Mafia Conquest. (Mafia love story #2)

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Chapter 41 part # 2

Anisah chuckled but it wasn't a happy one but more like a broken one. "No, you're lying because if I mattered to you. You wouldn't have left me for a complete month. You wouldn't have ignored me like I'm not even there. You don't even know how I spent all those nights thinking that it must be me who did something wrong that made you ignore me. Horrible thoughts racked my mind which made my heart hurt so much. I thought you regret marrying a blind girl and you find someone else. Every night I waited for you and it made my heart to break into millions of pieces. I don't understand why my heart hurt so m-much but then I r-realised maybe I'm f-falling for you but you always tried to stay away from me. I thought maybe your ego got satisfied for making me yours and now you don't want me at all. I don't want to talk to you at all for making me feel such heartache but whenever you're near my tongue started speaking on it's own and my heart started beating like crazy. Just like now." She whispered softly as she placed his large hand on her upper chest near her heart.

For a second Michael couldn't breath at her confession. All this time he was staying away from her, ignoring her for her own benefit but in reality he wasn't only hurting himself but also her in the process.

He has hurt the gem of his heart for whom he can do anything. He considered himself as a wise cunning man but in this case of love he played his card like a dumb man.

How can he hurt her like this. Not once he thought about these scenarios which she just opened up to him. He can feel her heart beating erratically under his palm and his was beating in the same pace as well.

Wrapping his arms around her waist he pulled her sniffing form on his lap as he deeply kissed her temple. She was crying silently now with tears flowing down. "There's no one except you Habibti." He kisses her temple again.

"I'm so sorry Habibti. I thought I was protecting you but in reality I was hurting you."

Michael told her in a soft sad voice.

Anisah faces him with her small hands wiping her tears as her large eyes were fixated on his face as if she could see him. How desperately he wished that she could see.

"Protecting f-from who?" She asked while hiccuping.

"From my own self. I thought if I stayed away from you. You'll get your time and I will not touch you that way and you'll fall in love with me." Michael spoke softly like that of a baby.

Anisah just sat still for complete few seconds as she slammed her palm on her forehead once and then twice.

"Ya Allah yeh ap ne mujhe kia de dia."

(Ya Allah what have you given me?)

She mumbled as she sat there on his lap with her palm on her forehead acting like those brown mothers which sat like this in disappointment at their kids doings.

"What did you said?" He asked with raised brow as she immediately mumbled. "How in the world I can fall in love with you in your absence?" She asked with complete exaggeration.

"Mujhe to laga tha ap bohat chalak insan hain but aj pata laga ap to alag he case hain."

(I thought you were a clever man but today I got to know you're an exceptional case.)

She spoke her thoughts which she usually don't but this drunken state was making her speak everything out. Michael chuckled at her cuteness and her bluntness.

"Bohat bol nhi rahi tum."

(Aren't you speaking way to much.)

Michael spoke smilingly as he kissed her temple again.

"Michael?" She spoke softly making him face her as his name from her mouth felt so perfect.

"Jee Michael ki jaan."

(Yes Michael's life.)

He mused in her ear making her behave all coy with those fluttering eyes.

"M-mujhe shak hai ke m-mujhe a-apse p-pyar hogaya hai."

(I doubt that I've fallen in love with you.)

She mumbled so softly that if he wasn't sitting this close to her. He could've never heard it. His heart started beating wildly at her purest confession making his heart warm.

"You're drunk Habibti." He spoke softly making her brows furrowed. "What drunk?" She mumbled with the tilt of her head in a cute way and her hair bun made her look even more adorable. He smiled at her innocence as his heart surged him to confess too.

"I love you Habibti." He whispered softly in her ear making her gasp at his words.

"Are we playing I love you I love you?" She asked slurring with giggling making him smile softly at her words.

"Mai yaha keh raha hu ke mai tumse pyar karta hu, Or tumhe mazak sooj raha."

(Here I'm confessing my love to you and your making jokes.)

He spoke sternly making her giggles to die down as she made a serious face and indicated him to continue.

"Mera dil pathar tha pr tumne isay moum jesa krdia hai."

(I was stone hearted but made my heart like candle.)

Anisah pursed her lips in as her cheeks reddened and she straightened.

"Meri jaan basti hai tum mai."

(My life is you.)

He husked near her ear and the next second a burst of laughter echoed in the surroundings as the girl laughed loudly. She felt his heated gaze on her and she immediately closed her mouth and straightened up. Trying to stop her laugh.

"Mai koi tota hu kia?"

(Am I a parrot?)

She asked confusingly making him grunt as he slowly put her down from his lap and tried to stand.

But before he could stand. Anisah jumped herself on him and he landed on the floor on his back with Anisah on top of him.

