Mafia Conquest. (Mafia love story #2)

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Chapter 37

Michael's eyes widened at her words. Either she's getting bold or his mind is getting out of control.

"Now my doll is getting bold, ain't she." He mused making her frown.

'Ap jo itna sab bold karte woh kuch nai, beechari bachi ne ek line kia boldi. Ab bachi ki jaan loge kia?'

(You who do so much bold isn't anything and now when the poor girl said one line. You want to take her life?)

She thought with a frown and then mumbled softly. "I've taken out your clothes for office today and your every needed thing is here." She said pointing towards the couch on which his neatly ironed suit was placed, beside it was placed his Rolex watch, cufflinks, tie and socks with shining shoes on the floor beside.

He arched his brow in amusement and felt good finding her doing his chores and it felt really nice. "Thanks." He replied shortly as he went into the restroom and warned her not to tell about that turmeric milk thing to Amma.

Anisah went down back into the kitchen as she helped Amma prepare breakfast and after half an hour he was present on the dining table, ready to eat breakfast. Amma set the table as Hina served them.

Anisah was eating silently as Michael touched her forehead and then her arm after eating to check the temperature and her temperature was still high.

As soon as Anisah finished eating Amma came to them holding a parcel. Michael got it from her and opened it. There was a cane in their as he handed it to Anisah.

Anisah was shocked first but then her heart warmed up at his care towards her. She softly took it from him and mumbled a sincere thank you.

Michael then helped Anisah up to the room and ordered Amma to not let her off the bed and make her rest in all cases. He also told Amma about the medicines and stuff.

Then he left for his office after giving the girl a soft kiss on her forehead making her blush softly.

Michael's mind was full of yesterday's events as it continued to roam his head like a never ending tape.

The way she presented herself for him to take was heart wrenching. He didn't want her to feel that she's only his for her body. And this mere thought scared him.

He was sure now that his feelings towards her weren't lust only. There's attraction a severe one at that which he has never felt.

First he just wanted to have her because of her denial. But now nothing is same. Nor in his life neither in his chest. That cold rusted thing is beating and it's beating in full rhythm for her.

He didn't know how and when but that girl just blasted the metal doors of his heart and is now residing in there like queen as if the territory was fated to be ruled by her.

Just in few days, she became the queen of his heart and his everything else. His wishes are like to just see her every night before sleeping and to wake up seeing her face as the first thing in the morning.

He's a hot blooded male. He has desires and needs but that girl literally made him do an extreme level of self control that there won't be any men in this world, who could possess to stop himself from having her until now.

Self control is one thing and her innocent seduction was another killer addiction. Like just literally her panting would turn him on. Her sawn like neck. Those swell of breasts that tiny waist and that round firm ass.

He cursed himself as he felt himself getting turned on in his car just by her thoughts. This much she affects him. How in the fucking world he'll be able to control himself around her and won't jump on her like a hungry wolf he is.

How the fuck he would be able to fulfil his promise of not touching her. When he certainly know it's like dying every second.

Parking the his range over in the parking lot he went to his office building Sheikh Enterprises as he took his private lift and reached the top floor at his office.

He has already seen Zaroon's Audi parked in the parking lot so he prepared himself mentally to face his curiously dying friend. And of course after what happened yesterday it was unbelievable that Zaroon waited whole night to get his answers. This man is practically a curious cat.

As soon as he opened the glass door of his office. His irritating voice reached Michael's eardrums like an annoying song.

"I want to know each and everything, right now!" Zaroon demanded making Michael to huff out in response.

Lighting up his cigar Michael faced the large glass window which gave the view of the whole city as he started dictating each and everything to him from Sana's kidnapping till his own wedding. Deliberately cutting those parts where he had hit her.

After finishing up the story he turned around to face Zaroon.

Zaroon was sitting on the chair with his hands making a triangle in front of his face as his elbows rested on armrest.

As soon as his eyes met Zaroon's he saw the same fire he used to see. He was angry no! more like furious at him and why won't he after all he has done so wrong that to an innocent blind girl.

In no time Zaroon was face to face with him and the next thing a hard punch landed on his face making his face to turn to the side due to the impact.

Michael spit out blood as he wiped the blood from his lower lip with his thumb.

"How fucking selfish you're to do this all to a blind innocent girl!" Zaroon yelled loudly and Michael didn't stop him either because deep down he knew he did wrong and he must be punished.

Michael and Zaroon are always like this. Whenever one did a mistake the other one will beat him to pulp and one at fault won't say a word against it. Michael had given this much power to Zaroon which no body had not even his family.

"I know you're no saint! What did you want from her?" Zaroon asked seriously, his eyes bloodshot red.

