Mafia Conquest. (Mafia love story #2)

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Chapter 25

Anisah was standing on the right side in front and f the stage where Sana was seated with Sohaib as everyone is congratulating them and nikah is done.

Unknowingly she was rubbing her palm furiously, where that hulk had kissed her. She can still feel his soft warm lips and beard as she placed her palm on his mouth to stop his atrocities.

After Sana's reception she will leave this place immediately. "You can't remove my touch by furiously rubbing on your palm." That same deep voice spoke beside her, dangerously close to her ear, above her veil as she jumped in her place.

Not replying to him. She took two steps away from, hitting her side to the chair in rush. Her eyes were wide as she clutched her frock into fist. She was scared, what if people saw them? What will they think?

Gulping she hold the head of the chair for support. She can still feel his heated gaze on her and felt him coming closer. "I didn't know you can dance that well Habibti. I was unable to take my eyes off you in Sana's mehndi." He rasped near her ear.

Anisah's eyes widened at his words and all the colour drained out of her face.

He was watching her! He saw her dancing! He saw her opened hair!

Michael was enjoying the shocked expression on her face. Her doll like figure clad in red was looking beautiful. He saw how men were giving extra long glances her way. It made him want to take their eyes out as he went to stand beside her intentionally and glared at all the ones staring and they immediately got the dangerous message that Michael's green hawk like eyes was giving them as they looked away.

Anisah didn't know where Yasmeen Auntie went after telling her to stay there. Anisah couldn't see but all these people sure can. Allah knows what will they say after seeing him standing this close to her.

The mere thought of him watching her dancing had her skin crawling in fear. She shouldn't have danced.

She felt him taking a step closer as his cologne reached her nose. But before he could say something a voice rang loudly near them.

"Cinderella?" Anisah's ears perked up as she immediately faced the area from where the voice came from. Footsteps were heard as Jhangir came and stood in front of her.

"Damn Cinderella! You look precious." Jhangir spoke mischievously, wiggling his brows. Even Anisah couldn't see his facial expressions but his voice said it all.

"Cinderella!" Michael snickered.

Jhangir's eyes landed on Michael who was staring at him with cold expressionless face. His face was screaming danger as in Jhangir has done a life threatening mistake. Jhangir gave his weird killer look face a word smile. Not understanding his behaviour at all.

Michael was wearing black Shalwar kameez looking extremely handsome as Jhangir was wearing dark blue Shalwar kameez.

Nodding weirdly at the extremely cold looking Michael. Jhangir faced the beauty. "You know, you can compliment me as well like Jhangirrrrr you're looking handsomeeee..." Jhangir spoke in a girly voice making Anisah to crack a smile.

He to smiled, seeing her smile. "Let's go Cinderella. Sana is asking for you." He hold her hand and placed it on his arm so she could follow him there.

"Jhangir!" A low growl came from behind Anisah as the girl gasped.

Jhangir's brow furrowed as he stared at Michael's angry face and Anisah removed her hand from his arm and simply hold the corner of his sleeve making Jhangir to chuckle at her innocence as they went to Sana.

"I think Michael bhai (brother) ate something bitter today!" Jhangir joked to Anisah as she simply nodded.

Michael stared at their retreating back. His eyes blazed in fury. Why the hell he called her Cinderella! He fucking touched her hand! Dammit!

Clenching his jaw, he controlled his anger. He need to have a word or two with Jhangir.

"Congratulations Sana. May Allah fulfill all your wishes." Anisah congratulated her as both the girls hugged each other.

"And I wish a handsome man to came on a white horse and marry you." Sana exclaimed joyously making Anisah to smile even tho her heart felt sad because no one is going to marry her.

Soon the time for her rukhsati (departure) arrived as everyone cried. Uncle Imran was holding crying Anutie Yasmeen as Sana was hugging her brothers one by one.

And each one of her brother blackmailed Sohaib for if he hurt their sister or make her cry. He'd be a dead meal. The groom simply gulped and nodded in understanding.

Sana hugged Anisah as both the girls cried. No one could simply say that they aren't sisters.

"Shhh Sana beti (daughter) you're ruining your makeup." Rabia wipes Sana's tears with tissue as she told her to stop crying. In no time the cars came, they settled down and left.

Everyone was sitting in the hall all sad but also happy. Anisah went to the kitchen and made tea with help of the maid for everyone and the maid gave it to everyone.

Uncle Imran smiled as he made the standing Anisah to sit beside him as he patted her head lovingly. "I've completed my duty of marrying my one daughter. Now I'll complete my duty of marrying my other daughter as well. May Allah bless you with kind man, my daughter."

Uncle Imran patted her head lovingly as the girl couldn't keep her tears at bay. She was crying because of the fatherly love that this person was giving her, who was not even her blood.

"I thought, I got rid of one annoying sister but you brought another sister to annoy me Baba." Ibrahim mumbled with fake sadness making everyone laugh as Anisah smiled slightly.

"I'm ready let's go!" Came the hurried voice of Asma as she came down the stairs in heavy shimmery dress and fully baked face.

Everyone stared at each other in complete silence for two seconds and then everyone burst out laughing.

"Where were you?" Rabia asked angrily as she went to Asma. "I was sleeping." Asma replied simply.

"Have you seen the time?" Rabia asked angrily as Asma made the confused face.

"No, why?" She asked staring at her fancy bangles in her arms.

"Because the function is over and rukhsati (departure) is already done." Jhangir spoke loudly so Asma could hear and her expression was priceless.

"What?" She shrieked so loudly making Jhangir to laugh out loudly.

"You were dead sleeping to miss the function I guess." Jhangir joked making Amir to hit him in the stomach with his elbow as in to make him quiet.

"This is bullshit!" Asma hissed as she glared at everyone.

Anisah was quietly smiling. Michael stared at her smiling face and smirked mischievously. Habibti did something fishy, he thought.

Anisah can feel someone’s gaze on her and she felt extremely uncomfortable knowing very well who’s gawking at her.

"I want to talk you Michael!" Asma spoke up making Michael to look her way.

His face lost its amusement as he simply stood up and went to his room with Asma trailing behind.

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