Mafia Conquest. (Mafia love story #2)

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Chapter 33

His growl boomed in the room as her heart froze and lost rhythm of beating for a second.

She closed her eyes in fear and didn't dared to utter a word. Her blood was freezing in her body because of fear. Fear that he'll hurt her.

She slowly felt rough fingers caressing her back and she jolted in her place. Stifling a sob. She thought that he didn't want to stop.

Her breathing stopped and her blood froze as he hurriedly made her sit. Her back still facing him, putting her hairs on shoulder to her front, he abruptly undid her zip till her lower back.

A gasp was heard from his lips but the girl was to stiff and numb to understand the situation at hand. Her hands clutched the dress at her front.

As his fingers trailed her back. She closed her eyes and bit her lower lip. All her will to stop this evaporated her system. She knows he didn't considered her words. He won't wait till she's ready. If he want to have her then he'll have her. And she won't have a say in it.

But the mere thought that he didn't considered her request hurt her so much. She shouldn't be feeling hurt from his acts after all she knew this was inevitable.

"Who did this?" His voice boomed in the room as she jumped in her place. It took her few seconds to understand what he said but still she couldn't get the proper grip of his words.

"W-What?" She stuttered in a broken voice.

Michael moves as he now sat beside her on the bed. His eyes cold as he stared at her trembling form.

"Who flogged you Anisah?" He asked seriously, his voice deep. He saw how her expressions changed from scared to confused to understanding, pain and self consciousness as she immediately tried to cover her back.

"I will not ask you again. Who hurt you?" His voice dripping with cold seriousness.

Her lips wobbled and more tears formed in her eyes as she tried to form the words. "S-Shazia c-chachi(Auntie)." She spoke with quivering lips.

He can't believe his ears. How someone this close to her can do such thing!

"Why?" Came his calm calculated voice.

She bend her face down more if possible as she stuttered. "B-because I t-tried to r-run away from t-their h-home." She mumbled softly as she tried to control her tears.

"Why you tried to run away?" He again asked calmly. His eyes on her shaking form.

Anisah kept quiet not saying anything as she continuously wiped her tears but they kept on falling.

Holding her arm in his firm grip. She flinched as he made her face him. "Tell me." He spoke sternly.

Biting on her inner cheek. Her eyes watered more as she spoke. "J-Jameel her s-son, s-started h-harrasing me w-hen she w-wasn't h-home. I t-told her a-about it and s-she dismissed m-me saying w-who would l-like to touch a trash. B-because of t-that I r-ran away b-but... but-" Her voice broke as she wiped her tears with quivering chin.

"But t-they c-caught m-me and s-she w-whipped me." She told him truthfully feeling all those torture and memories freshly rewinding in her mind.

She felt him taking her hand in his as he moved it in an observing manner. "This burn?" He spoke. The pitch of coldness in his voice scared her.

"A-Accidentally I burned h-her s-shirt while ironing and s-she... s-she b-burn m-my h-hand w-with t-the same iron a-as my p-punishment." She spoke softly as she sniffed.

The next thing he stood up from the bed and she heard a loud crash followed by his growl. "FUCK!"

The girl whimpered as she moved back. She could hear his large footsteps echoing in the room as he paced around.

"I shouldn't have killed them!" He growled lowly as his eyes were furious.

His hawk like eyes landed on her trembling form as he marched to her. Holding her shoulders he asked impatiently. "Did they hurt you somewhere else?" He asked with pure concern as his eyes roamed her body for any bruises and she stilled.

Unconsciously her hand touched her ribs and his hawk like eyes observed the change in her expression. They fucking hurt her more.

He abruptly tried to pull her shirt up but she shrieked out and scooted away from him on the bed. "Please s-stop M-Michael! You're s-scaring me!" She cried out as she palmed her face and sobbed.

Michael breathed deeply as he stared at the scared, trembling girl. He shouldn't have act like this. Of course she'll be fucking scared of him.

Sighing he moved close to her as he held her both palms in his hands. The girl flinched as he cursed himself internally.

Pulling her close he made her sit on his lap and before she could start struggling. He closed her zip making her eyes to widened in shock.

Cupping her face in his large hand, he spoke softly to the crying girl. "I'm sorry for scaring you. I'm so sorry Habibti." His soft voice stopped her cries.

His sorry scared him more. As this is the first time he's saying sorry to someone.

"Don't cry baby. Shhh...I'm here." He cooed softly as his thumb wiped her tears. She didn't tried to struggle as she sat on his lap in his arms.

"If I've known it earlier. I would've killed them more painfully." He spoke softly making her gasp.

He cursed at himself for scaring the already scared doll. "Habibti tell me what they did?"

