Mafia Conquest. (Mafia love story #2)

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Chapter 35

Anisah scolded herself for her stumbling. She was going to the kitchen and got stumbled with the rug, she was about to fall but maintained her balance. She thought to ask him to buy her a cane before she could break any of her bones. This is the longest period of her life that she didn't used a cane but then again she's isn't going to talk to him any time soon.

Even tho weirdly her heart was against this idea of her ignoring him.

How else she can take out her anger and frustration on him. She can't just simply beat him or scold him, so she did what's in her hand. She is ignoring him.

Now as she was standing in the kitchen and taking out peas. She can only think that she shouldn't have stopped them for dinner by going against his statement but then again if they stayed a bit longer she will have more time to think and staying away from him.

"You should leave and rest Anisah. We can do this." Hina spoke in a soft sweet voice making Anisah smile at her.

Hina is such a good woman that Anisah can't help but to like her so much. She's is sweet, chubby and kind woman in her late thirties. She's unmarried and stay here in the quarters.

"No it's alright api. I want to help y'all." Anisah insisted softly smiling to where Hina's voice came from. When Anisah got to knew Hina's story that no body married her due to her fat body and she's unmarried then Anisah can not call her anything else other then api and Hina was to happy to hear that as she told that she got a younger sister in Anisah's form.

Anisah couldn't help but think that how life goes. Just yesterday she has nothing. No parents, no home and cruel auntie and now she's married, let it be that he is all angry and scary but other than that she got a sister like Sana, blessings as parents like Uncle Imran and Yasmeen, four crazy brothers and sweet Amma and Hina.

This is life, one second sad and another full of colours.

The dinner was ready as Amma went to call everyone on dining table and they all came running like hungry bulls after washing their hands.

Anisah sat on the first seat beside the head seat as everyone settled down. Michael on the head seat. Amir beside her, Ibrahim, Zaroon and Jhangir opposite to them.

As they all ate their food in silence but Zaroon decided to break the ice. "I'm so tired so I was wondering if I could stay here for a night." Zaroon spoke up his attention fully on Anisah as he can feel a burning gaze of pretty pissed Michael at him but he didn't bothered to face him.

Anisah sat their quiet for couple of seconds as in waiting that any moment Michael would allow him but nothing came from his side so Anisah tried to take the situation in her advantage, like she always do.

"Yes of course-" Anisah was cut in by his words. "Not at all! If you really tired to go back to your own place then you can simply go to haveli with them but you can't stay here!" Michael spoke so rudely in accordance to Anisah but the boys know from where this anger is coming from.

"But what if we would also like to stay a night here. After all we're so tired." Ibrahim spoke up mischievously earning a death glare from Michael.

They all were being extremely bold in front of him and he knew it's just because of Anisah they are flying so high in front of him because if it wasn't for the girl they will be on the floor groaning out in pain for daring to irritate him to this extent.

Anisah tried to test her luck yet another time. "Yes, why not-" but he cut her off again.

"No. Y'all be leaving my house immediately after dinner." He spoke with finality as Anisah mumbled a soft. 'Rude!' Under her breath but he heard it.

"Common guys try to understand. Michael bhai wants to spends some special time with Anisah." Amir joked naughtily but his joke made Anisah to drown in the hysterics of severe coughs.

Anisah's face reddened at Amir's stupid joke as she felt Michael slowly patting her back and then rubbing it. The girl slowly got away from his touch making him clench his hands into fists.

Why the fuck she's ignoring him and neglecting his touch. Her behaviour really started to piss him off.

Nobody further said anything as they smiled at the couple. Ibrahim's phone ringed as he picked up the call. It was Yasmeen auntie as she asked him. How's everything here.

Ibrahim informed his mother that everything is fine. She relaxed as she told him to gave the phone to Anisah as she wanted to talk to the girl.

Anisah slowly stood up to leave the dining area to hear the call but her toe slightly hit the chair on which Amir was sitting and she flinched in pain.

Michael stood immediately to help her but she softly mumbled that she's alright and left from there while touching the chairs in caution.

"You know you should buy a cane for her." Zaroon suggested seriously to Michael as he nodded in affirmation. He had already ordered one and it'll probably be delivered tomorrow as today was Sunday.

Zaroon knows it's not the time but he can't stop himself for speaking. "Why her?"

This question didn't got Michael off guard as he was well aware that he has to answer him sooner or later but right now is simply not the time as his mind is fumbled in her behaviour and he didn't want his brothers to know the reality.