Zaroon was a kid when his father divorced her mother and threw them out of the house as he married someone else. Her mother had taken care of them he and his sister and provided them with food and shelter. From the young age he has seen how bloody bastards the men are towards innocent women and children. How they used to hurt his mother and him and what not and they endured all, from then onwards he can't stand anyone hurting an innocent woman or child.

"I lusted over her." He admitted seriously not scared at all. Zaroon couldn't help but wanted to kill him.

The girl he met yesterday was just a teenager innocent girl, who can't even see and his vicious friend has done so wrong to the poor soul. Zaroon wanted to pull his own hair at Michael's confession. He knew they aren't saints but never they had hurt a woman and here he lusted over that small coy girl.

"So you fucking quenched your lust huh!" Zaroon yelled loudly while pushing at Michael's chest making him stumble but Michael regained his balance as he chuckled lowly.

"I can't!" Michael spoke brokenly and Zaroon stared at him shocked.

"What?" Zaroon asked confused not understanding his sadness one bit.

"I lusted over her at first but I didn't know how or when but I fell in love with her." He bared the feelings of his heart in front of his friend.

Zaroon massaged his temples as he slowly sat back down on the chair.

"I saw it yesterday in your eyes! Your love was evident." Zaroon informed him what he has noticed.

Michael shook his head as he removed his coat and placed it on his chair. "So observing of you!" Michael snickered at him.

"Your actions were clear give aways. The way you looked at her, your soft fucking voice was the clear hint." Zaroon stated it as matter of factly.

"Did you hurt her?" Zaroon asked looking concerned as Michael nodded his head lightly. "I've slapped her thrice till now." He confesses not meeting Zaroon's gaze.

"You're a fucking bastard!" Zaroon yelled loudly at his face as he slammed his fist angrily on the glass table.

"And I regret every bit of it." Michael confesses whole heartedly making Zaroon's shake his head in anger.

"Are you still forcing her to stay beside you?" Zaroon is inquired suspiciously.

Michael smiled at this as his eyes softened. "No I'm not. She wants to give this marriage a chance. After all I did she wanted to give me a chance." Michael told his friend happily.

Zaroon stared at his friend observing every inch of everything. And it was clear that he has fallen for that beautiful girl. Finally this beast will be tamed he thought.

"Then be thankful to Allah that he has blessed you with such a pure soul who wanted to give you a chance. Don't ruin it." Zaroon warned him seriously as Michael nodded his head lightly in understanding.

"Y'all be coming tonight for dinner?" Zaroon asked him.

Michael shook his head in negative making Zaroon to scrunch his nose. "Look dude you deserved that punch. Now don't start any drama with me. I'll see you with Anisah tonight at my place." He ordered like nothing just happened and he just not punched him few minutes ago.

"It's not that. It's just Anisah is having fever so tonight is not possible maybe some other time." Michael informed him.

"Is it serious? Did you consult the doctor?" Zaroon asked seriously as Michael shook his head at him. "No it's not that serious, she'll get better in a day or two." Michael informed him as Zaroon nodded.

"Ammi desperately wants to meet you and Anisah. Give my Salam to Anisah m." Zaroon told him as he left his office.

Michael sat on his seat wiping his lower lip from where blood was oozing out. Damn! He hit hard but he deserved it.

Michael focused his attention to his work as he keep working till late hours and knowing that she'll be slept till now he ended up his work and left for home.

The sight was heartwarming as soon as he got in the house. Anisah was curled up on the settee and from her position of sleeping it was clear. She wasn't about to sleep that meant only one thing that she was waiting for him and it felt oddly home like feeling for the first time.

Carrying her small form in his arms in bridal style, he placed her softly on the bed with much precautions to not wake her up and didn't even glanced her way and went to the restroom to freshen up. After that he went to the kitchen to find the food placed on the small table all covered. He uncovered the food and warmed it in the microwave and ate silently alone.

After dinner he turned off the lights and went to his room. Not glancing her way he layed on his side. Turning off the lamp, he drifted into sleep not turning her way once.

In the morning when Anisah woke up she realised that she was in bed. How is it possible when she slept on settee waiting for him. That only meant he was the one who carried her up in their room.

She checked the bed and then the restroom and closet. He was nowhere. She immediately showered and changed her clothes as she went down with the help of her cane and into the kitchen.

"Amma have you seen him?" She inquired softly from Amma but it was Hina as she replied.

"He left early in the morning and that to without breakfast." Anisah listened to Hina's words and she didn't know why but she felt sad that he didn't meet her.

Maybe he's busy with work. She thought.


"No boss, he's treating her with care. He even started to smile!" The person told exaggerating to their boss as if it's the most impossible thing turned to possible.

"She tried to escape?" Came the cold voice of the so called boss.

