Mafia Conquest. (Mafia love story #2)

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Chapter 36

“Huh! N-no t-thanks." She stuttered and her heart was thudding in her throat.

"I'm not taking no as an answer." He stated seriously. His voice appeared more raspy making her gulp at his demands.

"I d-don't want to b-bath with you." She spoke with a scared face and a lot of courage.

"I already said. I'm not taking no as an answer." Came his serious and mischievous reply.

Without much thought. Michael hold her wrist and pulled her inside the glass shower cabin and within a second he turned on the shower making both of them wet.

Anisah shrieked as soon as the cold water touched her skin and trickledown her body.

She heard him closing the door of the glass shower cabin making the area appear more small. She wrapped her arms around her small form feeling scared and cold at the same time.

"P-please I'm n-not f-feeling g-good." She spoke softly trying to make his mind divert but like a raging bull on a mission, he caged her between the glass wall and his body. His both hands on each side of her head. She gasped at his sudden closeness.

Michael's green eyes took her form in. Her white dress clinging to her body like a second skin appears to be transparent a bit. Water dripping on her face and down to her neck and chest. Those swelled pouty cherry lips quivering.

His every ounce of self control went flying away as he flushed his body to hers. Wrapping an arm around her waist he pulled her up and in no second his lips took hers in a searing kiss.

The kiss was deep demanding as he made her breathless. As soon as he parted his lips from hers to take a deep breath in. The girl cried out. "Stop! P-please!"

Michael inched a bit back irritated at her crying. "What?" He asked irritatingly angry this time.

"L-let me go!" She demanded softly while pushing at his chest.

And just like that his senses turned their back on him and his anger surged. Without even a blink of an eye. He held both of her wrists and slammed them on the glass wall behind her bit roughly.

Her eyes widened at his behaviour. "Stop struggling!" He yelled angrily, earning a soft sob from her as she tried to wriggle out of his grip more.

He hold her both wrists in one hand and with his other hand he cupped her chin to make her face up. And his lips landed on her again. It wasn't a soft sensual kiss but a rough demanding one. He bit on her lower lip, earning a cry from her.

As soon as he moved away she cried loudly. "Please Michael s-stop!"

But Michael wasn't having it. Her denials were making him go insane.

His hand left her chin as he wrapped it around her waist and next second his face ducked down into the crook of her neck as he started giving her sloppy kisses and nibbled at area of her collarbone.

His hand went under her shirt at her back as he touched her skin there. His mouth giving sloppy kisses on her neck and chest and soon as she felt him removing her shirt. Her resolve broke as she spoke the only thing that came in her mind.

"You're going to rape your own wife." She spoke softly as her tears mixed with water as they flow down her eyes.

Michael's movements stopped at her one sentence and he instantly moved back with hard breathing. He didn't utter a word as he harshly let her go and went out of the restroom not before slamming the door so harshly that she felt it coming out of its hinges.

Anisah sinked down slowly on the floor as she hugged her knees and cried their for complete ten minutes under the cold running water as her tears mixed with it.

Is she wrong, if she wanted sometime?

Didn't she have any right to ask for sometime?

Were wives are only supposed to warm their husbands bed with or without love?

Heaving a sigh she wiped her tears and with a heavy heart she searched the tap on the wall and closed the shower. She wore the bathrobe as she silently without a single noise went to the closet and changed her wet clothes into the simple plain kurta and pyjama. Rubbing her hair with the towel, she place her veil on her head and slowly made her way to the bed.

She sat on her side slowly and before she could lay down, she sneezed and then sniffed.

She smelled his cologne but just to confirm it her hand creeped towards his side and the bed was stretched and dipped which meant he's sleeping with his back to her side.

She knew his back was towards her because she can't feel any intense gaze on her.

Anisah sat there for few minutes contemplating whether to talk or not because she knew that he's not asleep yet or maybe he slept but she seriously wanted to tell him, her reasons. He must know why she's not letting him that close yet.

"You know, I also dreamed to marry a Prince Charming who'll come one day and take me away from the harsh life I was living to his beautiful world. We will fall in love. B-but nothing goes as we plan it. Things h-happen. Life h-happens and you happened. Y-you didn't came in my life as a Prince Charming but more like a vicious, angry villain. You kidnapped me, tortured me, threatened me and then you played a cunning game and married me. And now you wants to h-have me-" She was mumbling as she sneezed again and then she sniffed and continued.

