Mafia Conquest. (Mafia love story #2)

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Chapter 40

"Kids do that stuff." He stated as if he's the most old person on this planet of earth.

"Then consider me as a kid because I'm making it." Anisah stated simply as she hold his hand and started walking on her own direction making Michael to immediately stop as she was heading straight towards the laying man.

He guided her to the place where there were less people and told her that she can make it. Anisah sat down on her knees not caring much about her clothes but then she realised that she has never made one and she didn't know how to make a sand castle.

With puppy dog eyes she faced him and spoke softly. "I don't know how to make a sand castle." Her voice came out sad.

Michael stared at her with his narrowed eyes. Her puppy dog eyes with those long batting lashes made him grunt as he slowly sat down not before looking around to find everyone busy in their own business.

Sighing he kneeled beside her as he spoke softly. "First we try to make a mountain like thing with this sand." His voice deep and soft as Anisah nodded as she started to slowly make a mountain like statue with sand.

When she made it of the enough height. "Now we'll shape it." He told as Anisah immediately nodded and started shaping the sand but it wasn't working so he slowly placed his hands on her as she tensed but then relaxed as he softly helped her in shaping the sand.

That moment felt so intimate to Anisah that it became hard for her to draw out normal breath.

"Now we'll make a small mountain on this base." He told her smoothly and Anisah nodded her head as he again helped with his hands on hers.

They slowly shaped that small mountain as well. "There must be door and windows in this castle." Anisah spoke enthusiastically with smiling face making Michael to nod unconsciously at that breath taking sight.

"Of course Habibti, there must be." He nodded his head as he made small hollow like windows and a same hollow like door. As Anisah did what he said.

"Is it done?" She asked enthusiastically making Michael to smile softly at her.

"Yes it is, Habibti." He answered her softly as his eyes stayed glued on her angelic face.

"Is it beautiful?" She asked softly, her eyes twinkling with fun.

"It's exquisite." He declared whole heartily as Anisah grinned at her handy work but the man just called her exquisite without her even knowing because his eyes along with his concentration was fixated on his doll.

"Can you take a picture of this castle?" She asked softly with hopeful eyes as Michael nodded his head and immediately took out his phone.

"Here Habibti! Face me and show me your pearly smile." He instructed her and she listened as the next thing he clicked her beautiful picture along with her castle.

They both were unaware that someone is making a video of these beautiful moments.

"Wanna go in water?" He asked her as they both walked towards the water. Those memories of them in pool just yesterday night made her face flushed as she immediately mumbled.

"I can't swim." Michael laughed at her words. As he saw the worried expression on her face.

"Babe we are not going for a bath in their and neither for swimming. We can just walk in less water." He assured her softly with a hint of mischievousness in his voice and Anisah knew that he's up to something.

She immediately let go of his hand as she moved a step back. Her eyes wide and her face pale. "No you wouldn't." She blurted out more like in a warning but it came out as question full of uncertainty.

"I wouldn't what Habibti?" He asked her in a snickering deep voice making her take another step back as in next second the girl turned on her heels to run away from him but he in an instant hold her wrist and pulled her back. The next thing the girl was in his arms in a bridal style.

As he toss her up in air and then she was back in his arms screaming. "Michael!" She screeched as she wrapped her arms tightly around his neck. "What are y-you doing?" She asked in her scared voice.

Michael grinned at her as he smirked. "What do you think baby? I'm just taking you in water." He whispered near her ear making her eyes to widen.

"No, I don't want to go in water! Put me down! P-people must be looking at us! They'll think so wrong! P-put me down!" She rambled like a an innocent little girl she is. She's worried more that people will see them like this and they'll think wrong.

His wife really had a purity filter in her brain for considering everyone naive like her.

"Oh baby! Just watch me." He whispered in her ear as the next thing he started walking towards the shore with the girl wriggling in his arms.

"If you didn't put me down now. I will scream!" She tried to threaten him in her stern tone but he detect the frightened voice behind this stern one as he smirked.

"Scream all you want baby but keep in mind, the people here will think that we're doing dirty in open." He told her seriously while smirking and her jaw literally dropped at his words.

She made an ew face as she tried to struggle. "I said put me down or else I'll not talk to you ever!" She yelled in his ear making him chuckle as the next thing he let her go and her hold on his neck was loose as she fell with a splash in the water.

"As you say babe." Came his laughing reply.

Anisah was to engrossed in fighting to realise that he got in the water. Even tho she could hear the sound of waves getting closer but he was keeping her mind on him completely.

