Mafia Conquest. (Mafia love story #2)

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Chapter 29


تونے بس دیکھا ہےصحرا میں ایک درویش

تونے درویش میں ابھی صحرا نہیں دیکھا۔۔۔


"Beta (son) you should stay here for few days." Yasmeen told Michael softly as the guests were leaving.

"Don't worry auntie we'll come back here in the morning." Michael spoke softly trying to persuade auntie and some how she got the message and smiled softly as she patted his shoulder lovingly.

Sana placed a large veil on Anisah that covered half of her face as well as her upper body as she helped the girl out of the hall.

Everyone was having that same sad plus happy faces that they had on Sana's rukhsati (departure). Yasmeen auntie was crying softly as she felt extremely happy for the girl whom she considered her daughter.

Anisah was also crying in her veil. The girl just got a family and now he was taking her away from them. Sana hugged her softly as they cried. "We shouldn't be crying I guess." Sana mumbled softly as auntie Yasmeen hugged Anisah giving her all the blessings for a happy life ahead. Uncle Imran lovingly patted her head in a fatherly manner. A single tear escaped his eye as he felt like giving away his own daughter.

Rabia gave Anisah a small side hug as Ibrahim patted her head lovingly. "Bhabhi felt so weird." Amir spoke to Anisah making everyone chuckle as Jhangir didn't said anything at all.

Sana and Yasmeen helped the girl sit in the car as Michael came to sit beside her. In no seconds the car started and they were speeding to his house.

Anisah kept her face bowed not moving an inch from her place. Michael observed her from sideways and let her have her time for a while.

As soon as they reached his house the car honked several times as the large gates opened and the car moved in. The car stopped slowly as someone opened her door.

Heaving a large sigh she gathered up her dress to come out of the car but got startled when she felt a large arm snaking behind her back and under her knees. The girl shrieked lowly. His strong musky cinnamon scent reached her nose as she became stiff.

"Put m-me d-down. I c-can walk." The girl stuttered as she felt extremely uncomfortable in his arms and tried to struggle. He was taking long steps into the mansion as she struggled. "Let g-go!" And on next second he let her go.

The girl shrieked as she immediately wrapped her arms around his neck in horror, he did this stunt to make her arms to hold him and the man chuckled as she can feel his chest vibrating making her squirm in his arms.

The girl kept quiet, she felt his heated gaze on her as she lowered her face to his shoulders as in hiding her face from him.

But that had the total opposite effect on him as his muscles tensed feeling her soft breath on his neck did things to his body as he cursed internally. Her soft body sent tingles of warmth in his body.

Moving up the stairs, in no time he was moving towards his room. The girl understood the way with his every step as he passed the guest room where she used to stay. Reaching his room, he opened the door.

Moving further in he gently placed the girl on the bed as he moved back.

Anisah felt the silk of sheets under her palm. Then she heard the lock. He bolted the door. The girl immediately stood up from the bed. Her heart thudding wildly in her chest.

She heard his footsteps approaching as she stayed rooted to her place trying to be strong but from inside her every fibre was screaming at her to take a step back.

When he stood in her personal space. She made her face high as in daringly she face him and spoke the thoughts that were roaming her mind all this time.

"It w-was you!" She spoke with the hint of anger as she continued. "You a-are behind A-Asma's disappearance!" She spoke angrily as her lips were sealed in a thin line.

Michael arched his perfect brow at her smartness and her anger, she was looking like a wild tigress. "And if I say yes. Then?" He asked cockily in his deep voice.

"W-why? Why did y-you do this?" She asked in a trying to be calm manner. But her wobbling chin gave away the turmoils of emotions that was going inside her.

"Tell me Habibti, if I've asked you to marry me. You would've said yes huh? No, you would've denied. So that's why I planned all this." He spoke smugly as saw the waves of emotions that hit her face.

"I kidnapped Asma and made all this scenario, but trust me I didn't thought you'll be bold enough to tell uncle about you. I thought you won't break his heart but guess what you were about to tell him everything so then it was important for me to tell you what will be the consequences of your answer and I must say. You end up with a good decision." He spoke amusingly as he rubbed his bearded jaw in a thinking manner.

"Because If you would've denied. I wouldn't have gave it a second thought before fucking you right there." He snickered at her face.

A sound of flesh hitting flesh resonated in each corner as a long silence resides in the room. Deafening everything.


Anisah has slapped him and the stinging that she felt in her palm says she slapped him pretty hard.

How could he play with the emotions of everyone like it is nothing. How could he play with fate like it's nothing. Didn't he have any shame.

The moment she slapped him was because of frustration and all of the pent up anger, the desperation and turmoil she went through. She didn't think before doing what she did. She didn't thought what the consequences will be.

A loud growl was heard and the next thing a brutal slap landed on her face and the girl went flying to the floor.

