Mafia Conquest. (Mafia love story #2)

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Chapter 21

"Sana this is way to heavy for me!" Anisah exclaimed with concern. "I'll fall on every step!" She tried to convince Sana with her genuine excuses but Sana being Sana wasn't having one bit of it.

"If I said you'll wear it then you'll wear." Anisah made an annoyed face. Sana just literally spoke like her blackmailer brother.

Anisah thanked Allah that she hasn't come across that man from past five days, she was staying here. Even tho from Sana she has heard that he came to stay here yesterday for Sana's wedding.

"Don't force her Sana. If she didn't want to wear it then let it be. It will not suit her at all." Asma spoke up.

Asma is Jhangir's cousin from Rabia auntie's family. The girl is just so full of herself for Allah knows what.

Neither Anisah nor Sana replied to her comment because they both didn't like her attitude nature. "You'll have to wear heels Anisah." Sana ordered ignoring Asma completely.

"Sana it's not my wedding. It's yours for Allah's sake." Anisah exasperated.

The dress was beautiful according to her touch but it was a long, heavy skirt with lots of embroidery on it. First Anisah was aghast on why Sana spent so much money on her dress but Sana being Sana didn't let her ponder on those thoughts.

"At least let me wear something normal for today's henna function." Anisah requested with puppy eyes and Sana laughed at her cute face. "Fine, you are sounding like as if it's a torture for you." Sana exclaimed.

Anisah made a face which said 'it is Sana.' Earning a light smack from Sana on the head.

"Y'all behave like kids!" Came the snickering voice of Asma. Sana was about to reply but Asma was fast enough to leave the room while slamming the door behind.

"Bitch!" Sana hissed under her breath but Anisah heard it as she gasped. "SANA!" Anisah exclaimed with wide eyes.

"Oh come on miss goody two shoes. Some people are really poisonous. They'll eat you alive." Sana replied with seriousness making Anisah gulp. But Sana soon broke into laughter as Anisah glared and her.

"Why you don't like her?" Anisah asked knowing that this not simply because of Asma's attitude.

"Because she is after my brother from years!" Sana told exasperatingly. Anisah made a confused face but Sana just dogged it.

"Go take shower. We don't have much time." Anisah told Sana to which Sana replied. "Aye Aye Captain." With that said Sana left to the restroom.

Anisah sighed in relief. How she wished, she could stay with Sana forever but after Sana's wedding, she'll ask uncle Imran for a leave. She will go away from this haveli and especially from that man and will live in some old age home. This is the only proper option.

The hall was buzzing with women as Sana sat on the decorated chair in the front as girls were sitting in a circle on the floor. Singing and dancing on songs. The men section was conducted in the garden area so that means the girls can enjoy to the fullest.

Knowing that there won't be any non-mehrams. Anisah let her long hair opened as they covered her back till the hips. Her dress was white beautiful long frock in accordance to Sana's elaboration. Her veil was in her neck as she sat beside Sana and was enjoying the function.

The girls bring Anutie Yasmeen and Rabia in the centre and forced them to do two three steps in dance and they did. Auntie Rabia told the girls to bring the bride also. The girls forcefully took Sana while Sana dragged Anisah along with her.

All the woman's cheered when Sana came in the middle for dancing. She danced in her beautiful yellow dress, on a complete song and everybody clapped and cheered her.

When the song changed Sana's eyes lit up as this was both Anisah's and her favourite song. Sana holds Anisah's hand and pulled her in the centre.

"Anisah and I prepared this dance so please everyone settle down because we're gonna rock." Sana exclaimed happily as everyone cheered for them as they settled down.

Anisah felt nervous but knowing that Sana was beside her. She was confident. She remembered all the steps that Sana thought her. It was so difficult for Anisah to learn dance without seeing it but when there is Sana then nothing is impossible. Sana thought her this dance in just five days.

The lights dimmed a bit as both the girls started dancing first slowly and when the song was in chorus. Their dance took speed and both were looking flawless.

The women didn't know that the door is being opened and a man was keenly looking at the dancing girl clad in white.

His eyes didn't left her until her dance wasn't over.

"Michael!" The voice spoke behind him as the man slowly turned around. A woman with heavy yellow dress and loaded makeup was smiling at him. And he knows that smile all to well. "Asma." He replied simply.

"I missed you." The woman spoke coming closer to him. His face was rather emotionless and cold.

"Yeah I'm unforgettable!" He replied dryly and left from there to uncle Imran's room. He knocked and entered after hearing a 'come in.'

"Michael beta (son) come sit here." Uncle Imran spoke patting the seat beside him. Michael went and sat beside Imran. "Uncle today police informed me that Sohaib's security guards dead body is found. He was shot in the head. Who ever was the person behind it didn't want us to know about his identity."

"You are right." Uncle spoke seriously.

"But I still didn't get it. How that person knows that security guard has told the truth. This simply means there's a traitor either in Sohaib's family or in Sheikhs." Michael confirmed.

Uncle Imran only nodded his head as depressed lines appeared on his forehead. "You doubt someone?" Imran asked seriously and Michael shook his head in negative. He simply thinks that someone from Sohaib's workers is the black sheep. Michael didn't want uncle to get more tension so he ensured him.

"Don't worry uncle. I'm here, I'll look into it and find the traitor. Let's just enjoy Sana's Henna now." Michael spoke softly as uncle Imran stood up and patted Michael's back in a fatherly manner.

"You're my pillar of strength beta (son)." Imran spoke lovingly making Michael smile as both the men went to the garden, joining the others.

"Auntie, he didn't even look at me!" Asma cried to Rabia in the corner, away from everyone's eyes. Rabia holds Asma's shoulder strongly as she spoke. "Don't worry girl. If not now then tomorrow. He'll definitely fall for your charms after all your so beautiful." Rabia spoke.

"But auntie, I saw how he was staring at that blind girl. Auntie I'm telling you. We'll loose him." Asma hissed angrily.

Rabia clenched her jaw in anger as she saw Anisah sitting with Sana and smiling.

"I will not let anyone ruin my plan!" Rabia whispered.


"Jade! What the hell are you spitting." He roared angrily on his assistant. "Sir, it's in the will your grand father left behind. You must marry a girl, if you want to give something from the property to your siblings. And if you don't marry. All the property will remain on your name forever and you can't give your siblings their rightful portions from this property."

Michael cursed under his breath as he lit his cigar and indicated Jade to leave with the flick of his fingers.

Standing he went to the glass wall as he stared at the vast city ahead.

"OH! Dada (Grandpa) what a clever man you were!" He spoke under his breath.

Anger coursing through his veins with a hint of admiration. He puffed out smoke. Dada knows that he wasn't a person to start a family and get married. He was far from that, he is a ruthless assassin and true follower of justice. The day he heard the will after his grandfathers death in which he was named the sole heir of Sheikh empire. On that day only, he decided to give the rightful portions of his siblings to them on their weddings as a gift from him.

And unfortunately his dada was a wise man. He knew he raised an honest boy. Dada knew about his thinking, his heart his everything. His dada planed this all. He knew this would happen!

Exhaling a long puff, he crushed the head of the cigar on the ash tray.

The small ashes were dancing as the one lit fire was crushed.

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