Anisah splashed her hands in water in pure anger. Her body was half in water and half outside. He literally just threw her in. An evil idea popped in her head as she started to cry silently and then she sniffed and large tears fall out of her eyes. She slowly hold her ankle and start touching it softly while crying more.

Michael saw the change of her expression from shock to pain as she started crying while holding her ankle. His heart beat increased as his face ashen realising that he has hurt her.

In seconds he was on his knees in front of her holding her foot in his hands as he placed it smoothly on his knee and touched her ankle.

She screamed so loudly that it got him startled. Was it paining that bad he thought as he was sure by the way he dropped her , she would've landed on a soft wet sand and water so there's no chances of her getting her ankle hurt unless it got twisted.

Cursing at himself internally he slowly massaged her ankle earning another loud cry from her. "Habibti! I'm so sorry. I shouldn't have done this." He mumbled softly as he massaged her ankle.

"Yes you shouldn't have." Anisah mumbled mischievously as the next second she splash water on his face from both hands.

Michael sat their in water stunned and still for a second with close eyes as water dropped down his face and beard. After couple of seconds he calmly opened his eyes. His posture speaking that she played very well. Taking advantage of his kindness.

"Who will save you now Habibti?" He asked in his dark mischievous voice making her eyes widened as she immediately stood and tried to run opposite to him. Michael smirked evilly as he shouted.

"Kidher bach ke jaogi mujhse?"

(Where will you escape from me?)

Anisah couldn't walk that fast because she was scared to hit into something or anything can appear in front of her at just one foot but the thought that he's behind her was enough safety as she slowly jogged away from him in the water.

"Catch me if you can!" Anisah shouted back. Her laughter felt like lullaby to his ears as he ran towards her.

And just after couple of few more steps Anisah was in his arms as he wrapped his arms around her stomach. His front to her back and the next thing the girl was in air as he twirled her lovingly still in water as water reached his legs.

Her laughter won't stop as he let her go softly helping her stand on her feet and she went falling to the other side but he hold her in place by her wrist as he pulled her on him and wrapped his arm around her waist.

"Let's go back Habibti. We can come out again in night." He told her softly as she mumbled a soft okay and they walked back in the hotel. Anisah was holding her shoes in her hands as she was roaming on the sand barefoot and she really didn't feel like wearing it back but Michael made her wear them just to cross the reception and lift and as soon as they were in lift she removed her shoes and held them in her hands.

She's literally something else!

In room Anisah took out her clothes and went straight into the restroom. The girl was glad that her hairs didn't got wet because she seriously can't wash her hair daily and now twice a day. She simply made a high bun of her hair, washed her body and changed into those clothes.

She did everything in hurry because she knew Michael was still wet and he can catch fever. As soon as she came out of the restroom Michael went in.

Anisah sighed as the sat on the bed and unknowingly a smile appeared on her face recalling such blissful events of the day.

But her mood changed into a frown as she recalled about that blond. He's handsome under the touch of her fingers but if the girl is winking at her husband then that must mean he's really good looking and if he's this much good looking and all wealthy rich then what did he saw in her.

According to her auntie Shazia. She still remember that she's not pretty at all. Then why in the world he married her. This question was always there in her head but it was dumped deep down when other issues raided her brain cells and when those issues are scurrying away this thought came back racking her brain.

The door to the restroom opened as she felt him moving towards the mirror. "Today was so much fun." She spoke softly while smiling trying to forget that thought which just disturbed her few seconds ago.

"Yeah." Came his reply but the voice in which he spoke was emotionless. Not the mischievous naughty one and neither that soft or angry one.

Please don't turn cold on me again!

She prayed in her heart silently as she slowly stood up and went closer to him but still one feet away.

"Are you cold?" She asked softly desperately trying to conduct a conversation because she can't bear his ignorance anymore.

"No." Came his curt reply as she started feeling her heart cracking slowly after such a wonderful day.

"Are you m-mad at me?" She asked softly with pleading eyes.

She knew he hasn't turned around because she can't feel his gaze on her and she felt scared as that thought roamed her mind.

No reply!

Her eyes started to tear up as she controlled her tears with great effort. "I'm sorry, if I m-make y-you m-mad." She whisper so softly with her eyes down.

She felt him walking pass her and then she heard the opening and closing of the door.

He left!

He left the room without giving any answer. What she did wrong this time as a single tear fall from her eye.

Why he's doing this to her? Why? This is not fair. She can't bear such things. He was being so happy and cheerful on the beach and then like in a flip he's cold again.

She felt so much pain in her heart that she felt it breaking into many pieces. His ignorance is killing her slowly.

