Mafia Conquest. (Mafia love story #2)

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Chapter 2

Cold winter breeze swept passed the trimmed grass of the large buzzing haveli (mansion), which was full of life and why won't it. After all it's the wedding of their beloved Sana.

Michael never used to stay at haveli for long as he has his own place much more posh than this but he can't help to visit his remaining family after all they are the most precious thing to him.

The reason he avoided to stay with the family is because it's not just a family but rather a joint family where his Uncles live along with their families.

Uncle Imran is the younger brother of her father who lives in the haveli with his wife Yasmeen and son Ibrahim followed by daughter Sana. Than there is youngest brother of his father, Sufyan who lives with his wife Rabia and son Jhangir.

Michael has a younger brother Amir Sheikh who stays in New York for the completion of his studies but just recently came back to attend the wedding of Sana.

No doubt all the man in the house cherish their cousin sister like a princess after all she's the only sister four boys have.

A knock on his door interrupted his work as the man glanced at the clock on the wall realising very well who the intruder is. No one in the haveli has such courage to disturb the man during his work except for one who is no other than Sana.

She's a nineteen year old, cute, talkative and beautiful girl with brown almond eyes, high cheekbones, sweetheart face with heart shaped lips. Her hairs reached her shoulders and were dark black complementing her soft brown skin colour.

Without looking up the man spoke rather annoyed. "What do you want Sana?"

The girl smiled sheepishly. "I want you to join us for dinner tonight." The girl whispered softly.

The man shook his head in negative, not answering her any further as the girl's smile faded away and pouting she left his room, saying a small sorry to disturb you before closing the door behind her.

After his parents passed away. His uncles were doomed on the verge where their family haveli was about to get auctioned. At that time he came back from Saudi Arabia where he was sent by his father from the age of fifteen to learn the excellence of weapons, tactics, fights, leadership and politics from the best and the notorious Sheikhs. There he became the best of the bests, fierce, notorious and most importantly cold hearted. Where the kids of his age used to play football, he used to play with Ak-47 and grenades. Where his cousins lived like normal kids, he was trained day and night for his place in the future. After all he's the heir of the complete Sheikh Empire and the sole leader of Al-'Aqrab, the leading mafia of Pakistan along with Saudi Arabia. He's a notorious king for his men, hawk like eyes and predatory smile. He's a killer with no remorse. A sinner that God knows.

He joined their family business when he was just twenty two. Where his uncles want to separate his father's business kingdom into two. He came forward and took the family business to new heights.

He became the well known name not just in business but also in the Mafia world converting Al-'Aqrab into malicious warriors and the strongest force.

But to the world he's a good businessman who is taking his father's business to new level and has also kept the family joint and not letting them fall apart.

The women in their house didn't know the unlawful work their men do but they do know what Sheikh's are capable of, so they never questioned and men of the house respect Michael as their eyes held adoration and pride towards the man.

No one dared to question Michael Sheikh, no one questioned his doings. Instead of all they felt intimidated by the man. They were scared of his capabilities but deep down they were content that he loved his family with all he had and would protect them with his life.

Everybody sat at the large dining table when the dinner was getting served but what they didn't expected was for Michael to join them, because he never do that.

A wide smile stretched on Sana's face as she jumped happily while grinning thank you silently to the buff man sitting on the head chair, his father's.

Everyone looked happy as Uncle Imran spoke to Sana. "Ibrahim will take you, Yasmeen and your Aunt to the mall tomorrow." Ibrahim grunted in complete annoyance.

"Amir when will your studies end boy? We want you stay here with the family." Uncle Sufyan spoke up making Uncle Imran to nod in response. Before Amir could reply a voice spoke up.

"Don't speak Sufyan! We don't have the authority to speak in a family." Rabia snickered under her breath but enough for everyone to hear as they stiffened knowing very well to whom these words are directed to.

Michael's jaw clenched as his hand fisted under the table but the man controlled himself as he felt a soft hand of Sana on his fisted one. The man relaxed slightly but his dark green eyes holds anger at his aunt's sharp words.

Rabia is the sole person who had something against Michael for as she wanted her son Jhangir to be the sole reason heir but the will was already written by his granddad Kamran Ali Sheikhs the man of honour and his words.

The dinner went swiftly as none said a word and soon the maid came to clean the table. In kitchen the women were sitting in the small dining table sipping tea. Sana kept on rambling about the dresses as Yasmeen and Rabia laughed at her enthusiasm.

"Auntie can you bring Anisah tomorrow, I haven't met her for so long." Sana told their middle aged maid, Shazia, who've been working for them since last five years and had a niece, who's been a good friend of Sana as they are of same age.

"Sure!" Shazia replied cheekily as the women kept on talking about the dresses and jewellery.

The very next day Michael was back in front of the same mosque where he has seen that beauty a week ago. The man was unable to takeout her pious portrait out of his mind. He wanted to see her again, just once to calm his mind that the girl was real and not a mirage.

He stayed outside the mosque in his car staring at the railing, but she never came and the Prayer came to an end as people left the mosque in a crowd and soon the crowd so faded into their lives.

Sighing the man cursed at his own self for coming here like a lame idiot just to tell his conscience that she wasn't a mirage. How ridiculous wastage of time that was. It didn't matter to him that she's real or not, but one glance was all he asked for.

Shaking his head the man roared the engine to life and made a U turn as he was passing by the gates of the mosque. One last time he looked at the gate.

There she was, covered in a black loose maxi with a nude hijab covering her hairs and modesty as not once the girl looked up at anyone, her eyes casted down. She moved with steady slow rhythm as she's a flower and one wrong step will break her.

The man slowed the car to a turtle's pace earning loud horns from behind but he didn't give a flying shit about it.

His green hawk like eyes stared at her intensely as he couldn't make much of her features. The girl moved with such softness that the wind twirled around her maxi as she softly caressed the wall beside her as she walked, softly caressing the flowers as a soft smile tugged her features. She softly caressed everything that came in her touch as if she was sensing through them, talking to them. Her steps slow and tender.

When all of a sudden a man bumped into her. Making the girl fall as her hands landed on the floor saving her face.

A rage stormed in his hawk like eyes as he wanted to strangle the man that bumped into her, but before he could do anything. The girl got his attention as she searched for something on the floor. Her hands touched a white like thing. She slowly stand while opening that stick like thing and that was nothing other than white cane. His eyes widened in shock.

She's blind!

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