Mafia Conquest. (Mafia love story #2)

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Chapter 38

Anisah was drinking water when Sana dropped that bomb on her as she went into the hysterics of cough as Sana rubbed her back softly to sooth her out.

"What?" Michael asked in his tensed voice making Anisah to gulp.

"Me and Sohaib are going so we thought that you both must also go on vacations to know each other better. So I've booked your tickets as well." Sana stated simply as it's nothing big but just random tickets for watching movie in cinema.

Anisah felt that same heated gaze on her again as she stayed quiet nor saying yes neither a no. "I'm busy with work." Michael stated calmly trying to get a hold of the situation as he maintained his calm.

"See I've told you." Sana smirked as she elbowed Sohaib who was also smirking making Michael to narrow his eyes at their behaviour.

"I know you'll say something like this so I've already talked to your uncle Imran and auntie Yasmeen about this matter and you can't deny them." Sana informed him triumphantly.

Michael sat there staring at his sister as if he wanted to murder her. "You didn't told them?" He asked unsure.

"Oh! I did brother!" She spoke sarcastically making Sohaib to smirk proudly, finally Sohaib got to see someone talking to Michael in his own way.

"I've done your shopping as well." Sana spoke enthusiastically to Anisah making the timid girl to force a smile on her face.

The waiter arrived as he took their orders and left. Sana talked with Anisah non stoppable as Anisah felt really good after coming out of the house after one month. It felt refreshing.

They ate their food in silence as their men talked about sports. Sana kept on talking about the things they'll do and the places they're going to visit over there. The girl was so hyped up to go to that place.

After dinner they said their goodbyes as Sana told them about the timings of their flight and that she'll be on their place first thing in the morning and then they'll go altogether from there.

They both were in his car driving back to their home. None of them spoke a word. One was keeping everything in and other didn't want to make the things worse.

"Ice-cream khaogi?"

(Wanna eat ice cream?)

Came his rough deep voice and it startled her. Anisah couldn't help but feel nice after hearing him talking to her directly after so many days.

'Chalo shukar hai, saru kuch bola to sahi!'

(Thank God, this monkey said something!)

She thought happily as she mumbled a soft respectful.



He didn't said anything further as he slowly turned the car around and stopped in front of a cafe like cozy small restaurant.

He left the girl inside the car without any clue of anything at all. Anisah sat there like a lost puppy waiting for him but it didn't take much time as he soon came back.

Sitting inside the car he handed her a large cup of ice cream and started eating his own. Anisah mumbled a soft thank you as she took the first bite but her face changed its expression from happy to cold.

'Banda puch leta hai! Biwi konsi favourite ice cream hai tumhari! Pr nhi saab ka attitude he nhi khatam horaha!'

(A person can ask! Wife what's your favourite ice cream! But no, his attitude is not ending!)

She thought angrily as she ate that strawberry ice cream without much heart because she like pista one more. No not more but most.

After finishing his own cup. He started driving the car back to home as Anisah was still eating but she soon finished herself.

Reaching home he helped her to their room and then disappeared in the restroom.

Anisah couldn't help but feel sad. She knows he didn't said no to Sana then that means they are going on their honeymoon tomorrow and here this man is behaving like pregnant wife with bitter mood swings.

This isn't going to be a honeymoon and she was sure of it. But she is for the first time going out of Pakistan and she really didn't want to ruin her fun because of him.

She had thought a lot about him in the last month but now she will try her best to not think about him and enjoy her time their as much as possible and luckily Sana will also be there for her.

As soon as Michael came out of the restroom she went in with her night clothes as she did her business and ablution, changed into her comfy kurta and pyjamas.

She was persistent that she'll not think about him but the words on their own slipped from her mouth as soon as she reached the bed. "You need anything?" She asked softly.

She didn't got any response and it made her angry. She was for sure aware that he's awake then why in the world he's behaving like this with her.

'Kuch nhi chahia Habibti! Itna sa kehne mai kiski jaan jati hai!'

(I don't need anything Habibti! Will he die if he say these words!)

She thought annoyingly as she wore her veil and placed the prayer mat on the floor and did her esha prayers. After some time she felt content as she folded the prayer mat and placed it on the couch.

Anisah heard shuffling on the bed knowing very well that he's awake. She removed her veil and slowly combed her long hair.

At that moment she felt goosebumps appearing all over her body as she felt certain someone's heated gaze on her.

