Mafia Conquest. (Mafia love story #2)

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Chapter 19

Three days has passed and she was glad that she didn't met him at all in these days. The girl got to know about his routine from Amma and during the time he's home. She would stay in the room and when he'll leave. She'll spend time with or either in garden.

Amma has brought many things including clothes and everything, three days back. Some clothes were like she used to wear while others were like something she never wore. Like jeans and shirts etc.

Even tho Amma brought the things to her but she knew it was on his orders. The thing that disturbed her that, is he being kind or shameless. Providing her a home with proper food and clothes is kindness but he could simply send her to haveli where Anisah can stay with Sana. Then she can consider it as kindness but why in the world he's keeping her in this lonely separate mansion of his was beyond her understanding.

Anisah didn't know anyone's number from the haveli but the girl did try to make Amma call Sana but no use. Only if she can contact Sana some how. Maybe she can save her from this barbarian brother of hers.

Sighing she caressed the softness of the rose petals and was enjoying the feel of it. When she felt a presence behind her sitting form. "Amma? What is the colour of rose and how is it like?" She asked Amma softly, inhaling the scent of the flower.

"Red!" Deep authoritative voice spoke making her eyes to widen as a chill ran down her spine. The girl didn't dare to turn around as she only tightened her hold around her veil.

"Red is the most dynamic and passionate color. It symbolises love, rage and courage. It demands attention. Those who like red are aggressive, impulsive and strive for success." He spoke rather passionately making her believe that this must be his favourite color.

The way he explained this color felt really intimidating. No one has explained her about any color this good but he did. And that to very intimidatingly.

His voice was calm, which simply meant he isn't angry or in foul mood. So she decided to leave before it gets that way. But luck wasn't on her side because as she stood and turned around to leave. She bumped into a hard wall. Thanks to Allah she didn't fall on the floor but got balanced on time.

Now she was pissed at him because she was very well aware that his voice came from left and she was going to her right. That simply means he deliberately stand in front of her on purpose.

Gritting her teeth she controlled her anger because there's no use of playing a flute to a bull. So she changed her way a bit to walk past him but she again bumped into him.

She was and is greatly scared of him from the bottom of her heart but now she was getting extremely angry at him. Controlling her rage she really wished she had her cane right now. So could use it and beat him to pulp. Gulping down her anger she tried to walk past him again but the same happened and unknowingly an angry yell escaped her lips.

"WHAT?" Her hand on their own shot up to her mouth as she tried to keep her lips sealed so she won't say anything more stupid that'll lead her to her grave.

When no reply came. She thought he'll let her leave but the next second her wrist was taken in a firm grip and a surprise gasp escaped her lips. Before she could even open her mouth to protest. He was dragging her in the mansion and up to his study.

Her heart lurched to her throat realising he's taking her to his study. The girl tried to wriggle out of his hold but no use.

Amma has gone out for grocery shopping and he wasn't supposed to come till night.

She tried to claw at his large inhuman hand but no avail. As soon as they reached his study. He pushed her in and closed the door. Bolting of the door resonated in each corner making her throat dry.

Her hands went cold when all the memories of his brutality ran through her mind. She didn't want that to repeat again. Gulping she clutched her veil tightly as her other hand fisted the hem of her kameez (shirt).

She felt stupid for yelling at the beast. He could kill her any second. She could've used her brain and left from the garden silently. No! Her anger must wanted her to get killed.

She was sure that he was few feets away from her but when she felt his hand grasping her arm. She yelled in surprise and alarm and the next thing. Her back was touching the wall and he was hovering over her, deadly close.

"What is this?" As soon as he said that a cold steel metal touched her temple and the girl closed her eyes in fear, shrinking back. She knew it is a gun. She had felt it before.

"Answer me!" He growled making her body to jolt in fear as bitter tears formed in her eyes. With trembling lips, she spoke. "G-gun."

He hummed in response as in liking every bit of it. That cold metal trailed down her cheek to her jaw and then to her lips as he caressed her lips with his gun. The girl abruptly turned to leave from the side but he slammed his hand on the wall. Beside her head making a sob to escape her mouth.

When the head of the gun kept caressing her lips. The girl hid her lips in her mouth as large tears pooled out of her eyes. "You will do as I say if you don't want me to shoot you."

He warned coldly as the head of his gun went under her chin and he made her face up with the pressure of the gun under her chin.

Her lips and chin were wobbling in fear like that of a child as he continued to speak. "Sana will come today. She will probably try to take you with her to the haveli which I will not allow. So I want you to say no to her. Convince her that you'll stay here with Amma." His voice came out deadly calm.

