Mafia Conquest. (Mafia love story #2)

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Chapter 39

Anisah spoke angrily with blazing red cheeks and unwavering look on her face.

Michael's face turned red and the most reddened part were the tips of his ear as he gulped with difficulty.

She didn't just said that, she want to spank him thrice!

Why the fuck it sounded and felt so erotic to him?

Cursing at himself internally. He let her go as she immediately moved towards the other side of the bed and curled into a cocooned position.

Michael sighed as he tried to control his blush that appeared on him for the very first time by the words of this vixen.

Standing up from the bed, he went towards the phone placed on the wall beside door as he observed their menu that was placed beside the phone and ordered their dinner in the room.

He sat on the couch as he saw her laying there silently not moving at all. Neither she was crying nor she was speaking just laying there silently.

Even tho he had spanked her but it was not at all painful but rather teasing ones. He isn't stupid to spank her seriously, if he would've truly spanked her, she won't be able to move without wincing. The thing he did was just playful tease.

Michael was deliberately avoiding her for his own sanity. Even tho he has promised her but he still can't trust himself when he's around her. She's like a pure addiction.

He knew how difficult it was for him to stay away from her all this time. It was like dying every moment when he knows that he loves her so much.

It was difficult for him to control himself around her and he didn't want to hurt her. He had promised her that he'll wait but deep down he knew he can't stay away from her, so the best thing that came in his mind was to stay away from her and home. That's why he used to come late at nights to find her asleep on settee waiting for him.

But after few days she was awake when he came back and it stunned him. That night ignoring her was the most difficult task he has ever done in his life and he felt really bad about it.

She's not ready for him and he will not force her.

Whenever she's near, his beast wanted to claw out to claim her but he resists with utter difficulty.

He's a type of man who always got what he wanted either by hook or crook so patience is a thing that didn't settle good with him and softness is a tune which he never knew.

Now when he's placed in a position to have patience, he finds it difficult to deal with and softness just spills out of him whenever he's talking to her.

In the past month the whole biography and geography of his life and personality is changed. He is the same cold blooded assassin but not for her.

For her he wants to be best caring and gentleman like husband he can ever be. He wants to give her every happiness of this world and universe.

The whole scenario of staying away from her was for her own safety. He loose control when he's around her and he just wanted to keep her safe from the evils of this world and from him, who is the most danger to her.

Yesterday when she appeared in the office along with Sana and Sohaib made him shocked but nonetheless his heart warmed up at her sight.

He really didn't wanted to go to dinner with both of them but only Anisah's soft sad voice made him want to trail along and he went to that restaurant just for her.

When his sister dropped the bomb of honeymoon on their head. He saw how her face reddened but she didn't utter a word so he himself tried to deny that offer but who could win against Sana.

He was expecting Anisah to deny from going there but the girl didn't said a word related to honeymoon as she looked rather normal with the situation so he didn't pressed further in denying.

Their food came as he opened the door and took the food. Closing the door with his foot, he placed the dish of food on the small table in front of the couch.

Sighing he went to the cocooned girl, whose beautiful honey coloured long hairs were scattered around the pillow making him want to touch them.

Moving towards her side he crouched down on the floor in front of her bed, only to find her sleeping in her cute position.

Those pouty lips invited him to do sinful things but he shook his head as he decided to let her sleep for now as she must be hell tired after a long journey.

He ate silently while clearing few of his mails and covered the rest of the half food for her. Maybe she might wake up in night and feel hunger.

Covering the food properly. He went to restroom and changed his clothes into a relaxing pyjama only, as he groggily turned off the lights and layed beside her.

Without much of a thought, he pulled her body to his by wrapping his arm around her waist and she shuffled a bit but then relaxed in his warmth as he covered both of them with sheets.

He slept peacefully after so many days while hugging her.

Morning came earlier then expected as Michael woke up first as he yawned. When he was about to flex his muscles. He felt a small form cuddling him as he crouched his head up to stare at small tiny fist on his naked chest as her head lay just above his heart.

Her long hair sprawled all over her back and the pillow as he slowly caressed it feeling it's glossy smooth texture.

Unknowingly he has developed a weird fetish towards her beautiful hair as he combed his fingers in those glossy locks.

He felt so refreshed and energetic. It was such a peaceful sleep after a long time.

The caressing of her hair by his fingers went to her scalp as he slowly started massaging her scalp through her hairs and girl literally hummed in ecstasy as she snuggled more into him making him stiffened.

Unconsciously she hold his hand groggily and placed it in her head where she want the massage to be done as she mumbled softly. "Here." She was still in her sleep.