If he wanted to stay like that cold ignoring man then why in the world he became all joyous with her on the beach.

He's playing with her heart and her emotions. Her feelings didn't matter to him. She didn't matter to him.

His behaviour was on one side but this sever pain and heartache was another thing. Anisah couldn't understand why his small small actions affects her so much. Why he affected her so much.

Anisah wiped her tears as she tried to console herself. Now she will not cry because of him. Let him do whatever he want. She will not care.

With that mantra in her head, she did her ablution and then performed her Asar prayer, she keep sitting on the prayer mat making dua to her lord as she felt content after few minutes.

As there was nothing much to do so she decide to take a nap. She slowly layed on the bed and drifted to sleep within seconds.

After an hour or two, she felt someone nudging her awake. Slowly she opened her eyes and mumbled. "What?" Her voice full of irritation.

"What what? Wake up we are going out for dinner." Came the happy voice of Sana making Anisah to groggily wake up.

"I just slep." She complained while while softly rubbing her eye and yawning.

"Yeah whatever. I'm taking out your clothes. You go freshen up." Sana told her in a hurried voice as she pushed her towards the restroom and Anisah groggily obliged.

After freshening up she came out and was attacked by Sana who gave her clothes to change in. Without a word Anisah did everything she said and Sana also did her light makeup. "Gosh! You're looking beautiful. Michael bhai won't be able to look away from you." Sana spoke mischievously as she stared at her handy work proudly.

When she noticed the pale look on Anisah face her face changed into serious one. "Are you alright Anisah?" Sana asked softly.

"Huh!" Anisah mumbled softly in confusion not facing her way. As if she's in her own world of thoughts.

"Are you okay?" Sana asked again softly shaking her by the shoulder lightly.

Her mirage of thoughts broken as she blinked couple of time and then faced Sana. "Yeah." She blurted out as she was about to massage her right eye when Sana gasped and immediately hold her hand.

"What in the world are you doing?" Sana spoke in a horrified exaggerated voice.

""Nothing! Why are you yelling?" Anisah asked annoyed at her weird behaviour. "Let go of my hand my eye feels itchy." Anisah mumbled trying to get her hand free from Sana's grip.

"Dear Anisah just couple of minutes ago you were not present in this planet at that time I was doing my handy work on your face that's called makeup and you just want to ruin it." Sana spoke all that in one breath exaggeration dripping from her every word as she breathed heavily after finishing her Oscar award receiving speech.

"Are you done?" Anisah asked with sass making Sana to gasp out. "Aren't you bit too moody today?" Sana retorted with a frown.

Anisah sighed why she's being mean to her best friend because of her so called husband.

"I'm sorry." Anisah mumbled softly as she tried to stood from the chair when Sana forcefully made her sit by pushing her down by her shoulders.

"Tell me what's wrong?" Sana asked softly with complete concentration.

Anisah sighed, she really didn't want to tell her about the doings of her brother and spoil her mood. "It's nothing Sana. I'm feeling irritated cause you just disturbed my precious sleep and you know how moody I become after waking up." Anisah spoke with a frown I face to make Sana believe her words, which was believing to some extent.

"Oh come on! We are not here for sleep. We are here to enjoy and we're going to just do that tonight." Sana mumbled mischievously as she clapped her hands happily.

"Let's go." She helped Anisah out of the room as Sana guided her towards the date type of setup on the beach far from crowd in complete silence as both the girls walked with grace towards their men.

"Sohaib decided that we should have dinner here on the beach and bhai agreed." Sana informed Anisah softly. "Sohaib and bhai are sitting on their tables looking so handsome waiting for us. Bhai is wearing white shirt and skin colour shorts. Your table is looking beautiful with fairy lights surrounding it and the shore is just beside us." Sana elaborated everything to Anisah softly and it seemed really pretty in her imagination.

"It's beautiful." Anisah mumbled in Sana's ear making the girl giggle happily.

"Now I'm going cause bhai is coming your way. Enjoy darling." Sana informed softly with a teasing smirk in the last part as she left Anisah.

Both the men were awestruck seeing their wives. Sohaib left his chair as he hold Sana's hand and helped her on the seat.

Michael went to his breathtaking wife as he hold her hand softly and her body tensed knowing that it was him. He guided her to the seat and helped her sit as he sat opposite to her.

Anisah didn't said a word and same goes for him. She sat their facing the sore feeling the cold breeze hitting her cheeks and turning her nose red.

An ire like silence surrounds them and only the gushing sounds of wind and the voice of waves hitting the shore resounds in the environment.

It felt serene and calm. She felt free and at peace. No voice was heard in their surroundings which simply meant that Sana's and Sohaib's table is far from them.

