Mafia Conquest. (Mafia love story #2)

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Chapter 30

The girl stayed quiet not uttering a word.

Michael saw the dark colour of henna on her hand as he knowingly hold her both hands in his so suddenly that her eyes widened as she flinched back. Thinking that he's going to hit her again.

The girl tried to free her hand from his large rough, calloused hands but he won't let go. Opening her palm forcefully he stared at dark coloured henna that adorned her snow white soft hands.

"Why my name is not in your henna?" He asked while searching for his name in her delicate beautiful hands.

The girl stayed quiet and continued to struggle to get her hands free from his hold but it felt impossible. "When I ask you something. You answer it Habibti. I don't want to get mad at you." He spoke the last part deliberately to make her speak.

"I-it must be i-in Asma's h-henna. S-She was t-the b-bride." Anisah mumbled so softly while stuttering that he had to listen carefully to understand what she's saying.

Her answer was right but it did made him angry. Heaving a long breath his thumb circled on her henna filled palms. As his green hawk like eyes stay rooted to her hands as he drink in every design.

The girl was extremely uncomfortable as well as angry, he can see it and why wouldn't she. He did wrong and she deserved to be angry. Dammit! Why is he ending up every logic in her favour.

When her struggle grew and she became stiff. He tightened his hold and slowly gave her palm a deep kiss, his beard grazed her fingers as he did the same to her other palm and his eyes were fixated on her.

The changes of her expressions were so amusing and alluring to him as her eyes became widened as she faced the floor. Her lips in thin line as rosy colour tinted her cheeks.

He lightened his hold on her hands and she immediately snatched her hands from his as if he's fire and she wrapped her hands in her veil on her lap.

Michael chuckled softly at her tactics. Literally she's something else. Enjoying the moment way to much he tried to make the mood more lighter.

"Are you hungry?" He asked her softly as he sit now properly with his one leg on the bed and other hanging down. His elbow rested on his lap as he placed his face on his hand as in resting position as he stared at her dreamily.

The girl stayed mute feeling extremely uncomfortable as she knew he's staring at her. In every two seconds she adjust her veil to cover herself, even tho the veil never even slipped her head.

"Kuch pucha hai tumse biwi?"

(I've asked you something wife?)

The way he said biwi (wife) felt extremely weird in different way as she slowly shook her head in negative.

"But I'm really hungry. And I know you're as well." He spoke matter of factly as he kept on observing her.

"Pizza khaogi?"

(Wanna eat pizza?)

He asked again and the girl simply shook her head in no again.

"Burger khaogi?"

(Wanna eat burger?)

He asked again and the girl simply shook her head in negative again.

"Acha mera sar khalo phir!"

(Okay then eat my head!)

He joked but the girl stayed silent as she didn't answered at all.

"Wah sar khane pr mana nhi kia tumne."

(Wow, you didn't said no for eating my brain)

He amused as he continued to stare at her like a creep.

"Biryani to khaogi na?"

(You will eat biryani right?)

He asked and the girl stayed quiet yet again. Slowly standing up he moved towards the door and left the room.

The girl heaved a sigh of relief as she tried to comprehend what's happening. How can he be so normal after beating her.

She knows she shouldn't have hit him in the first place. The words he said infuriated her. She didn't from where that courage came from but she ended up slapping him.

Now she think of it. How wrong it is to slap a man who is your husband. She should've said sorry but she will never because he had beaten her more.

Which man beat their wife on the first night of their wedding? If the first day is like this Allah knows how her life will go on.

The girl had cried a lot silently in the restroom. Her forehead hurts. Her cheeks hurts and her side aches. It took a lot for her to control her tears as they won't stop pouring.

Even tho she slapped him but it was so small with less power, he wouldn't have felt much pain. But when he slapped her with his large powerful hands. The girl was about to faint. This man didn't know how to treat a girl at all. And now she's his wife. Allah knows how much he'll hurt her.

When he came back in the room. She thought he's back to kill her but what he did was totally opposite. He was talking softly. She was panicked out of her wits at his softness. He's a type of a man, she can't really comprehend. At one second he wants to kill her and on the other hand he's being concerned and soft.

She wasn't expecting him to tell her that if she didn't want to drink milk then she didn't have to. Like is he the same man she thought or maybe a new soul has emerged in him.

