Mafia Conquest. (Mafia love story #2)

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Chapter 34

Girl visibly flinched at such loudness and her hand went to her heart as it was about to burst out of her chest.

"Oops!" Came that same voice but in embarrassment.

Michael rolled his eyes at his friends stupid behaviour but the way he was gawking at Anisah made him extremely irritated.

Michael deliberately left the room early when she was in restroom because he didn't want to scare her with his behaviour. He had already seen his marks on her neck in the morning and that sight only turned him on. He knows how gorgeous she would look after shower with those wet glossy hair, white dress and her twinkling eyes and that lily scent he got deadly addicted to.

He knows he won't be able to control himself much after what happened last time so he didn't want to take any risks with her. Because she's so gorgeous that it's impossible for him to control his hormones that are fucking behaving like a teenage boy around her.

Looking at his angle wife. He slowly went to her as he indicated Amma to that she can go. Standing beside Anisah he slowly placed his hand on the small of her back to make her walk.

He was expecting her to flinch at his touch or to take a step away from him but nothing like that happened. And it shocked him but deep down his heart warmed up at her behaviour. From her relaxed form he can tell that she knows it was him before he even touched her.

Guiding the girl towards his stupid friend who was now looking a bit serious as he straightened up when he reached near him with Anisah.

"Zaroon meet my wife Anisah Michael Sheikh." Michael declared proudly as his eyes shined with certain sparks that didn't go unnoticed by Zaroon as he smirked inwardly.

Anisah felt a surge of electricity passed through her body not only at his name with hers but also at the way he said it. Like it's the most precious sacred thing to him.

She coyly lowered her head. "Asalam-u-Alaikum." She mumbled softly making Zaroon to smile adoringly as his eyes widened a bit at her greetings.

"Walaikum Asalam." Zaroon replied softly to the beautiful girl.

"This here is my friend Zaroon." Michael told Anisah softly as the girl nodded.

Zaroon just literally took a double look at Michael that he thought his neck got strained at such fast speed that he gave Michael a double look.

MICHAEL SHEIKH just fucking spoke softly!

Like what the actual fuck!

Zaroon gave Michael a flabbergasted look which Michael just shrugged in dismissive way.

Zaroon payed his attention to beautiful girl as he spoke. "I'm not just any Zaroon. I'm Zaroon Jawaid. Michael's diaper friend and I'm like his brother. And I just wanna say one thing, beware of his farts, they're really poisonous. Once he farted when we were on cruise, trust me I jumped in the water full of sharks due to his poisonous gas. Dying as a good to shark is far better than dying from his fart." Zaroon kept on speaking in a fake actions.

Michael felt such hatred towards Zaroon at that moment that if he had his pistol with him. He would've probably shoot him in the leg for speaking fake shit to her. But his thoughts stopped when his eyes landed on her.

Anisah first made an ew face but then after listening to that shark thing she giggled. She literally just giggled and that was truly a breath taking sight for him. That literally for a second he forgot how to breath.

Zaroon was observing every scene through his chocolaty eyes.

Michael made Anisah sit on the sofa as Zaroon to sat down opposite them. From the time he saw Amma walking the girl in the living room he realised that she can't see.

Zaroon's mind runs with millions of questions as he tried to figure everything out. If his friend can marry her then he's hundred percent sure it's out of love. But how can a cold blooded, ruthless Assassin fall in love with a blind beauty.

Michael wasn't like a typical normal man. He had serious anger issues and anything can tick him off. He was always cold let it be business or woman. He never had a love life it was always one night stands for full filing his needs. He didn't showed respect to anyone and softness is a faraway thing. He's always brutal.

Then how in the fucking world a small, sweet coy girl became a wife of this beast?

"So bhabhi (sister-in-law) you're to small to be called as a bhabhi." Zaroon spoke making a confused facing making Anisah to face him a weird smile.

But the look on Michael's face was all he wanted to see as his irritation was completely written on his face.

"So I will call you Anisah. What's say? Are you okay with it?" Zaroon asked joyously enjoying every bit of it as Michael clenched his jaw slightly bit didn't said a word.

Anisah gave him a small smile as she nodded her head in affirmation.

Anisah felt relaxed in his presence. He somewhat appears to be a jolly and sincere person. First she was nervous that what his friend will think of her blindness but Zaroon appears to be so kind and funny.

Zaroon started talking about his and Michael's all the type of embarrassing moments that occurred in their school times as he started telling her how far he was in his school days and every body used to call him fatty and then in teenage this fatty Michael started gym and what not. They talked for few minutes when Zaroon became bit serious.

"Can I ask you something Anisah?" He asked

her seriously and the girl became tensed for a second at his serious voice. Her face moved towards Michael who sat beside her as in she was asking for permission of what to do in an unknown position.

