Mafia Conquest. (Mafia love story #2)

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Chapter 32

"Anisah. Anisah Sheikh." Michael felt extreme proudness while telling him about his wife name.

"I want to meet Mrs. Sheikh. And would like to request her to marry you again so I can freaking enjoy the wedding." Zaroon spoke with enthusiasm making Michael to roll his eyes at his antics.

"The wedding kinda happened in weird circumstances." Michael informed him dryly as they reached the parking lot.

"Wait a second!" Zaroon made a thinking face and in next second his eyes widened. "You're not telling me the whole story." Zaroon spoke with complete confidence as he now stared at Michael who was sitting in his Range Rover.

Michael cursed under his breath. He is so not going to tell him anything because he so damn well knew that Zaroon will not be happy at all after hearing his doings.

That man is maybe a part of Mafia but his heart is always soft towards woman and children and will really be anger at him. Even tho Zaroon can't say anything to him but still he didn't want him to know but knowing that man he will not let him at peace until he didn't get all the information out of him.

So Michael played his ignoring card as he turned on the engine. At this Zaroon raised his brow at him as in 'run all you want dude but you can't escape me!'

"Don't think I'm done here. I'll visit your place tomorrow!" Zaroon shouted going towards his own Audi that was parked opposite to his.

"Don't show me your face tomorrow!" Michael shouted from car as he speed out towards the road with out waiting there to hear his reply.

"This man literally make me behave like an idiot." Michael mumbled to himself as he shook his head at his stupid friend.

Michael couldn't wait to take Anisah back home as he speeds towards the haveli and within few minutes he was there. Luckily everyone was having dinner and eyes found the one and only girl like magnet.

The girl wasn't in her plain morning clothes. Tho she was wearing a black dress from which he can decipher by her sitting position is a long frock. A embroidered veil was lightly placed on her head. And she was wearing jewellery that to a bit heavy as her discomfort was clear on her face.

He couldn't properly take a good look when uncle Imran's voice pulled him out of his haze. As he slowly sat on the empty seat which was sadly beside Amir.

How he wanted to sit beside her and tease her the same way he did in the morning.

Anisah stiffened as she heard his name being called by uncle. She was glad that no seat beside her was empty.

Relaxing a bit the scenario that happened in the morning racked her mind. How cleverly he had taken advantage of her situation and kissed her so speedily that she couldn't even got the time to react or to stop him.

After that she washed her face several times and rubbed her lips raw to get his touch off of her but didn't went away. Tears rolled her eyes at his behaviour but she controlled herself. She can still feel the touch of his lips on hers.

When she came out of the restroom Yasmeen was there and she scolded Anisah lightly about her wearings. Saying that a newly wedded bride shouldn't wear such plain clothes. Yasmeen made Anisah wear this dress and extremely heavy jewellery which she refused immediately but Yasmeen was being persistent as she did her makeover and then said that Michael will be drooling over her.

Well type of statements usually make the newly wedded brides shy and happy but it only made the poor girl fearfully terrified.

Last time he had beaten her. And she didn't even want to think what he'll do tonight. The mere thought of it felt ants are crawling on her body.

Now as she sat on the dining table she was feeling the all to familiar heated gaze and she didn't even want to tell herself that it's him.

Dinner went silently as everybody chit chatted about different stuffs and now it was time for them to leave.

Everybody said their goodbyes and gave their blessings as now Anisah sat with him on the passenger seat as they headed to his place.

Michael wasn't saying anything at all and that also creeped her out. Her mind went back to yesterday when instead of his hidden warning, she told Yasmeen that she wanted to stay and now she regret doing it.

Is he still angry at her for that? Will he slap her? What will happen?

She was scared as she moved further towards the door. She didn't want him to get mad at her. She really didn't want to face his wrath.

Gulping she kept on praying in her heart that he won't get mad at her. And soon they reached his place.

Parking the car, she immediately came out of it before he could carry her again like last time. And she was hundred percent sure, he was observing her every move.

A chilling breeze swept pass her as she shuddered a bit. Maybe it's way too much late in night.

She felt presence in front of her and she knew that he was standing close to her. Without any word, his large hand took her small one in his firm grip and started walking into his home.

The girl controlled herself very much not to yank her hand away from his. She didn't listen to her instinct as she really didn't want to make him angry.

Like a lost puppy she followed him and it was difficult to match his long strides and to in this four inch heels.

The familiar surroundings were felt as they reached his room and his scent filling the room invaded her senses.