She hurriedly combed her hair and slammed the hair brush on the dressing table so harshly to make noise that she herself flinched at the noise.

She heard him mumbling something under his breath as she couldn't get hold of his words.

Making a bun of her hair, she softly placed the veil back on her head and went towards the bed as she layed on her side silently not facing his face for once.

'Bhar mai jaen meri taraf se!'

(Go to hell from my side!)

She thought angrily at his persistent ignoring.

The morning came soon as they both hurriedly packed their bags as Sana was dancing high on their heels.

Michael hold both of their suitcases as he carried them down and then ordered his men to place them in car. Anisah came down with the help of her cane a bit slowly as they said their goodbyes to Amma and Hina.

The car drive wasn't long as they reached the airport in no time. Instead of going through the flight for which Sana has gotten their tickets. He took them to the other side where his private posh jet was waiting for them.

They four slowly settled in Sohaib and Sana on one side whereas Michael and Anisah on the other.

When the pilot announced that they're going to take off. Michael buckled up his seat belt.

Anisah was fumbling with the seatbelt when she felt his hand touching hers as she immediately stopped her fumbling and he slowly buckled her up.

Anisah sat their stiff as tightly clasped her hands around the armrest. Her heart was beating wildly because this is her first time in plane and man it feels so thrilling she thought.

When the plane started to move. She closed her eyes tightly while reciting surahs. She felt a large hand clasping around her small one in a firm grip as he gave it a light assuring squeeze.

Once they were in the air, he let go of her hand. Anisah didn't felt good at his tactics but she didn't let her thoughts to wander on him much. He hasn't cared for her in the past month so she will care about him either.

Anisah touched the window as a thought to see the sky engulfed her. How is it looking? She had always heard that sky is blue in morning she wanted to know what blue is like.

She can enjoy this journey double if someone could explain her the things around.

"Blue is a beautiful calming colour. It also represent meanings of depth, trust, loyalty, sincerity, wisdom and faith. This colour is kinda positive vibes spreader." Michael explained calmly to her as Anisah realised that she has spoke about her wish to know blue colour out loud.

"Are we really high in air?" She asked softly not wanting for their conversation to end.

"Yes we are." She felt his presence more close as he scrunched towards her as in looking out of the window and his scent reached her senses making her want to close her eyes in piece.

"We are so high that the buildings on land is appearing like ants or probably more smaller. There are lots of clouds down there and we are above those clouds and sun is shining bright up here." He elaborated her scene as she closed her eyes in imagining.

"It's beautiful I guess." She mumbled softly with a pure smile.

His closeness drifted away as she felt him moving back to his seat.

Anisah closed her eyes as she tried her level best to ignore his deliberate negligence and the rest of the time they stayed to themselves not speaking at all.

Anisah didn't realised but due the comfy and peace she has fallen asleep and was awake by him as he shook her shoulder slightly to wake her up. She realised that her head was resting on his shoulder as she mumbled a soft sorry and got a small it's okay in return.

He helped her out of the plane as he guided her down the stairs. The cars were already waiting for them as Sana and Sohaib sat in one and whereas Michael and her sat in another.

When the car started, she felt him sitting beside her on the back seat so she asked softly. "Aren't Sana and Sohaib going to stay with us?" Her voice hesitant.

"They'll." Came his one word answer as she felt his gaze on her.

After that she didn't talked at all. Even tho she wanted him to explain how this country looks like, just to get some sort of image in her mind but she can't risk it by making him more mad then he already is.

Soon they reached their designated hotel and just by the whiff of the air she knew its posh. Sana and Sohaib were there to as they took the card key of their booked suite for couples and the same type of suite was booked for them as well.

Michael took the card key and signatures were done as he hold Anisah's hand softly and guided her to the lift and then to their suite.

The staff left their suitcases beside their door in the room as he moved in. The room wasn't a simple room but whole damn mood making room.

A large king sized bed was placed in the middle with red roses covering it fully. Candles were everywhere and a small pool was made in the room on the other side of the bed with floating candles and flowers in that to.

Anisah smelled that beautiful scent of roses and her mind skyrocketed as she knew what's in the room. It must be decorated for them as they are here for honeymoon.

She stood their in her place for two minutes and when no words came from his side. She decided to observe the surroundings. Taking out her cane from her bag she started feeling the walls and the furniture.

