Mafia Conquest. (Mafia love story #2)

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Chapter 31

“Oh, my daughter wants to stay. That means it's only you leaving Michael." Auntie Yasmeen spoke mischievously.

Michael eyed the girl and he oh so desperately wanted to teach her a lesson. This girl always did this. Every time he tell her not to do something and this vixen does that only, taking advantage of the situation.

"Alright then I'll come back tomorrow to pick her up." He stated emotionlessly in calm manner. Because he knows his brothers all to well. If now he decide to stay they'll probably tease the fuck out of him. And he also had some office work to complete back at home.

Keeping in his anger he slowly nodded at everyone and left the haveli.

Anisah was in Sana's room and Sana was in the restroom when the door to the room opened followed by Yasmeen auntie's sweet voice of asking permission for entering in. The woman approached Anisah and sat beside her on the bed.

Taking Anisah's hands in her the woman spoke softly. "Beti (daughter) If you ever considered me as your mother then I wanted to talk to you about something that every mother thought her daughter before marriage. I know in which circumstances you got married was not good but trust me dear, everything is planned by Allah. No one can fight what's written in the fate. But you can always make things better in your situation. A woman is more stronger than man not physically but emotionally. She can handle such extreme conditions with so much grace that if a man was put into such conditions he'll lose himself." Yasmeen caressed Anisah's cheek lovingly as she continued.

"My daughter these men appeared to be all strong and mighty but from inside they're like child. Where woman can endure so much they simply can't so it gave shape to their anger. A wife should always be side to side with her husband in every step of life. She must listen to him and treat him with love and care. If a husband is angry like fire his wife should stay quiet and be water and same goes around. This is how marriage work. But the best moments happen if you let your husband love you and cherish you, body and soul." Yasmeen auntie spoke with twinkling eyes. Observing the red tinting newly wedded bride's flushed cheeks as it made Yasmeen auntie giggle.

"My Michael would appear all dominant and powerful and you might get scared of him but if he loves someone, then he truly cares. His anger often take the best of him and just anything can tick him off. So be careful Anisah, don't play with fire." Yasmeen spoke seriously and the girl took in a shuddering breath.

On next second the door to the restroom opened as Sana came in the room. The topic got changed as three talked about Sana's childhood, clothes, food and different stuff.

When Yasmeen auntie left Sana spoke up after observing Anisah. "So tell me Anisah? How was your wedding night?" She asked mischievously.

Anisah's face paled at her ridiculous question as she simply shrugged it not wanting to answer. "Oh come on Anisah darling. I can see a love bite on your lips." Sana mused.

Anisah's hand immediately touched her wound and his slap repeated in her mind. Closing her eyes, she tried to calm her heart and immediately went to restroom leaving a chuckling Sana behind.

It was late in night and both girls were half asleep but not in the deep slumber when Sana's phone started ringing. Anisah groggily nudged her to pick up her phone and she whiningly answered the call.

Anisah didn't heard her speaking so she was about fall asleep again when Sana places the phone on her ear rather harshly making the girl growl out in her slumber. "WHAT?"

The next second that deep voice spoke on the phone. "Habibti!" The girl immediately stiffened and moved away from the phone as her eyes were wide open now.

Sana annoyingly handed her the phone and instructed her to go in the balcony to talk to her husband.

The girl hesitatingly places the phone on her ear. Even tho she really didn't want to talk to him all. Like why he's disturbing her one night peace. Literally why?

And just like that without thinking much she cut the call. And laid back on the bed with a huff. She will not ruin her peace.

In utter silence Michael stared at his phone screen for couple of seconds. She just did not cut the phone on him! On MICHAEL SHEIKH!

But she did! His brain spoke. This girl was literally playing with fire. Here her husband just wanted to hear her voice as sleep was far away from him and this girl just cut his call. After saying a furious 'what?' She literally got the guts to do this while staying there.