Just in the morning she was behaving so sweetly with those coy gestures and shy smiles and then boom her mood changed just after Asma. She wasn't in the hall to know what happened, so what in the world made her hell bent on ignoring him.

After few minutes she returned but before she could hit herself somewhere else, he walked to her. Ignoring, shocked glances of his brothers as they stared at him with their mouths agape.

He hold her hand softly. On noticing his touch she immediately tried to twist her hand from his but his his hold tightened forcefully making her tense as he guided her back to her seat.

She handed the phone to Ibrahim as she softly mumbled while facing Michael. "Auntie Yasmeen was saying her Salam to you." Michael didn't answered back as he just nodded his head in affirmation and hummed in response.

It shocked Anisah that he didn't answered the Salam. Why is that? Did he not pray? Is he not close to Allah? But he's Muslim so why didn't he answered the Salam. What if he don't pray?

An extreme level of anxiety settled in her mind at such thoughts. Her heart sunken in the bottom of her stomach realising that he isn't a practicing Muslim.

But her thoughts were shortly lived as everybody now headed to the main door as they were leaving. Anisah really has a good time with them and she seriously didn't want them to leave. But guess what nothing is in her hands.

Everyone said their goodbyes one by one as Zaroon invited her and Michael at his place for dinner tomorrow.

Michael nodded his head at the heat of the moment as he was eager for them to leave and when they left. Anisah didn't wait for him as she went in the kitchen with great precautions.

Hina and Amma were there doing dishes as Anisah insisted to help them but they didn't let her at all.

By now she knew that Michael must have went to his room and will be waiting for her but she in no way wanted to be in the same room as his.

Hina and Amma were making tea for themselves. They asked if Anisah would like to join them and girl happily said yes as the three sat on the mini table in the kitchen and had their tea.

After finishing up Hina and Amma left to their quarters not before wishing her a good night.

Anisah knows it was late in night but the girl really didn't want to go in that room. She knows he's angry at her for stopping his brothers for dinner when obviously he didn't want it.

The Asma scenario was continuously roaming in her mind as she slowly stood up and went to the same guest room where he forcefully kept her when he got to know she wasn't involved in Sana's kidnapping.

And Allah knows how difficult it was for the girl to reach up to that room all alone with out anyone's help, but somehow she got there.

Anisah silently closed the door as she went to the restroom and did her ablution. She then performed her Esha prayers and made dua to Almighty Allah.

After placing the prayer mat back on its place. She immediately left that room because she knew he will most probably search her there in the first place.

Anisah slowly went down the stairs and into the living room. The girl was scared for roaming alone in such big place that to at such time fortunately she wasn't scared of dark as she was all to familiar with it.

After all darkness was her forever partner and she oddly find comfort in it, knowing that she can't see the cruelty of the world. Feeling it was so much painful then how much horrified it will be to look at your fear and your nightmares straight in the eyes. Those memories will be marked in your soul as a forever repeating film and for the first time she was glad that she couldn't see.

The girl wanted to go to the garden but then she decided against it and went to the living room and sat on one of the comfy sofa.

She sat there for like few minutes and then her eyes started to shut while yawning as she slowly lowered herself down on the side. Her small legs curled up as she cocooned herself on the sofa.

The girl wasn't aware one bit that Michael was sitting on the far corner chair and was observing the coy girl's all movement.

First he was angry as he waited for her to come in the room but the girl didn't came and it got so much late. With clenched jaw he went to the room she must be in and gladly she was in that same guest room, he had kept her but the view in front of him made his heart skip a beat.

The girl was wrapped up in her veil as she was doing her prayers. The sight was so heartwarming but at the same time he felt cold pricking shudders in his body realising that he hasn't prayed since a long while.

Without as much a word he went down and to the living room as he was now sure that she will not go in their room. Within minutes he heard her small footsteps coming into the living room as he smirked.

He kept on observing her small form in the dim lights as she layed on the sofa in a cocooned position. Even tho he was angry at her and wanted to confront her at certain matter of her sudden ignorance but his heart didn't allow him to disturb her peace.

When he was content that she slept. He slowly stood up and went to sit on the floor beside her settee. Few rogue strands caressed her cheeks as he slowly brushed them back. The girl was sleeping in the same position like yesterday and the day before, with her one hand under her face and the other fisted under her chin.

Her lips were looking pouty and cheeks chubby. With those die for long lashes. His anger evaporated into thin air just after looking at her beautiful sight and inhaling her lily scent. Slowly he took out his phone and clicked her two pictures in her cute sleeping position.

