Mafia Conquest. (Mafia love story #2)

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Chapter 26

"I'm willing to do this marriage deal with you Michael." Asma spoke as she slowly sat on his bed making herself comfortable as the man stood on his place. Why wouldn't she accept this deal. It will be the best chance for her to make him fall for her. After all he's the heir of the Sheikh Empire and to top it all were his handsomeness and this extremely gorgeous body and his personality was a complete turn on.

Michael internally smirked as he already knew that, this was going to be her answer. After all who can't accept a hunk like him, well except for one.

"But," She spoke smirking making Michael to arch his brow as he already knows what will be her demand. Obviously she wanted to play it safe. If she won't get anything out of it in the end then what's the use of it.

"I need money for doing this deal." She spoke as she stood and moved in his personal space. She fluttered her eyes seductively as her fake lashes felt like a curtain is thrown on her eyelids and her fake long nails caressed his face.

"You'll get what you need." He stated coldly. His posture expressionless, not liking her presence at near him at all. Her cologne was so ridiculous that he cannot even breath properly.

'Has she taken a bath in this ridiculous perfume?' He thought as he tried to breath as less as possible.

Asma seductively flushed her body to his as she whispered near his ear in a raspy voice. "I'll need one million." Her nails caressed his beard as her red plastic lips were dangerously close to his skin.

"Deal!" Was his stiff reply as he was fighting to get her slutty hands off of him.

"Is sleeping together included in the deal or not because I don't have any problem with it." She slurred as she kissed his neck after a slight lick.

That did it for him as in no seconds she was pushed on the floor with harsh force. The girl hissed out in pain as her hands landed on the floor first.

"Don't even think about it. I don't have any desire to touch you!" He hissed lowly as his eyes glared at her.

She glared back as she slowly stood up. "Oh I know, how to handle men like you. You'll beg for me after this one month." She snickered as she stormed out of his room. Slamming the door shut behind her with full force.

"Fucking bitch!" Michael cursed under his breath as he was trying hard to control his anger. The audacity of this bitch to touch him and to top it all. She barked that he'll beg for her.

"In your dreams Asma!" He hissed under his breath.


"Uncle can I talk to you?" Anisah knocked on the opened door of Uncle Imran's room.

"Yes beti (daughter) come in." Was his sweet reply as Yasmeen went to help Anisah into the room as she helped her sit on the couch.

"You need something Anisah?" Yasmeen auntie asked with concern making Anisah to shook her head immediately in a negative response.

Anisah felt her throat tightening as she was mustering up her courage to speak the words.

"U-uncle I'm r-really great full for everything this family did for me and I cannot thank you people enough for this b-but I don't want to be any burden here. I wasn't planning to stay here but Sana's wedding happened so suddenly that I had no other choice but to stay for my sister like friend and now ALHAMDULILLAH she got married. N-now I would like to take my leave from here." She spoke softly not facing up at once, keeping her eyes down as her fingers played nervous pattern with her kameez (shirt).

"You consider Sana as your sister didn't that make me and Yasmeen your parents?" Uncle Imran asked softly but with the hint of anger.

"Why in the world you think that you're a burden to us." Yasmeen auntie exaggerated as if she can't believe her ears.

Anisah kept her mouth sealed and face down as she tried to fight with her tears. All her life after her parents death. She only wanted little care and love and now after so many hardships when she's getting it. She simply can't have it because of that blackmailer.

Either she can stay and let that man do wrong to her. To let him play with her dignity. Or she can tell Uncle Imran about it and break uncle's heart and pride that uncle felt towards that blackmailer. Or the best thing is she can simply control her crying heart and leave this place where she felt like home. Let it be few days but it felt like home.

What if she stayed and wait for him to get married but what are the chances he won't touch her after his marriage. What if he did all this to her after his marriage also. What then? She can accept anything but she can't risk her dignity that's the only thing she's left with.

She'll leave this place after all her Allah is with her.

"Uncle Auntie please. I can't stay. This is not my home. I had to go." She spoke softly as a tear escaped her eye.

"Where will you go?" Came the deep voice from the door as the girl visibly tensed.

"I've told you that the home where Shazia kept you was taken by the people, who had given loan to Shazia. There's no where you can go." Michael spoke rather coldly.

Anisah tensed as she knows his anger was towards her. He had warned her once to not ask for leaving but that time she was at his place but now she's in his other place but the family is also here and hopefully he won't do anything bad in front of Uncle Imran.

"I'll go to any nursery Uncle." She spoke softly facing uncle. Her eyes desperate.

"Uncle you know what are happening in nurseries and old age homes. Neither a young woman nor a young man are save these days here in these so called nurseries." Michael spoke confidently to uncle making Anisah to clench her jaw in anger.

"Yes beta (son) you're right." Uncle Imran spoke with worry in his voice.

"Why you want to leave Anisah. Haven't we treated you as our daughter. Is there something wrong that we did, made you want to leave." Auntie Yasmeen asked with sadness dripping in her voice making Anisah's heart to clench in pain.

"Please auntie. You did nothing wrong, in fact you treated me like Sana." Anisah spoke softly with tear filled eyes.

"Then why you want to leave beti (daughter)." Uncle Imran asked softly with sad voice. She felt so bad for making the only people who cared for her this much sad.

"Uncle I don't fit in here. This is not a place for me. I can't see, I don't want to be a burden on you." The girl spoke softly making Anutie Yasmeen to wrap her arms around her in a hugging manner.

"You're not a burden! You're my daughter. I will not let you leave." Uncle Imran spoke firmly making her to cry more in happiness at their pure love.