He asked softly as the girl opened her wide teary honey eyes and for a second he felt that she just looked him in the eyes as on other second she lowered her head.

"I t-tried to t-tell Sana a-about it but chachi came on exact t-time when I was t-trying to tell Sana about her. That d-day s-she tried to k-kill me with knife. I would've d-died b-but her s-son stopped her." She whispered as tears continued to pour. Her face simply said she was reliving every moment.

Wiping her tears he spoke softly. "P-please Habibti. I n-need to s-see it." He spoke so softly in almost a broken voice that Anisah couldn't stop her heart from fulfilling his plea.

She slowly got off of his lap and she stood on the floor as she slowly lifted her dress from one side till her ribs so only the scar would be visible.

A long pinkish red healed bruise marred her snow white skin as it started from her flat stomach and ended at her ribs. The girl immediately let her dress fall after few seconds.

Michael clenched his fists so strongly that he felt like breaking the whole room into shatters. But the beautiful broken doll that stood in front of him stopped him from doing anything other then comforting her.

Slowly standing up, his fingers cupped her chin as he made her teary face towards his.

Cupping her face in his large hands he wiped her tears and the girl let him do it as she didn't flinched. And why would she after all his touch was soft.

He placed a soft kiss on her forehead and the next second he hugged her softly.

At first she became tensed not making any move to touch him. "Cry Habibti. I want you to cry out your pain baby." He murmured softly caressing her glossy hairs.

"I will never ever let anyone hurt you ever again baby. I will protect you with my life, doll." He spoke softly but with sincerity as that was only needed for the girl.

In next instant her small arms wrapped around his torso as her head was on his upper chest.

Michael's breath hitched as he hugged her softly.

The girl let out a sob then another and another as she cried on his chest. Her hands took his shirt into her tiny fists on his back as she cried on his chest wetting his shirt.

"No one can hurt you again." He assured her softly as he kept on caressing her beautiful glossy locks.

After some time her sobs turned into small sniffs and her senses came back to her as she slowly entangled herself from him.

Slowly taking a step back she looked down. "I-I'm s-sorry." She whispered softly in her sniffles.

"Why are you sorry?" He asked softly holding her shoulders. She felt those tears forming again but she controlled herself.

"You w-witnessed m-my u-ugly s-scars." She mumbled so inaudibly but he heard it.

"Shh..." he placed his finger on her lips. Stopping her from saying another word.

"T-they aren't u-ugly Habibti. They intensified your beauty in my eyes." He spoke softly.

His softness was doing things to her small heart.

"They make me want you more biwi." He spoke softly as cupped her cheek and wiped a lone tear that escaped her eyes.

Anisah wasn't able to say a single word. His softness made her tongue tied as her heart felt jittery with unknown sensation.

He picked up her veil from the floor and wrapped it around her shoulders and told her to lay down on the bed and she hesitatingly obliged as he picked up broken pieces of lamp so it won't hurt his wife. After cleaning he went to restroom, changed his clothes and joined her on the bed.

The girl was facing towards his side. He simply layed on his side and observed her silently. She was awake as she blinked so softly that for a second he considered her as a porcelain doll as in, if he touched her, she'll break.

His hand on their own went to hers that was placed in the middle of them as he gave a light squeeze to it.

"T-thank you." She breathed softly as Michael stared at her.

"For what?" He asked in that same soft tone that felt like lullaby to her.

The girl lowered her face a bit as she nibbled at her lower lip and spoke coyly.

"F-for giving m-me t-time and a-also for c-comforting me." She spoke softly feeling his heated gaze on her.

"Sleep Habibti. Sleep." He spoke softly as the girl instantly closed her eyes making him want to smile at her submissiveness.

The scars on her back was same that he used to see on his victims but the way it marred her skin made him want to break those bastards skulls.

How could that vile woman burned Anisah's hand knowing very well that she can't see, so how in the world she can do that ironing. That bitch must've wanted Anisah to do any mistake so she could find a way to punish her.

That bastard Jameel tried to harass his own cousin. How bloody bastard he was. How Michael wished that he wouldn't have killed them. Then now he would've enjoyed every bit of it torturing them. Until they beg for death.

That bitch Shazia, that mother fucking cunt tried to kill my Anisah. The scar on her stomach was brutal. Michael was being like in steel control when he saw that scar. He so brutally wanted to dig Shazia out of her grave and empty his gun on her face. That fucking piece of shit, bloody bitch Shazia.

His heart was thudding wildly in his chest as he wanted to torture someone most probably to death.

He didn't knew that when he had broken the lamp in his hysteric of anger he was scaring the girl.

He didn't know why but he felt his heart broke at her pain. Her scars felt like his own. Those fucking bastards didn't even cared that she was blind.