And he start treating her bruises, she was aghast. First he give the wounds and then he treat them. What is this sorcery of his. And the way he was being gentle while treating his wounds was terrifying. Because every time he blew on her wound, she will brace herself for slap or anything.

And when he cursed loudly, she tensed knowing that she did something wrong. But when he said that he's cursing at himself for doing that to her. She was shocked to the core.

The way he took her hands in his hold. The warmth of his skin on hers made her breathing deepened as she tried to snatch back her hands. And then his questions simply caught her off guard.

When he kissed her palms. She simply felt weird things in the pit of her stomach as she tried to snatch her hands from his and immediately hid them in her veil.

Anisah literally felt that the person who was sitting beside her wasn't the man who just hit her an hour ago.

The way he was speaking Urdu felt extremely good in his Arabic accent but the way he was being normal and chilling was mind boggling.

She never thought in a million years that this man could behave normally or even he can joke. Like literally he can joke that to a lame one.

She didn't what to do now. Even tho her she was way to hungry and his offers didn't help but she didn't know either to wait for him to bring biryani if he was serious or to sleep. Because her whole body was aching and she was feeling really sleepy.

She slowly leaned on the pillow and cocooned herself in a baby position. Her mind was telling her not to sleep because she didn't know what will that man do but her body was to tired to understand the logics.

She told herself that she'll just lay down and won't fall asleep but she was only calming her mind because in no time . She went into deep slumber.

The door opened slowly and Michael came back in his room after half an hour with freshly delivered biryani and what he saw in the room sent peace to his heart.

The girl was laying in the edge of the bed with her veil wrapped around her in a cocooned postion. Her one hand was under her face while other hand was fisted under her chin. Her lips were a bit pouted and her dark, thick, long lashes kissed her cheeks.

At that moment he felt the luckiest person of earth. Like how in the world such innocent soul can be his. The person who's the definition of evil.

Unknowingly his lips curled up from one corner into a faint smile as he placed the food on bed side table and slowly moved closer to her. Taking the duvet from near her feet, he was about to place it on her but stopped when his eyes landed on her henna coloured feet and her Shalwar was risen up a bit giving beautiful view of her snow white skin of her ankles. A sudden urge to touch her feet invaded his senses as he controlled himself and placed the duvet on her body, completely tucking her in.

Sighing he took out his cigar and went to the poolside attached to his room. Lighting the cigar he inhaled a puff of it and exhaled the smoke.

What he thought his night will pass and how it actually passed.


Anisah stirred a bit in her sleep as the sun rays fell directly on her face. Why the heck Sana didn't cover the windows with curtain last night. Oh, yeah she got married. Then why the heck she herself didn't cover the windows with the curtains last night. Oh, she got married herself.

Wait! What?

Her eyes shot opened as sleep drove away from her. Her hands felt the silk sheets and that is when everything came back to her like a boulder is thrown on her body.

Blinking her eyes rapidly she sat straight on the best comfy bed. Don't know why but her hands stretched slowly towards the other side of the bed to see if he slep with her on the same bed or not. She thought that she can check it, if the sheet is crumbled from there or not, but she didn't thought that he might be sleeping there and just like that he fingers touched his arm and the girl immediately withdrew her hand.

Gulping she immediately stood up from the bed with wide eyes. He slept with her and that to on the same bed. Ya Allah! Why did she even fall asleep. They slept on the same bed. She felt weird feelings as if ants are crawling on her body. Jumping weirdly she cringed. She thanked Allah that her veil didn't slip and how can it even slip when she was holding it tightly as if her life depends on it.

Calming her heart down she just prayed that he hadn't done anything wrong to her. Other then slight ache on her right cheek, she felt fine.

She remembered last time he brought her a dress from the same guest room she was staying so without thinking much she touched the wall and slowly went towards the door. Opening the door in such slow voice. Trying not to wake him she tiptoed to that room.

Closing the door she took out the dress which felt good on her fingertips as she went to the restroom for a shower. After shower and her morning routine she changed into her clothes and came out.

She sighed as she realised that she missed her fajr prayers. She knows that she missed her prayers by the heat of the sunlight.

Slowly she sat on the bed and her stomach grumbles. She hasn't eaten anything from yesterday. His last night offers of food racked her mind. Maybe he brought biryani but she fell asleep.