"Your clothes and all other necessities are shifted in my closet." He informed her while opening the first two buttons of his shirt and rolling the sleeves up as he placed his coat on the couch.

Sitting on the bed in front of her. He observed the delicate girl that was standing in front of him. Her skin was looking more snow white in that black dress.

Her arms were adorned in black bangles that make sounds when ever she moved. Her veil covered her beautiful, glossy hair which he so wanted to see. Her upper body was covered in large veil which she wore as she came out of the haveli. Large traditional type earnings adorned her ears. Light makeup was visible on her face but what got his breath taken away was her eyes decorated with eyeliner or kohl it is. Her doe like eyes were looking beautiful and her lashes appeared to be more thicker and more long.

The girl stood there for couple of seconds, then she slowly moved where she thought couch is as she removed her large veil, folding it, she placed it on the couch and adjusted her dressed matched veil on her head.

Her long hairs were open and the earrings she was wearing were attached or hooked to her hair.

The girl wanted to know where the dressing table is but she didn't want to ask him. And she will definitely not observe this room with her touch, while he sits there watching her.

Last time she was in this room, was horrible. She only knew where the bed, couch and restroom is. Other then that she isn't aware of her surroundings.

From what she heard he must be sitting on the bed and the mere thought that he might be observing her felt creepy as she can't see him.

She turned her back towards him as she slowly started to undo her earrings and to be honest it was one heck of a job as she can't even see what is the hinderance.

Maybe he forgot about her stunt of staying at haveli that's why he's being calm.

She was in her thoughts when she felt a touch on her hand was removing her earrings and she felt a presence behind her. Her breath hitches as she swallowed in her scream of horror. How can he moved this close to her without any sound. The mere fact creeped her out.

Gulping she took a step aside from him. "I c-can do it." She stuttered as she spoke softly and started pulling at the earrings rather roughly just to get it undone quickly so he won't have to help her.

But he only removed her veil from her head and his hands enclasped around hers as he slowly removed them from her earrings. Letting her hands go, he held her arm and brought her in front of the dressing table.

Anisah so wanted to protest but she knew, she can't take those giant killer earrings off without anyone's help.

Even tho she was wearing heels. She can still feel his breath hitting her head from behind. The girl stayed as much statue as possible. Michael slowly unhooked one earring from her hair and then the other as she had already removed them from her ears.

He placed both the earrings on the bed and when the girl was about to place her veil on her head again. Her stopped her hands as he slowly and sensually took her bangles off.

"I c-can d-do it m-myself." She tried to protest but Michael didn't answered her at all as he one by one removed bangles from her both beautiful delicate hands and placed them on the dressing table.

Few of her honey locks kissed her cheeks as she stood stiff near him. As soon as he was done she immediately withdrew her hands from his as she looked down and tucked her hair behind her ears.

The girl was scared and it was written all over her face. She didn't said anything as she wanted to escape from his presence so she turned to go to the restroom.

She was glad that he didn't stopped her as she breathed in a sigh of relief. Maybe he really forgot about what she did and isn't mad at her. That was a real relief as she can properly breath now. Doing her business she washed her face and did her ablution.

She just hopped that he slept so she can also breath in peace. But her wish wasn't fulfilled because as soon as she came out of the restroom.

A hand clasped around her wrist and she was pulled roughly down. Her veil fell on the floor due to the rough pull. She shriek in surprise. It took her complete two minutes to understand what just happened.

And the thing that she was sitting on his lap horrified her to the core. She immediately tried to stood up but his large arm wrapped around her tiny waist keeping her firmly on his lap.

"W-What a-are you d-doing?" She asked aghast as she tried to struggle. Her hands on his shoulders as she tried to push him.

"What does it looks like Habibti?" He asked while twirling her strand on his finger.

The girl didn't utter a word as her scared eyes were down while biting her lower lip and her main task at hand was to get out of his grip.

"You're fucking seducing me!" He roared making her yelp at his sudden out burst and the next thing his warm rough lips landed on her soft cherry ones.

Her eyes widened as tears formed in them. She tried to push at his shoulders but he won't even budge. He squeezed her waist and pulled her upper body flushed against him.

His other hand went to her hairs as his fingers fisted her hairs and he pulled at it firmly making her face to be in a perfect position for him to devour.

Her little punches felt like tickles. Anisah felt his tongue licking her lips and she closed her eyes in dread.