She felt the door in the room closing. Which meant he went to the restroom. She keep doing her observing until she was near the pool. And that to, the pool was to her back and she was backing step by step.

The door opened and his loud voice scared her. "Anisah!" And the next second she was about to fall back but two strong arms wrapped around her waist and her body was pulled flushed against his as she breathed deeply with wide eyes.

Her hands were clutching his biceps tightly as she breathed in relief. What was behind her that she was about to fall. She's being careless.

"T-thank you." She mumbled softly as she made a move to get out of his grip but he didn't made any move to let her leave and she stiffened.

She stayed like that for few seconds in his arm but it was like he became paralysed. "Are y-you a-alright?" She asked softly but no reply came.

Now he was creeping her out as she applied more force on his arm to leave her but no answer. "What's w-wrong w-with you?" She blurted out as she pushed at him forcefully and the next second. They were falling back.

Anisah screamed as she felt him deliberately falling back while holding her body to his and the next thing splash!

They were in water and her eyes widened and then closed as shocked settled in and panicked kicked in. She threw she'd her arms up at full force trying to come up the surface as she can't swim. As soon as she reached the surface she screamed. "H-help!" And tge next thing she was drowning back in.

Two strong arms wrapped around her waist and she was brought to the surface. Her hands on their own clutched to his shoulders like her life depends on it as she flushed her body to his, in order to stay on the surface.

She was panting heavily as her chest heaved up and down in a rhythm of harsh breathing.

When her breathing normalised and her senses returned. She instantly realised that he wasn't wearing his shirt anymore and is probably naked from his upper body and her breathing laboured.

"Are y-you i-insane?" She tried to make her voice cold but it came out rather soft due to their proximity when she seriously wanted to get angry on him.

He removed his shirt after they fell in water because when he was holding her outside the pool, he was wearing his shirt. And the mere thing that he's without shirt made her flustered and embarrassed.

Slowly she face him as she felt them to be face to face and extremely close. "H-help me o-out." She mumbled to him but the man has became statue as he didn't moved.

Anisah glared all sorts of daggers at him through her eyes as she now was sure that he purposely fall in the pool taking her down with him.

Huffing at him with flushed cheeks. She hold her shoulder with one hand as with other she tried to touch the edge of the pool but it was no where in their reach. She tried to search the edge all around her but no it was not anywhere close as she wanted to kill this man for doing all this to her.

She came back in his arms after much trial as she spoke. "Can you move towards the edge please." Her voice soft cane out in a requesting manner but with a hint of anger.

When he didn't move at all. Anisah literally wanted to pull her hair out of her skull in irritation. "Fine!" She huffed angrily as she let go of his shoulders and tried to move towards her right but water was deep drowning her in as she thrashed and the next second those familiar arms hold her tiny waist as he made her surface and she breathed.

She hugged him in her panic as she breathed in deeply,long puffs of breath. Her soft body flushed against his hard one as his one arm was on her waist and the other on her lower back as he plastered her to him.

"What do you want?" She asked softly as she was on the verge of crying at his ridiculous behaviour.

No answer!

She literally had it enough as she punched him on his hard chest with her tiny fist. One after another her punches landed on his chest but nothing mattered as it had no affect on him and it only tire the girl.

His chest was so hard and like a metal board that her own hands starts to hurt. She can feel his upper hard body against hers and it sent weird feelings in her body.

She slowly rested her head on his shoulder as she let her tears fall.

"Kia ap behre hogae hain?"

(Have you became deaf?)

She asked softly with trembling lips and watery eyes. She felt his chest vibrating as she jolted in her place at his small laughter.

"This isn't funny!" She spoke angrily but he didn't even moved neither said a word.

"Ya Allah mujhe sabr den!"

(Ya Allah give me patience!)

She mumbled exasperatingly making him chuckle. Now she was sure that he's doing all this stuff on purpose. It's clear that he has planned all this. So she tried to check the waters of his heart.

"Last time I got fever because of you and now I'll get sick again after thi—- Achoo!" She fake sneezed in the middle of her sentence and then sniffed.

In mini second or two she was out of of water as he picked her up by her waist and made her sit on the edge as if she weighed nothing and is a porcelain doll.

Anisah gulped and internally smirked as soon as she got out of the water. He also cane out of the water as he immediately opened her bag and after handing her her clothes he guided her to the restroom as he told her about the essentials and then immediately closed the door.