And then his thoughts wandered to his own self. What a selfish bastard he was towards her. How could he do all this to this poor soul. Who has already endured so much pain and heartache.

He is such a fucking selfish person for doing this to her but he didn't regret marrying her at all. He wanted her and he got her.

He had a background information of her. Her file contained every information of her life but no where it was mentioned that her fucking bloody bitch Chachi was abusing her. That witch tortured this poor soul for so many years after her parents death.

She had just told him about the physical scars. What about the scars that they marred on her soul. She didn't tell him about them. How will he be able to take her heartache away.

How can he make everything fine for her. When he himself is the biggest danger to her.

Sighing his hand brushed her hair strand away from her face as the girl was now sound asleep. Caressing her cheek he kept on staring at his doll.

"What are you doing to me Habibti." He mumbled softly as sleep took over his senses.

Anisah woke up with a yawn as same like yesterday those sun rays disturbed her sleeping.

The girl tried to move as beautiful smile appeared on her face thinking about his softness towards her last night.

But her movements were restricted. That is when her senses skyrocketed and she felt a presence behind her. His chest was attached to her back and a large heavy arm was wrapped around her waist that was clinging her body to his. She can feel his hot breathing on her neck and the slow heaving rhythm of his chest indicated that he's asleep.

Her breathing deepened and goosebumps arose on her body at his cuddling. Did he purposely cuddle her or in sleep he considered her as a pillow and cling to her.

Slowly she tried to remove his arm from around her but it didn't budge. His hold only tightened.

The girl stayed still for complete five minutes and then a thought hit her mind. She still didn't know how his face looked like.

Slowly she turned around in his arms and now she was facing him. His hot breath fanned her forehead so she made her face up.

Her arm was between their bodies to maintain decency as her other hand slowly raised to his forehead. Her fingers just slightly brushed on his eyebrows and she instantly withdrew her hand. Her heart was thudding so wildly at the dare she was going to perform that she was sure if he's awake he can hear it.

Gulping and mustering up some courage she gave herself a confident talk. "You can do it Anisah. He's your husband after all." She told herself as a brain.

"Yeah I can do this. I'm his biwi (wife)." She whispered back to her brain.

Slowly her soft fingers touched his forehead. Her fingers trailed to his eyebrows and they were long and thick. Her thumb caressed his eyelashes and they were thick and long. She immediately touched her lashes to compare and softly gasped. His lashes aren't long like hers but they were more thicker. An amazed MashaAllah escaped her lips.

Her fingers slowly observed his high cheek bones. And then his nose that appears to be straight and bit crooked from the bone as if it got broken once. Her fingers trailed down as she felt his rugged thick beard. She slowly felt his rugged jaw and it was sharp. She slowly cupped his beard and combed it like men do to their beards and a childish smile tugged at her lips.

Her fingers slightly grazed at his lips, warm and full, which were on her body last night. Red coloured her cheeks, her heart was almost thudding in her ears at her not so descent doings.

A soft MashaAllah escaped her lips at how good looking he felt to her fingertips.

Her hand slowly touched his soft hair as she trailed her fingers to the end of it as if measuring its length and it was shoulder length.

Now after knowing his face, she felt his dominance more. Her fingers kept on touching his face as her thumb once in a while caressed his lips. She just wondered what is the complexion of his skin.

Was it dull like hers, that her Chachi (Auntie) used to say. What is the colour of his hairs and beard she wondered. But most importantly what is the colour of his eyes.

From what she has felt. He is beautiful no! He's handsome. So why in the world he wanted to marry an average looking ugly girl like her, who is full of scars. And who can't even see.

He is rich and good looking man. He can have any girl he want. But why he chose her, who has nothing special.

She's sure he can have any woman who has far more beautiful body than her so it's not lust. Maybe it's his stubbornness to get her. Maybe no woman has denied his touch and she's the first one to do so and it hurt his ego. Obviously he's an alpha male. His personality speaks that he's mighty and powerful.

And he became obsessed with her and just to satisfy his ego. He wanted to have her.

This new revelation of her thoughts made her mood sour and she drowned in the depth of thinking

"If you keep on touching me like this biwi (wife). I will not be responsible for what happens next." Came that deep powerful voice near her ear. His voice appeared more deep and huskier.

The girl shrieked in her place and immediately withdrew her hand. Her eyes wide and her heart started drumming in her ears.

She was touching his face and he was awake!

Cold shudders passed through her body knowing what she did. What if he'll get mad on her. Why she even touched him.

His arm that was around her tightened as he pulled her more close to him earning a slight gasp from her.

