Mafia Conquest. (Mafia love story #2)

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Chapter 27

"You must be looking beautiful." Anisah complimented as she stood beside Sana on the stage on her reception. Sana smiled at her best friend as she spoke. "You bet!"

"But trust me you look beautiful Anisah." Sana complimented as she took in Anisah's beautiful form draped in blue dress.

"I haven't even done makeup. Don't lie." Anisah mumbled softly making Sana to scoff at her.

"My girl, you're prettier without makeup." Sana spoke sincerely but Anisah just plainly smiled knowing that she was just saying it to keep her heart.

"You know when we came back after your rukhsati (departure) Asma came down all ready for the function and then Jhangir told her the time, that her nap was way to long and the function is already finished. And the way everyone laughed that time was hilarious." Anisah spoke while as in the end both girls burst into fits of laughter making Sohaib to stare at them wired.

"Are you happy?" Anisah asked softly in Sana's ear as Sana smiled happily and spoke softly. "More than ever."

Anisah smiled as she heard happy feelings in Sana's voice. She thanked Allah that he gave Sana what she wished for. And gave a lot of blessings to Sana in her heart.

"Everyone I need your attention. Day after tomorrow is going to be my nikah and I'm inviting all of you to be there in my happy moments." Michael's voice boomed in every corner as he was speaking on microphone.

Everybody cheered and gave a round of applause for his small invitation speech. Anisah felt happy that he's getting married. The sooner it is the better for her.

"What is wrong with bhai (brother)." Sana spoke sadly beside Anisah making Anisah to bit in her lips in nervousness.

Was Anisah being selfish for wanting him to get married as soon as possible and on the other hand her best friend was sad that why her brother is marrying a girl like Asma but Anisah really felt that they suit each other perfectly. Both not to her liking at all.

The reception went by smoothly as they went back home and everyone was seated in the hall and was discussing about Michael's nikah.

"Michael beta (son) What's the rush? We can't do all the preparations just in one day." Rabia spoke looking bit concerned about how will everything happen in such short notice.

"Auntie I've wasted enough time. Now I think this should be done as soon as possible." Michael spoke in serious voice as his eyes were glued on Anisah who was silently sitting beside Yasmeen auntie and simply listening to everything and wasn't uttering a single word.

"But beta (son) you're this family's elder son. We wanted to do your wedding with full swings. So that everybody should know that it was Sheikh's eldest son's wedding." Auntie Yasmeen spoke with concern.

"Yeah I also wanted a full mind blowing wedding." Asma spoke up making a fake pout.

"There will be only nikah and rukhsati (departure) and trust me it will be grand. There will be media as well as high politicians. Everything will on you Auntie Yasmeen and auntie Rabia. Nothing must go wrong. The people who will come are really important in my business. So I want you both to take care of everything." Michael spoke in business manner making both the aunt's to node in affirmation.

Everybody started discussing about the preparations and clothes and every other stuff.

"What about the bachelors party?" Jhangir asked mischievously to Ibrahim in his room as Ibrahim gave him a death glare which simply meant don't even think about it.

"Yeah we should have one but secretly." Amir sides with Jhangir as now both stared at Ibrahim for the acceptance sign.

Ibrahim stared at them both for couple of seconds and blurted out. "Not possible!"

Jhangir gave Ibrahim a stink eye as he blackmailed. "Fine then. I'll tell uncle Imran about your blind date like thing."

Ibrahim's eyes shot up to Jhangir's as now both Amir and Jhangir smirked mischievously knowing very well that they got him in their hands.

Ibrahim gave them a deathly glare as he snarled. "Don't fucking think about it!" And both the men grinned at him.

"Fine! I'll do it, I'll arrange a bachelor party but when Michael will find out he'd probably cut our heads off." Ibrahim spoke angrily, telling them about the deadly consequences.

Both scoffed at the same time as if it's no big deal and they aren't bit scared of Michael.

"Michael!" Ibrahim spoke up staring at the door behind them as both the men shoot up to their feet and immediately turned around to stare at Michael but happily there wasn't any. Both turned around fuming as their eyes threw daggers at Ibrahim, ready to kill him any moment.

"What? I thought y'all are not scared of him!" Ibrahim defended as Jhangir snickered. "We aren't scared of him now don't do that fucking shit again."

"Yeah! We aren't scared of him!" Amir spoke up as they both sat down on the couch but Ibrahim tensed slightly as he slowly stood up and straitened himself.

