Mafia Conquest. (Mafia love story #2)

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Chapter 41 part # 1

Anisah was in her haze. Her mind felt dizzy and buzzy. She groggily tried to get out of the person's grip but it only tightened as he slowly took her out of the crowd towards the backside where there was nobody at sight.

"L-let me g-go s-stranger!" Anisah stuttered while struggling hazily in his arms.

The man chuckled smoothly. "I'm not a stranger, we've met before Princess." He told her in a smooth voice.

Her brows scrunched up as she tried to recall his voice and yes, she has heard it but where she can't recall but didn't mean he can hold her like this.

"I said let me go or else I'll t-tell my husband about you and he'll b-beat you very bad." Anisah spoke in a slurry voice as she tried to threatened the tall muscular man whose physic resemble that of her own man

"He won't be your husband for long!" The man spoke in a venomous voice making her flinch.

Tears started to form in her eyes as she wriggled harshly out of his grip. "Don't touch me!" She spoke furiously with blazing teary eyes.

"I will take you away from him Anisah Rehman." He stated so coldly near her ear that she felt cold shudders in her body as she stepped back.

She shook her head in negative vigorously as tears poured out of her eyes. "No." She whispered so softly as she continued to shook her head in negative.

"Don't cry princess." His voice was soft as he spoke with sincerity.

Dread started to creep up in her veins at his words. Who is he? How could he say something like this? Where is Michael? Her head hurts and she felt it light.

"Who are you and w-what do you want from me?" She spoke in a slurry voice.

She felt him taking a step closer to her as he was about to move back, he hold her arm firmly and pulled her back on her place. "Don't stress yourself princess, you'll be mine soon."

He stressed on the word mine making her shake her head in negative with wide teary eyes and quivering lips and chin. "Let m-me g-go! M-my husband is waiting for me." She whispered in a scared voice as she tried to pry his large rough hand from her arm.

The sentence kind of made him angry. "I will kill him princess. He's destined to die from my hands." He stated with such cold voice that the girl couldn't help but whimper at his vicious words.

"Now don't cry princess." His voice softened on its own as he let go of her arm and wiped a tear from her cheek making her flinch as she immediately moved back as if lightening struck her.

"I will tell him e-everything and then h-he will b-beat you v-very badly." She mumbled with pouty quivering lips and teary eyes.

He chuckled softly as he wanted to pinch her red nose but he refrained himself. "You won't remember a thing princess, you're drunk." He stated softly eying the innocent beauty.

"Till we meet again princess." He spoke softly as Anisah frowned at his words and in just couple of minutes Anisah was taken in a bone crushing hug.

The all to familiar musky scent and warmth she yearned for engulfed her in his embrace as the girl visibly relaxed and hugged him back. His arms wrapped firmly around her waist. His head in the crook of her neck as she was practically in air, not even her toes touching the ground as her arms wrapped around his neck.

"Allah tera shukar."

(Thank you Allah.)

She heard his soft whisper as he slowly let her go and she stand on her feet again. But his hands left her waist only to cup her face. "Don't scare me ever again like this." He spoke sternly making her giggle softly.

"You missed me?" She asked cheerfully as Michael saw the dried tears on her cheeks.

"Why were you crying? Did someone hurt you?" Michael asked seriously as he looked around but find no one there.

His large hands made her face look so small as he wiped her tears and again pulled her in his embrace. Her face squished on his hard chest making her snuggle more as she forgot everything and wrapped her arms around his torso.

"You missed me!" She mumbled again with a happy glee in her eyes and a smiley face making him heave a sigh in relief.

"I missed you!" He scoffed. "Habibti I was going crazy looking for you!" He confessed tightening his hold on her making her giggle on his chest.

The emotions Michael felt in that period of fifteen minutes was like facing death in the eyes. He couldn't breath, couldn't thing. His mind was going berserk when he didn't find her there.

He couldn't comprehend the feeling of dread that creeped in every fibre of his body. He was about to have a cardiac arrest just by thinking of her going missing.

Never in his whole life he felt this much scared and frightened. His blood in his veins were about to freeze on him. He can't bear to loose her.

"Don't ever do that again!" He scolded her lightly as he felt his erratic heart calming down a little and her lily scent played an excellent role in calming his nerves down.

"You're so warmmm!" Anisah mumbled softly as she snuggled her face more in his chest making him stiffened.

On cue a gasp was heard and the next thing Sana just shoved her brother away and hugged the tipsy girl in a tight hug. "You scared the hell out of me Anisah!" Sana scolded her angrily while still hugging her.