Michael softly placed his hand on hers as in comforting her to go on. There's nothing to be afraid of.

Anisah slowly nodded as Zaroon observed Michael's hand on Anisah's.

"If you don't mind. Can you please tell me if lost your sight or were born like this?" He spoke in soft voice.

His question not only made Anisah tensed but Michael also. Michael didn't said anything to Zaroon at such question because he knows he's a doctor, a cardiologist at that. He must want to know something about her blindness or maybe he can help her.

Anisah hesitates a bit but after couple of seconds she spoke up when she felt Michael's hand squeezing hers in surety. "I was born w-without s-sight but when my parents c-consulted the d-doctor they said I will be a-able to see. T-they n-needed certain amount f-for the surgery. Which my p-parents c-couldn't afford b-but they were saving some m-money for my t-treatment but b-but t-they..t-they-" Her voice broke as she tried to control her emotions.

"Breakfast is ready." Came Amma's voice stopping Anisah from continuing.

"Oh man. I'm so hungry!" Zaroon spoke up enthusiastically to make the environment bit normal as they headed to the dining table. Michael was holding Anisah's hand all the time as he guided her there and slowly helping her to sit.

His each and every action was under deep observation of Zaroon and Michael to can feel his gaze on him but he didn't bother to gave him any justification of his actions.

Anisah sat there silently as Zaroon and Michael talked about certain deal and the way Zaroon was talking to him seriously indicated that how dedicated he is to his work and takes it seriously.

After breakfast Zaroon stood up to leave but the next second the main door barged opened as they could hear high shouting.

As they moved into the hall. Ibrahim, Amir and Jhangir stood behind at the very angry looking Asma.

Michael smirked internally as he straightened himself and walked to her as he stood dominantly in front of her.

"So you decided to came back." He spoke coldly and his voice scared Anisah as she remembered the old angry Michael. She didn't understand who he was talking to but neither she had the courage to ask him. Who is it?

"I didn't left! I was fucking kidnapped!" Came the high pitch voice of Asma and Anisah's eyes widened at this.

Asma is back. The same Asma to whom he was getting married. The same Asma he made his men to kidnap.

"Lower your voice in front of me!" Michael snarled so viciously that Anisah took a step back in fear as she gulped.

Jhangir saw a scared Anisah as in no seconds he hurried to her. Zaroon to was looking concerned. "You must go in your room Cinderella." He spoke softly.

She was bit shocked to realise that Jhangir is here. If he's here Tthen Ibrahim and Amir must be here as well and meant only one thing. Asma went to haveli first and she got to know that he got married to Anisah.

Anisah shook her head in negative. She didn't want to go in her room. Even tho she was scared but she wanted to know what will he do or say to her. After all he wronged Asma.

"I think you should go in your room Anisah!" Zaroon spoke up as he indicated Jhangir to take her in. Jhangir nodded at Zaroon as he hold her arm lightly and take her back to Michael's room with bit force because she wasn't complying.

Jhangir wasn't shocked to see Zaroon today, they were expecting him to come back this month. The whole family knows Zaroon and they treat him like their own.

"What happened in the haveli?" Asked the very tensed Anisah to Jhangir who sighed.

He wasn't sure whether to tell her on not because he didn't want to face Michael's wrath and on the other hand he didn't want Anisah to feel inferior.

"She came back this morning and the first thing she asked about was Michael bhai (brother). She told everyone that she was kidnapped by some unknown people who never showed their face and never talked to her. She kept in a locked nice room for four days and today some how the guards weren't on duty so she escaped." Jhangir told her everything truthfully and Anisah took everything in bit by bit.

"Does she know that I-I?" She asked hesitatingly leaving the question in the middle but Jhangir understood it fully.

"Yes she knows. Rabia auntie told her everything." He saw how Anisah became tensed at such news.

"Hey Cinderella! No worries Michael bhai (brother) will take care of everything." He comfort her in a soft voice.

Anisah couldn't help but feel very bad for Asma and in a way for herself to. Michael not only played with her emotions and life but with Asma's too.

Asma must be thinking that Anisah took advantage of the situation and married Michael. Asma must be thinking so wrong of her. But it was least of her worries.

Even tho Anisah didn't like that Asma girl much but she couldn't stop herself from thinking that Michael destroyed that girl's life just to get Anisah. Just for his ego he ruined Asma's life. The society they live in won't spare the girls who got kidnapped let it be for few hours only. Here Asma was kidnapped for four days. Let it be nothing happened to her but still who will marry a girl, who got kidnapped on her wedding day. Everyone will think wrong of her.

This whole scenario made her deeply sad. How can Michael play with a girl's future and dignity like this.