"Michael?" She spoke groggily her voice slurry as Michael spoke softly. "Yes, Habibti?"

Her hands were on either side of his head as she was sitting on his lower stomach just above his buddy.

"I'm feeling hot." She slurred with a sensuality in her voice. Michael gulped at the sight as his Adam apple bobbed up and down.

Her hands slowly touched his shoulders as they slowly went down to his chest, feeling strong hard muscles under her palm. Her touch was sensual as it went further down to his abs as she started counting them and with each counting she was going down towards that part and he was tensing up more. "6 and 7." She counted the last part as her ass touched his hardness and he closed his eyes for a brief second.

The sober Anisah would never do such bold things ever in her consciousness.

"Babe-" He was about to speak when she cut him in as her soft cherry lips landed on his and she started kissing him slowly.

It was like a beast that was sleeping for a past month is wide awake now. And her innocent touches arouse the desire out of him.

In no second he sat straight which made Anisah to straddle him and she gasped feeling something hard under her. Michael took that as an advantage as his tongue invade her mouth and his large hands hold her ass cheeks firmly.

The kiss became more passionate and needy as his one hand hold her hairs in a firm grip pulling her head back to get more proper access as she arched her back and her core rubbed against his hardness making him grunt.

Her small hands hold his shoulders tightly as her nails dig in his flesh. They both parted away for a second to breath. "Tell me to stop Habibti." He rasped in her ear making her shudder.

His lips bit her behind her ear making her yelp as he started sucking and licking that spot making her squirm on him more. "P-please." She whimpered in his arms as her breasts were squished on his hard chest.

"Please what Habibti?" He husked as his kisses became more sloppier and needier.

"P-please d-don't stop." She whispered softly in her thick voice full of need making his desire to grow ten folds more for her.

"You don't know what you're asking for Habibti." He groaned as he felt her squirming on him.

The next thing his eyes widened and his jaw dropped when he felt her small fingers touching his hardness through his trousers as she tried to push it to the side. He grunted in extreme pleasure as electric shocks went through his body.

"Y-your w-wallet is poking me." She whines in her slurry voice. Her drunk state taking the best of her.

Michael grunted as he felt her tiny finger touching him as he slowly grumbled. "That's not my valet Habibti. That's.." He stopped from continuing.

Anisah scrunched her eyebrows as tried to clear her cloudy thoughts as nothing made sense but then it hit her as she immediately withdrew her hand as if struck by lightening. Her eyes wide and mouth slightly parted as she mumbled an incoherent. "I-I'm s-sorry."

Michael enjoyed every bit of the moment. Her drunken state made her do things which she would probably never do and her innocence was beyond comprehension as he laughed at her embarrassed form.

But the next second his laughter died down when he felt her pressing herself on him and squished her breasts on his chest as she pecked his lips and then she gave a sensual sloppy kiss on his built shoulder making him gulp.

"Habibti-" His voice was cut in by Anisah's words. "Make love to me Michael." She slurred as she but his earlobe.

The giant of a man gulped as his Adam apple bobbed up and down. His heart skyrocketed at her demands. Never in his whole like he felt this much nervous in the presence of a girl but his Habibti is like holding a magical aura around her that always lure her in.

When he didn't move the girl grunted in annoyance but nonetheless she started the acts by herself by kissing on the area where his neck and shoulders meet. The literally just dig her teeth in his flesh. Just like he do to her and then she she nibbled, licked and sucked the area making him rock hard as he grunted in pleasure.

"Fuck!" He hissed as his hands grabbed her ass and made her sit on him properly a bit away from his hardness but as soon as he let go she immediately scurried closer to him. Flushing her body against his as she straddled him.

" should stop!" Michael moaned out as Anisah hummed but continued to kiss his collarbone as she made those hot noises like moans as if she's enjoying way to much kissing his flesh.

Michael with most painful restraint hold her arms and made a bit distance between them making Anisah to almost growl out frustrated. His eyes widened at her tigress behaviour.

"Easy there doll, easy." He tried to calm her down but the girl wasn't having anything as she jerked his hands away and smirked. She in no second pulled her shirt up and the next thing it went flying away on the floor.

Michael's eyes widened at the sight as sweat rolled down his temple. "Fuck me!" He blurted in his haze seeing dark maroon bra on her white porcelain skin. Her bosoms were bigger than his imagination making him rock hard. That soft skin screamed at him to mark her. The scar looking weirdly beautiful to his eyes making her appear more magnificent.

Anisah then arched her back and flushed her upper body to his making him grunt as there skin touched.

He couldn't take advantage of her drunken state. She's not in her senses but the only thing he wanted to do right now is to tear her remaining clothes and love her senseless.

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