The mere thought of Sana coming had her heart drumming wildly in happiness but the way he's forcing her to kick her freedom was heart wrenching.

When no reply came from the girl. He applied more pressure on the gun making her almost face the ceiling. "If by any chance you try to double cross me..." He came more closer to her face so his breath fanned on her face as he continued.

"To bohat bura hashar karunga tumhara Habibti!"

(Then I'll do worst to you Habibti!)

He threatened her coldly making a sob to escape her lips as he unbolted the door and left at once.

Anisah couldn't help but screamed. "Bloody blackmailer!" After he left. She also left his haunted study and went to the room given to her. Crying she sat there thinking.

A day before she tried to escape from this prison when Amma was doing laundry. She opened the front door and as soon as she took two steps further. Two loud barking and growling of the dogs had her heart stopping when soon security guard approached her and said. She isn't allowed to leave. She somehow told him that Amma needs few grocery so if they can bring and that guy bought her lie and she got saved. She thanked Allah hundreds of times that the security guard came before those dogs can eat her alive.

She did her ablution and prayed Zuhur prayers and prayed to her lord for strength.

Michael hasn't seen the girl from three days and he knows she was deliberately avoiding him.

Today he got the call from Ibrahim and he told him that time is up. He can't handle Sana's annoying persistent attitude anymore so he is bringing her at his place today.

Sighing, the work is so hectic these days and then that girl at his home, after massaging his temples, he picked up his car keys and left his office room.

"Jade cancel all of my meetings today and shift them to Thursday." He ordered his assistant and left the office.

Speeding in no time he reached his home and weirdly it was awfully quiet. He thought, he'll caught her off guard at this time as she knows his schedule but the girl along with Amma was no where to be seen.

He asked his security guard and he told that Amma left for grocery shopping. So that means the girl is inside the haveli. He knocked on her door but no reply came so he opened the door and went in but no one was there.

The thought of her escaping roamed his mind but that was totally impossible.

He searched the kitchen but it was empty to. Now he was getting concerned. Removing his office suit he threw it on the sofa in the living room. Unbuttoning and folding up his sleeves. He went towards the backyard and there she was sitting in the garden in between the flowers like a lost fairy.

Without a word he approached her and as if sensing someone's presence whom she considered as Amma. She asked the color of rose.

Red is his favourite color. So he explained her truthfully. The girl became tensed at his voice but after some time she stood up and turned around to leave. And he immediately stood in front of her making her bump into him. He did this twice more making the girl pissed. Her expressions were cute like that of a child.

He was smirking at her annoying face when she yelled. "What?" In anger. He must get offended but the giant hulk barely managed to control his chuckle.

Holding her delicate wrist he took her to his study and locked the door for the impact on his going to be said words.

He did what he's good at. He blackmailed the poor soul. Because he knows she will definitely try to go with Sana and this blackmailing was necessary as this girl only understand that language and he too know only this language if he wants to drill something in someone's head.

The girl got scared of him and why won't she. He used his cold authoritative demeanour that he use on his men.

Her trembling lips and chin were so tempting that as soon as he caressed her lips with his gun, she hid her lips in her mouth. Smirking the man scared her, until he was convinced that she'll do what he wants.

Her teary large honey orbs covered with thick long lashes. Few rogue strands caressing her cheeks. That small red nose and that trembling chin and lips were driving him crazy as he left the study immediately to stop himself from doing something.

Sana and Ibrahim are now sitting in the lounge as he told Amma to call Anisah. Not a minute later Amma came back with Anisah, who looked rather pale. Michael felt like he was more harsher on her then required.

Sana on cue jumped on the girl as they both hugged each other like long lost sisters and cried slowly in each other's embrace. Michael didn't knew that they are this much close.

Ibrahim to went to the girl. "Asalam-u-Alaikum Nisah. How are you?" He spoke teasing making the girl to giggle softly while crying as she replied the Salam.

Michael arched his perfect brow at the endearment Ibrahim used for the girl as his eyes threw dagger at the back of his head.

'Who the hell is he to call her Nisah!'

They all sat there and only girls were talking. Sana bit loudly and Anisah bit hesitant. And on the other hand Michael was throwing daggers at Ibrahim. Who was eyeing Michael weirdly as in 'What is your problem dude! Why are you eye raping me?'

After half an hour they were about to leave and Sana as expected started forcing Anisah to come with them and the girl stayed muted but after a lot of courage. She spoke the words which is going to change her life soon.

"Yes, I want to come with you to the haveli."

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