from the med box and made Anisah sit on the edge of the bathtub and applied the ointment on her foot so it won’t get wet much.

After telling Anisah about the stuff and making her touch everything Amma left the restroom and informed she’s waiting in the room for her before closing the door.

Anisah heaved a sigh and get rid of the clothes. She closed her eyes and turned on the shower. Lukewarm water relaxed her muscles and she felt like bathing after ages.

Her long honey brown hair reached her lower back, silky straight. She applied the shampoo and massaged her hair and washed her body off dirt.

She knows she shouldn’t be here enjoying her bath but Wallah she need the bath to get neat and clean because she’s an extreme hygienic person. Allah knows how she survived these two days without bathing. And now after the bath she knows her brain will focus on escape rather than hygiene and she can think properly.

Drying herself with the towel. She wore it around her body and brushed her teeth with the new set of toothbrush Amma gave her. She brushed her teeth to such extremes that she felt content that they will be clean.

She changed into the clothes Amma provided her and they were loose on her to which she was really glad, but the neckline was so broad and deep that the kameez fall of her right shoulder twice. Her hairs were wet so she let them open to get dry. She placed her veil on her head and came out of the restroom.

Amma chuckled softly at Anisah. Poor girl was looking so small in those loose clothes. “I’ll take his permission to bring new clothes for you.”

“No Amma!” Anisah spoke on instant. “I will go back home. I don’t need new clothes.” She spoke softly.

When Amma kept quiet. She continued. “Amma, I-I n-need to talk to him. Can you..” Anisah trailed off.

She’s been thinking about this a lot in the restroom. She will try to talk to him confidently about her going back home. And he must listen to her.

“Beti he’s not home but he’ll come back at seven.” Amma spoke softly understanding what the girl asked for.

Even tho Amma wanted to ask her about certain things which led Anisah here but Amma knows not to cross the line when it comes to Michael. If he wanted her to know. He’ll tell her everything himself.

“Would you like to come downstairs with me. I’m going to prepare dinner. You might get bored here all alone.” Amma offered the hesitant girl.

Anisah thought for a bit. Maybe if he’s not here she could use this time to understand her surroundings and if Amma is willing to take her out of this room herself then what’s the better opportunity than this.

“Yes Amma. I’d love to.” Anisah replied smilingly.

They both went into the kitchen. Amma guides her and Anisah tried her best to understand the setting. Even tho the girl was occurring calm from outside but from inside she was mustering her courage to face him and is evaluating all the points she’s going to present in front of him.

Amma occurs to be the most kind person she has ever met. She didn’t know why but Amma gave her that motherly vibes, she always yearned for.

She also got to know that no one works inside this mansion except for Amma and Hina. Before she could ask Amma where was this Hina. Amma told her she went to visit her married sister who is in the hospital for delivery.

Anisah also got to know that there are man outside the mansion for security purposes. Not once Amma asked the girl, why she’s here? Or what’s the purpose? No, Amma is behaving like Anisah is the new member of the house.

Because no one tell the guests about the rooms in the house, about the gym, swimming pool and garden and what not. As if she’s telling Anisah that if you get board in the house. These are the places you can visit for boredom and that particular thing did not set well with her.

Anisah felt the urge to talk to Amma about needing her help in escape but she can’t take the chance. First she’ll talk to him, to let her go and then if he didn’t listen, she’ll escape. So if she talked to Amma before that, Amma will probably keep eyes on her.

More than half of her conscience was saying that talking to him is bad idea but smaller part encouraged her for her freedom.

But if he didn’t listen than escaping will be like searching a needle in a river. After knowing the numbers of security guards roaming outside this house.

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