Mafia Conquest. (Mafia love story #2)

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Chapter 23

The name Asma was spoken by Michael which not only shocked Asma but also everyone who were seated there.

And Anisah was spoken by Amir in warning as the girl was heading down the stairs and was going straight towards the baskets of decoration flowers placed in the middle and Amir noticed it on time and screamed her name in order to stop her from falling.

Anisah jumped in her place and got startled when Amir screamed her name but thank Allah Sana came and help her to the living room explaining about the reason due to which Amir had to scream her name.

The surprise was quiet evident on Michael's face as well, when he heard her name but he immediately masked his expression as he saw the girl, who was standing clueless in the hall as Sana ran towards her and helped her in the living room, where everyone was seated.

He felt someone's gaze on him as he slightly turned and his gaze landed on the extremely odd smiling face of Asma.

"Oh my, that's the best news of the day." Rabia chirped in, smiling enthusiastically.

Anisah and Sana were now seated as Uncle Imran spoke up. "Are you sure beta (son)? This is a life time decision."

Michael gave his uncle a tight smile as he spoke. "I know uncle. That's why I've come to a conclusion of marrying Asma." He spoke the words to uncle but his eyes were fixated on Anisah and the girl didn't even showed a single expression. Neither happiness and nor sadness. And he wasn't expecting her to show sadness even one bit after all he did to her.

"I'm so happy for you both. I'll call my brother today and tell him about Asma's proposal." Rabia spoke happily.

"Not yet! I would like to talk to Asma alone and then it'll be up-to her to decide." Michael stated simply as in no second Asma was on her feet, indicating him for that personal talk.

"Desperate bitch!" Sana spoke under her breath making Anisah to gasp at her audacity. Anisah slightly squzeed Sana's hand in warning.

"I don't understand! In this universe full of lovely women. He had to marry that bitch!" Sana was yelling loudly now as they were in Sana's room now.

"Why are you swearing so much!" Anisah spoke seriously angry this time.

"Because I'm angry at bhai. Aren't you angry that he's marrying that miss attitude, whom we don't like?" Sana asked pacing angrily in the room.

"I'm relieved!" Anisah spoke before she could stop her tongue and on instant Sana halted on her steps.

"Why in the world are you relived Anisah?" Sana asked exasperated.

"B-because I-it's g-good to get marry you know." The way Anisah spoke had Sana staring at her weirdly.

"At one side my brother is marrying a bitch and on the other side my best friend has gone insane. Allah please give me patience!" Sana mumbled as she continued to pace in the room.

Anisah didn't know why but she felt relived that the one person who every time scared the living daylights out of her is getting married and that to a woman like Asma. Internally the girl smirked happily.

'Serves you better, blackmailer!'


"Sarkar, we've raided three penthouses of scorpions at three different cities in the same time as per your order. We've burnt the two penthouses completely and the one which has their weapons is left with nothing for use." Asad told him on the phone as the smirked at the news.

"Poor David will be so angry. He must know with whom he's messing. Good work Asad. Tell Al-'Aqrab, I'll be meeting everyone in a week." He spoke in his authoritative tone.

"As you wish Sarkar." Asad replied respectfully as Michael ended the call.

Sighing his mind went back to the talk he had with Asma.

"I'll make it clear Asma. I'm not at all interested in marriage and stuff. In order to deal with dada's (grandpa's) will, I'm marrying you. It will be a sort of deal which will last for a month only and after a month I'll divorce you and you'll be free."

That was the deal he had offered Asma and knowing that girl is a gold digger there are high chances she can go for it but he's still not sure yet.

His eyes shown with mischievousness as he smirked. "Oh, Habibti!"


"Are you out of your mind Sana?" Anisah whisper yelled as Sana was smiling happily for the stunt she's going to perform.

"Just come, you'll love it." Sana whispered as she dragged Anisah along with her to Asma's room.

Slowly they moved in and stood beside the sleeping girl. Sana dabbed the liquid on the cloth in her hand and slowly whispered in Anisah's ears.

"I'm going to do it." Sana murmured making Anisah more nervous as Sana slowly crouched down and placed the chloroform dabbed cloth on Asma's nose and kept it there until she was convinced she inhaled in the required dose.

"Finally!" Sana spoke loudly making Anisah to jump in her place in a scare. "Ya Allah! Why are you shouting Sana?" Anisah murmured holding her hand on her chest to control her rapidly beating heart.

"Because she's fainted and won't be waking up anytime soon. Finally I don't have to see her face in my wedding. Let's go get ready." Sana mumbled happily as slowly closed the door behind and went back to Sana's room.

Sana didn't went to saloon but the saloon did came to their haveli. "That was one scary act Sana. What if we got caught. We shouldn't have done that." Anisah mumbled still thinking about their doings.

"Oh come on Anisah take a chill pill. Relax girl and enjoy. After all it's my wedding." Sana spoke enthusiastically as the woman who was doing her makeup told her to stay still.

Saying a soft sorry. Sana stayed still and let the makeup artist to do her work.

Anisah to went to take a shower and when she was done. The other makeup artist under the orders of Sana forced Anisah to sit on the chair as she did her light makeup against her protests.

As soon as the makeup was done. Anisah stood up and went to closer to change her clothes. She heard Sana speaking from the other side. "Anisah I'm going to see my barat okay? Will be back in a minute."

Anisah was to engrossed in wearing her heavy quest of a dress to pay attention to what she said. Her dress was a maxi type frock in accordance to Sana. After wearing with great difficulty the girl simply couldn't close the zip behind.

Coming out of the closet while trying to close the zip. She heard the door being shut. Standing in front of the mirror she spoke.

"Come on Sana, where were you? Help me with this zip please. I've told you, this dress is way to much for me and you forced makeup on me as well. Allah knows how horrible I'll be looking." Anisah kept on mumbling. But one word spoken the person she considered Sana had her heart stopping.



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