"No, she didn't. She did his chores and then she'll wait for him in night like a good wife." The person spoke venomously making the boss to snicker.

"Are they happy?" The cold chilling voice asked.

"Kind of Boss." The person replied venomously.

"I will snatch this happiness soon!" Came the cold voice with the hidden promise of a storm.


It's been so many days, probably a month and Anisah hasn't been able to meet Michael properly all this time.

He would leave for office before she could even wake up and came back so late that she would fall asleep waiting for him on the settee and every morning end up on the bed.

After this behaviour of his, she forcefully stayed awake with the help of a mug of tea and she waited for him that night she didn’t fall asleep. He was shocked to see her awake.

She greeted him with Salam but he didn’t answered as he went straight to the room. Her heart sank to the bottom of despair as she slowly followed him back to the room.

He was removing his Rolex as Anisah slowly with a lot of courage held his bicep softly as stopped his movement as he became tensed. She softly removed his Rolex as she place it on the dressing table beside and then she slowly touched his collar and removed the already loosened tie all the time feeling his intense deep gaze on her.

After removing the tie. He sat on the bed and she was about to remove his shoes but he stopped her immediately as he asked for a glass of water. Nodding she immediately obliged and fetched him the glass of water that was placed on the bedside table. She gave him the glass as he drank it all in one go and handed her the glass back.

“You go freshen up. I’ll set out the dinner.” She spoke softly keeping her face down. “I’ve already eaten.” Came his cold voice that made her numb as he went into the restroom.

The girl didn’t utter a single word after that as her heart broke thinking what she has done wrong to make him ignore her like this.

She kept on thinking whole night as Michael silently layed on his side and fall asleep.

After that day Michael didn’t came back home for three consecutive days. The girl would stay up all night waiting for him till it’s fajar time but he didn’t come back.

She cried last night thinking that she has done something terribly wrong that is making him stay away from her but nothing appeared in her mind rather then terrible thoughts.

Maybe he’s angry at her because she didn’t submit to him during that shower incident. But she did told him her wishes and then presented herself to him. That day he promised that he’ll wait for her. He was being so normal and good that morning then what changed. What happened?

Is he now regretting that he married her. Or his ego to had her died down. What was it? Did he feel bad after realising that he married a blind girl. Is he regretting now. Did he want to leave her now?

These thoughts kept roaming her mind day and night. She couldn’t eat, couldn’t sleep. Nothing felt good. She would stay in that pool area whole day that is attached to his room. It feels like nothing mattered to her anymore.

Did he find someone else? Her thoughts were killing her day by day and she didn’t know why she got this much affected.

She’s the one who always wanted to stay miles away from him and now when he’s full filing her wish. She can’t help but feel depressed.

She didn’t know why she’s feeling this way. Why her heart is aching so much at those weird thoughts of him being with someone else.

Amma would force her to eat or drink but nothing felt right to her. That man has done certain type of black magic on her and she’s certain about it.

Anisah has asked Amma to call him several times and Amma did but he won’t pic up or it will be sent to a voicemail.

First she thought maybe it was the load of work or other things but isn’t it husband’s responsibility to call his wife and tell her that ‘Habibti, I’m going to be late or Habibti, there’s a load of work on my head so I won’t be able to come back home any time soon!’ No! He has to just disappear in thin air like nothing matters.

Sighing she went to the restroom and did her ablution. Anisah has requested Amma to buy her a special Quran that is for blind people. And the second day she got the Quran that her parents had gifted her but it was in Shazia’s home. Anisah was shocked as she inquired from Amma, how she got it. Amma told that she had given order to one of the guards to buy a special Quran for you and the next day he came back with this.

This Quran was the last thing she had of her parents and she thought she lost it but now it’s in her hands as she felt joy.

This thing made Anisah doubt because she was sure that Michael is behind this but if he’s so much concerned about her minor things then why he’s not showing himself.

Why he’s not facing her with the things that is making him tense. The relation of husband and wife is on a very thin thread. If they stayed to themselves without even resolving the misunderstandings then it will lead to more misunderstandings.

She wanted to confront him about the things that are disturbing him but the man is adamant on staying away from her at all costs. Why isn’t he showing up.

She really wanted to talk to him. She wanted to know what’s going in that insane mind of his but no that man is adamant on ignoring her.

She felt sad. Really sad and that thing alone is making her feel more depressed.

She was deeply engrossed in her thoughts that she didn’t heard someone calling her until that person lightly slapped her head.

Anisah flinched as she rubbed her head lightly glaring at the place from where that familiar hand attacked her. “Where are you lost girl?” Came the chirping voice of Sana.

Anisah instead of being angry at her smiled softly and this is the first time she smiled after all these days. Without much thought Anisah took out her feet from the pool and hugged Sana as she tried to control her tears but they betrayed her badly.