"How will I be able to give something to y'all for all your kind favours?" She asked with teary eyes as auntie Yasmeen shushed her.

"You don't need to give anything to us. Daughters never give they only take." Uncle Imran spoke the last line jokingly making the girl to crack a smile.

Anisah didn't want to hurt these people more then she has already done. She can now just pray that this man leave this house as soon as Sana's reception is done. So then maybe she can live in peace.

"Uncle just came to tell you that Uncle Sufyan got the deal with the Maliks. He'll be coming back next week after completing some paperworks." Michael informed as Uncle nodded happily.

"MashaAllah that's a good news. May Allah bless you son for giving this happy news." Uncle Imran spoke happily.

"I'll leave then and I'm so sorry for bothering you. Please forgive me if I hurt your feelings." She spoke so softly with teary eyes, while holding Yasmeen auntie's hand and also facing the uncle.

"No beti (daughter) you didn't but you did made us happy by staying." Uncle Imran spoke up as he patted her veiled head adoringly.

The girl smiled softly as auntie Yasmeen helped her to the door. "No auntie it's alright. I know the way. I'll go by my self please don't bother." Anisah assures Yasmeen auntie in her soft voice as she made her way towards the stairs slowly while touching the wall for directions.

Reaching the corridor she was about to touch the handle of her door. When her wrist was taken in a steel like grip and she was yanked back into a wall.

The girl rubbed her nose as pain shot through it making her to scrunch her nose in pain. The familiar scent reached her nose as she visibly tensed.

"Wha—Ahh!" He didn't even let her complete her sentence as he slammed her hard on the wall making her to scream out but he immediately place the palm of his large rough calloused hand on her mouth making her scream to stop.

Her eyes widened as she tried to pry his hand off but he inched deadly closer to her, making her to hide in the wall.

"Didn't I tell you that you can't leave but still you left my place with Sana. That punishment was already stored but with this stunt of yours you made it double!" He hissed bear her ear making tears to fall down.

She tried to push him but no he won't even budge. She was so small as compared to his large solid hard farm. Her tiny punches felt like tickles to him.

"If you think, you can escape me by going to nursery. Then you think wrong because..." He inched near her ear as his hot breath fanned her ear making her squirm.

"Mai tumhe waha se uthwa lunga!"

(I'll kidnap you from there!)

"You can't escape from me! Keep that in mind!" He growled near her ear and let her go in the other second. The girl shuddered in fear and was panting heavily. Her face was ashen and her eyes were wide. Without wasting a second she abruptly opened the door to Sana's room and locked the door behind.

Her heart was thudding in her ears and her wrist was paining from which he had harshly pulled her.

The girl slowly touched her wrist and the skin over there felt rough and bruised.

Crying she went to the restroom and did her ablution. Placing the prayer mat she did her Esha prayers while crying.

After prayer she did her dua. "Ya Allah please help me. This man is so bad ya Allah please save my dignity. Make me strong so I can fight him. Ya Allah make him marry Asma soon so he will leave me alone. Please ya Allah make him marry soon." She cried as she prayed to her lord.

After such a long time when she felt she finally had some people in her life. Who loves her, cares for her. He came like a storm ready to destroy her small bits of happiness.

She had never done anything wrong to anyone. She never even cursed on someone. She never felt this hate towards someone.

He didn't have any shame after knowing that she was innocent. He still didn't let her go and kept her as a prisoner on his place not only that. He never ever said sorry.

And now also, the way he touch her as if she isn't human but a mere entertainment toy for him that whenever he'd like he can do anything to her. And no one will even ask him.

Does he do this to all the girls he comes across. He didn't even care that she can't see. She can't defend herself as other girls can but still how girls can defend themselves against these ruthless monsters.

They use their man power, thinking that they are mighty but in reality they are nothing more then cowards.

She didn't know what he want from her but his disgusting actions speak more than anything. He want her as a toy of enjoyment. He's playing with her. Just because she didn't have parents of family. Did it give him the right to do anything to her that he wants.

Just because she didn't had support or just because she isn't telling to anyone anything. He'll do whatever he like.

How can such a sweet soul Sana's brother can be this evil. The girl had thought a lot about telling uncle Imran about his behaviour but in the end, he's their own blood not her. He's their true family not her.

The world where she grew up in was with the people who were supposed to be her family but they turned out to be the most horrendous people. How in the world she can believe that this family will listen to her sayings rather than their son's.

They will probably say she's faking it all. It would've been a lot more easier if she had a family support behind. Then she can fight him but now she's an orphan with no one with her. Obviously they'll listen to their son.

The society they're living in won't spare her. They will probably put all the blame on her saying Allah knows what bad things about her. Most probably they'll say she's trying to seduce a rich man.

If staying in the room for life is possible to save herself from that beast then she would've probably done that but that blackmailer don't have any manners. He can barge in anytime and do whatever he please.

He is Muslim, he must know how wrong it is whatever he does. How sinful it is but still he didn't stop.

How she wished, if she had her sight she could've fight against him properly or could simply run away from here. But his threat still lingered in her mind. He won't let her in peace until he gets what he wants.

And she is aware now that he wants her and that to in a bad way. He wants to do bad to her and then toss her away like filth. Just because she has no one that didn't she's alone.

She has Allah with her. And he's the lord of all man kind. She will stay away from him at all costs. She will never let him do anything wrong to her. She just hoped that he'll get marry as soon as possible.

'Ya Allah please make Asma to keep her going to be husband in her palms like a lovesick puppy.'

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