Mafia Conquest. (Mafia love story #2)

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Chapter 4

Bright sunlight had her eyes opening slightly as she was met with darkness again. Sighing the girl stayed in her mattress for long, trying to control her thoughts and mind. Willing herself to expect something good.

Shazia provided the girl with new clothes to wear in front of the guests. This was probably the first thing her aunt gave to Anisah with pure happiness.

How much the girl wanted to look happy but internally she was depressed knowing that her aunt is happy than there must be something in this for her benefit. That woman would never do anything without something in return.

Groggily the girl showered and changed into the new set of clothes her aunt brought for her. Drying her hair. She wrapped the veil securely on her head. One thing she was accustomed to was wearing her veil around her head every time because of her so called ridiculous cousin Jameel.

Anisah has nothing to apply on her face other than one light pink shaded lip colour which was gifted to her by one of her students on teachers day. She dabbed the lipstick slightly on her cheeks and one light stroke on her lips. Dabbing her lips together, she rubbed her cheeks to make a bit blush. One of her colleagues thought her this trick of makeup in which only lipstick is used and you're ready.

She can hear voices coming from the lounge indicating that the guest has arrived.

She has asked her aunt what her dress colour is and the woman simply replied with light pink. Anisah remembered her mother once told her that light pink colour usually looked like the soft flowers. Maybe she's looking like a flower too.

From fajr time onwards the girl was praying that this person who has asked for her hand must be kind and good. Maybe it can be her escape from this hell. She can just pray for everything to turn out good.

Her door slammed opened. There is only one person who slammed the doors like she'll break it, her aunt. Gulping the girl stand from her sitting position on the cabinet as she adjusted her veil.

The girl half expected her aunt to like her in new dress but Alas! she expected to much. "Look at you, looking ugly as always." Her aunt commented sharply.

"I will take you out now. Not a single word from your mouth. Let me do everything. Am I clear?" Shazia spat venomously.

Anisah only nodded feeling her heart tightening in her chest. Shazia moves Anisah’s veil up a bit from her chest as the girl's eyes furrowed. "No, auntie I'm not c-comfortable like this." The girl tried to cover her modesty with her veil but Shazia harshly grasped her arm and squeezed it painfully earning a small cry from the girl who tried to struggle.

"Shut up little bitch! I know what's better for you. Come now." Shazia hissed as she dragged the almost crying girl out of her small room.

There steps came to halt which she assumed in front of the sofa as her aunt started speaking softly. "Here is the girl Sahab."

Anisah didn't hear a single voice but she can feel heated gaze on her making her feel extremely uncomfortable.

Something happened when her aunt took in a sharp breath and hold Anisah's arm and moved her. Anisah didn't understand first but soon her eyes widened in utter mortification when she realised her aunt is making her twirl so who ever the person is can get full view of her body.

Cold sweat formed on her forehead as she struggled out her aunt's grip and moved a step away from her. Her hand clenching the end of her kameez (shirt). As the girl tried to understand the situation.

Without waiting for them the girl abruptly ran back to her room closing the door behind. Thankfully she knows the way around in this house.

The girl was on the verge of crying as she waited for her aunt to barge in any moment and beat her to pulp. She will accept the beating over marrying a man who wants her to twirl so he can get a good view of her body.

The door softly opened as the girl held her breath for her aunt's atrocities but large footsteps had her heart stopped beating. The person closed the door after entering in.

"That's not a good thing to leave the guests hanging." A creepy voice of a man spoke.

The girl's eyes widened in fear as she stepped back, her hand touching the cabinet behind her for support. How could her aunt let a man enter room. "Now don't be scared kid. I'm not gonna harm you." The creepy voice spoke again coming closer.

Anisah felt her throat tightening in dread. This must be nightmare she thought. "W-who a-are you?" She stuttered.

A creepy laugh escaped the man's lips as he spoke. "I'm Zain. Your future husband. You probably don't know me but I know you since a year now. Your aunt kinda work for me. I asked for your hand in marriage but your aunt is a greedy bitch so I filled her pockets with money and she agreed to sold you to me." The girl was aghast at his confession of buying her. She couldn't believe her ears that her aunt sold her. "W-What?" A small whisper escaped her lips.

The man came dangerously close to now crying girl, a pungent smell oozed out of him as he tried to caress her arm and the girl flinched back. "D-don't c-come closer." She stuttered. "I don't care if you're blind. I'm to much older than you. A 50 year old married man with three kids. So it makes us even." The man spoke creepily.

Anisah tried to ran out of there when the man hold her wrist painfully as he spoke harshly. "Don't run babydoll. I will take good care of you." He spoke nastily as the girl struggled harshly to get his grip off of her hand.

The man’s grip tightened on her hand harshly as he slipped a ring in her ring finger forcefully and then he let go of her. "We are marrying in three months babydoll. I can't wait to have you all." He spoke. Chuckling at the crying girl as he left her storeroom.

The girl rubbed her hand ferociously on her dress where the man has touched her. She felt disgusted by his mere touch. Bitter tears escaped her eyes.

Soon after the man left her aunt barge into the room. Yelling at the girl for disobeying and ill mannered behaviour.

"How could you do this to me auntie! How heartless you can be to sell off your sister's daughter! Don't you fear Allah. Don't yo-AHHH!" A harsh slap had the girl falling on the floor.

Her hand held her cheek where her aunt just slapped her. "Thank God that you are getting married bitch. Good for nothing piece of shit!"

Her aunt crouched down snatching the ring from the girl's finger as she marched away slamming the door behind.

She stayed rooted to her spot for like hours as she felt trapped in a prison of hell.

A month has passed in utter pain and despair as the girl awaited her cruel fate. Now it looked like a nightmare that vanished but deep down she knows after next two months her life will be sealed away to that creepy man.

A nineteen year old girl will be forced to get married to a fifty year old man, who already have a family. Just because she's blind.

Every night she cried in front of her lord for help, for peace, for heaven.

Yesterday her aunt had told her to get ready as she will take Anisah to the haveli (mansion) where she work as Sana has asked to bring Anisah.

Anisah met Sana almost five years back when she came here. Both the girls became friends instantly due to the same age and likes. Not once Sana let Anisah felt about her blindness. Sana was so kind instead of those rich brats who think money can buy everything.

Well in her condition money do can buy everything. Sighing the girl tried to avert her mind.

A small smile appeared on Anisah's face thinking of meeting her only friend with whom she felt like a person rather than a trash. A small blessing in her shattered life.


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