Then he did what he has never done before. He angled his face near hers as in kissing her cheek and clicked a selfie and then he stared at the camera smirking as he clicked another picture.

The pictures were clear and were beautiful with those dim lights making the background all calming.

Putting his phone back in his pocket. He stood up and slowly carried the girl in his arms in bridal style. The girl unconsciously snuggled in his chest making his muscles tensed as he gulped and took her back in his room.

As he layed her down on the bed slowly. Her eyes stirred opened and she yawned and as if lightening struck her. She immediately sat up and hit her forehead with his in the process as he was crouched down. Her veil remained on the bed as her hairs were in a braid.

She winced in pain and he groaned. Her eyes widened as she immediately flew her hand towards his voice and her small hands touched his beard. Her hands slowly moved up to his forehead where he was rubbing and in her panic. She pulled him down on the bed as he now abruptly sat down. The girl slowly rubbed that area of his forehead with her thumb as she caressed it.

Her eyebrows knitted together in confusion. Her eyes spilling concern and her face worried as she slowly blew on his forehead.

She didn't know but his face was so close to her as he stared at her with wide eyes. His face in her small palms. A smile tugged at his lips at her concern.

He had done so wrong to her and yet she's worried for him. How lucky he could get.

His smile deepened at her concern for his small pain. He say wanted to say. 'Habibti! Don't worry it's nothing, you're man has endured far more brutal pains then this.' But he didn't want to break this beautiful moment.

His thumb caressed her forehead and that was literally the bad idea because she came out of her panic, concerned mode and her senses hit in.

Before she could move back. His arms wrapped around her waist and he pulled her to him making her sit on his lap.

Anisah gasped as she realised their positions and immediately tried to move away but he tightened his hold on her.

"I'm not letting you go tonight until you speak to me. And seriously I can keep holding you like this forever. After all I'm enjoying it." Michael spoke huskily near her ear making her eyes widened as she placed her hand on his chest to creat some distance.

When she didn't spoke for complete two minutes. He tightened his hold on her waist making her jolt as his free hand twirled the few rouge strands around his fingers.

"I-I'm sorry." She spoke softly with her face down. Michael made her face up with his two fingers under her chin.

"For what Habibti? For ignoring me in the morning, for making my brothers stay for dinner, for asking Ibrahim's phone to call Sana rather than mine or for not coming back in the room at night. Tell me babe for what you're sorry for." He spoke in an intentional raspy voice near her ear as he slurred a growl deliberately.

The girl squealed at his weird vibrating growl as she immediately mumbled. "For h-hitting you forehead unintentionally, just r-right now." She said with wide eyes.

Because the thing he just did near her ear sent weird sensations in her body. Making her face like tomato and eyes wide like saucers.

Michael stared at her, literally stared at her. This vixen is so sharp sometimes and other times, she's like an innocent dove and he liked every bit of her.

"So you're not sorry for the other things. I just listed out?" He asked seriously and intentionally near her ear because he knew it's turning her on.

"Y-you w-wanted me to t-talk and I o-obliged. N-now c-can you please l-leave me." She spoke softly while lightly pushing at his chest.

"Oh, so obedient of you. Now can you explain me, what is making you ignore me?" He asked seriously with hint of amusement as he was enjoying her soft body against his way to much.

Anisah thought for a second. "F-first leave m-me then I'll t-tell you." She spoke softly.

Michael arched his brow at her demands. "Habibti! You're in no situation to negotiate with me." He mused near her ear, making her shudder back.

He inches closer as his nose trailed her sawn like neck teasingly making her gasp as he spoke. "If you don't start speaking now then biwi, I won't be responsible for what happens next." He warned her smoothly as next second his lips landed on her soft skin just below her jaw and she gasped moving away immediately.

"Y-you w-wait! stop! I'm speaking... I'm telling..." She breathed deeply as she faced away from him.

Michael saw how her expressions from flustered changed into sad and he didn't like one bit of it.

"I k-know you w-wanted to have me b-because I denied you and it hurts your e-ego. And to get m-me you destroyed someone's life. I am not c-complaining about myself my heartache is another s-story but I'm s-sad because of me you destroyed Asma's life. You're a man who knows very well about the s-society we are living in then didn't you for one second t-thought what will h-happen to Asma's future. W-who will marry her, knowing she got kidnapped. Because of me her life got destroyed." She mumbled softly and a lone tear escaped her pool of eyes.

