Mafia Conquest. (Mafia love story #2)

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Chapter 16

“Amma you must come inside with me. I can't face him alone. Please." Anisah mumbled softly but with urgency holding Amma's hand tightly as Amma was guiding her to Michael's study because the girl wanted to have a serious freedom talk with him.

Anisah has thought a lot on this matter and come up in the conclusion that she'll talk to him in Amma's presence. It will be more safer.

After having dinner in her room where she was kept. She was waiting for Amma to appear and take her to meet him and Amma do appeared after a long time. When Anisah has finished her Esha prayers. She was glad that Amma told her Qibla direction and provided her with the praying mat.

"Alright I will. Don't worry." Amma encouraged her. Amma couldn't understand Anisah at all. If she's this much scared to face him then why in the world she wants to talk to him. Amma tried to talk Anisah out of it but she was persistent on talking to him and here they are going to his study for that important conversation.

As soon as they reached the door. "We are here." Amma informed and then knocked the door.

A curt come in was there as Amma slowly opened the gate and helped her inside. A strong leathery scent reached her nostrils as she inhaled deeply to calm her fear down.

'Amma is with me. I'm safe.' Anisah was reciting it as a mantra inside her head.

"What is it Amma?" Came that strong power radiating voice. The girl gulped as she felt scared just by his voice.

"Anisah wants to talk to you." Amma replied softly.

Michael wasn't expecting her visit and when Amma mentioned about the girl wanting to talk to him. He arched his brow in amusement and indicated Amma through his green hawk like eyes to leave.

Amma was hesitant to leave the girl alone but she knows she can't do anything about it. Amma tried to free her hand from Anisah's grip but it only made the girl hysteric as she immediately tightened her grip and a shocked whisper escaped her lips. "Amma.."

Amma felt extremely sad as she forcefully unclasped her hand from Anisah's and mumbled softly. "He wants me to leave but don't worry. You'll be fine. I'm waiting in the corridor for you." With that said Amma left the girl in the lion's den and closed the door behind her.

"A-Amma please..." A soft whisper escaped her lips but Amma was already gone by that.

Anisah unintentionally clasped her hand around her veil more tightly. "What do you want to talk about?" His deep voice reaches her ear and shuffling is heard as if he's standing now.

Gulping, she mustered up her courage. "I-I w-want to l-leave." She spoke softly while fisting her kameez (shirt) in one hand.

"Leave where?" Was his simple demand.

'To Jahanum! Chalo gai?'

(To Hell! Wanna come?)

She so wanted to say this and then bang his head on the wall that moment but she stopped. Like why in the world he's interrogating her like she's his daughter.

But he's your captor! Her conscience spoke.

"Home." She stated simply but she knows he'll say some hurtful words like 'which home? Do you have any' So she continued. "I've s-some r-relatives h-here so I'll go to them." She lied smoothly.

He will surely let her go now or so she thought. His footsteps could be heard loud in the room as he approached her. Her body was on full alert as she backed away and then his footsteps changed the direction and he moved around her and was standing behind her now.

"I hate liars Habibi and do you know what I do to liars?" He spoke coldly moving towards her back as the girl immediately turned around. His endearment sent weird shivers down her body. Her face pale as she stepped back from him. "I punish them!" He hissed.

Anisah stifled a gasp. He didn't bought her lie and to top it all. He's angry but she didn't backdown. "I-If y-you're a-afraid o-of t-the c-cops t-then don't. I-I w-will n-not tell them about y-you...o-only if you l-let m-me g-go."

A deep throaty chuckle resonated in each corner and a cold shudder passed through her spine as she felt his presence just inches away from her so she stepped back, clutching her veil tightly at her chest. "You're negotiating with me that's courageous but if you think I'm afraid of cops then you're wrong Habibi."

"Now for the punishment..." He trailed off as he stepped closer to the scared doll who was retreating back at his advances. He saw the desk behind her and a smirk appeared on his face. With one more step her back touched the desk and a fearful gasp escaped her lips.

Anisah touched the table behind her as she held it for support. She felt his presence dangerously close but unfortunately there wasn't an escape behind. Gulping she mumbled. "W-we c-can talk like c-civilised people."

He smirked at her discomfort and the little bit courage she was showing.

She felt his hand being placed on hers that was on the table his study desk and at the same time felt his hot breath on her cheek. Immediately she snatched her hand from under his and placed it on his chest to push. "Move a-away!" She whispered yelled as she tried to push him but in vain.

She felt his other hand placed on her other side on the table. He has caged her. As soon as his thumb traced the side of her hip. The girl jolted in her place into him but immediately moved back as her eyes started to tear up.

"I said m-move a-away!" She yelled this time with tears as she pushed him but he didn't even budge. When she again felt his thumb caressing her side. Her hand on their own was on his large calloused hand as she hold his thumb tightly in her fist as in stopping it from caressing her. His other hand touched her waist and she immediately held his other hand to and stopped him from touching her.

And the next thing he flushed his hard body against her soft one as the girl gasped and immediately her hands left his to push him but he grasped them back on the table.

"Stop!" A cry escaped her lips as she turned her face aside. "Leave m-me!" She yelled. His touch disgust her and she tried to wriggle under him.

"Stop moving!" Michael mumbled hoarsely as her wriggling was turning him on.

When she didn't stopped moving he jerked her body harshly and earned a cry from her.

Her wrists were aching so badly due to his hard grip and the way he was pressing his body on hers infuriated her as she screamed at him.

"Choro mujhe jungli janwar!"

(Leave you wild animal!)

She harshly yanked her hand from his and tried to slap him. She didn’t know from where this courage came from but he was fast enough as he caught her arm mid air.

His blood boiled at the names she called him and to top it all she tried to slap him.

Growling inhumanly he hold her upper arm harshly and moved her aside and threw everything away from the glass desk with one swift swing of his hand.

The things crashing on the floor had Anisah's heart lurching to her throat. And the next thing he roughly grabbed her waist, picked her up and placed her on the desk. A shriek of horror escaped her lips.

His large calloused hands land on her thighs and she immediately tried to pry his hands off of her. "Stop!" She cried as his hands moved to her knees and he spread her legs and stand between her legs.

Due to all the struggling her veil has fallen from her head and was barely on her shoulders. Her eyes wide in horror as she took in their position and a desperate cry escaped her lips. "P-please s-stop!"

Michael kept his hand firmly on the backside of her knee to keep her in place as his other hand held her jaw roughly making her lips to pout out.

"Jungli janwar hu na mai?"

(I'm wild animal. Right?)

He hissed tauntingly and with one harsh pull. He threw her veil on the floor.

“No!” She screamed, her eyes wide in horror.

And the next thing he....


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