Anisah sighed as she smiled softly. So Mr. Ignoring Machine do care for but is doing all these things of acting Allah knows why.

Now she just have to find out why he's ignoring her and then she'll solve his problem and he'll be fine like before as he was used to.

After shower she changed into her clothes and went into the room. Slowly she made her way to the bed and sat on it as she faked a sneeze. She then felt shuffling in the room and next second he was in front of her as he handed her a tablet and a glass of water.


She smirked internally as she shooed his hand away and faked another sneeze. And her acting skills were marvellous as she felt his hand holding her forcefully as he placed the tablet in her palm. But the girl made no move to eat the tablet.

Any second now! She thought mischievously as in few seconds his voice reached her ear. "Eat the tablet before you get sick." Came his stern voice.


Now Anisah was enjoying it as she didn't bother to listen to him and set her veil on her head properly as she ignored him like a pro.

"I said take it Anisah!" His voice holding concern but yet came out stern.

Anisah simply turned her face towards the other side and rested her head on the headboard in a chilling manner.

She knows she was playing with fire but then again he can do anything anytime he want but she can't! No she will also do what she pleases.

"Last warning Anisah, if you didn't take it now then I'll do something really bad to you." He spoke in his cold voice making her shudder. But she stayed her grounds and turned her face towards the other side and his patience ended.

Placing the glass and tablet on the bed side table. In one swift move he was on the bed in a sitting position with his legs hanging down and Anisah was on his laps.

She shrieked at his sudden pull and as soon as she realised her position. Her heart stopped for a second.

She was dangling on his lap with her head and arms in the air from one side and legs in the air from the other side, long hairs falling towards the floor, only her toes touching the ground and his one hand lay firmly on her lower back and other firmly on the backside of her thighs as her hips were on display and her stomach was on his laps.

"What a-are y-you d-doing?" She stuttered as she tried to get up but he applied pressure on her back as he prevented her from standing up.

The girl jumped and jolted as soon as his hand that was on her lower thighs landed on the swell of her hip making her flinch.

"Now speaking aren't we!" Michael mused in his old mischievous voice making her heart to drum in her ears.

"Let m-me g-go!" She mumbled as she forcefully tried to stand but he didn't let her as he gave a slight squeeze to her ass cheek making her jolt in her place as she squealed.

"STOP!" She yelled loudly trying to struggle but her struggles died down as soon as his hand landed on her ass cheek and the girl jumped and stiffened in her place. A horrified gasp escaping her mouth.

Her hands on her mouth as it was agape. Her eyes wide as saucers. Her face, neck and ears turned tomato red.

And the next second he rubbed her from there softly as in soothing the pain but it only made her body more stiff.



He spanked her again as her voice hitched and then stopped in the middle of her sentence. And then he soothed it again.

Her body was stiff as statue as she feel tears pooling in her eyes.

"You should've listened when I was giving you all those warnings." He mused smirkingly.

"You're a-" Her breathing hitched again as he spanked her again one last time as he then soothed that area and after a minute or two he let her stand.

As soon as she stood. She immediately settled her clothes and turned to leave but in no second he got a hold of her wrist and she fall on his lap in a sitting position.

His heart stopped seeing her tears stricken red face.

He fucked up!

"Where are you going?" He asked calmly. His voice giving nothing away.

"Jahanum mai!"

(In hell!)

She yelled with teary eyes as she tried to wriggle out of his grip with full force. She became like a slippery fish is his arms as she struggled insanely that it became difficult for him keep her in his arms.

"Let go of me!" She almost snarled at his face loudly making him stunned as he gulped hesitatingly.

"Look Habibti!" He tried to use his his soft voice but she was to messed up right now.

"Don't Habibti me!" She yelled on top of her lungs as she started punching on his shoulders and chest.

Michael tensed at her words. Her struggles went to that of mad woman as in one swift movement she was on the bed and he was hovering over her small frame. Her hands on each side of her head.

Her breath hitched as the next second he flushed his body to hers to stop her wriggling all for once.

"Stop struggling and listen to me for once!" He spoke sternly making her clench her jaw as her body was trembling.

She turned her face aside not wanting to hear anything he said. And it made him angry as he let go of her one hand and hold her chin firmly making her face him.

And his hold visibly lightened, seeing her teary eyes. "Listen to me Habibti!"

She harshly pulled her face away from his hold as she spoke angrily.

"I'll listen if you let me spank you thrice!"

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