Mafia Conquest. (Mafia love story #2)

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Chapter 22

“Just name it. And I’ll bring it you.” Jhangir spoke to Anisah who was folding Sana’s clothes as Anisah was deliberately keeping quiet to avoid him and Sana was packing her clothes.

“Oh Come on Cinderella. What I’ve to do, to be your friend.” Jhangir asked getting frustrated with her annoyance.

“You can leave!” Sana spoke rather sarcastically making Anisah to hold in her chuckle as Jhangir scoffed at his sister.

“I’m not talking to you Sana!” Jhangir dismissed his sister with the shake of his hand in the air. On that Sana arched a perfect brow when someone spoke from the door.

“Can I come in?” It was Amir as he walked in casually. “What’s happening?” He asked Sana in particular as the girl made a duh face.

“Packing my clothes.” Sana replied simply.

“Amir we can bring Xbox in this room and can use it as our gaming hideout after this sister of ours will leave.” Jhangir spoke rather suggestively as Amir sat beside him on the couch making a face of approval.

Sana having enough of them threw the pillow at them which Jhangir dodged easily as he chuckled.

“Don’t even think about entering in my room. No! Guess what? I’ll lock my room and take the keys with me. No! I don’t even need to do that as Anisah will be here to keep my room protected from y’all greedy peeps.” Sana rambled on.

Anisah didn’t know whether she felt happy or sad at her words because soon after Sana’s wedding, she’ll leave.

Sighing the girl completed folding the last pair of clothes that Sana gave her.

“Is anyone in for a long drive?” Amir asked out making Sana and Jhangir both to scream out a loud yes as Anisah kept quiet.

“And you Anisah?” Amir asked the girl but before she could refuse Sana butt in. “Of course she’s coming.”

“Then what are we waiting for. Let’s go!” Jhangir stood up and Sana to holds Anisah’s hand as they all went out.

Amir took out his car from the garage as they four settled in. The boys in front and the girls at back. Amir was driving the car. “Now where were we, yeah! So what are requirements in a friend Cinderella?” Jhangir started his quest again making Sana to groan out frustrated as Amir was confused. “Cinderella who?”

“The girl who’s sitting beside our scary panda sister.” Jhangir spoke nonchalantly making Sana angry as red. Anisah and Amir chuckled at the words Jhangir used for Sana.

Before Sana could give a comeback, Jhangir spoke. “Oh my! Cinderella just smiled! SUCCESS!” Jhangir patted his own shoulder making Amir to stare at him weirdly as Anisah’s smiled whipped away immediately.

Soon they reached the small cozy restaurant and settled down. Sana and Anisah were sitting at one side whereas Amir and Jhangir were sitting at their front.

Sana saw someone really familiar looking person sitting in the far corner having dinner with a girl.

“Ya Allah!” Sana gasped making the three of them to face her at once. “What?” Jhangir asked seriously seeing her shocked face.

“First of all, don’t y’all dare to turn around-” She didn’t even completed her sentence as both Amir and Jhangir at once turned around to see what got Sana so shocked and both themselves gasped at the site.

“This is pure treasure. I would love to use it in making him my puppet.” Jhangir exclaimed joyously, earning a smack from Amir.

Anisah couldn’t keep it in as she holds Sana’s hand under the table and asked. “What is it?” Sana with wide calculating eyes and with mischievousness in her voice said. “Ibrahim bhai (brother) is having a dinner with the girl here and from the looks of it. I can bet she’s his girlfriend.”

Anisah gasped out as she hold her hand on her mouth and both the boys turned again to face the girl’s and this time it was Amir who spoke. “What?”

Anisah didn’t said anything as Sana said. “I told her what we saw.” Both the boys nodded and then smirked and they both spoke the same words in unison.

“I’m going to catch him!” Both said this.

“Don’t!” Anisah without thinking spoke up. Both the boys stopped as they stare at her. “Anyone of you would like to be a waiter?” She asked softly.

Ibrahim noticed as a waiter approached them and spoke. “Would you like to have a shot of tequila, sir?” Both him and the girl chocked on their food. Him because the waiter was none other than Jhangir in waiter’s clothes and the girl chocked because of the tequila offer.

Ibrahim’s face ashen as he tried to act normal.

“No we don’t need anything.” He stated and glared at Jhangir as in indicating to get the hell out of here.

“Sir there’s a beautiful customer who just left. She is waiting outside and is asking for your number. What should I tell her?” Jhangir spoke innocently, making Ibrahim’s eyes to widen in horror as the girl fumed in anger.

“Get the fuck out of here!” Ibrahim growled lowly but Jhangir was being Jhangir.

“Sir what is fuck? Where is fuck? Can you please tell me, how can I get the fuck out of here.” He spoke so innocently as he’s a child.

“Leave man!” Ibrahim spoke rather lost in what’s happening.

“I an living sir!” Jhangir answered simply.

“What the hell is this Ibrahim?” The girl screeched on Ibrahim.

“Thank you for calling me hot ma’am.” Jhangir answered to the girl.

Ibrahim was rooted to his spot, quiet.

The girl huffed out in anger and in minutes she left from there fuming.

A loud chortle was heard from behind Ibrahim as he fumingly turned around to found Amir, Sana and Anisah laughing at the scenario.

“Y’all are dead.” Ibrahim spoke as his siblings sat on his table.

“Waiter! Like seriously Jhangir!” Ibrahim asked smiling now. Liking the stunt they pulled on him.

“It was her idea and damn it was good.” Jhangir pointed to Anisah. “Yeah man!” Amir spiked in.

“You were supposed to be on my side Nisah!” Ibrahim exasperated as Sana asked. “Who was the girl?”

“Do not even think that she’s my girlfriend because she was just my friend who wanted to have dinner with me.”

“Are we fools?” Jhangir asked with a duh face.

“Obviously!” Ibrahim stated simply, earning their gasps as he started laughing.


Michael has asked for everyone to be in the hall as he wanted to talk about something important because tonight was Sana’s wedding.

Everybody was seated in the hall. All the family members were there as Michael spoke up. "I wanted to give few of my shares to Sana but the will of Dada (grandpa) isn't allowing me to do this until I get married."

Everybody stayed silent as Sana spoke up. "Bhai (brother) I don't need anything more then your love. That's enough for me." She smiled making Michael to crack a sincere smile.

“I know kiddo.” Michael spoke nodding at her.

“Do you have any girl in sight?” Uncle Imran asked smiling.

Two voices were heard at the same time.



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