Scoffing she scolded her own self. Why that cruel man would bring biryani for you stupid girl. He only knows how to blackmail and slap!

The door to her room bursted open with a loud thud and her heart jolted as she immediately covered her head with her veil.

"What are you doing here?" Came the deep cold voice of her captor in pure seriousness. The girl flinched at his cold tone and her mind boggled as her tongue stuttered and nothing came to her lips.

"I asked you something Anisah!" He spoke more loudly and coldly this time. The way he spoke her name told her how serious he is as she gulped visibly and tried to control her fast thudding heart.

"I-I c-came to t-take m-my dress." She stuttered as she spoke softly not once facing up as her face was towards the floor. Her one hand was holding her other hand in a tight grip as she tried to stay courageous.

Michael sighed. The time he woke up and didn't find her beside him. His first instinct was to go running in the whole haveli searching for her and the time he saw her in the same guest room where she used to stay. He heaved a sigh of relief.

The way she coyly kept her face down and her nervousness was amusing to him. The girl was draped in dark blue Shalwar Kameez and damn she was looking true beauty.

Slowly he moved in the room towards her and as soon as she sensed him coming closer. She immediately took a step back. Her calves hit the bed and she steadied herself not falling on the bed.

Michael now stood in her personal space as he took in a whiff of her lily scent. The girl nervously bit her lower lip making him growl as she immediately stiffened and fell on the bed with a yelp in a siting position.

She didn't wasted anytime as she moved to his side and stood up and sprinting towards the door.

Before she could even take two steps. Her wrist was taken in his strong hold and she was yanked back and her body collided with his as her hands landed on his solid hard chest.

The girl immediately moved a step back. Her cheeks blazing red as her eyes were wide. In an instant his strong arm wrapped around her slim waist and he pulled her closer. She gasped as her hands landed on his chest to create some distance.

"Where are you going without giving me my morning kiss?" He asked amusingly as he saw the changing expressions on her face.

Her wide eyes shot up towards his face as she gasped with parted lips. And struggling grew more. His touch disgust her as she tried to wriggle more and tears pooled in her eyes.

"L-let m-me go." She struggled with her might as he gave her body a harsh jerk making a jolt of electricity to pass her body as she stiffened.

"Kiss he mang raha hu. Kidney nhi."

(I'm only asking for a kiss, not your kidney.)

Michael mused as he saw how her lips and chin started to quiver.

She is one of those, if put in the situation of life and death. She would probably give her kidney but not kiss, he thought.

"P-please!" She stuttered pushing him away as tears rolled down her eyes and lips quivered.

"Please kia Habibti?"

(Please What Habibti?)

He asked while squeezing her waist a bit making the girl jump in her place. So fucking responsive, he thought.

"P-please choren m-mujhe."

(Please leave me.)

She mumbled softly while pushing at his bicep and his chest.

The way her teary honey coloured eyes looked with those thick long lashes as she blinked with quivering lips and chin. Her cheeks and top of the nose red. Turned him completely hot and he felt extreme attraction towards her.

Gladly her bruises were healed but a small cut on her lips was visible.

Her coyness and this sight made him turned on and all bothered. He just wanted to taste those parted pink cherry lips. Will those quivering petals will taste the same as they tasted last time.

Unknowingly he was inching closer to her as he was completely drowned in his haze of lust.

Anisah felt him coming closer as his hot breath fanned her forehead. His face was lowering as he was pulling her body more into him. She then felt him breathing on her lips and immediately her hand shot up to his mouth as she blurted for the very first time.

"M-Michael... s-stop!"

That felt like a lullaby. Never in his whole life he liked his name this much after coming out of her mouth. This is the first time she called him by his name. His lips formed into a smile as he felt her rosy smooth palm on his mouth.

God this girl. Will she every time put her palm on his lips when ever he'll try to kiss her. He slowly inched back from her face to drink in her quivering items as she pulled her hand back.

But Michael hold her hand in his as he rasped.

"Is tarah Michael ka nam le kr. Uski jaan logi kia?"

(Taking Michael's Name like this. You want to take his life.)

He kissed her palm deeply as the girl squirmed feeling flustered and disgusted as her cheeks went bright red. He liked her expressions as he kept littering kisses on her palm.

