Mafia Conquest. (Mafia love story #2)

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Chapter 28

Anisah gasped as she felt the ire silence that surrounds the room. Tension oozed in the air as everyone stayed quiet for the longest of the times.

"Where can she go? I don't understand!" Rabia spoke up in a tensed voice.

"I've searched her room and the guards have searched the whole haveli (mansion). She is nowhere to be found." Auntie Yasmeen spoke up her voice dripped with concern.

"What will we do now?" Jhangir asked looking tensed with scenarios that are taking place.

"I knew she's a bitch!" Sana muttered under her breath as she was standing beside Anisah so only Anisah heard it.

"Not now Sana!" Anisah warmed her softly to not make a scene now.

"We can't let the guests leave second time as now there's no bride. It will be a shame on the family that something like this happened twice." Uncle Imran spoke up with worry lacing his every word.

"Baba there are media and politicians outside. It will become a great scandal and we'll loose a lot of deals if our reputation went down." Ibrahim spoke with concern as he was absolutely right.

In Sana wedding there wasn't any media or political people so it was easy to tell the people to leave but now the scenario is different.

Media will definitely form a scandal regarding Asma and other stuff and it will cause a great downfall in their business deals and shares.

"The wedding will happen as it was supposed to happen." Michael's voice boomed in the room as it was laced with anger.

Everyone stayed quiet as not a word was heard. "Find me a wife now. I don't care, bring me any girl to marry but I will not let the Sheikhs name to be thrown in dirt." His voice boomed in the room as anger radiated off of him.

"How and from where we can bring a girl right now bhai (brother)? It's not like there's a sale of bride is happening outside." Jhangir spoke up his mind but as he received death glares from everyone, he soon realised the part with sale of brides wasn't necessary to speak.

"Asma was your relative Rabia Auntie and she went missing now it's up to you to find me a bride right now!" Michael spoke authoritatively in his business manner making Rabia tensed as she gulped.

With nervous eyes she stared at Yasmeen who was to looking concerned as Rabia's eyes landed on Sana's angry ones and then something twitched in her mind as she spoke.


Anisah's head shot up to Rabia's direction as the girl visibly shook.

"Anisah is like Yasmeen's own daughter. If you agree Michael then I can ask for her hand for you from Imran bhai (brother)." Rabia spoke up.

Anisah's heart was thudding widely in her chest as she was still trying to comprehend what just Rabia auntie said.

"I don't have any problem with it. If uncle Imran agrees then I'll marry her." Michael spoke it smoothly with a little to no hint of anger.

Jhangir, Amir and Ibrahim was stunned at the things that were taking place.

Sana hold Anisah's hand lovingly as she spoke in her ear. "Ya Allah. This will be so great."

Anisah was to lost to understand what's happening.

"Imran bhai (brother) Michael is like your own son. It will be best for Anisah to marry him. You'll be giving your daughter to your most trusted man. This will not only save our reputation but it will also be best for Anisah." Rabia spoke to Imran, trying to persuade him.

Thinking about it. This to appears to be the best option in Imran's eyes. Who could he trust more then his own brother's son. It is the best option for Anisah but Imran also didn't want to attach his daughter to a man who will not consider her as his equal just because of her blindness. Even tho he knew Michael but still he asked.

"Will you accept my daughter as your equal with her blindness." Imran asked this time facing Michael.

"Don't worry uncle I accept her the way she is." Was Michael's simple reply as Imran got what he wanted to hear.

Anisah felt her throat tightening as she tried hard to fight her tears. This is not happening. This isn't suppose to happen. Will the man who called himself as her daughter will also behave like Shazia and bind her to this man without even asking her if she wants this or not.

"I would like to talk to Anisah alone." Uncle Imran spoke up as everyone slowly nodded and left the room.