Anisah frowned as she felt annoyed at Sana for breaking her cuddly moment. "I c-can't b-breath." Anisah mumbled in panting voice making Sana to immediately left her with an embarrassed laugh as she smacked Anisah's head for disappearing like that.

Anisah made an ouch face as she rubbed her head. "Smack your Sohaib okay! Don't smack me again!" Anisah mumbled while glaring at where she thought Sana is.

Sohaib chuckled at this and Sana's cheeks reddened at her friend's blunt words.

"You both go enjoy. I'll take her back in the hotel." Michael told them as they both nodded and left not before Sana mumbling something in Anisah's ear which made her all red.

As they left Michael hold her small hand in his as he guided her with him to the hotel. The girl whines all the way. When Michael was about to move towards the lift the receptionist stopped him.

The receptionist informed him about the change of rooms as Sohaib had only booked the rooms for one day only and now they are booked. He informed that their belongings is shifted to the overwater bungalow in which they'll be staying for two days as it's the most private and only available for their top customers.

Michael nodded his head as he told the receptionist to make their arrangements to reach that place. The man nodded instantly as he guided them out of the hotel towards the yacht.

Anisah was already tipsy so Michael scooped her up in his arms and the girl giggled in joy as he carried her in the yacht and made her sit.

"Where are we going?" She whispered feeling fuzzy as Michael sat beside her holding her hand as he made her arm to wrap around his in a lock.

"We are currently in a yacht and going to our overwater bungalow." He informed her softly and saw how her eyes widened in amazement.

"I'm on a boat!" She squeaked loudly making him chuckle softly as he mumbled a soft. "Yes, Habibti."

"And we are going to an overwater bungalow. I know what's bungalow is but do this overwater means that the house is above water in air or is it floating?" Anisah asked amazed with a confused face.

Michael smiled softly at her inquiries. "It's in the air and is supported by pillars that are in the water keeping the bungalow in place." He informed her softly.

Anisah made an oh face as she understood what he said but everything he's saying was entering from one ear escaping from the other. She couldn't remember what just happened a minute ago.

She pouted as a wave of dizziness hit but she tried to stay awake. It didn't take much time as in few minutes they reached the destination. Michael picked her up bridal style as he carried her in the bungalow.

The yacht left after telling him about the small boat that is on the backside as the man placed the keys of that boat near the door and left.

Michael carried the tipsy Anisah in the main bedroom as he softly layed the half conscious girl on the bed.

Sighing he went back out, picking up the keys and locking the door. He didn't want her to be drowning in water the next thing.

He came back in the room. He went straight to closet and as informed their bags were there. Taking out a trouser he went in restroom for a shower.

After shower he came out without shirt only in his trousers as he dried his hair with his towel and let the towel rest on his shoulders. As soon as his eyes landed on the bed, he found it empty.

His eyes widened as he searched the closet and observed the room to find her no where.

He went out in the lounge only to find her sitting on the wooden floor making design on it with the patterns of her fingers as she sat with folded legs in a desi manner. Her veil was no where in sight as her hairs were pulled up in a messy bun, giving beautiful view of her sawn like neck.

"You came?" She asked softly but her voice serious and relaxed.

"What are you doing here Habibti?" He asked softly as he slowly made his way to her and crouched down beside her.

"Why are you calling me Habibti?" She asked groggily with a serious hint in her voice.

His brows furrowed at her question as he tilted his face a little. "Why can't I call you Habibti?"

He questioned back making the girl to face him. Even tho she was drunk but the seriousness that her face held was scary.

"Why did you ignored me and completely abandoned me for one whole month?" She asked with pure seriousness. Her face expressionless as she faced him with chin up.

Michael looked away from her face as he tried to come up with an excuse. "I was busy with work." He spoke smoothly wishing for her to buy his lie.

"Alright!" She spoke curtly. "Why did you ignored me today after that castle making?" She asked seriously making Michael to feel sweat on his forehead.

"You should sleep Habibti." He told her softly trying to divert her mind as he hold her arm softly but she harshly jerked her arm away from his touch.

"Am I not human in your eyes?" She asked in a broken voice making him tensed.

"What are you saying Habibti?" He asked confused as he tried to hold her shoulders but she again jerked his hands back as he narrowed his eyes at her.

"My feelings and emotions meant nothing to you?" She asked in a broken voice as tears started to form in her eyes.

"Michael frowned as he hold her face softly, completely sitting on the floor now. "No, Habibti, everything related to you matters to me more then anything in this world." He spoke softly wiping her tears.

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