Her head hit on the wall hard as her side ached in great pain. Her breathing became difficult. She didn't even gathered her bearings when she was dragged by her lehnga (long shirt). "No! P-please! She cried as he held her arm in a death like grip and yanked her up.

In one swift motion he tore her veil away from her head and threw it on the floor. A croaked cry escaped her lips as she cried. "P-please. Let g-go!"

And the next second she fall on the bed face first with a rough thud as he back handed her on the other cheek. A numbing sensation she felt in her whole face as well as her body. Her vision was blurry and hazy.

Holding her hairs that were messily in a bun he yanked her head back so he could face her. The girl cried out in pain. Making her face him he growled inhumanly. "Don't! Just don't fucking think of pulling this stunt on me again!"

With that said he roughly let go of her hair with a jerk and left the room after closing it with a harsh thud.

He went straight to his gym. His hands itched to hit something pretty badly. Changing into the gym suit he started throwing fists on the punching bag with full force.

He kept on punching and punching till his body couldn't allow. His veins were pumping blood more faster as sweat was kissing his body. Drop by drop sweat trickledown his forehead and hairs.

Never in his whole life someone dared to talk to him in a loud voice and here this little girl dared to slap him. Either she got lots of guts to do that or she's plainly stupid.

He was the man who always get what he wants that was until this girl stumbled on his life. He was attracted to her like never before. And just like every other thing he wants. He wanted her to.

He could simply have her without marriage but it didn't felt right to him. She couldn't get out of his system in just one night. He need her for more then that. So the best option was to marry her. This were his thinking just few days back.

But the things he feel towards her are scary. He couldn't decipher what is there more then lust. He's feeling something towards her and it's stronger. These feelings were shocking for him as he has never felt it before. So what he did was not to let those feelings surface. He kept them aside not thinking much about it.

He always had authority over everything and everybody submit to him. Being mighty runs in his blood. And he expected the same from her. To be his and be submissive but the girl didn't even want to be present under the same roof as his.

The world he is from won't accept such behaviour from anyone let it be her. He wasn't planning all this. He wanted to spend his wedding night happily. He wanted to have what he wanted. But the girl just ruined it by slapping him.

He shouldn't have hit her. She's just an innocent girl. Come to think of it. It was all his twisted plan to capture her in. He did everything. He deliberately put her in the compromising situation. Her anger and hatred is valid in her place.

Of course she would be angry at him for making her fall in his plan. It was her logical right but he couldn't help it in that moment. He was furious, no furious is understatement. He was raging in anger and in the heat of anger he had hit her.

His mind was sadistic as it was telling him to do worst things to her. That was the only reason he left the room abruptly before he could do something that he'll regret later.

His mind was working at the same way as it used to work with enemies. The ways he tortured them racked his mind and then her innocent face flashed in front of his eyes. As he cursed under his breath.

With a last hard punch he moved away from the punching bag and cleaned his sweat with the towel.

He went to restroom which is in the gym as he took shower and changed into sweats.

Amma and the other won't be up this time and will be probably in their quarter as he went to kitchen and filled a glass of milk.

He went to his room with the glass of milk as he slowly opened the door. Without making any sound he went in and girl was on the bed in the same position as he had left her.

Her small frail hands were clutching the silk sheets as she was sobbing slowly on the sheets. Her doll like body was racking with slow jolts of her crying.

His heart constricted painfully in his chest unknowingly and he cursed himself for doing what he did. He should've controlled his anger.

Slowly he placed the glass of milk on the bedside table and moved closer to her crying form.

Sensing presence behind her, the girl abruptly sat up on the bed. His scent reached her nose as her eyes widened in horror and she immediately moved back with slow mumbling.

"P-please! I-I'm s-sorry! D-don't h-hurt m-me please!"

Anisah sobbed as she tried to control her sobs. Her heart was beating wildly. She knows he's going to kill her now. He'll harm her. She shouldn't have slapped him.

As he sat on the bed with enough distance between them the girl abruptly moved back hitting her back on the headboard of the bed.

The girl was visibly shaken. Large red lines adorned her both cheeks. His fingerprints stood proudly on her cheeks, mocking him of his ruthlessness. A red bruise was on her forehead. Her plump red lips and chin were wobbling as her lower lip was busted from the side.

Michael breathes deeply as he felt bad for doing what he did. His hand felt cold as his eyes stared at her bruises for the longest of the times.

He should've fucking controlled himself. The girl wasn't on fault here. He shouldn't have hit her. Weird coldness swipes in his heart as he stared at the crying girl.

The weird feeling to hold her in his arms and comfort her racked his mind as he was shocked at such thoughts himself. What are these feelings and why even he's feeling it. Keeping these weird feelings aside he tried to do the task at hand.

"I know I shouldn't have hit you." He spoke in the best soft tone he could muster up as her sobs lowered down a bit as she faced him with wide fearful eyes.