"Bsss p-please."

(Enough please.)

She cried softly as she was struggling hard to get out of his hold and soon as he loosened his grip. She took two steps away from him as she panted hard.

'Bhuka wehshi. Mujhe sans chahra dia.'

(Hungry animal. But made me breathless.)

She spoke in her brain. As she immediately left the room before he could catch her again. With the help of the railing she went downstairs and then to the kitchen.

She can hear shuffling in the kitchen. As soon as she entered in. She heard a loud gasp and in few seconds she was taken in a tight motherly hug.

Anisah smelled the familiar homely scent of Amma as she to hugged Amma back.

"I'm happy to see you again beti (daughter)."

Amma spoke lovingly as Anisah smiled softly. "Hina come meet his wife Anisah." Amma took Anisah further in the kitchen.

Anisah was shocked that Amma already knew she's his wife. But then again what can't be expected from him.

A healthy hand took her's in a handshake. "I'm hina. A maid here." The woman spoke lovingly. Anisah smiled at her lovely nature and replied.

"I'm Anisah." She said plainly.

Amma made her sit in the dining table as she placed breakfast in front of her. The girl contemplated either to start her breakfast or wait. Even tho the smell was delicious but she controlled herself. Her Chachi Shazia never let her eat before them or with them she was always allowed to eat after them. And the man to whom she got married is unpredictable. She haven't understood him yet and she can't take the risks.

She even asked Amma and Hina if they've eaten and they had. Otherwise she would've simply eaten with them in the kitchen.

She was still thinking when the all to familiar cologne reached her nose as she straightened when she felt him sitting beside her on the main chair.

Another set of food arrived as she felt his gaze on him making her self conscious.

"Common eat. You've not eaten anything from yesterday."

He stated making her want to role her eyes at his fake concern. But she bit back her sass.

Saying a low bismillah she ate the pancakes that were really delicious. The girl wanted to drink water but didn't want to search it on the table. What if it'll make him angry. She just sat there after eating her food. When a glass was placed near her hand.

The girl heard Amma picking up the dishes as she smiled. Amma knows she wanted to drink. She slowly drink the water not knowing that it wasn't given by Amma but by he himself only.

After breakfast they were driving back to the haveli. Anisah didn't said a word in the whole ride. As she felt his gaze on her once in a while or it could be her hallucination. But being alone with him wasn't easy for her at all as she tried to maintain her composure as much as possible but from inside she was scared of him.

Everyone hugged them as soon as they reached there. Sana to came back with Sohaib for a day as she knows Anisah was coming. Everyone was talking and laughing as the dinner got close.

The women prepared the dinner as men talked about business and sports.

Everybody sat on the dining table for dinner and it felt extremely odd for Anisah to sat beside him but she didn’t said anything.

“Michael have you searched for Asma? Her parents are worried sick.” Rabia spoke with concern.

Anisah felt her throat tightening. How could this man do this to his own family.

Michael faced Rabia as he nodded slowly. “Yes auntie my men are looking for her. Don’t worry we’ll find her soon. But I wanted to ask, did her parents got any call from certain type of kidnappers for ransom or something?” Michael asked seriously.

Rabia shook her head in negative as concern was completely written on her face. “Don’t worry. We’ll see where she disappeared. After all she has to answer me for leaving on our wedding day.”

Anisah was aghast as his cunning and manipulative skills. She so desperately wanted to shout that he’s behind it all but she knows better then to put herself on deathbed.

Soon everybody had dinner together and it was time to go back home.

"We should leave uncle. It's getting late." Michael spoke up as he stood up with his car keys.

Anisah felt her heart constricting painfully as her expression became rather sad. The girl didn't want to leave but she knew she didn't have any choice. Last night he had beaten her, she didn't know what he'll do tonight. But she was certain he’ll try to take, for what he married her for and that only thought made her breath hitches.

"Beta let Anisah stay for few days here." Yasmeen auntie spoke up making Anisah to feel happy again as a ray of hope invaded her sadness.

"No auntie, I'll bring her again but I think she wants to go back." He spoke in his deep voice. His voice bit cold giving a hidden warning to Anisah to do what he wants.

"No a-auntie. I w-would love to stay." Anisah spoke up.

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