When she didn't opened her mouth and kept it sealed in a thin line. He gave a harsh tug to her hair, earning a cry from her. Using that as an advantage his tongue invaded her mouth.

Anisah couldn't understand one bit of the happenings as she was going numb. But as soon as his tongue caressed her's she jolted in his lap as her eyes widened once again.

Her breathing became difficult as she can't breath. Her punches and pushes became more harsher as she felt his tongue caressing hers again and again. His mouth was eating her lips viciously like a hungry animal as tears rolled down her eyes.

Maybe he's going to kill her this way. Maybe his planned punishment is to end her this way.

The kiss became more deeper as she felt that her end is near and before she could die. He let go of her mouth.

Anisah took in a sharp breath as she panted loudly while clutching his shoulders tightly.

Michael also panted as his eyes were wide. "What the fuck was that." He spoke to himself. This is the best fucking kiss of his life. And he loved every bit of it. It was so good that he cannot stop himself from thinking, how good it'll feel to be on top of her.

Her face was still facing the ceiling due to his grip on her hairs. The sight in front of him was mouth watering. Her sawn like snow white neck was on display. Her neck line was little low showing the starting of the swell of her breasts.

The way she was drawing in large gulps of breath and the way her chest heaved up and down drove him to the end of insanity as his lips landed on her jaw and then neck.

She was breathing heavily as she felt his lips on her jaw again as they were trailing down. "S-stop!" She croaked out but he didn't stopped.

She shrieked in pain as she felt him bit near her collarbone and then he licked the same spot and sucked at it while giving feathery kisses.

"P-please s-stop!" She whimpered as he took that bitten skin in his teeth and nibbled at it.

His grip on her tightened even more as he plastered her body to his. The way he was pulling her hair became rough as she punched at his shoulders to make him leave her but nothing was working.

His face went down to her collarbone as she felt his rough beard caressed her skin. Before he could go further down. Her palm raised as she forcefully placed it on his mouth to stop his vicious kisses from going further down.

But Michael wasn't having it one bit. As he without much thought removed her hand from his mouth not before giving a passionate kiss there. He twisted her hand behind her back.

It wasn't painful but his hold was firm enough for her to stay in place as her chest arched into him due to her twisted arm behind her back.

Michael growled in approval as his lips attacked the pulsating nerve on her neck. The girl gasped and jumped in his arms when she felt him sucking the skin.

The girl closed her legs tightly as she became stiff. She felt weird in her body and this weirdness scared her more. "D-don't!" She cried when she felt his hand left her hair and went to her knee.

His large hand slowly creeped up to her thigh and she started wriggling with full force. "Please s-stop!" She cried.

But it was like he wasn't even listening. Her cries went to deaf ears. As the next second his mouth was on hers again. The girl immediately sealed her mouth shut as hide in her lips.

This made him growl out loudly as his chest vibrated and her heart stopped beating for a second.

But this didn't made him stop as his kisses became sloppy as it trailed down to her cleavage. "No stop!" She cried loudly but no, he wasn't even listening.

The second his large hand groped her right bosom. The girl jumped in his lap and her senses stilled. Her body became numb as her eyes widened and a desperate whimper escaped her lips.

He lightly squeezed her and she jolted in his lap making him growl in approval. "N-no! P-please!" She pleaded as he continued to grope her.

His hand then sensually undid the strand of her dress from behind making her dress loose as the next second he pulled her dress down from right shoulder making the strap of her black bra visible. Which looked exquisite on her white baby skin.

His lips latched on her creamy white shoulder as he kissed at it and then nibble all the way down to the swell of her breast. He gave a deep kiss on her clothed right bosom as she jolted back from his touch.

Her skin was even more whiter on her chest as he couldn't wait to see what's hidden inside.

When she felt him pulling her other shoulder down. She closed her eyes and cried loudly now.

He's going to do bad to her. He will do bad to his own wife. She sobbed harder as her mind racked with these thoughts.

She knows he will not stop after all he had done a lot of hard work to have her legally and now he'll take what he wanted. He has his rights on her. But she isn't ready for this.

She wanted to love him first and then let him have her but she knows he will not stop and if he didn't stop. She'll probably never be able to love him. And she didn't even know if he loved her or she's just an obsession.

She will always stay as his wife with body but not with soul and heart.

She had thought a lot about it yesterday. She was willing to give this marriage a chance. She was willing to give him a chance but not like this. Even after everything he had done. She's still giving this marriage a chance. She wanted to talk to him. She wanted to know him first. She wanted to fall in love with him first but he has become deaf to her cries.