"Why your face ashen bro?" Jhangir asked laughing at Ibrahim's face as he spoke.

"Michael." Ibrahim mumbled as in indicating both of them to turn around.

"Huh! You can't make us fool again. We aren't scared of our big bro." Amir spoke smirkingly.

"Yeah! We aren't scared of him. Why would we in the first place? It's not like he can hear me!" Jhangir scoffed questioningly while still smirking.

"Yeah right!" Came the deep gruff voice from behind them as both the men widened their eyes and Ibrahim smirked this time and in no time he was laughing while holding his stomach as Amir and Jhangir slowly turned around with tensed muscles.

There stood Michael raising one brow at both of them. His posture leaning on the door frame as his arms were crossed in front of his chest. His muscles flexing in his shirt with his movements as his hair was tied back in a bun.

"Bhai! (Brother!)" Both the men spoke simultaneously feeling like getting caught doing something extremely wrong.

"Y'all were saying something?" Michael asked on purpose knowing very well what they were talking about.

"We were just chatting." Came the hesitant but awkward grinning reply of Jhangir.

"Chatting Huh! What were you chatting about?" Michael asked with an interested face making both younger ones to look at each other in nervousness.

"About how your life is going to be miserable after marrying miss plastic surgery." Jhangir blurted out without thinking twice and he expected anger from Michael but only got throaty laugh from him.

Michael was laughing! Literally!

Jhangir scratched the back of his head as in what's funny. Amir to was expecting Michael to get angry on what Jhangir said but Michael's expression was unbelievable for three of them.

"Miss plastic surgery! Really?" He controlled his laughter as he asked while moving in the room and sitting on the couch beside theirs.

"Yeah bro! I feel sad for you." Amir spoke up making Michael to smirk as he placed one of his arm on the couch head.

"Don't feel sad for me Amir. I'll be very happy. You can trust me on this." Michael stated calmly with a glint in his eyes as Jhangir made an Eww face.

"Happy with plastic! I can't relate man." Jhangir spoke up shaking his head in great negative motion as if the mere thought of Asma was like a killer to him.

"Best of luck!" Ibrahim spoke to Michael to which he simply nodded.

Amir stared creepily at Jhangir until he looked at him back with a weird face that said 'bachelors party'

Jhangir made an Oh face as now both Amir and Jhangir creepily stared at Ibrahim for the longest of the times making him extremely annoyed as he understood what they want from him.

"Since you are getting married. This Jhangir and Amir are eating my brain cells to ask you for the bachelors party." Ibrahim spoke up smiling smugly at the two idiots as Michael's eyes shot to them.

"Wait what? What bachelor party?" Jhangir spoke up with perfect acting of being clueless.

"Which bachelors party. I never said something like that!" Amir made the most innocent face as if he never knew about this.

"Ibrahim bro, if you want Michael bro to conduct a bachelors party. You can simply be man enough and ask him straight rather then using our names as bait!" Jhangir exaggerated making Ibrahim's jaw to drop down at their acting skills as Michael arched a perfect brow at him in questioning manner.

"You won't be getting married daily or once in a month or once in a year..." Ibrahim rumbled making the three men to stare at him with a weird face making him groan as he continued. "What I'm saying is let's have your bachelors party."

"Married or not I'll be bachelor till I want." Michael spoke nonchalantly.

"You are saying because you haven't fallen in love yet." Amir spoke with a far away look making the three men to smirk at him.

"What was her name Jhangir?" Michael asked mischievously as Jhangir grinned happily.

"Surah or Sera or ...." Jhangir acted of not remembering the name.

"Sarah." Came the soft mumble of Amir making the three men to laugh at their love sick puppy.

"Ashiq eh!"

(Lover eh!)

Jhangir teased him making Amir to glare at him in warning.

"We are ready to ask for her hand for you bro. Whenever you say, the call is yours." Ibrahim told him smirking as in teasing him.

"I will let you guys know soon." Amir spoke softly not meeting their gaze making Jhangir to grin more widely at his shy cousin.


"Ya Allah! Just why I can't wear the clothes I wore on your wedding. Like it's not a big deal for me." Anisah spoke feeling really out of place because Sana persistently bought a dress for her hot Michael's wedding.

"Oh please shut it! Don't start your tantrums. Just consider that I love to do your dressing. Did it make you feel better?" Sana asked expectantly but only got the duh emotionless face of Anisah in return.

