Mafia Conquest. (Mafia love story #2)

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Chapter 18

Slight headache has her eyes fluttered opening as she blinked several times. Her fingers massaged her temples as she slowly sat on the bed trying to recall the happenings but as soon as the memories hit her. Her eyes started to moisten up.

Her fingers touched her bruised lips and the aching place on her neck where he bit her. A sob escaped her lips as she punched the bed with all her might and keep punching it.

How dare he! How could he do something so wrong to her! He harassed her. How could he!

She kept on punching the bed while sobbing.

She was disgusted, angry and sad. Everything he did was making her feel like dying.

How she got in this bed? Her mind started running at marathon pace. Did he take advantage of her? New set of tears escaped her eyes as she touched her clothes. They are the same ones she was wearing.

But she didn't know if he took advantage of her unconsciousness or not. He isn't a kind man but rather a wild animal, a beast. What could she expect from him?

His actions repeated in her mind making her body cold. The way he man handled her. The way he forcefully kissed her. Now what will she tell her future husband. That she isn't pure anymore. That some evil animal forcefully took her first kiss and then Allah knows what he did to her unconscious state.

"Are you done?" A deep, powerful voice spoke beside her.

The girl shrieked out in horror. For a second her body froze and her heart was ready to burst out of her chest. He was sitting here all the time. With wide, tearful, scared eyes, she faced the area where his voice came from. And without thinking much she spoke.

"W-why?" Her voice came out as a broken sob.

The way she was punching the bed. He totally assumed she's punching him. Her doe like honey orbs filled with tears. The way her long, silky honey coloured hairs were curtaining her face from him had him urging to touch those beautiful locks. To feels its touch on his fingertips. He controlled his urges.

"Keep this straight in mind. You're not going anywhere, not now not ever." He spoke authoritatively.

His words sent waves of disappointment and desperation in her body. "I w-will l-leave... Insha Allah..." She spoke so softly but he heard it anyway and his face became cold at once.

Grabbing her arm in a death grip, he yanked her up so abruptly that she yelped in pain. She was on her knees on the edge of the bed as he was hovering over her small form while standing beside the bed.

Her hand shot up to loosen his hold on her arm but it was impossible. "What did you say?" He seethed angrily.

She was angry, beyond angry. She wanted to yell at him. She wanted to punch him in the face.

But she wasn't stupid. Her lips and chin started to wobble as she faced her tormentor and kept her mouth shut. When she didn't said anything for the longest of the times. His face got deadly closer to her and as soon as his hot breath fanned her face. Her free hand shot up to her mouth and she placed it protectively over her lips to protect her lips if he tried his ridiculous act again.

The way she cupped her palm in her mouth amused him a lot. This naive girl believes that the barrier of her hand can protect her from him.

Jerking her forward he spoke rather angrily. "You will not ask me to leave again and about your stuff. You'll get everything you need at your door tomorrow."

When the girl kept her mouth sealed under her palm and her eyes cascading down, which he thought is in submission. He asked with his authoritative voice.

"Am I clear?" When she didn't replied, he applied pressure on her arm and the girl hissed out in pain and whispered softly the word, he didn't wanted to hear.

"No." Her denial only ignited his rage as he snickered at her face.

"Y-you c-can not k-keep me h-here." She tried to sound stronger but it came out as stuttering muffled words due to her palm cupping her face.

Smirking he sneered. "I can and I will Habibi."

That Habibi word sent chills down her body. His hold on her arm was becoming bruising as she tried to struggle and spoke. "No! Y-you're n-not m-my family. Let g-go!" She whispered while crying and struggling.

"I don't need to be your family Habibi. Because I'm your captor and you are my captive. You belong to me now..." He jerked her closer and an inch difference was between their faces as his face was bent down and her was almost facing the ceiling.

"You are mine!" With that said he kissed her hand which was on her mouth, protecting her lips. His beard brushing her hand and she immediately jolted back with wide horrified eyes as the man let her go and left the room.

Anisah sat there crying and then she screamed in the pillows while rubbing the back of her hand on the sheets where he kissed her.

She realised that she wasn't wearing her veil all this time and this thing alone made her cry more. She was still crying when the fajr Azan reaches her ears. Wiping her tears, she went into the restroom and did her ablution.

Amma has given her a wide veil for prayers which was in the closet. Wearing that veil she did her prayers and then cried to her lord.