"I j-just want to f-fall in l-love with you before we t-take that step. I want t-to c-consummate our m-marriage out of l-love. This is all I want. I'm trying to convince my heart to look at you in a different way now. Not the one that was her captor but as her husband. Trust m-me I'm trying to fall for you after everything you did and this is my first time trying to f-fall in love and I don't know the process or procedure that how many days and time it takes but I'm trying." She sneezed and sniffed again rubbing her nose lightly as she continued with her heart in her throat and at the verge of tears.

"I j-just wanted to tell you my wish and t-thoughts but I-if y-you still w-want t-to do t-that t-then y-you c-can do I-it I w-will n-not s-stop you a-after a-all it's m-my d-duty." While stuttering that she removed her veil slowly and placed it aside with trembling hands as she layed down in her place with her hands on her each side as she faced the ceiling with tightly closed eyes as she was waiting for him to attack her. She was biting in her lower lips to stop herself from crying.

A fearful tear escaped her eye and was moving towards her temple as she immediately wiped it before he can see.

She felt shuffling in the bed and her heart stopped as she felt his penetrating gaze. Her body started trembling slowly as she tried her best to stay calm but her body has a mind of it's own as it trembled lightly.

As soon as she felt him hovering over her on instant. Her heart stopped beating and her blood turned cold. He will do it.

She might never be able to fall in love with him if he did this. Maybe her fate was meant to be this way. Maybe it was written like this and she can't do anything about it.

Even tho she gave him full invitation but her tears weren't listening to her as they kept on falling and she kept on wiping them immediately.

She felt his breath on her cheeks and then it dangerously lowered to her neck and she closed her eyes more tightly getting ready for his touch but nothing worked.

Her heart was drumming in her ears and she was sure that he can hear it as well. Her hands formed into fist as she layed their trying to be as much immobile as possible. Her lips and chin quiver but she didn't move.

"It's a-alright. Y-you c-can s-start." She stuttered with quivering lips as in telling her but in reality she was comforting her own self. She wanted him to just take what he want and end it hurriedly because her resolve was breaking.

A large arm snake around her waist and she was pulled on a hard chest. His other arm caressed her hair. "I'm sorry Habibti." He mumbled softly.

Anisah’s eyes shot opened as she became stiff for a second. Gulping she tried to understand the situation at hand.

Michael had felt her sitting on the bed and he wasn’t in any mood to face her. But she started speaking in her soft melodic voice. His heart flipped in his chest.

This innocent girl just wants to fall in love with him and here he’s going insane to have her. The way she presented her thoughts and wishes to him like an open book hit him hard. His heart warmed up at knowing that she’s trying to fall for him.

Even tho, he had done so wrong to her and yet she wanted to give this marriage a chance and wanted to love him. Obviously the things he’s doing won’t make her love him but more like despise him.

The way she said about the process of falling in love and the time of the procedure made him smile genuinely at her innocence. He was glad that it’s her first time involvement in this love thing. Otherwise he didn’t know what he would’ve done.

He wasn’t her prince but more like brutal kidnapper, who has done every wrong to her. His image in her eyes won’t change in few days. It will take time and his behaviour isn’t a help either.

The moment this little doll said that if he want to have her then he can. He can’t help but feel angry at his own self.

Slowly he shifted and turned towards her and the moment he turned to face her. His heart constricted painfully in his chest.

She was laying their with her hands on each side of her head. Eyes shut tightly and she was biting in her lower lip. Her body was shaking in fear and it was quiet evident.

He really wanted to kill him self for making her feel that way. She was presenting herself to him. Instead of all his doings she’s laying here like a doll for him to do as he please with her.

Without as much of a thought he pulled her small body on his chest as he hugged her and caressed her hairs softly while mumbling a soft sorry to her.

The way she sneezed and sniffed made her look like a child. His hand slowly caressed her hairs which he came to admire so much. “I know I’m a selfish bastard.” He cursed earning a shocked gasp from her.

“P-please don’t c-curse.” She whispered softly on his chest as she was laying there stiff.

He cupped her face softly as he mumbled. “I will wait for you to fall in love with me and that’s a promise.” His voice soft and caring making her heart to do weird summersaults.

He softly gave a passionate kiss on her forehead as he felt her skin hot under his touch.

“You’re burning up.” He whispered while touching her forehead with his palm to confirm his suspicions and yes she was burning up.

He slowly made her lay on her side as she sneezed again and sniffed softly. He immediately went to the restroom and came back with cold water and hand towels.

Sitting beside her, he wet the towel then squeezed the water out and placed that on her forehead.

“I’m f-fine. You don’t h-have to do this.” She mumbled softly as she tried to sit.

