Mafia Conquest. (Mafia love story #2)

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Chapter 20

Yasmeen Auntie was the one who took Anisah in a bone crushing hug. Anisah wasn't expecting this. She thought Yasmeen auntie will hate her for being related to Shazia but this woman was truly a blessing on Sheikhs.

Uncle Imran also patted her head. Rabia auntie gave Anisah cheeks-kiss, which felt extremely odd to her. Uncle Sufyan wasn't home as he has gone to Dubai regarding some business. Amir and Jhangir were also present there. Nor they spoke and neither she wanted to talk to them.

Sana guided Anisah to her room and gave the girl her clothes to wear and tell her about the essentials in the restroom. Anisah went to the restroom and heaved a sigh of relief.

First time in her life she was glad that she couldn't see. The moment she told Sana that she wanted to come to the haveli. She knows he will be deadly pissed off at her. His face must be showing true menace. Thank Allah, she didn't saw that. It must be pretty scary looking.

Anisah couldn't help but felt a cold shudder passed through her body realising the gravity of her doings. The time he blackmailed her with his gun was because he wanted her to tell Sana that she isn't coming. Instead of blackmailing her, he could probably tell his sister that Anisah will not go with you. But no! He blackmailed her, which simply meant Sana was at the upper hand there. It was up to Anisah to either choose her freedom or stay in his clutches for ever. So she simply chose the most tempting freedom.

Now she is deeply aware, that hot headed man will not let her at peace. Allah knows what will he do now. So she must find herself a place to live. After all this is also his haveli. Even tho, she's more safer here because of his family members, he'll be a bit civilised but in the end this is his haveli and she must leave better earlier than later.

After shower, she changed into the clothes that Sana gave her and it was bit tight on her as Sana is more leaner than her. Drying her hairs with towel. She let it loose on her back and wore the veil on her head and around her chest.

Slowly opening the door she came in the room only to be surprised by a male voice. The girl squealed shortly and hold her hand on her chest to control her breathing. Sana's giggles could be heard as Jhangir laughed loudly.

Anisah has met Jhangir few times, whenever she comes here but every time he scare her just like this. He's a bit arrogant sometimes but nonetheless he loves his family.

Jhangir was expecting a certain type of comeback from her but the girl kept her mouth sealed.

Anisah felt a presence on her right side but Sana's and Jhangir laughter came from front. Her heart almost stopped in thinking that her captor is here but the voice that spoke wasn't his. "Good to see you."

She on instant realised it was Amir's voice. She didn't wanted to talk to these two at all. When she didn't answered him for long. Amir sighed, even tho, he didn't knew the girl for long but he very well knows. She will not talk to him.

Sana observed the tension in three as she spoke. "Am I missing something?" Both Amir and Jhangir spoke instantly.

"No!" Amir.

"Not at all!" Jhangir.

Sana arched her perfect brow and folded her hands in front of her chest she spoke. "Spit!"

Both the boys shared a look and groaned in annoyance. Jhangir was the one who spit everything in seconds. "When we found out that Shazia is behind your kidnapping, so we kidnapped Anisah from our own haveli on the basis of suspicion."

Sana didn't know what to say but she was angry that her brothers treated her friend like this. "And now you both expect her to talk to you?" She asked angrily.

Anisah was stunned at Sana's behaviour. This girl literally had all her brothers in the palms on her hands.

Even tho, both Amir and Jhangir are two to three years older than Sana but still she treat them like they're of her age. But her behaviour with the elder brothers is different.

"Yeah I expect that." Jhangir spoke innocently.

"I'm sorry for everything Anisah." Amir spoke softly to the girl. Who faced hardships because of their suspicions.

Anisah being Anisah spoke softly. "It's okay...but..." She couldn't help to forgive him but she will clear what she feels. "I won't trust you again."

Those words were spoken so softly but the meaning was heavy. Rather feeling good. Amir felt more bad. The memory of him guiding her to Sana's room was the time, she gave him her bit of a trust and he ruined it now. Being speechless, he left Sana's room.

"Damn! That was harsh Cinderella! I will not say sorry, if your answer will be that." Mumbling that he to left Sana's room leaving the girls alone.

Sana heaved a sigh and guided Anisah to the couch as they both settled down. "Tell me what happened to you, when they thought you were with Shazia?" Sana asked softly holding both of Anisah's hands.

Anisah didn't know what to tell her and what not. She couldn't simply lie to the only dear person she has. So she told her about a man who slapped and her scared her with the gun not just once but twice. All his harsh words racked her mind but she controlled herself.

She didn't tell her, who was that person and nor she told him about what that person did still after knowing she's innocent.

Anisah showed her the stitches she got and told her about that fork stunt she performed and then how her foot got injured. Sana gasped at the site and hugged Anisah as she started crying. "I'm s-so sorry. It's all because of me!" Sana cried as Anisah shushed her.