Sana hugged Anisah back but her face changed from joyful to concerned one. After feeling Anisah’s cries softly.

“Why are you crying Anisah?” Sana asked with pure worry dripping down his voice.

Anisah shook her head in negative as she continued to hug Sana more tightly making her worried senseless.

“Anisah please tell me what’s wrong.” Sana inquired softly as she held her shoulders and parted her away from her so she could look at her face.

“Did b-bhai hurt you?” Sana asked cautiously as her own heart was thudding widely at the assumptions.

Anisah so wanted to tell her that yes her bhai has hurt her heart and peace but she slowly shook her head in negative as she wiped her tears softly. “No, I was just missing you and look you just appeared out of nowhere.” Anisah spoke in sweet voice with a smile at the end making Sana to sigh in relief as she smiled back.

“Wallah! I was about to have a mini heart attack there.” Sana exaggerates as Anisah wiped her feet’s with towel and pulled her tights down.

Anisah mumbled a soft sorry to her as they both went down to the hall where Sohaib was already present.

He greeted Anisah humbly with a Salam as she greeted back with a soft smile.

“So you’ve told her about the-” Sohaib’s voice was cut short as Sana put her hand on his mouth to shush her as she glared at him making him confused.

Anisah got confused by the way his voice was cut in the middle but Sana spoke up. “Where’s bhai?”

Anisah shrugged her shoulders softly as she herself didn’t know where Sana’s so called bhai is.

“You don’t know where your husband is?” Sohaib asked rather shocked making Anisah confused as she mumbled a small Yeah.

“God! Here my woman call me ten times a day to know where I am, what I’m doing, or even I’m breathing. Wallah! You’re a blessing for Michael bhai.” Sohaib exaggerates making Anisah to giggle as Sana glared at him as in ‘you’re dead when we’re alone.’

And he gulped as he slowly looked away feeling threatened like brother like sister.

“Bhai must be in his office. Let’s go there.” Sana dictated seriously as she stood up seriously and Sohaib to followed.

Anisah didn’t move from her place. “You’re coming to Anisah.” Sana declared as Anisah was contemplating whether to go or not but then she ended up listening to her heart as she decided to face him for once.

She stood up as she immediately went back to her room and came down with her large veil covering her body and with her cane.

Sohaib drove them to the building of Sheikh Enterprises as they parked in the parking lot. Sana immediately spotted his brother’s favourite Range River as they went straight to the private life.

Sana was guiding Anisah as she wasn’t using her cane but was just holding the folded piece in her hand.

Soon the lift dinged, reaching their destination as they moved towards his office. Sohaib knocked on the door and he entered first followed by Sana and then Anisah entered lastly.

Pin drop silence as she waited for anyone to speak but no body did for couple of minutes. Goosebumps appeared on her whole body as she felt that same heated gaze on her and her cheeks reddened on their own.

“Bhai let’s go out for dinner.” Sana said to her brother after a soft salam which he didn’t replied back.

“Y’all go, I’ve work to do.” Came that deep authoritative voice that she wanted to hear. But why in the world she wanted to hear his voice?

“I’m not taking no at all. Anisah is coming with us and so are you.” Sana stayed matter of factly leaving no option behind.

No answered was heard for few seconds as Anisah came to terms that he will not go. Probably because of her. So she decided to speak up. “It’s alright Sana. You and Sohaib go just drop me back at home.” Anisah spoke softly. Her voice speaking volumes of her heart.

Sana eyed her brother who was already looking at Anisah as she turned to leave without a word. Sana hold Anisah’s hand as she was about to guide her when his voice stopped them.

“Let’s go, work can be done tomorrow.” He spoke calmly. His voice not giving away anything at all as Sana smiled happily.

Sana and Sohaib left first after telling Michael about the restaurant.

Anisah was standing on her place quietly as she felt him touching her hand as he lightly holds and started walking her to the lift.

They both were sitting silently in his Rang Rover as was driving. The silence between them wasn’t comfortable at all but more like tensed as Anisah feels like she couldn’t breath at his ignorance but she stayed quiet.

She was scared so she didn’t speak a word. She didn’t want to ruin the moment she got to spend with him. Allah knows what can make his mind flip and he’ll change his decision of having dinner with Sana and Sohaib.

As they reached the restaurant, he guided her towards Sana and Sohaib while holding her hand in his light grip. As soon as they settled down. He let go of her hand.

Only Allah knows why this action of his disappointed her as a deep down hidden part of her heart wanted him to keep holding her hand.

“Bhai there’s a surprise for you and Anisah.” Sana spoke up her voice mischievous.

“And that is?” Michael asked calmly earning a grin from Sana.

“You and Anisah are going to Thailand for honeymoon tomorrow morning.”

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