Standing in front of the shaken Anisah uncle Imran spoke up. "Beti (daughter) I know this is sudden for you. But everything is in front of you. Michael is like my own son. I can trust him with my life. He will keep you happy beta. I don't know if I be able to find a more better partner for you other then him and he's accepting you the way you are. This is the best thing. I will not force you beti. This is your choice. It's up to you if you want to marry him or not but trust me if you agree. I will be the happiest person. Take your time daughter. I'm outside waiting for your decision."

With that said uncle Imran lovingly patted her head and left the room.

Her throat felt like shrinking as she was feeling extremely hard to control her emotions.

She's in a turmoil. On one side was the person who accepted her as his daughter gave her all the love and care and on other side was herself, her dignity and her wishes.

She heard the door opening. She closed her eyes as tears escaped her eyes. "U-uncle I c-can't m-marry him. Y-you don't know him uncle. He harassed m-me and h-he-"

"He what huh?" Came that deep powerful voice as the girl flinched back. Her face shot up to the direction of the door. And her heart dropped down to the pit of the stomach knowing who it was.

Michael was in front of her in three long strides. Holding her jaw in his rough grip, her lips pouted, he made her face up towards him.

"Leave me!" The girl cried lowly as she tried to pry his hand off of her face.

He only tightened his hold as his fingers dug in her cheeks he spoke.

"Chup chap han kardo uncle ko."

(Quietly say yes to uncle).

He hissed on her face as new set of tears formed in her honey doe eyes.

"Warna woh karuga tumhare sath keh kisi ko muh dekhane ke kabil nhi rahogi."

(Then I'll do something with you that you won't be able to show your face to anyone).

His free hand went to her nape as he pulled her forward, deadly close to him that her toes were touching the ground and her hands on his trying to pry them off.

"Nhi karugi ap se shadi!"

(I will not marry you!)

She spoke angrily with a lot of mustered up courage that only occur to her because she knew uncle Imran was outside and he won't do anything other than blackmailing her.

"Alright! Then I'll make you my mistress!" He snickered on her face.

Her eyes widened at his words as she tried to scream but he immediately place his hand that was holding her jaw on her mouth to stop her screams.

"I will keep you as my mistress for the rest of your life. I will not marry you and trust me, no one will be able to save you." He hissed near her ear making her body to tremble.

Her eyes were wide with desperate tears shining in them as her lashes were wet with her sad tears. The pupil of her eyes were dilated making the honey color to appear as thin outlines.

"It's my promise!" He growled lowly.

"And about that mosque where you used to teach orphans. I got to know you had a quiet attachment to them. Well sadly they're going to be living on the streets in the near future if you don't marry me." He hissed these words lastly as he let her go.

The girl stumbled back as she panted harshly taking everything in. And deep down from the bottom of her heart she knows he meant every word he said. He will do what he said.

He won't let her live in peace. She won't be able to show her face to anyone. The mere thought of it had her heart slicing with millions of knives and unsettling feeling was floating in the pit of her stomach.

No one can save her from him. She knows this so well now. He can do anything to her and no one will be able to save her. He can simply kidnap her from here and keep her to himself for the rest of her life and no one will ever know about it. They will simply keep looking for her but they can never save her.

If now she says yes to this marriage. Uncle Imran and Auntie Yasmeen will be happy and on the other hand she will be his, legally for him to do as he please with her, but she will have dignity in front of others. She will considered as a respectable woman in other's eyes. Those sweet little orphans will not loose their home.

But if she says no. The family that gave her so much love will be heartbroken and that man will still take what he wants from her. He will still keep her as his but without dignity and marriage. Her status will be that of a mistress or whore. And those poor kids will have to live streets.

She felt trapped like dying. There's no way out of it. Either way it's her head that will be under sword. Either way it's her that's going to be suffered. It's like you're dying but the killer is kind enough to ask you whether you like to die with a sword or a blade. As if the killer is giving a choice. Either to choose extremely painful or less painful death.