God knows how his mind is running to punish that little girl. Keeping his anger aside which was pretty hard for him. He called again.

Anisah was drowsy when the phone in her hand vibrated. Groggily she nudged Sana and gave her the phone and in few seconds the phone was on her ear again as Sana spoke irritated. "Go talk to your hubby! Otherwise he won't let us sleep." With that she pushed Anisah out of the bed.

The girl annoyingly went to the balcony and hummed as the phone was pressed on her ear. "What are you doing?" He asked calmly and his voice appeared more deep and intimidating on phone.

'Bhangra dal rahi thi.'

(Was dancing.)

She thought in her brain angrily as want to shoot him. Like what a normal person will do at this hour of night, obviously they'll sleep man.

She didn't replied at all, thinking that he might cut the call or will think that she fell asleep but that clever man spoke up. "Are you telling me or you want me to call Ibrahim at this time and ask him to check on you and then inquire from him what is my wife doing?" He spoke smoothly but rather smugly making the girl to clench her jaw.

Bloody blackmailer!

"Talking to you." She purposely said that to make him feel stupid.

Michael smirked his Habibti is growing her wings. "I can't sleep." He told her.

'Tou doctor ko dekhaen!'

(Then consult with doctor!)

She thought ruefully but just hummed in answer trying to end the call as soon as possible. Like why would he even call her, literally just because he can't sleep, he won't let her sleep either.

"Are you missing me?" He asked amusingly and teasingly. The girl made an ew face.

'Apke khuwabo mai.'

(In your dreams.)

She scoffed but in reality she said that out loud and she felt her heart dropping when she heard deep chuckle from the other side. Ya Allah she said that out loud.

"Khuwabe me to tum bohat kuch karti ho Habibti!"

(You do a lot more in my dreams Habibti!)

He mused as girl's face flushed red and her eyes widened at his statement.

"Astagfirullah!" She spoke out loud making him chuckle again.

"Maine to bas sach bola hai!"

(I've just said the truth!)

He spoke innocently making her call him pervert, shameless and what not in her mind.

"Allah Hafiz!" She spoke courageously as she wanted to cut the call and was about to do the same when his words halted her.

"Don't you dare cut the call or else-" He let his threat in the air but Anisah was enjoying her small freedom way to much as she spoke.

"Or else you can simply try to sleep Mr. Blackmailer!" She mused triumphantly after cutting the call. She felt oddly content like a child as if she had gain a score against him.

Still in sleepiness with triumph smile on her lips, she payed on the bed and in no seconds she was sleeping deeply.

Next morning came faster then expected as everyone was having breakfast in the dining room and were chatting about different stuffs when a Salam was heard in a very similar deep voice.

Anisah straightened in her place and sadly for her, he sat beside her on the dining table as everyone answered his Salam.

"So bhai (brother) can't stay away from your bride eh!" Amir teased earning a deadly glare from Michael and in next moment he awkwardly coughed and sealed his mouth shut. Jhangir grinned at this and Ibrahim smirked as they both eyed Amir, who was now glaring at them.

"Off course! Bhai if you were missing her so much then you shouldn't have let her stay here. Your call disturbed my precious sleep twice last night!" Sana exaggerated and at that information everybody stared at him, women with twinkling eyes and men with mischievous smirk.

Michael literally want to groan at that moment but he stayed calm and emotionless as he smacked Sana on the head who was sitting beside Anisah and in doing so his body slightly grazed Anisah's making her breath hitch.

Everybody smiled as their topic of discussion changed to food as Sana dictated them about her newly learned recipe. Anisah to was listening with quiet a concentration, when she felt a large warm hand on her thigh.

The girl flinched and stiffened. Immediately her hand went on top of his to pry his hand away but his hold was strong. The way his large hand was on her thigh. The girl felt chilling goosebumps on all her body.