Michael arched his brow but nonetheless did what he was told by this precious lady and soon he heard a satisfied hummed which really sounded like a moan to him as he tensed but didn't stop massaging her head.

After few seconds the girl literally slurred. "Moree." As she lightly rubbed her cheek on his chest for warmth. He gulped hardly as he closed his eyes for a brief second and then opened it again and kept massaging her scalp.

The girl was literally sleeping like a sleep deprived person. As Michael slowly stopped massaging her scalp.

An annoyed groan was heard from her mouth as she incoherently mumbled. "D-don't stop."

Michael didn't massaged her head again because the girl was enjoying this treatment way to much and that to in her sleep and her actions are pure torture for his self restraining.

"Wake up Habibti." He spoke softly as he patted her cheek. The girl literally slapped his hand away as her arm wrapped around his torso and she snuggled more while mumbling. "Shut up." Her voice rough and cute.

Michael smirked softly at her shut up as he shook her a bit more to come in her senses. That did the trick as the girl immediately opened her eyes and then her hand that was hugging his torso, hesitatingly touched his skin and the next second she moved away from him as if she got thunder struck.

Her eyes wide as she faced where he's laying. Her long hairs covering her shoulders as they curtained her face softly from one side making her sawn like neck to be on his display from the other side.

"Y-you are n-naked?!" She asked or rather stated in a scared voice making him smirk.

"I d-didn't remember s-sleeping on your chest." She mumbled with a jumbled face as if she's recalling last night.

"Yes, I'm naked Habibti." He spoke mischievously.

Anisah's eyes widened and her mouth went ajar. Gulping she stuttered. "C-completely?"

"What if I say yes Habibti?" He asked daringly as amusement danced in his green hawk like eyes.

Anisah felt her heart thudding wildly in her chest as she without a word stood from the bed and with slow calculating steps she went to the corner where their bags are placed.

She got her clothes that is a beautiful dress, which she hasn't worn till now. Taking that she slowly went to the restroom all the time feeling a heated gaze on her.

Her steps were slow and precautious as she didn't want the last night scene to repeat again.

She locked the door as she showered. Just yesterday and last month he was ignoring her like that magnet repelling phenomenon but now she is behaving fine. Is this some sort of joke?

When he feel like it. He'll just disappear and whenever he feels like it. He became normal. That's just wow.

Her cheeks tinted red recalling what she had said to him last night. How could she say those spanking thing to him. That just slipped her mouth in the heat of the moment. She would never do such horrible and inappropriate thing to him. Her cheeks reddened in embarrassment as she tried to think of anything else but him.

If possible her cheeks flame more knowing that she was sleeping on his naked chest all night. And in the morning those soft caresses and massage was him. What she considered a giant pillow was basically him as she snuggled into him. How much more embarrassing this can get?

After shower she changed into her clothes and covered her head with her veil after softly drying her hairs with the towel.

Her stomach grumbles as she came out the restroom. She slept without having dinner last night.

She heard shuffling from the corner where there bags were as Michael has placed them in the closet.

Anisah has missed her fajar prayers but she didn't want to miss zuhr as well. She really wanted to ask him the time and the direction of qibla but on the other hand she didn't want to talk to him.

She felt his heated gaze on her and felt him moving towards her and she cautiously straightened up. Holding her hand he guided her to the couch where the breakfast was placed on the table.

"Here's the breakfast Habibti." He told her softly as he made her sit on the couch.

Oh, so now he’s fine!

Before she can stop herself the words escaped her lips. "Have you eaten?" She asked softly.

Michael smiled genuinely at her as he pinched her cheek cutely like that of kids as he let go with a adorable pull and the girl hissed and rubbed her cheek as she glared daggers his way.

"No, Habibti! I will eat after shower." Anisah nodded nonetheless while rubbing her cheek as she mumbled. "C-can you please tell me the time and Qibla direction as well?"

Michael stiffened at her demands as he slowly nodded and told her about the direction and time and then without a word he went to the restroom.

Anisah ate silently as she really enjoyed those bread and omelette. It was really tasty but why he ordered this, they can simply eat it in Pakistan as well. He should've order their Thai breakfast but then again, that food might have forbidden ingredients in them. Maybe that's why he ordered this.

The girl couldn't understand what literally happened in a span of one day. She with Sana going to his office and ending up here. First he ignored her then he jumped in the pool and became all mischievous and then those awfully embarrassing spanks and in the morning he's normal again.

Like, what is this behaviour? It's not funny at all to make your wife feel like this.

She had enough of his tantrums. She will confront him herself. She didn't want to spend her vacations like this. She wants to enjoy her time here but if his behaviour continues, she'll probably kill him.