She heard the door being shut knowing that he had left.

How can he be so heartless!

How she wished that she was a boy then being a girl. How her life would be little less difficult if she was a boy.

Why he's doing this to her. It's evident that he didn't care for her at all. He just wanted her. Either it's his obsession or psychotic mentality. He just lusted over her. And when he'll have her, he'll throw her away like a used thing.

How in the world she can marry a cold blooded man, who don't think twice before killing someone. He had killed her Shazia and Jameel. There's no doubt, he can kill her too.

Now when she's not even his. He do such horrendous things to her and if she get married to him Allah knows what will he do to her.

Now when she didn't listen to him. He blackmailed her with the gun and what not. After marriage he will simply shoot her and no one will be able to even help her.

As a firm Muslim. She knows that nikkah is not a joke. It's a sacred relationship between two souls and it must be taken seriously.

Like every other girl she has always dreamed about her marriage. She had wished for a caring loving husband, who'll respect her, love her.

But everything don't go as we plan it. There are things that we plan and then there are things that Allah planed for us.

One by one the thoughts keep bombarding her head one after the other. The end to each and every thought lead her to devastating conclusions.


"Do you Anisah Rehman, daughter of Abdul Rehman take Michael Sheikh, son of Shehroz Sheikh as your lawfully wedded husband with the haq meher of fifty lacs?"


Silence resides in each corner as the fate plays its strings. Taking the life away from the one that yearned to live for once. The boats were about to sail to the destiny that awaits to the never ending hollow of life. Where there'll be no light but the flames of ashes being alive burning her every day into the ambers till the breeze takes it away.

She felt a soft nudge on her side from Sana and the girl came out of her trance as one tear escaped from her eyes.

After a long silence which felt like millennium the girl spoke up in a soft whisper.

"Q-Qubool hai."

(I do).

She was asked those sacred lines thrice. The lines she always dreamed to answer with a happy heart. Felt like a slow death right now as she answered them in slow whispers.

Each time she said 'I do' felt like she's been giving away her freedom and is going in the prison from which she wanted to escape.

Everyone said congratulations and praises as they congratulated each other as the Imam asked the same question to him.

"Do you Michael Sheikh, son of Shehroz Sheikh take Anisah Rehman daughter of Abdul Rehman as your lawfully wedded wife in the haq meher of fifty lacs?"

Michael stared at the girl who was sitting in front of him as a thin netted cloth was placed in the middle as a separation. Feeling as if he has won a prize he spoke.

"Qubool hai."

(I do.)

He answered the same question thrice as he stared at the girl.

Everyone did dua (prayer) as they congratulated him. Uncle Imran and Amir were the witnesses of his nikah as his brothers hugged him one by one and congratulated him.

Sana hugged Anisah from the side as auntie Yasmeen took Anisah to the other room and soon came back and told Michael that he can meet his wife but only for five minutes. Nodding softly Michael went to Sana's room where the girl was.

Anisah was standing in the middle of the room in her heavy dress as the veil covered her face. She heard the door opened and then shut behind as she heard his footsteps approaching.

She didn't dare to move back as he came closer to her. She felt him standing in front of her as he slowly held her veil and lifted it up to view her face and the sight was beautiful. Placing his fingers under her chin, he made her face upwards.

Large doe like honey eyes were covered in light eyeshadow as her long thick eyelashes kissed her cheeks as she blinked. Red cheeks and red nose due to her crying. Her lips were coloured in dark red colour, his favourite as he resist the urge to kiss those plump cherry lips.

She was crying!

"You're looking beautiful Habibti." He spoke as his hawk like green eyes drink her in.

The girl slapped his hand away from her chin as she spoke brokenly.

Michael chuckled lowly not a happy chuckle but more like evil one as his both hands cupped her cheeks in a strong hold as she tried to remove his hands and he gave a deep kiss on her forehead.

"You're Mine Habibti! Mine!"

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