"You're better in your home with Sohaib, go eat his brain. Why did you even came here in the first place." Anisah asked feeling annoyed with getting ready almost every day for these weddings.

Anisah is definitely not the person who likes to get ready for often for these types of functions. She just literally didn't want to get ready. If possible, she wanted to just be in her normal dress in all these weddings. Because the only reason she like little bit of these weddings is because of the delicious food and nothing else.

And when you're wearing a heavy dress and has done your makeup with all the other stuff. You can't simply eat comfortably. It's like really difficult to enjoy your meal with all those makeup and dressing.

"Haye Allah! Log mujhe bhool bhi gae."

(Oh Allah! People had already forgotten me.)

Sana exaggerated making Anisah to roll her eyes at her exaggeration.

"You know Sohaib and his family has seen me in my cousin's wedding. The next day they came with the proposal at our home. So maybe Insha Allah you'll get a proposal to." Sana spoke truthfully making Anisah to stay quiet.

Anisah didn't said a word because she didn't want to hurt Sana's enthusiasm. If she thinks by making her look beautiful a proposal would come then let her think. Because deep down Anisah know, no one would marry her.

"If this makes you happy then who am I to say no." Anisah spoke softly with a small smile making Sana to grin at her best friend.

"Now go take shower. We have to get ready." Sana spoke as Anisah went to the restroom for a shower.

"Wallah! I'm not applying that much makeup. I'm just keeping it natural as per your order." Sana exaggerated as Anisah was continuously telling her to keep the makeup light.

"You know Anisah. I should've called the makeup artist that would be better because you didn't said a word to her when she was doing your makeup." Sana scolded her like a baby as Anisah kept her mouth shut because she didn't want Sana to get hyper up.

"And now you went silent on me." Sana spoke rather annoyed.

"Then you want me to keep speaking and whining?" Anisah asked innocently.

"No! You better stay quiet." Sana spoke making her get ready hurriedly as she to did her makeup herself.


Anisah was standing in the corner where there were less people because the crowd today was out of her understanding. She didn't know how many peoples are there but she knows the media is also there clicking pictures as she can hear those click sounds. That is the main reason she was standing far away from the crowd because she can't see and in no way she wanted her pictures to be taken.

How much better it would be if the men's portion would be arranged away from the women portion.

"Why a beautiful girl like you standing here alone." Came a strong voice from beside her making her tense in an instant. She didn't know who this unknown person is and neither she wanted to know about him at all. From the direction of the voice she can tell the man is tall and from voice it can be said strong too.

Without saying a word she tried to leave from the other direction but that person in an instant came in front of her making her halt in her place by feeling him close. Immediately she took two steps back not facing up at once. By now the man was aware that this beauty can't see.

"Hold on a minute girl." He spoke.

He hasn't seen such beauty in his whole life. The girl was beautiful naturally and the way she covered her hair with her veil and her body in those clothes scream modesty and he liked it a lot.

"What's your name princess?" He asked softly feeling her nervousness on her face.

"I n-need t-to leave." Anisah mumbled softly, praying in her heart that someone would come and save her or maybe this man will be kind enough to let her go.

"But we've just met." He spoke softly. The girl was epitome of innocence which he has never seen because he was always surrounded by sluts. She is just so beautiful.

"My brother m-must b-be waiting for m-me." Anisah tried to make him scared that he might leave her alone thinking that her brother will beat him but the man didn't seem to bother at all.

"If you insist on leaving so much, you can princess but we will meet again." He spoke as in he was confirmed that they'll meet again.

When she felt him move aside so without wasting time she move from their towards the stage with the help of the chairs. Allah how she missed her cane so much.

Unintentionally her elbow bumped into someone's back and girl stilled. She messed up she thought as she blurted out. "I'm so sorry."

The person turned around and a soft chuckle was heard.

"Nisah you look good." Ibrahim spoke as he turned around fully and stand beside her as she heard more footsteps approaching.

"Bro there's a problem. Uncle Imran is calling all the family members in his room. We should hurry." Amir spoke up tensed.

Ibrahim with a confused face took out his handkerchief and told Anisah to hold it. The girl simply obliged as he guided her along with him to uncle Imran's room.

Everyone was already there and was extremely tensed. When uncle Imran saw that everyone was present he told Jhangir to close the door and spoke up.

"Asma left! She's no where to be found."

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