Her pleading eyes moved towards his direction as she made an innocent almost crying face. It amused Michael to no end. How this girl was being all sharp and mighty on phone. Moving a little closer to her ear he spoke. "You shouldn't have cut my call last night babe."

His thumb circled consciously to apply for affect on his words. As his hand moved a bit more further towards the inner side of her thigh and he squeezed a bit. The girl jumped in her place with a slight gasp and her tiny beautiful hand wrapped around his index finger in order to stop his movements.

Her flabbergasted expression was priceless. As her lips started to perform her quivering phenomenon.

Everyone was to engrossed to listen to Sana's rambling that they didn't heard anything. When he tried to move his hand further up. She with all her power pushed his finger that was in her fist to the opposite direction as in trying to break his finger.

Amused at her behaviour. He instantly hold her hand that was holding his finger in his large rough hands as he forcefully intertwined their fingers and then place it on his lap.

The girl was flustered as she tried to wriggle her hand out of his grip but it was near to impossible.

"Please. They'll s-see." She stuttered almost inaudibly in her soft almost weeping tone.

His thumb draws smooth circles on her hand. She felt goosebumps at his touch. She shouldn't have cut the call last night and now he's taking revenge from her.

He wasn't letting go of her hand. Her food stayed untouched as she can't eat with left hand, tho she kept her left hand on the table to make her trembling form look as normal as possible to others.

When two minutes passed with his hand holding her's tightly. She had it as she whispered to him. "L-leave my hand o-or I'll s-scream."

This little girl is threatening him like literally she's threatening Michael Sheikh. He smiled at her threat. "Scream all you want Habibti. After all I'm holding my wife's hand. Who will stop me Huh?"

He whispered back rather smugly earning a cute angry expression out of her as she pressed her lips in a thin line and her eyes glaring daggers in space.

"Ibrahim bhai (brother)!" Anisah spoke up a bit loudly and in an instant her hand was free from his grip. She immediately placed her both hands on the table as breathed deeply and asked softly.

"Will you dropping Sana at Sohaib's?" Ibrahim made a thinking face as said. "No! Because Sohaib is coming to pick her up."

"Why are y'all so persistent on making me leave!" Sana spoke exasperatingly as everybody smiled at her.

Michael glared at the little vixen that was sitting beside him. Damn she getting fierce and he loved it.

For a second he got shocked and left her hand immediately when she had taken Ibrahim's name but she played it cool. Smart girl.

We'll see how smart you'll be when you're going to be alone with me. He thought mischievously.

Michael got a call from one of his man Asad as he left the dining room to attend the call. "Sarkar." Asad greeted in respect as Michael hummed in response for him to say the thing for which he called.

"Sarkar! Scorpions are being silent. After our raid on their three penthouses. They are still calm and hasn't taken any actions against us." Asad informed him the thing at hand.

Michael hasn't expected this. First scorpions was under Robert Graham but when he was killed by Russians. His son David took his place.

Michael considered David to be same like his father. Outrageous and stupid but unfortunately he's not any of it. After getting three penthouses full of weapons and drugs being destroyed by an enemy he himself would be furious but if David's being calm and silent. He's planning something bigger that's for sure but Michael isn't the one you can play with.

"Keep your eyes sharp Asad! He will strike when the time is right for him and we must be prepared for that. Tell Zaroon to meet me at 5 in my office." Michael spoke calmly hinting his man that there's no place for mistake.

"Yes Sarkar." Came the respectful answer of Asad as he cut the call.

Going in he resumed his breakfast. As the woman stood to clear the dining table after everyone was done.

Michael went to his office as he had to finalise three of the pending deals regarding resorts in Thailand and also he has to clear out certain important mails.

The time he informed that he is going to office for certain important work. Anisah looked more relaxed and it made him angry a bit. Ignoring it for the time being he went towards the main gate of the haveli as Yasmeen auntie made Anisah to walk her husband out.