She sat their making her mind how to confront him. She wanted to know what's going inside that scary mind of his and she will find out at any cost.

Slowly she observed her surroundings again for precautions as she find the dressing table and she slowly combed her hair. Her hairs were still wet, perks of having long and thick hair.

She slowly combed them when she heard the door being opening and his footsteps echoing in the room.

On cue there was a knock heard on their door as Michael went to check on it. It was Sana all ready and hyped up along with a grinning Sohaib.

“Bhai we are going out to the beachside wanna come?” She asked happily with enthusiasm.

Michael smiled at her happiness as he felt presence behind him. It was Anisah who was now trying to listen to their convo and a smile appeared on her face as soon as she heard the words of beach from Sana.

Michael saw the change of expression as he smiled and nodded at Sana. Sana moves in pushing past her brother as she looked at Anisah’s dressing. The girl was wearing a beautiful plain dress but Sana had other plans for her. “Sohaib can you please bring me my bag from our room.” She told her husband softly, who only nodded confused and the next thing Sana was pushing Michael out of the room.

“Sorry bhai, its a girl thing. Just give us few minutes.” Sana spoke softly as she literary shut the door on his face.

Michael stood there for complete two minutes staring at the door. His sister is getting bold as well for shutting the door on his face. What is happening to these girl? He thought.

Sohaib cane back with the bag as he stared at the door staring Michael with a weird expression. He knocked on the door softly and Sana showed her face like a child as she immediately took the bag and shit the door with a quick thank you.

“That’s weird.” Sohaib mumbled with confused face as he saw Michael moving towards the corridor where two four comfy sofas are placed as he sat on one. Sohaib also went there as he sat on the other sofa.

“Do you know what are they up to?” Sohaib asked in pure curiosity to Michael who gave him a serious deadly look as he motioned Sohaib to come closer as he was about to tell him a top notch secret. That got Sohaib’s curiosity hyped as he with widened curious eyes got closer to hear whatever Michael was about to tell. “I don’t know.”

Michael stated calmly and then smiled at the Sohaib’s dramatic face. The poor soul thought that he’s going to tell him a secret which he himself didn’t know. “How can I know man?” Michael stated while grinning.

Sohaib day back with an annoyed face making Michael to chuckle at him. He really took that seriously as if Michael knows.

On cue the door opened and came out Sana wearing jeans and a long floral frock that is having a slit on one side. Her hairs open with sun glasses sitting proudly on her nose. Sohaib’s jaw was dropped as he eyed his gorgeous wife. Michael wanted to laugh at Sohaib’s expression.

Then Sana moved to the side to reveal his Anisah and his own eyes widened at the scene in front of him. His doll was wearing the same dress as Sana’s but she was wearing hijab to cover her hair. And damn she was looking so damn hot. This was the first time he was seeing his coy wife in western dressing and Wallah it made her look like a bomb.

“Close you mouth guys. Where are you etiquettes?” Sana spoke mischievouslyas both the men immediately shut their mouth and nervously shook up.

Sohaib went to Sana as Michael slowly made his way to his doll which is looking way more like a doll in this dress.

Standing closer to her, he saw how she nervously hold both of her hands together. She can feel his presence.

Holding her hand softly he mumbled. “How will I be able to control now?” He voice was low as he mumbled it under his breath and girl only got to understand how of his whole line.

She was nervous and was written all over his face but his small compliment of words apprehension can make her feel little good but nothing came out of his mouth so decided to ask herself. “How am I looking?” She asked softly while giving a soft twirl in front of him.

He gulped as his adam’s apple bobbed up and then down. He eyed every inch of her with his hawk like eyes and twirl didn’t help at all. “You’re looking so damn gorgeous Habibti.” He mumbled huskily near her ear in his slow voice.

Her cheeks turned red as a smile appeared on her face. Now she feels good really good on that. It’s a good start of the day.

As both the couples went out of the hotel towards the beach that was just behind the hotel. The whether was so much perfect not hot neither cold just perfect.

It was not afternoon completely as they walked to the beach. Anisah can hear people passing by, the laughter the happiness. It felt surreal to her. She is literally in another country and on beach currently.

It was like just the best moment for her. She felt free and good. How she wished Sana could elaborate her the scenes but she didn’t want to disturb the girl.

First Anisah thought that if Sana is going then she can spend her time with her and enjoy but how dumb was of her to forget that Sohaib will also be there. Of course the girl would spend time with her husband rather then dictating scenes to Anisah.