It took two complete minutes for him to sink everything in and his heart almost swelled at her innocence and kindness. His pretty little dove is angry and sad towards him because of that Asma.

Asma's words ranged in his head and he cursed that woman internally. Today she had said so bad things about Anisah and here this girl is crying for that bitch's future.

So fucking naive!

"Listen babe?" He spoke softly as he cupped her chin. Anisah immediately slapped his hand away as she spoke in low angry voice. "Don't babe me!"

Michael arched his brow and a grin broke on his face. His Habibti is getting feisty eh! And he liked it.

He again cupped her cheek but this time firmly as he made her face him. "Stop concerning over that gold digger. Before marriage I had given her a deal that I'll marry her for one month because only my marriage was the way to give my siblings their rightful property. And that woman asked me to give her money for being my wife for one month. And I agreed." He stayed simply seeing her shocked face.

Anisah couldn't help but think how any woman can make such deals just for money. If it was her she would've slapped the person for offering such disgusting thing.

"Today she wasn't angry for her being kidnapped rather she was worried about the money which I supposed to pay her after the wedding and she demanded that same money now. Once I gave her the money she was fine and she left without any fuss." Michael spoke softly not mentioning how Asma was going berserk on him marrying Anisah.

Anisah was aghast, she knew Asma wasn't any good but this much greediness for money was beyond her understanding.

She felt his hand squeezing her waist softly and she cane out of her thoughts. "A-Alright thank you f-for telling. Now c-can y-you please let me g-go." She spoke softly wriggle in his arms.

"Your struggling is making me hot for you Habibti." He mused as softly kissed below her ear.

The second his lips took her earlobe in as he nibbled. She shrieked and jumped in her place. "W-What a-are you Aghh s-stop!" She stuttered and a small whimpering moan escaped her lips.

His chest grumbled at her response as he moved an inch away. Smirking as got to know her sensitive spot.

She was panting heavily after his small torture as she felt weird exciting tingles in her body and it scared her.

"Apne k-kaha tha agar m-mai apko ignore karne k-ka reason b-batadu. Tou ap m-mujhe chor denge."

(You've said if I told you the reason of my ignorance towards you. You'll let me go.)

She spoke softly with flushed face. Michael smirked at her innocence.

"Acha yad karaya tumne. Ignore kara tha tumne mujhe. Ab mai tumhe uski saza dunga!"

(You made me remember that you ignored me. So now I will punish you for that.)

Anisah's eyes widened at his words as in next moment his lips landed on hers. Anisah flinched.

His lips were warm and rough against her soft delicate ones. As his tongue caressed her lips, they parted on their own as he devoured her mouth.

After couple of seconds his eyes widened when he felt her response. She is fucking responding to him as she closed her eyes. Her fingers clutching his shirt tightly from the shoulders in her tiny fists.

His hold on her waist tightened as he flushed her soft body more into him. Fisting her hair in his free hand, he angled her head to have a better access.

After few seconds the girl couldn't breath she tried to push him and her pushes became more harsher with the need to breath. He parted from her as they both breathed in large gulps of breaths.

Anisah was panting heavily as she immediately stood up from his lap and dashed towards the restroom almost stumbling beside the couch.

Michael sat there like a statue. If he considered there first kiss to be the best thing but then after getting a response from her today send an extreme sensation of euphoria throughout his body.

He sat there grinning like an idiot as he wiped his lips with his thumb. The sensation of her soft lips still lingering there. He was feeling all jittery like a fucking teenage boy.

He want more! No he needed more!

He stood up as he went to the restroom and luckily she forgot to lock it as with one knock and one minute wait, he barged in.

She was standing in front of the basin, washing her face. Slowly like a creep he moved closer and stood behind her. She was scrunched down a bit, giving him a good look of her round swell of ass. She isn't aware of his presence.

His large hands smoothly landed on her ass, and the girl screamed in horror as her body tensed.

Her veil wasn't on her and the view made him extremely hot as the curve of her tiny waist leads to the swell of her ass.

The girl immediately turned around. Her eyes wide and she was panting heavily as she placed her hands on the basin behind her for support.

"M-Michael." She spoke softly was red face and the sight in front of him made his hormones raging. Her face was wet with few rouge strands clinging to her cheeks. Red swollen lips due to their heated kiss. Water was trickling down her face to her snow white chest and into her shirt. Her saw like neck and her every breath with the heaving of her chest roared his hot blood to life.

Nearing closer to her as their his fingers daringly caressed her neck making her jump as she was breathing more harshly now.

"Lets take bath together Habibti."

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