The girl was silently listening to his footsteps and was following behind. He stopped at door and the girl did to. He turned around and face her. She tensed a bit knowing that his full attention is on her.

"When I'll return from office tonight. We'll be going back home." He spoke in his cold voice to make the impact of his words but his voice came out extremely cold more then expected.

The girl pursed her lips as she nodded slowly just for his convince so he could leave as soon as possible and she could simply breath.

Michael read her easily as he daringly stepped closer to her now standing in her personal space. The girl stiffened at his closeness and tried to step back but he hold her arm in his firm grip and pulled her back on her place.

"Now, Now, Habibti! I don't want you to play anymore games with me again by taking advantage of the situation because if you do so I won't be responsible for my actions then." He spoke calmly near her near as his hot breath fanned her neck and her breath hitches.

Seeing her nodding her head furiously in affirmation. He smirked as he wide eyes were casted down. She was stiff and her lips were pressed in a thin line.

He could simply say, she's controlling herself from running back in to the hall away from him. When she slowly tried to get her arm out of his grip. He loosened his grip.

The girl moved her arm away from his and almost breathed a sigh when on instant he ducked down. His hand went behind her neck and his lips landed on her hers.

He pecked her!

The girl stilled as he moved away from her statue form. Her both hands were in fists as her eyes were wide and lips in a thin line. Red coloured her face.

Michael smirked at the scene. Tho he wanted to do far more then peck but now is not the time nor the place.

His smirk deepened even more knowing that he caught her off guard. She didn't even got to time hid her lips in her mouth or place her palm on his mouth to stop him.

The girl didn't wait for him as she immediately like a flash turned on her heels and walked faster back inside.

Michael felt a surge of warm ness in his chest. Never in his whole life he felt such satisfaction and happiness after a simple fucking peck.

This girl is literally playing with the strings of his heart. Which he didn't even know has strings until she came like a storm and started pulling it like a tigress.

God how can his body react this much to a peck an innocent fucking peck. Either he's going insane or this woman will make him insane by her innocence.


"You know I'm not one of your men that you can order around!" Came the most irritated voice of no one other then Zaroon Jawaid.

Michael rolled his eyes at his best friends attitude. Tho he is not his men but he is his partner in a lot of deals and crimes as well.

"Need to discuss the matter at hand." Michael came straight to point as he made his way to his office chair. Taking off his coat he placed it on the head of the chair. Rolling his sleeves up till his elbow. He sat down now facing the brown eyed man.

Zaroon and Michael were diaper friends. Both studied in same school but got separated when Michael went to Saudi Arabia for his training under the best Sheikhs. But that didn't made the duo to forget each other. They stayed in contact. Where Michael pursue his business career. There Zaroon pursue his medical career as a cardiologist and both are on top in their occupations.

A lot of things of both the friends matched but the major difference is that Zaroon is a calm man, extraordinarily calm whereas Michael is calm when he wants to be but anything can tick him off and the consequences can be deadly for others.

Zaroon is not a part of any other mafia or has his own. He just sometimes help Michael in such work and always stand beside him. Ibrahim and Zaroon are both his very important men and brothers but he didn't put Ibrahim much in his work. He just want his family to stay away from this world of his as much as possible.

And on the other hand Zaroon is an orphan just like him. But he's really strong in hiding his reality in this field. Nobody knows that the world famous top cardiologists works secretly for his mafia and is in a way part of it.

Zaroon is a tall man. Same height as his but his built is lean but fit. His eyes and hair are brown with tan complexion, trimmed bear and a charming smile. He is a complete charmer.

Whereas Michael is cold exterior person and appears to be a lot scary to go around with. Zaroon is a soft charming person for only those he wanted to be as close. He is easy person to hang around with. Well in other words he's kinda mature version of Jhangir in normal life and kinda second version of Michael in mafia life. After Michael his words are considered as important.

"I'm listening." Zaroon became serious at Michael's tone as he sat straight to listen carefully.