Anisah without much thought blurted out. “Can y-you please elaborate me the scenery.” She mumbled softly to her intimidating husband who is walking beside her. He didn’t said anything so Anisah immediately mumbled. “Only if you want to.”

Then she started facing towards the side where wind was coming from. She was sure he will not speak because this man is behaving like a weird person and it started getting to her mood seriously.

“The sky is cloudy and these clouds are prettily hiding the sun away making the atmosphere a lot more cozy and beautiful.” A soft smile appeared on Anisah’s face as she faced him with pure fascination as if she can create those images in her own world.

“Kids are running around playing with a ball and some are building sand castles while sitting next to their parents. And a woman just walked past us in her bikini and she just winked at me.” Michael spoke in a gasping voice making her stiffened as she stopped moving.

First thing he shouldn’t really have to explain what that girl is wearing. Is he elaborated her clothing then his eyes must have checked her out.

Second thing why in the world he was even looking at that girl’s face that he got to know she winked at him.

Third thing why she’s feeling like she’s boiling inside.

“Take me to that girl.” She faced him with vicious eyes and spoke in a strong serious voice.

Michael stared at her with wide eyes and jaw dropped face. Is Anisah Michael Sheikh jealous.

“It’s alright babe.” He tried to calm her but the way her face was looking malicious made an eruption of butterflies to be roaming around his heart.

“I said take me to her.” She put pressure on her every word to make it clear to him how hella serious she is.

“Are you jealous babe?” He asked teasingly earning a frown from her.

Her brows scrunched together in confusion which was basically fake because from inside she was fuming. “Huh! Jealous and me!” Anisah spoke in a pure sass tone which was a complete giveaway.

“Admit it babe. You’re jealous because someone just winked at me.” Michael tried to take out her fierceness which was clearly written all over her face.

“Look you’re my husband. So it’s her bad that she’s late because you’re already taken! Where is jealousy in all this?” She stated the first two lines in pure possessiveness and the last line was like in a duh tone.

Michael couldn’t help but laugh whole heartedly at this cute adorable soul as he pulled both her cheeks and squished her face and then let go while laughing his heart out.

“You’re are so cut Habibti.” He mumbled in her ear deliberately and the girl went all tomato just on his words as she immediately mumbled to divert his attention.

“Is she looking at you now?” Anisah asked as they started walking again.

Michael slightly turned and yes that blond was still dying him like he’s a meat. “Yes Habibti. She’s watching me with dirty eyes.” He admit to her just to see her reaction.

“That witch!” Anisah turned in his arms as she stand on her tiptoes but still she couldn’t reached his face so she wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him down a little and then.

She kissed him on the cheek!

Michael was shell shocked as his hands were on her tiny waist and unknowingly the tip of his ears turned red.

“Is she watching?” Anisah asked softly as her lips were still lingering on his cheek.

Michael literally looked at the blonde and nonetheless she was watching as he chuckled softly seeing a frown on that blondes face. “Yes she’s watching Habibti.” He mumbled softly as he knew where this will go.

“Oh, I’ll give her something to watch.” Anisah mumbled smirkingly as she kissed him on the temple and then on the high cheekbone. She moved a bit away.

“Is she still watching?” Anisah asked softly, feeling her own cheeks turning crimson.

“Huh?” Michael mumbled confused as he was to drowned up in the situation to focus on her words.

“Is she still watching?” Anisah asked again.

Michael looked and found no one there, the blond left. “She’s still watching.” He mumbled intentionally because in no way he wanted to end this exquisite moment.

Anisah frowned. “What is wrong with that woman?” She mumbled to herself. She was about to kiss him on the cheek again when she felt his hold on her waist tightening as he pulled her more flushed on him.

That was the moment she realised, he’s lying. And she’s definitely going to teach him a lesson.

She got closer to his face as if she’s going to kiss but the girl bit him there slightly making him jerk away from her as he let go of her.

Anisah smiled triumphantly knowing that her teeth’s must be printed on his cheek. “Why would you do that?”

Michael asked exaggerated as he rubbed his cheek.

Anisah narrowed her eyes at him as if she’s glaring. “I’m not a fool!” She exclaimed seriously.

Michael was stunned at her behaviour. Never in his life he thought that this coy innocent girl can be so mischievous, bold and fierce and man he’s liking every bit of it.

“Where is Sana and Sohaib?” Anisah asked after a minute or two as she prayed internally for them to be somewhere else and wishing that they had not seen her stunt which she just performed.

“They are making sand castle!” He spoke with a weird expression as he saw his sister and her husband two pure adults drowned in concentration making a sand castle like kids.

“I wanna make one too.”

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