Whenever she tried to see against his wrongs, more wrongs appear in the list.

The thing that he married her ugly self because of his stubbornness was already piercing her heart and now this added salts to her wounds.

"I don't f-feel r-right Jhangir." The girl spoke softly as tears formed in her eyes.

Jhangir stared helpless at the girl as he didn't know what to say or what to do?

Slowly he sat beside her on the bed. "Don't worry Cinderella. And please don't cry, I cannot bear to see you like this. I don't know how to make you stop crying and it's making me nervous. And this nervousness is creeping me out." He spoke softly with exaggeration trying to make her stop crying.

A smile broke into her face at his words but her eyes were still teary. "Cinderella if you're worried that now she cane back so Michael bhai (brother) will left you then don't because he's not like that." Jhangir tried to comfort her as he thought she's worrying about this scenario.

Anisah smiled softly at Jhangir's concern. He's always jolly, funny and a confident person towards her and this is the first time she heard him nervous.

Even tho she's wasn't worried about the thing that Michael will leave her but the case roaming in her mind was different.

"So are we friends now?" Came that same jolly mischievous voice of his that she was familiar to.

This man will never stop until he became her friend. "Why you're so persistent on becoming my friend?" She asked seriously with an amused expression this time.

"Good question." His eyes looked at the wall with a faraway deep look into them.

"First it mattered in different way but now it just mattered in a friendly way." He spoke with a hint of seriousness to his tone.

Anisah made a confused face at his words because she didn't understand one bit of what he meant. What different way? What changed now?

"What? I didn't get you." She spoke confused trying to clear it as Jhangir smiled softly as he faced her.

"Nothing! Just know this, whenever you need anyone. I'll be always there for you." He spoke softly with a genuine smile on his lips as he stared at the softly smiling girl.

"So if I want to beat your angry brother one day. Will you do that for me?" She asked seriously in a hushed tone making Jhangir's eyes to widen first and then he broke into fits of laughter.

"Look Cinderella. I would like to clear it to you. I'll be there for you in any case but if you want me to beat bhai (brother) then trust me. It will be me who'll end up on the hospital bed." Jhangir spoke in a hushed voice but with fake fear making Anisah to roll her eyes at him.

"You're his brother. You shouldn't be scared of him." Anisah spoke in a poking tone to ignite his ego.

"Oh, so miss Cinderella is clever also! Look ma'am I'm strong and I do have ego but I'm not plainly stupid to go marching in lion's den and present myself as his dinner." Jhangir spoke cleverly at Anisah's now sulking face.

"Now you stay here and I'll go see what's happening down there. Don't come out of the room." Jhangir told her sternly as he left the room.

Anisah glared at the door from where his voice came from. Her mind drifted back to the thoughts that eating her alive.

Is she equally responsible for doing wrong to Asma as much as he is. Will she also responsible for ruining Asma's life. How will she answer Allah on the day of judgement? What will she say? Even tho it's not her fault but some way or the other, she's involved in it.

What felt like hours but were few minutes when the door to their room opened and on instant she knows it was him.

She didn't know why but she really didn't want to talk to him or be near him. She's still not sure if he's mad or not.

If he's here then that means Asma left and she can go down. Without wasting much time she tried to walk past him but before she could take any further step. Her hand was taken in a firm grip and he stopped her.

"Where are you going?" He asked in his normal voice not the cold chilling one and not the soft one she cane to like.

Anisah didn't answered him at all as she slowly twisted her hand out of his grip and immediately left the room.

Michael stood their staring at her retreating back like a lost puppy. What happened to her? He thought to himself and immediately realised it must be due to that stupid Asma.

Sighing he also left the room and went to the living room where all his brother sat watching football on LED, Zaroon was also there as he gave him a cheeky wink. Michael just rolled his eyes at them.

Today was Sunday so probably it was off for him and when he thought he can enjoy a peaceful day with his wife. These idiots came along with that bitch.

Cursing under his breath he went towards the glass door that leads to the backyard as he called someone on his phone.

A respectful Salam was heard on the other side.

"Why in the fucking world you didn't inform me that you let Asma go?" Michael asked angrily to Asad.

There was a silence on the other side for a second and then Asad spoke up. "Sarkar, you've informed me at the time of kidnapping to let the girl escape at the fourth day after wedding. I also called you last time multiple times for last confirmation but you uhh were m-maybe sleeping so I ended up following your first order." Asad spoke professionally but when he stuttered Michael knew all to well why is that. He cursed at himself internally.

"Alright then!" He spoke as he was about to end the call when Asad spoke up. "Glad you didn't married that irritating plastic, Sarkar."