"Scorpions are silent." He informed him about the information that Asad gave him. "That's not good." Zaroon spoke with a serious face.

"So that David ain't like his father eh!" Zaroon spoke the same thing that Michael thought.

"What do you think?" Michael inquired calmly as Zaroon thought for a second and spoke.

"Either he'll back off from us after what we did or he'll strike more strongly." Zaroon stated the fact that came in his mind.

"He's new in mafia just got the seat few months back. There are high chances that he got scared but still it's stupid to think low of your enemy." Michael spoke while rotating the round classic.

Zaroon nodded in affirmation. "What's say if I try to buy any of his men and if that didn't work I can send one of our men to work there as our spy." Zaroon suggested.

Michael arched his eyebrow. "You know there are lots of risks in it." Michael stated not satisfied with the plan much.

"Leave that to me Michael." Zaroon spoke confidently making Michael to smirk. Having a friend like a brother and that to a most trusted man is truly a blessing. He knew if Zaroon said that it'll be done then it'll be done. Otherwise Zaroon knew the consequences himself.

"I want to inform you about something." Michael spoke calmly.

Zaroon arched his brow at the mischievous look on Michael's face. "And that is?" Zaroon asked cautiously not knowing what that something is.

"I've got married." Michael stated plainly yet with depth of seriousness which left to room for a joke.

Zaroon abruptly stand on his feet making the chair to fall back with force as he shouted.

"You're fucking kidding me!" He roared almost unbelievably as his palms slammed on the desk.

Michael knew this was coming after all Zaroon had dreamt about enjoying in Michael’s not going to happen anytime soon marriage which fortunately happened way to soon. And sadly Zaroon was out of country from past month and he missed it.

Zaroon was the only person who always used to talk about Michael’s marriage rather dreamily as if it’s going to be magical. At that moments he sounded like girl but sadly Michael had ruined all his plans.

Zaroon belived that Michael won’t ever be able to marry and end up single because the man show’s no attention to any female, love is a farthest thing. Every time he meant pure business with no strings attached. And now too, he’s sure ninety nine percent that either Michael married for business or the other one percent claim, he married out of love which is definitely impossible. Because when Zaroon left a month ago Michael was in his senses but it’s not possible for something to happen in one month.

“I’m not!” Michael stated seriously as Zaroon stare converted into glare within seconds.

Yeah, Zaroon Jawaid is the only person other than his family who can glare at him and he will not shoot him in the middle of his eyes.

“You betrayed me!” He exclaimed almost at the verge of fake crying.

Michael scoffed at his kid like behaviour, in all this drama of Zaroon. Michael has answered the mails. Now he just wanted to go back home with Anisah and enjoy some quality time with her. Which he was so desperately waiting for.

“Now if you excuse me! I’ve to head home.” He spoke casually standing up as he heard a loud gasp from Zaroon, who was overly exaggerating it. Picking up his coat in his arm. He took his car keys and rounded the table.

“Are you alright?” Zaroon asked almost shocked to the core. Michael Sheikh who always stick himself to work is going him and to bit early.

“Yeah! Why wouldn’t I be?” Michael asked confused as he went out of the office room and Zaroon to followed behind with a slow jogging.

“Man, you’re going home early!” Zaroon stated the mind boggling fact to him and Michael just shrugged his shoulders as if it’s nothing.

Zaroon massaged his temple in annoyance as they passes the employees while hearing their greetings as they passes.

“I need to pick my wife from haveli.” Michael informed with as much normality as he could muster but Zaroon was being Zaroon.

“WIFE!” He shouted in the elevator as Michael gave him a deadly glare.

“What the fuck is wrong with you?” Michael asked in irritation at his overly enthusiastic plus ridiculous behaviour.

“What the fuck is wrong with me! You got married and didn’t even told me! Damn you! Who’s the unlucky princess?” Zaroon asked seriously this time.

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