"But that didn't mean you can slap me. This is the first and the last time. I will not tolerate it again." He spoke softly but his words held the meaning which she got clearly.

The girl stayed quiet. Standing up from the bed he picked up the glass and reached her. Sitting beside her on the bed. The girl flinched visibly as he clenched his jaw.

He slowly hold her hand in his large one and the girl flinched back. Fear was clearly written on her face. Trying to be as soft as possible. He handed her the glass of milk, which she took with shaky hands. "Drink." Was his simple order.

Anisah couldn't understand a thing at all. The person who's sitting here was not at all like the person who had just slapped her badly. It was like her mind will explode.

She just simply want to throw the content of glass on his face. But now she will never ever listen to her instincts after what he did today.

Her tears won't stop as her cheeks throbbed in pain. She didn't dare to question him, why he's behaving like this. She didn't dared speak a word as she brought the glass closer to her mouth.

She smelled milk and instantly her faced changed its expression. She didn't like milk at all and she really didn't want to drink it.

New set of tears formed in her eyes as she felt helpless in the situation. Placing the glass shakily near her lips she tried to drink but couldn't as she moved the glass bit back.

Her lips and chin wobbled as she tried again when she heard him saying. "If you don't want to drink it then don't force yourself." He spoke softly making her more confused then ever.

Standing up from there he went to the guest room where she used to stay. Taking one of the dress from there. He came back. "Stand up." He spoke softly as the girl's face became horrified. Seeing her expression he tried to calm her down. "I will not hurt you. Stand up." Trembling inside she robotically stood up on shaky legs.

Placing the clothes in her left hand. He holds her right hand and she flinched again. Every time he touch her, she flinched. It made him want to beat his own self but what stupid reason, he didn't understand. Clenching his jaw, he lead her to the restroom and she quietly followed.

He told her about all the essentials and where they're kept as he left the restroom and heard the faint locking of it.

Exhaling a long breath. His eyes landed on her veil that's on the floor. Picking it up slowly he placed it on the couch softly and sat on the bed with his elbows resting on his thighs and his fingers in his hairs as he breathed.

He had killed so many men, even in the worst way possible. He's known as the ruthless cruel man in his world. So, why hitting this girl made him feel so much guilt? Why he's affected so much with her tears? Why her pain felt like his own? What the fuck is happening to him.

He has done so many horrible things, that the thing called emotions bit by bit evaporated away from his system. He had stopped feeling a long time ago. Except from the small sane part for his family that still feels. He has lost the meaning of every other emotions.

This girl is alluring him into the sacred downfall of all the mighty men. She's making him feel for her and that to strongly.

Now he simply thinks, he's at lose. He wanted to have her and he played every dirty plan to get her but now he thinks, he to got captured in his own plan.

He was just persistent on getting her. On making her his possession. But never once the thought crossed his mind that what if he fell for her. The attraction was already strong. He had never felt such warmth before. And he unintentionally played the dangerous game. He himself bound her to him.

First time in his life the mighty Michael Sheikh was scared because of an innocent girl. He didn't thought of the scenarios in putting his plan to work.

Controlling himself was already a lot difficult when she wasn't even his. And how in the world he'll be able to control himself when she's now legally his. A steel like will power is needed in it.

The door being opened is heard as he lifted his face to see the most beautiful girl he has ever seen. Every time she simply takes his breath away. Plane light pink Shalwar kameez gave a shade of pink to her bruised cheeks as her wet hairs were covered lightly by the veil. She was holding the wedding dress in one hand and holding her veil to her head by the other hand. Her eyes were bit red and swollen that means she was crying in there.

A small smile tugged on his face as he slowly went to her and when she sensed him close. She took a hesitant step back.

He slowly took the dress from her hand and placed it on the couch with her veil and hold her small frail wrist. The girl flinched and he tried to ignore it. He made her sit on the bed as he went to the restroom and came back with the first aid kit.

Sitting beside her he slowly dabbed the cotton in antiseptic. "I'm going to apply medicine. It'll burn a little." He spoke softly as the girl kept quiet. Taking it as his cue, he slowly touched the cotton on her lip earning a small hiss of pain from the girl.

Sitting this close to her and inhaling in her fresh lily scent. With the creamy skin of her sawn like neck and her dripping hair and those plump moisten parted pink lips wasn't helping him to perform his task properly.

Gulping he tried to think of anything else as he slowly applied ointment on her bruised cheeks. The girl hissed in pain as she flinched slightly making him curse out loud.

"Fuck!" He cursed at himself for doing this to her but the girl visibly stiffened as her eyes became wide and tears started to pool in her eyes.

His expression from killing him self changed in to pure confusion and then concern as he spoke softly.

"Hey Habibti, I'm not cursing at you. No I'm cursing at myself for doing this to you."

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