Her sobs stopped for a second when he stood up with her in his arms as it wrapped around her thighs and his face was buried in her neck, still kissing.

Her hands clutched his shoulders for support and in no time he layed her slowly on the bed.

Her breath got caught in her throat, knowing where this is going. As she immediately tried to saunter away.

But with a low growl he held her tiny waist and pulled her back on the bed in the middle. And in time he hovered over her. His hands on either side of her head, holding up his weight so he won't crush her small body.

Her palms rested on his chest to stop him from coming closer.

Michael was drowned deep in lust as the black of his green eyes was dilated. His eyes took her trembling form in.

Long, glossy honey strands covered the pillow. Her white porcelain shoulders visible to his evil eyes. Her honey eyes wide with tears shining in them. Long, thick lashes wet with tears. Nose red due to crying and cheeks red due to his doings. Her quivering items got his attention as his lips landed on her soft ones. Kissing her deeply.

He was to drowned in his haze of lust to look at her soft cries.

Her hands tried to push at his face and when he didn't budge, she moved her face to the other side. His lips landed on her jaw as his kisses went down to her collarbones.

When she felt his fingers tucking at her dress and pulling it down as he kissed at her chest. Her hands unconsciously went to his hair and she pulled at it with full force, earning an inhuman growl from him.

Her eyes widened as she fisted his hair in her small fists and to her utter mortification, they were long and soft.

He has long hair!

When his hot breath fanned her face. She immediately let go of his hair and placed her palm on her face. Covering it from his eyes as she sobbed slowly. She just wanted him to stop.

Her hesitation angered his as in no seconds her wrists were held above her head with his one hand and her eyes widened at this. She tried to stop him. "P-please s-stop! D-don't! L-let me go! P-please!" She cried.

"No Habibti! Not tonight." He husked as his hand went under her dress and his palm rested on the side of her stomach. She gasped as she struggled.

He gave a slight squeeze and she whimpered feeling his warm large rough hand on her cold soft skin.

His face was in the crook of her neck as he inhaled deeply. “Fuck Habibti! You smell delicious.” He groaned making her breath hitch as tears rolled down her eyes and disappeared in the lines of her hair.

His hairs were open as she can feel it on her skin. The image that got created in her mind was scary with hard body, long hair and beard. She didn’t even know how he looked like and it made it even more scary.

Her body shook slightly as his hand under her shirt moved up to her ribs. Her vigorous trembling didn’t go unnoticed by him. And her tears kept roaming his brain.

Moving away from her neck, so he could see her face. He roared. “Why are you crying?”

She flinched as she closed her eyes and more tears followed with sobs racking her body. As she turned her face away from him and bit her lower lip to stop her sobs.

Removing his hand from her soft skin. He hold her chin in a firm grip and made her face him. “Why are you crying Habibti?”

He asked softly this time. And her sobs on their own lowered down. He’s back to himself, she thought.

“I-I w-want to s-sleep.” She whispered softly with quivering lips and glossy pleading eyes.

Michael literally want to hit his head on the wall at her answer.

“You’re crying because you want to sleep?” He asked seriously this time with a hint of ‘don’t you dare lie to me.’

With quivering chin, she immediately shook her head in negative and then spoke.

“I d-don’t w-want y-you to t-touch me.” She mumbled softly earning a growl from him.

“You want your husband not to fucking touch you!” He roared as his temper start to rise.

Tears again filled her eyes as she shook her head in negative again. She didn’t now how to put her feelings in words. She was too messed up right now to think straight.

“N-no! I-I w-wa- b-but...but I’m n-not r-ready. Please let m-me go!” She whispered softly trying to wriggle her wrists to get out of his grip.

Pure irritation run through his system at her denial. His body was fully hot for her and this woman is not letting him proceed. The way she is, she’ll probably take hundred years to be ready for this!

Her tears affected him as he let go of her wrists with a jerk and moved away from her like lightening. “Now shut up!” He roared at her crying form and sat on the bed with his back facing her form.

The girl flinched at his harsh tone and turned around on the bed. Her back facing him as she tried to control her sobs by placing her palms on her mouth but the tremble of her body shook the bed slowly.

“Did I rape you?” He asked angrily as his fingers combed his hair back. His eyes cold.

The girl sobbed and a fearful. “No!” Escaped her lips.

Her cries made him not only angry but something as well. He turned around to have a word with her face to face but his eyes widened as he growled almost inhumanly.


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