“It’s all my fault!” He mumbled to himself in a mere whisper but she heard it. “No you must rest.” He spoke sternly.

As he kept on changing the towels one by one to bring her fever down as he continued to curse himself internally.

Anisah was on cloud nine at his gestures. No one ever did this for her after her parents death. No one looked after her like this and it warmed up her heart towards him.

His gestures were soft and he was appearing calm so she decided to ask what’s going in her mind. “C-can I a-ask you a q-question?” She asked softly facing his way.

Michael smiled softly at her. “You don’t need to ask my permission for asking me anything Habibti.” He told her softly.

Casting her eyes down she mumbled her thoughts that were eating her mind since his confession about Asma’s deal.

“W-will you l-leave m-me a-after one m-month?” She asked softly feeling her heart drowning in the pit of her stomach.

Michael’s hand stopped his work as he stared at her innocent face. “Why in the fucking world will I leave you in a month?” He asked seriously with a hint of anger making her tense.

“Y-you...A-Asma that month marriage.” She blurted hurriedly that came in her mind before his anger could rise.

Michael sighed in relief. “Listen Babe! I’m not going to leave you. Nor in a month and not ever. You will be mine forever till death do us apart.” He spoke with such sincerity and promise in his words that Anisah couldn’t help but nod her head furiously in understanding that she got the point and you don’t need to elaborate any further. And the way he called her as his sent weird sensations to her heart.

“Am I clear?” He asked seriously. And Anisah again nodded her head in affirmation as she mumbled a soft. “Crystal.”

“Good!” Michael spoke sternly as he stood up and left the room not before telling her to stay in bed.

He went into the kitchen and to his dismay Amma wasn’t there to help him at this hour. He remembered his mother used to gave him a turmeric milk when he was in fever.

Today time he did what he has never done before. He took out his phone and searched on google the recipe of turmeric milk and gladly it was easy.

He warmed the milk with utter difficulty as it boiled and fall out of the pot and he stood there blowing air on the milk that was building up and falling out. And then after few seconds of blowing air at the surface of the milk he realised that he must turn off the stove so he did that and stared at the mess like a lost child who has done something really wrong in the middle of the night and knew very well that tomorrow Amma is going to kill him for making such mess because she’s a cleanness freak and no body messes with her kitchen.

Removing his mind from the mess he immediately started searching for turmeric and literally he turned the whole kitchen upside down in finding turmeric but then he realised that there isn’t any tag placed on the boxes saying the names of the spices so how in the world he’ll know and to top it all he didn’t even know how turmeric looked like.

Cursing at himself he searched how turmeric which can be added in milk looks like on google and after seeing how it looks like he wanted to slam his head on the wall. Because turmeric was there in front of him on the slab all this time.

“How these women can cook man!” He grumbled to himself.

Filling the glass with milk, he add turmeric in it and mixed it well. Seeing at the mess for once, he let it be as he went back to his room.

Anisah was laying there with eyes open looking dull as she was continuously sneezing and sniffling.

Moving closer to her, he sat beside her. She slowly sat up feeling his presence. “Here.” He hold her hand and placed the glass of milk in her hand. And in other hand he placed the Tylenol. “Take this tablet and I want this glass empty.”

He told her sternly as the girl immediately put the medicine in her mouth and as soon as she brought the glass closer to her mouth. Her face twisted into horrid ew one. And now she was stuck because the medicine was in her mouth.

She immediately tried to place the glass on bed side table and search for the glass of water but Michael didn’t let her. “Drink Habibti!” He ordered softly.

Anisah shook her head in negative with puppy dog eyes and a pout as he smirked at her child like tactics. “If you won’t drink it in next two minutes. I’m going to make you drink it twice every day from now on.” He warmed her.

Anisah glared at where his voice came from and continued to call him cunning blackmailer in her head as she pinched her nose with one hand and drank the milk in one go as if she’s drinking a poison. Earning an amused chuckle from Michael.

“Come on Habibti. It’s not that bad.” He mused as she gave him the glass back and made an ew yuck face making him laugh more and after her yuck face bettered she heard the click sound of the camera.

Please don’t tell me, he was making my video!

She thought to herself. “You made my video!” Anisah accused him with a gasp earning another chuckle from him.

“Yes, I did babe and you can’t do anything about it.” He mused as Anisah made an angry pout and folded her arms on her chest in angry manner and she laid down, turning her back to him.

Michael grinned at her cute anger as he placed the glass on the bed side table. Moving to his side of the bed he layed down and turned off the lamps.

“What are you thinking Habibti?” He asked her softly.