Holding Sana's shoulders firmly the girl asked. "Enough of me! Tell me about you." Sana closed her eyes as she recalled what happened. The way her barat never came. The way her father laid on the hospital bed for five days. The way she was left alone in so many guests. How the person she came to love left her all alone.

But before she could say a word. The door to her room burst opened as a panting Jhangir spoke. "Sohaib is here!"

Sana stilled on her place as Anisah recalled him to be Sana's fiancé to whom she was about to get married. Sana hold Anisah's hand tightly as they went to the hall. Where everyone was gathered. But Anisah stayed little back letting go of Sana's hand.

A loud growl of Michael was heard as he punched Sohaib hard across his face. Anisah was standing in the end of the stairs whereas teary Sana was standing behind Jhangir who was trying to control his anger.

"You dared to show your face to us!" Ibrahim snarled but the guy didn't said a words as his own teary eyes landed on Sana's form.

"I want to marry Sana!" Sohaib spoke brokenly making Ibrahim to punch him in the stomach as the guy groaned out in pain. "Enough!" Uncle Imran growled out, raising his hand to stop both the angry men, making both men to control their anger.

Sohaib's parents came rushing in the haveli, panting as his mother too was crying. "Oh Allah! What have we done!" Sohaib's mom cried out as his father came rushing to him and helped him to his foot.

Amir saw Sohaib was looking at Sana so he came beside her and held her hand protectively. Sana's teary eyes met Amir's and he gave her a reassuring smile. "Don't worry buttercup." He assured her softly.

Sohaib's mom went to Yasmeen as she hold her hand. Yasmeen auntie was angry, she didn't to see their faces but she controlled her anger and listened to her. "Please listen to me Yasmeen! It was a mistake. On the day of wedding we were informed that Sana ran away with her lover. But the Sheikhs are coating it with a lie that she's kidnapped. We were angry and heartbroken." Sohaib's mom explained hysterically.

Sana gasped as everyone was shocked. Wiping her tears Sohaib's mom continued to speak. "Our security guard came crying to me this morning. He was the one who gave us the information on the wedding day. And today he confessed that everything was a lie. His mom became severely ill these days and he realised, he did wrong for which he's getting punished by Allah. He was paid by someone to do this, and he needed the money for his mom's treatment but her condition got worst." Sohaib's mom explained while crying.

"Who paid him?" Came the gruff voice of Michael as his blood boiled in fury.

"We didn't know yet, because he just vanished into thin air after telling us all this. I've informed police about it. They're searching for him." Sohaib's father spoke this time.

Sohaib groaningly faced Michael and Ibrahim, whose large forms and broad shoulders were hiding the view of Sana. "Please I'm sorry. I want to marry your sister. I can't live without her." Sohaib exclaimed. His eyes showed sincerity and love he holds for their lovely sister.

Ibrahim slowly moves aside but Michael held Sohaib's shoulder in a death grip. Moving closer he spoke menacingly in a warning manner. "One last chance man. If you hurt my sister again. I will not let you see the next sunrise!" The voice was powerful and authoritative but slow, so only Sohaib could hear. The guy visibly gulped as he made his way to Sana. Amir left Sana's hand and stepped aside but Jhangir wasn't moving a bit away from his place. Jhangir's angry eyes met Michael for something and the alpha man nodded his head, indicating him to step aside which he did.

When both the men step back from their sister. Sohaib's eyes watered with happy tears. "I'm sorry love!" He spoke with sincerity as both shed hurtful tears.

Uncle Imran spoke up. "So what should be the date of wedding?" Everybody smiled a bit. Even Anisah too. Yasmeen auntie brought the first aid kit as Sohaib's mom treated her sons wound. "You beat my son really bad!" She scolded Ibrahim and Michael.

"Thank Allah Sohaib that you're alive because her brothers are really possessive when it comes to Sana." Rabia spoke making the mood a bit lighter as everyone chuckled lightly.

Slowly everyone moved to the living room and settled down on the sofas. Anisah contemplated whether to go in or went back to Sana's room. As she was about to turn around. Someone grasped her wrist and she remembers this touch very well.

A gasp of horror escaped her lips as he turned her around roughly and pulled her to him, making her small form to collide on his chest. "Oh my Habibti! Not even a day here and you're smiling eh! I like it but I would love to see you smiling when I'll punish you for double crossing me." He snickered, hovering over her small form. He smirked seeing her pale features and fear in her honey doe eyes.

Letting go of her wrist he went away, leaving a heaving and trembling girl behind.

'What had I done! Allah please save me from this man. Ya Allah I didn't have any choice other then double crossing him. Please save me from him.'


"I want that security guard dead!" A sharp voice ordered to the other person on the phone.

"Consider the job done boss." With that said the person cut the call.

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