Anisah tried to wriggle as her mind froze to come up with any excuse to get out of his hold.

"Now Habibti! Would you mind tell me. What were you doing?" He asked huskily in a teasing manner.

The girl was stiff as she felt his hand on her lower back and his thumb caressing circles there.

Every time he call her Habibti. She felt weird tingles in her stomach. She really didn't want to gave it the name of fluttering butterflies.

"I c-can't see you f-face so I w-was seeing y-you w-with m-my touch." She spoke truthfully in a soft voice, hoping that he'll understand what she's saying.

"So what do you think Habibti?" He asked softly as he observed her flushed face.

Anisah kept her mouth sealed as her free hand landed on his bicep to move his arm away. "I need t-to use the r-restroom." She mumbled softly applying force on his arm to push it away but he only tightened his hold, giving a slight squeeze to her waist.

Anisah gasped as she immediately mumbled. "Y-you s-seemed o-old."

She will never admit it to him that he's handsome. This will probably boost his already high levelled ego, which she certainly didn't want to do.

After mumbling she bit her inner cheeks at her stupidity. She simply wanted to know about his age but what she did now was plainly stupid. What if calling him old pissed him off.

Michael scoffed at her statement. "Seriously Habibti! If I don't have baby soft skin like yours then I'm old. I'm a man and men aren't soft they are rugged and tough. And for your information I'm twenty eight." He informed her softly.

The girl gasped at this revelation. Of course he'll be this much of age she thought. "I'm just nineteen." She mumbled softly before she could even think.

"I know babe!" He spoke amusingly making her eyes wide and her mouth made an Oh, face.

"Can you l-let me g-go please! And don't call m-me t-that ." She spoke softly feeling extremely flustered in his arms and him calling that word. His close proximity, his musky cinnamon scent. Everything was to much for her.

"What Babe?" He teased as her cheeks reddened more. Her reaction was just breathtaking for him. He felt overly joyful after seeing her face first thing in the morning.

Anisah didn't said anything as she kept on wriggling in his arms. "If you keep moving like that then I won't be able to let you go." He rasped near her ear making her stiffened as she lowered her head on his chest at once, earning a throaty chuckle from him.

A sudden knocked on the door startled them both as Amma's voice came from the other side.

"Michael beta (Son) Zaroon has come to meet you. He's in the living room. Come fast." Amma's voice reached their ears and Michael groaned out in annoyance.

"Yes Amma. I'll be there in few minutes." He spoke loudly as he heard Amma's okay and Amma left.

"This idiot is such a leech." He grumbled to himself as he slowly let the girl go.

Anisah wondered who this Zaroon is but she was thankful to this unknown Zaroon because of him this hulk let her go.

Without wasting time she immediately went to the closet and take out her clothes for the day. As Yasmeen had told her that for a newly wedded bride she must wear bright beautiful dresses for the first few days. So she took one dress that was maybe white or off white as per Sana's saying. She didn't remember.

As she came out with the dress Michael was already in the restroom. She waited few minutes and when he came out. She made her way to the restroom and thankfully he didn't stopped her.

Anisah showered hurriedly and scolded herself throughout the shower for being stupid to miss her fajar prayers. After shower she changed into her clothes which she brought and came out of the restroom with her veil on her wet opened hairs.

Michael was gladly not in the room and appeared little sad to her that he didn't wait for her.

Now she didn't know if she should go down and meet that Zaroon man or not because he didn't have her any information or order. So after a lot of thinking she went down the stairs and into the kitchen because she was so hungry.

There she was greeted by yummy smell of pancakes and her stomach grumbles. "Amma?" She spoke softly and as soon as Amma turned around happily on hearing Anisah's voice a soft gasp escaped her lips.

Amma immediately held Anisah's hand as she instructed Hina to look after the pancakes that are on stove and she took the girl back to her room.

"How irresponsible this boy can get!" Amma spoke angrily as she made the confused Anisah to sit on the dressing chair and took out something and slowly dabbed the thing on her neck.

Anisah hissed slightly and her eyes widened in embarrassment. How can she forget? He has bitten her on her neck and collarbone. There must be hickeys.

The girl sat there all embarrassed like tomato. Letting Amma cover up his evil deeds. After Amma was done she applied light pink natural shade to Anisah's lips instead of her protests and combed the girls hair lovingly as she made her wear golden bangles.

Putting the veil on her head Amma spoke. "Let's go down. Michael has informed to bring you down for breakfast before but this thing must be taken care of." She said touching her now base covered hickey.

"He wants you to meet his friend Zaroon." Anisah only nodded hesitatingly as Amma took her down.

As soon as they reached the living room. Anisah felt intense gaze on her and the next second she heard a loud voice yelling.


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