Mafia Conquest. (Mafia love story #2)

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Chapter 24

There are times just like in dreams as in the person is falling from the hill had him jerking in his sleep with pure terror of a fall.

Just like that Anisah shrieked and jumped in her place after hearing the same deep voice that haunted her from last few days.

Gulping she took in a deep breath and shook her head in negative. This must be her imagination.

She was still trying to cover up from the scare she got when she felt rough knuckles caressing her bare back.

Her eyes widened up in utter horror as she immediately turned around to hide her bare back from him. Her mind was in frenzy as she didn't heard him moving in the room. The mere fact that he came this close to her, without her realisation had her blood turning cold.

She wasn't wearing any veil, and her hairs were tied in a bun. His strong familiar cologne whiffed through her nose as she immediately backed into the dresser feeling his presence extremely close.

Gulping she tried to recall where her veil is, so she could coverup herself but nothing was processing in her mind except that, they are alone in this room, he's standing in her personal space and she's without her veil and to top it all, her back was bare.

The girl held her arms on her front as in trying to hide herself from him, even tho she's clothed.

Michael was speechless, when he entered Sana's room. The sight before him was breathtaking.

A gorgeous back was facing him. The snow white skin of her upper back was bare as she was clad in dark red long dress. Unknowingly Habibti escaped his lips and the girl tensed.

Slowly without any sound he moved closer to her and on his own his knuckles caressed a mole on her upper back. The girl jerked forward and immediately turned around. Her hands shot up to cover her front and tried to hide her back from him but the girl didn't know that he was having a complete view of her beautiful upper back from the mirror.

"S-Sana I-isn't here." She mumbled softly, thinking he is here for her. She tried to move from the side but on instant a large hand clasped on the side of her waist, stopping her movement.

The girl didn't even got the time to react when his hand snaked completely behind her back as he pulled her forward. Her hands landed on his chest as she gasped out.

"I'm not here for Sana." Was his simple reply as the girl tried to push him away from her with one hand on his bicep and other on his chest but he won't budge.

Tears started to form in her eyes at her helplessness. "Let m-me g-go!" She spoke trying to move away but he only gave a harsh jerk to her body making her body to jolt.

His other hand's fingers touched the loose honey strands falling on her face as his touch moved to her jaw, caressing her neck. The girl turned her face away from him.

"P-please! W-what are you d-doing?" She cried as his thumb caressed her lower lip slightly making her chin to wobble in fear.

"S-stop! Let m-me go or I'll s-scream!" Anisah tried to threaten him with wobbly lips and chin, facing him.

An amused smirk formed on his face as he inched a bit closer. "Scream Habibti! I know how to shut that pretty mouth of yours with my own. Come on, I'd like to see you try." He applied more pressure on his hold on her slim waist to make the impact of his words clear. Her lily like scent reached his nose as he inhaled deeply.

With wobbly lips and chin and blazing eyes she spoke. "Go shut y-your Asma's mouth. Don't you h-have a-any shame!" She whispered angrily as she struggled hard.

His hand daringly moved on her bare skin and slightly inside the dress feeling her soft skin as the girl trembled in her place. "You don't even know, how shameful I am Habibti!"

He spoke in a raspy weird voice. His hot breath fanned her face as the girl immediately hid her lips in her mouth. His lips landed on her jaw as his beard roughly caressed her skin.

She shook her head in negative for him to stop as her breathing became heavy and when he continued to kiss her neck. She placed her palm on his lips to stop him.

"P-please! Chor deyn mujhe!"

(P-please! Let me go!)

She cried out not moving her hand away from his mouth. His calloused hand hold her hand as he gave a deep kiss on her palm making her eyes go even more wide as she immediately snatched her hand from his.

"Chorne ke lia thori pakra hai!"

(Didn't hold you to let you go after!)

He rasped as he closed her zip with slow pace with his fingers touching her skin making her tremble in his embrace.

"W-What do you want from me?" She spoke angrily as she got out of his hold which he himself loosened a bit.

"Everything!" His deep voice ring in her ears as she moved to the side a step away from him. His word sent chills down her spine.

"No! I don't h-have a-anything to give. Just stop! Stay away from me. Do t-these things t-to your w-wife! Don't ever touch me again!" She spoke in anger and in no seconds she ran back into the closet and lock it.

Michael stood there staring at the closet door. "Soon Habibti...soon!" He smirked as he left the room.

Anisah was panting hard and her tears weren't stopping. She was glad that the makeup artist has applied makeup on her whip scars on her upper back when she has seen it. That makeup artist didn't asked anything as she simply did her work.

This is so wrong! It's enough. She will not tolerate this anymore.

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