"Allah this man did *sob* b-bad with me and I didn't even k-know what he did when *sob* I was unconscious. Ya Allah this m-man is keeping me *sob* p-prisoner here against my will. Allah please help me and save my dignity. Give m-me enough *sob* strength to fight against the evil, make me really strong so I can fight back and punch him. Ya Allah give me so much p-power so I can *sob* squeeze his arm into bruising like he did to me. Ya Allah I love you so much. I know my parents are with you, I miss them so *sob* so so much and one day I will come to you too. I will meet m-my parents *sob* there. Until t-then give me strength Allah. You're all *sob* I have. Allah please accept all m-my duas (prayers) Ameen."

Wiping away her tears she caressed her palms on her face and then wiped her tears. It was like she felt relieved. Like some sort of weight was lifted off her body. Sighing she just sat there on the prayer mat, reciting all the surahs she remembers and she dearly missed her Quran that her parents had given her.

A knock was heard on her door and the soothing voice of Amma reached her ears. "Anisah can I come in."

Gulping she cleared her throat and wiped her face for any stain of tears. Feeling a bit presentable she spoke. "You can come in Amma."

The door slowly opened and Amma cane in. Seeing the girl sitting on the prayer mat, her heart felt pride towards the girl. 'Allah please accept all her duas' Amma prayed this silently in her heart.

Anisah stood up, folded the mat and placed it on the couch beside. Holding the girls hands softly. Amma spoke. "Would you like to go for a walk in the garden as I always go there at this time. You'll feel fresh."

Amma knows the girl was crying when she was praying and it broke her heart. So Amma thought it would be little fresh for the girl to have a walk in fresh air and by the looks of happiness on the girls face indicated how much she wanted it. Anisah nodded as Amma spoke. "Let's go then."

Amma helped Anisah out of the room and guided her to the backside of the haveli where the vast beautiful garden is.

As soon as the fresh air hit her skin and the beautiful scents of flowers reached her nostrils. A pure of ecstasy run passed her body and a sigh of content escaped her lips.

Poor girl still didn't had any shoes. That scary man has carried her to the car and then to this place and that room. The floor here was of cool, smooth tiles so she didn't really felt like her shoes were missing and now when her bare feets touched the grass. She realised she's barefoot.

Maybe she should ask Amma for the shoes because at any moment. If she got the chance to escape, she'll definitely escape.

Amma on the other hand was observing the calmness on the beautiful girls face. She was looking relaxed and happy. Amma couldn't stop herself from asking anymore.

"Where are your parents beti (daughter)" Amma asked softly making the girl to halt in her place. Happiness washing away from her features as she spoke. "They went to Allah."

Amma felt extremely sad for the girl. Even tho she wanted to ask how she got here but she didn't let her curiosity got the best of her.

"You like it here?" Amma asked softly trying to divert the girl's mind and it helped as she nodded in affirmation and spoke a happy yes.

Anisah was enjoying the little bit freedom, she got with the help of Amma. "Anisah let's go in and prepare your breakfast." Amma spoke softly guiding the girl in.

Anisah was hesitant to go in the mansion again and Amma noticed it as she spoke. "He isn't home. He goes to office early and have his breakfast there." Anisah didn't know why but this mere information made her relaxed like a boulder is lifted off of her shoulders.

In kitchen Anisah was leaning on the slab as Amma was making something delicious for her she spoke. "Amma what about your family?" The girl asked curiously.

Amma smiles at her inquiry and replied. "I'm a widow. My husband died ten years back. He was the solider in army. I had a daughter of your age. Sheikhs help me a lot in her education and now she's married and living happily. She comes here on some weekends to visit me and in other weekends I visit her. Her name in Arifa and she's expecting." Amma ended the last part joyously.

Anisah said sorry for Amma's husband and was to felt happy after listening about Amma's daughter. "I would love to meet Arifa." Anisah said happily as Amma to replied enthusiastically that she'll introduce us soon.

Even tho Anisah was behaving all relaxed and calm but from inside she was scared. Scared because his words was reaching her mind like a scared mantra.

"You're mine!"

'No I'm not his! I'm nobody's... He's insane.... I will not show that I'm scared. I will fight back and escape one day Insha Allah...'

She gave herself all the motivation she could give. She will fight him.


"Why in the world are you still keeping the girl?" Ibrahim asked with a hint of anger.

Michael arched his brow at his courage. "None of your fucking business Ibrahim!" Michael snickered at him.

Scoffing Ibrahim spoke. "She's innocent!" Ibrahim too was worried for that girl Anisah. He had met her twice or thrice and girl appears to be rather timid and he didn't even want to think how he's treating her as he's well aware of his anger.

"Sana wants to meet her. She was hot on my tails from two consecutive days. I can't delay her any longer." Ibrahim spoke exasperated.

Michael cursed under his breath because he's all to well aware that if Sana wants to meet the girl. Then she will meet the girl either hook or by crook.

After all she's his sister.

She's a Sheikh!

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