On this Michael smirked lightly. "And congratulations on your wedding." Asad congratulated in a respectful manner making Michael to smile genuinely as he spoke. "Thank you Asad." With that said he cut the call.

Michael wasn't a man who can say thank you to someone so easily. Asad is one of his best and most trusted men and the thing that his men are happy for him made him happy. He only gave respect to few and when he gave them respect, he do it whole heartedly.

He could hear Jhangir's voice from the living room as he went there and saw Anisah placing a tray of snacks on the table in front of the sofas as all four of them one by one thanked her.

Anisah turned around and went back into the kitchen after mumbling a soft. "You're welcome."

Michael couldn't stop but to watch her lady like tactics. The grace with which she walk and talk was so manner fully lady like. He felt so much warmth in his heart at seeing her offering snacks to the guests, just like a wife.

He also observed that she was walking rather normally without hesitation as if she had learned the steps and surroundings in her mind.

He came and sat beside Amir as the four of them gave him looks and as soon as he turned to face they looked away instantly.

Anisah came back with tray of glasses full of juice. Before Michael could stand Zaroon was beside her taking the tray from her hands and placing it on the glass table as he mumbled to her that she didn't have to do this.

A frown etched on Michael's face as Anisah slowly sat on the empty sofa as Zaroon told her to sit.

As soon as Anisah sit. Zaroon came in his place and sat down himself. Michael was glaring daggers at him and Zaroon knows that why it is as he gave a devilish smirk to Michael making him more angry.

The boys talked about different stuffs from sports to business to wrestling and Anisah sat there quiet getting extremely bored and missing her only friend Sana.

She wanted to feel like asking him to call Sana on the phone and let her talk but she really didn't want to talk to him at all. So she dared to do something which will probably piss him off or maybe not.

"Ibrahim bhai (brother)." She spoke softly as their voices died down and she can feel everyone's eyes on her.

"Yes Nisah?" Ibrahim asked softly. Zaroon noticed Michael's heated gaze on Ibrahim and he controlled his laughter with much difficulty.

"Can you please call Sana on your phone. I want to talk to her." She requested softly.

The first thing that every guy did in the room was to give a glance to Michael. Ibrahim nodded as he mumbled. "Yeah sure." With that he called Sana and gave the phone to Anisah.

Anisah happily took the phone as she smiled and left towards dining area to talk to Sana.

"You're possessive that's understandable but you didn't even let her have a phone!" Zaroon spoke in extreme sort of exaggerating way.

Michael clenched his jaw as he glared at him. He was already getting pissed at Anisah's ignoring behaviour and now he has to face these idiots.

The thing that she didn't asked him to call Anisah didn't settles good with his heart. Didn't she considered him as her husband. Wasn't she supposed to ask him for the phone rather than Ibrahim.

Michael didn't bother to answer him as Jhangir spoke up. "Bhai (brother) are your eyes fine?" With concerned voice Jhangir asked.

Michael made a confused face but didn't faced him. "Because your eyes are stuck, where she just left from." Jhangir deadpanned with a confused face making Ibrahim, Amir and Zaroon to laugh and Michael to have him a best death glare.

"Shut the fuck up idiot! You better watch your back because Rabia auntie is looking for a girl for you." Michael smirked as he saw the ashen face of Jhangir and everybody let another snort of laughter.

"You're going to be a dead meat just like Michael bhai (brother)." Amir said in between his laughter earning a hard smack on his head from Michael who was just sitting beside him.

"I'm not a fucking dead meat!" Michael growled lowly in a warning tone. "No! You're a neglected meat!" Ibrahim spoke up totally indicating to the fact that Anisah didn't asked for a his phone.

"That was brutal!" Zaroon stated as they four laughed at the angry beast, who just want to choke them all.

Anisah came back on cue after few minutes and handed phone back to Ibrahim with a small thank you.

"I think you people should leave now." Michael spoke seriously glaring them with his eyes to leave him and his wife the fuck alone but before any them could say a thing. Anisah spoke up.

"I'm going to prepare dinner with Amma. I request y'all to please stay till dinner." That was it.

The four were holding there mouths shut with extreme control and there faces became red while controlling their laughter.

Anisah the great Anisah Michael Sheikh ignored the mighty Michael Sheikh and his angry plus shocked face was a scene to see as it was like seeing a blue moon which never happened.

As soon as Anisah left. A roar of laughter resonated in the living room as Jhangir and Zaroon fell of the sofa in hysterics of laughter.

Zaroon was clutching his stomach as he was rolling on the floor and Jhangir was slapping the carpet as in clapping while laughing his ass off.

First time in his life Michael was speechless and he swear to have a word with her after these idiots would leave after dinner.

"Who'll save you tonight Habibti!" He mumbled under his breath with an evil glint in his eyes as he internally smirked.

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