Mafia Conquest. (Mafia love story #2)

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Chapter 17

He slammed his lips on her soft ones. Her eyes widened in horror and her body became numb for few seconds as her mind contemplated what's happening.

As soon as his lips moved on her, a chilling shudder passed her body as she instantly tried to push him but no avail. He was holding her firmly and his lips were moving in a bruising manner.

Large desperate tears escaped her eyes as she tried her best to wriggle out of his hold but his grip was that of steel.

A painful yelp escaped her mouth when he harshly bit her lower lip and sucked on it. He was eating her lips.

As he left her mouth for a gulp of breath. The girl shrieked out. "S-Stop p-plea—umphhh"

His lips smashed on hers again, not letting her speak as his hand moved in her thick silky locks. Clasping his hand around her hairs, he pulled on it harshly making her arch into him.

The girl groaned painfully as she hid in her lips, making him growl as he yanked her hairs more harshly earning a muffled cry from her as she was still hiding her lips in her mouth.

Growling his harsh kisses tainted her jaw. His hot breath felt like fire on her as his beard caressed her skin, making everything more rugged. "P-please s-stop!" Anisah cried out.

But Michael was gone far in the daze. Her plump luscious lips tasted like cherries. Her shirt fall down from one of her shoulders as it was loose. Her milky skin, that sawn like neck was turning him crazy.

His kisses trialed down to her neck as he bit her there. He was in complete daze of wanting. His body needs her and only her. He needs to take her, that was his only thought.

Her struggling died down slowly and when her body sagged. His eyes shot up to her face to find her unconscious.

"FUCK!" He cursed out loud. Staring at her unconscious face for the longest of the times. He slowly picked her up bridal style and left the study.

Her hairs falling back as her head was dangling back. Her sawn like neck and collarbones were visible to his evil eyes as he left his study.

Amma gasped as soon as she saw the condition of the girl but before Amma could come any close. He spoke. "Amma you can go to your quarters."

Amma instead of his order tried to come closer to the girl when he gritted through his teeth. "I said leave Amma!"

That was it. Amma stared at him with wide eyes as this was the first time he was yelling on her. Glaring at him, she spoke. "I hope you won't touch her!" With that said, she gave the girl a last sympathetic look and left.

Michael gritted his teeth in anger. Amma can't stop him from touching her. If he wants to do something, he'll do it. No one can stop him.

Reaching the guest room where the girl was kept. He slowly entered the room, closing the door with his foot. He slowly placed her on the bed.

Backing away he stared at the doll figure beauty. Her long honey locks spread across the pillow. Cheeks stained with tears. Tip of the nose completely red with swollen red lips. His bite mark completely visible on her lip and neck making him sadistically satisfied.

Her always veiled body was unveiled and her beautiful curves were inviting his beast like never before. The soft rhythm of her breath. The slow rising and falling of her chest ignited him.

Her body was that of a doll. Fragile and hot. Cursing under his breath. He covered her goddess body with the sheets for the sake of his own sanity. Even tho the clothes were loose and still he was going crazy.

He stand there staring at her face for the longest of the times. Taking a seat on the couch beside her bed. He sat down.

She must have to accept this, she can't leave this place not now, not ever. He'll make sure of it.

First time ever in his life, he's attracted towards someone to this extent. She's doing things to his body, just with her innocence.

She's like a quest which he'll conquer.

He's always one of the dominant, rough male with his flings or one night stands. He didn't know what softness is. He didn't know what love is. He can't control his beast when he's near her.

And the leader of his men. The great alpha male is unable to understand how to react with this girl. After she's far to away from his usual flings.

Michael Sheikh is lost to understand, how to treat a girl to whom you're attracted. All his life, he worked hard for the position of the leader and after then onwards. He always got what he wanted and now he wants her. His life wasn't a bed of roses. It was more like bed of thorns. Which made him into a man he's today.

He can't take that dominance, authority and rage of power out of his system. It's in his blood.

She is right, if she consider him jungli janwar (wild animal) because that what he is and that is what he'll ever be.

Now he wants her and he'll have her either by hook or by crook.

For doing that the first thing he had to drill in her mind is that, she isn't going anywhere any time soon.


"Bhai! (Brother!) Can I come in?" Sana spoke loudly while knocking on Ibrahim's door, more like banging on his door.

"Go away!" Came the annoyed voice of Ibrahim. Grinning mischievously she barged into his room and found him sleeping on the bed. Rolling her eyes she budged him on the shoulders to wake him up fully. Groaning he slapped her hand away and continued to sleep.

When Sana realised he isn't going to wake up, she went to his music system and turned it on, on full volume. Those were buffer speakers and her teeth even clattered at the buzz of it. Ibrahim immediately shot up and ran to the music system and turned it off. Glaring at his sister.

"You want me to get killed by baba in the early morning!" He spoke annoyed at the tactics of his sister. The girl only giggled joyously.

Ibrahim to smiled at her smiling. His lovely sister was crying for two consecutive days because of that bastard, who left her on her wedding day. But his little sister is strong enough to overcome this.

"What do you want?" Ibrahim asked, knowing very well that she's irritating him because she wants something from him.

Arching her brow at the annoyed face of her brother she spoke. "I want you to take me to Anisah." She spoke at once.

"Not again!" Groaning, Ibrahim went back to his bed and sat down. "Come on bhai! Now I know everything who did this and why in the world y'all are hiding from me where Anisah is. She didn't have anyone now. I want to be with her. She's like my sister!" At the end of her ranting, she was heaving heavily and her her eyes were teary.

That did it for Ibrahim. "Alright! Alright! Just stop crying. I'll take you there. Happy?" He exaggerated the last word comically, making her crack a smile.

"Yesss!" She squealed happily.

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