She felt his heated gaze on her but she won't let her heart to indulge in his heart breaking tricks and games. She is aware of his tactics now.

"What would you like to eat?" Came his calm calculated voice.

'Zeher de dain!'

(Give me poison!)

She thought angrily but kept her thoughts to herself.

Anisah didn't bothered to answer him happily at all. "Anything will do." She stated simply not even facing his way. Her posture cold.

Silence followed as he gave orders to the waiter who wrote everything and left after placing a bottle of champagne on their table along with two glasses.

Michael didn't stop the waiter from placing that bottle on their table because he really needed it right now. Pouring himself a glass he took in a sip.

He was glad that she can't know what he's drinking because if she did. He would've to face her wrath.

In few minutes their dinner arrived as he served for himself and for her as well. "What would you like to drink?" He asked softly.

'Khoon pena hai apka!'

(I want to drink your blood)

She thought angrily. "Water." Her voice plainly curt with pure seriousness and irritation dripping from it.

Anisah took a bite of her lasagna and it was so spicy that she started blowing air in her mouth with her hands and drank the first thing that came in her hand in one gulp.

Then she made en ew face at the bitter taste. "Water." She spoke hurriedly and Michael have the glass of water to her with widened eyes.

The girl literally gulped the whole glass of his champagne.

After feeling bit better she mumbled. "What was that bitter juice." She spoke making a new face as she faced him for answer.

"That was a umm...special juice, which was mine but you gulped it in one go." Michael spoke seriously just wishing that she won't know what it was.

"Sorry for drinking your bitter juice." She mumbled with a jumbled mind.

Her mind went lighter and she felt chilling type of sensation in her body.

'Kahi asli mai to zeher nhi dedia.'

(Did he gave me poison for real.)

She thought with a hazy mind but a small giggle erupted from her mouth.

"Can I have one more glass of your juice?" She asked softly while smiling.

Michael shook his head in negative. "Uhh. No! You can't." He stated seriously as Anisah poured and next second her hand searched for the bottle and in other second she was drinking champagne directly from the bottle in large gulps.

Michael hurriedly stood up as he snatched the bottle away from her and threw it away. "What's wrong with you?" He asked angrily making her eyes widened and then teary.

"I just wanted to drink that juice. It's m-making me feel buzzy." She mumbled softly with frowning eyebrows and pouty lips.

"That juice is not good for you." He stated softly as he sat beside her this time. He took a spoonful of white pasta and put it in her mouth when she was about to protest. The girl glared at him as she slowly chewed the food and gulped it down.

When she was about to speak again. He did that same thing again making her grumble with her mouth full. After couple of spoon fulls he let her speak.

"Why are you feeding me like a kidddd." She slurred with a sweet adorable frown on her face.

"Let's go back Habibti. You need to sleep." He told her softly as he helped her on her feet.

They walked some distance but Sana and Sohaib came in front of her stopping them. "Bhai there's party happening there and we're going there y'all should also come." Sana told them enthusiastically.

Michael saw that stern expression on Sohaib's face and his own face changed into serious. But before he could say no Anisah shouted rather loudly. "PARTY!"

"Let's go partyyy." Anisah spoke slirringly as she went from Michael's grip to Sana's as Sana gave her weird look at her behaviour but nonetheless giggled.

As both the girls went to the farside of the hotel where a party was happening. Loud music was blasting with fairy lights covering the sky as people were dancing as if its a club and were enjoying their time.

As soon as they reached in, Sana took Anisah to the far corner, where there were less people as they started doing weird couple dance while laughing.

Michael and Sohaib saw the girls from a far as they tried to pass the crowd to get to their stupid wives.

Sana sat on the sofa for a second to breath and the next second Anisah was gone from her place. Sana's eyes widened in horror as she immediately stood up and looked at her surroundings for Anisah.

Anisah was in her own world as she mingled with the dancing people. Her body was moving with rhythm with such grace that men surrounding her eyed her voluptuous beauty moving with perfect sync with the beat.

The dress she was wearing gave more beauty to her curves as the guy who was dancing a feet away whistled her way.

Her eyes were closed as she was enjoying her form moving to the beat. The attention she was getting was unwavering as men eyed her like a meat ready to attack the voluptuous beauty.

Before anyone could make their move on the dazzling girl. Large strong arms wrapped around her waist as the man pulled her closer making her breath to hitch at sudden touch.

A strong whiff of unfamiliar cologne reached her nose as his strong arms stayed firmly on her waist and a strong husky voice reached her ears.

"We meet again princess."

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