Anisah huffed and literally turned her back to him in pure attitude. “Babe!” He mused. “You’re showing me attitude eh!” He voice mischievous.

‘Huh! Attitude ki dukan khud hein or mujhe bol rahe!’

(Huh! He himself is a shop full of attitude and he’s saying it to me!)

Anisah thought as she didn’t bothered to answer him at all.

The next second a large arm was wrapped around her waist and she was pulled back on a hard chest.

Anisah gasped at his naughty behaviour as she tried to remove his large beast like wrestler arm from her tiny frail waist but he only tightened his hold.

“Let me go!” She demanded in a low angry voice earning his chuckle in response and his chest vibrated behind her back making her tense.

“Now why would I do that Babe!” He mused bear her ear and intentionally rubbed his beard on her neck making her cringe.

“Don’t call me that!” She told him sternly as she tried to wriggle out of his grip.

“Call you what Babe?” He teased and Anisah got that he’s doing it on purpose so she didn’t bothered to entertain him further by answering.

“You’re so hot Habibti!” He slurred near her ear and she stiffened at his words. Her struggling stopped and her cheeks coloured red.

“I meant in a feverish way and look at you thinking all wrong and blushing.” He mused while laughing whole heartily.

Anisah glared at nothing as she harshly elbowed him, making him groan out as his hold lightened on her but not enough for her escape.



He spoke loudly in her ears and next thing, he was on top of her and her laughter was resonating in the large spacious room as he was tickling her on the sides of her belly.

“Ahh-s-top!Hahahaha-s-stop!” She spoke brokenly in between her laughters.

Her white pearly teeth on full display. Her eyes crinkled from the edges as she laughed loudly.

“Stop! Hahahah- I cannot b-breath.” She yelled in between her laughter as he stopped his torture.

His own green eyes shining with light as he stared at his life. A grin playing on his lips as he let her breath for a second and in next he attached her all over again.

“I didn’t know you were this ticklish Habibti!” He mused in between his torture making her laugh out loud nonstop as her legs curled up and he stopped as the girl panted heavily.

“Hae sans chahra dia.”

(You made me breathless.)

She mumbled softly in between her large pants making him grin.

“Maine to abhi kuch kia he nhi!”

(I haven’t even started yet!)

He spoke mischievously as she moved aside and breathed in deeply as he to layed beside her on the bed.

“Acha ab soney den.”

(Okay, now let me sleep.)

She spoke sternly and tried to calm her rapidly beating heart down.

“Meri raaton ke neend ura kr mujhe bol rahi ho tumhay sunay du. Wah bhae wah!”

(Snatching away my sleep of the nights, you’re asking me to let you sleep. Wow man wow!)

He answered her back amused. But Anisah being bolder and bolder spoke. “Night!”

Michael arched his brow at her in amusement. “Just night? Where the good went?” He mused but the girl was already gone in half slumber as she blurted something incoherent in her sleep and he smiled at her beautiful face.

Moving closer to her. He kissed her forehead as he mumbled softly. “Good night Habibti.”


A horrified screaming of Amma had his eyes shot opening at instant as he without blink took out his pistol from the drawer and headed downstairs.

His heart beating wildly as he saw Anisah’s side empty on the bed and practically dashed into the kitchen where few of his men were standing while holding their guns ready to attack just like him.

But the sight in front of him made him curse internally. Amma was looking horrified as if someone stole her liver as she stared at the mess in front. A tensed Hina was standing beside the slab and the smiling Anisah was standing in the corner.

He saw his men and then at the unveiled head of Anisah. She didn’t know they’re here. He immediately moved and stand in front of Anisah. Hiding her from their view as he told them to leave as everything is fine here.

They nodded their head and immediately left. “Who did this to my precious kitchen?” She asked heart brokenly making Michael to stare at her weirdly.

“Amma is there milk all over?” Anisah asked softly and Amma gave an exasperated yes.

“Amma is there turmeric anywhere close?” Anisah asked softly.

“Yeah it’s on the slab and the spice is sprinkled on the whole damn slab!” Amma spoke with venom.

Michael saw where her wife is taking this and before Anisah could say a word. He placed his gun at his back and abruptly closed her mouth with his hand, making her glare at him.

Amma was facing the slab and Hina was giving them weird looks as he gave a forced tight smile to Hina making her eyes go widened as he dragged Anisah up back to their room.

As soon as they entered the room. Michael closed the door and glared at her.

“Aw the big bad Michael Sheikh didn’t want to get caught for making a turmeric milk for his hot feverish wife.”

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