Mafia Conquest. (Mafia love story #2)

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Chapter 42 part # 1

Calmness of the sea felt peaceful as sun shines brightly making the water to sparkle like diamonds residing in there.

The morning sun rays hit her face making her scrunch her face in annoyance not only on the intruding rays but also because of the excruciating pain she felt in her head as if someone is digging nails with hammer. Her head felt like a boulder is placed on it.

With extreme grunting she held her head as nothing made sense to her because of her jumbled thoughts and a drumming pain.

The sheets and bed were sweetly soft making her realise it's not the bed of that hotel room or his house. Then where is she?

Her hairs were open as they covered her back. She slowly touched the loose thing she's wearing and her brows scrunched up. It's not her clothes and by the long sleeves that were practically covering her hands and scent that radiates of the shirt meant only one thing that it's his shirt.

Why is she wearing his shirt?

Her eyes widened as her one leg caressed the other making her realise that her legs were bare but she's still wearing her panties.

A severe headache racked her head making her want to cry out in pain. Why her head is feeling like a boulder. She slowly sat on the edge with her legs down feeling pain after pain drumming in her head.

Never in her life she felt this type of pain in her head. Allah please make it go away. She prayed in her head. As the door slowly opened but the girl was too caught up in the pain to know that someone just came in the room.

"Here." A deep voice spoke making her squeal and jump in her place.

"Ya Allah! You want me to have a heart attack?" She grumbled feeling her heart erratic. He just scared the living day lights out of her.

He slowly hold her hand and place aspirin in it as he gave her water. "Eat this you'll feel better." He told her smoothly as she without a question took the tablet and gave him the glass back.

She massaged her temple as she tried to recall yesterday's happenings but nothing came back rather jumbled voices ringed in her head. She only remembers till drinking his juice and then she couple danced with Sana after that everything is vanished from her memory.

"What h-happened to me?" She asked groggily as she closed her eyes because once again the wave of pain hit her.

She slowly stood up with her hand taking support from the bed's headboard.

A heated pair of gaze was drilling holes in her body as she hesitatingly faced him as in manner of asking, what? "I think you should cover your legs." Came his deep manly voice.

Anisah made a confused face for a second and then her eyes widened as she immediately crouched down holding the edges of the shirt as she pulled it down to her knees but the girl didn't realised that first two buttons of the shirt were opened giving an explicit view of her cleavage.

Michael couldn't help but stare at her toned long white creamy legs and he couldn't stop himself from imagining how beautiful they'll look when they'll wrap around his waist. And then she crouched down to cover her legs only to give him a beautiful view of her cleavage which he so wanted to ravish.

He with much difficulty looked away. Taking out her clothes from her bag. He handed it to the red faced girl and guided her to the restroom and she quietly followed without a word with confused mind. He told her about the essentials and closed the door behind him.

Anisah hastily locked the door and did her morning routine. As soon as the water from shower hit her head. The girl relaxed feeling her headache normalising.

"We meet again princess."

A voice echoed in her mind making her tense. Who was this stranger? Why can't she remember anything?

"You're drunk Habibti."

His soft voice racked in her mind making her feel numb for a second. The juice she thought was his wasn't a plain juice. It was alcohol, that's why it smelled and tasted bitter. Her eyes teared up thinking she has sinned unknowingly and he was drinking it consciously. How could he? That's why she can't remember anything. Allah knows what she has done in her drunken state.

"Mujhe to laga tha ap bohat chalak insan hain but aj pata laga ap to alag he case hain."

(I thought you were a clever man but today I got to know you're an exceptional case.)

Her own words played in her head making her throat dry all of a sudden. What has she done? How stupid can she get.

"I love you Habibti."

"I'm feeling hot!"

"Tell me to stop Habibti."

"Please what Habibti?"

"P-please d-don't stop."

"You don't know what you're asking for Habibti."

One by one every line started repeating in her head like a movie as her eyes widened and her body started to tremble. What has she done?

She confessed and he confessed as well. He love her.

Only words lingered in her head but the actions weren't occurring in her memory. She knew she did something wrong.

And why in the world she was wearing his shirt. She didn't remember changing into it then it means he changed her clothes. He saw her naked, she didn't know why she felt like crying. He invaded her privacy. Why he changed her clothes? He could let her sleep in whatever she was wearing.

A gasp escaped her lips as a horrified thought invaded her mind. Has he done that deed with her? No he can't be like that. He's changed. She tried to fight her own conscience.

She can't remember anything more. What has they done? Her legs trembled at the mere thought of that. He shouldn't have done it, when she wasn't in her senses. If he asked, she was willing to give herself to him but he shouldn't have taken advantage to her drunken state.

She stayed their in shower for the longest of time, trying to recall any action but nothing came back as she slowly dried herself and changed into her clothes.

Getting out of the restroom she never once faced up but felt his presence as he hold her hand making her tense as he guided her to the bed and she slowly sat down with a bowed head.

Her wet hairs were open and she her veil hung loosely on her shoulder. "Why?" She spoke softly.

Michael sat on the couch in front of her as he observed her slumped shoulders and a sad face. "W-Why you c-changed my c-clothes?" She asked in a broken voice as tears started forming in her eyes, ready to spill.

"It was necessary at the moment." He stated simply like it's no big deal at all.

"Why n-necessary? These are a-all your e-excuses to justify yourself." She spoke in an accusing voice making him stare at her form intensely.

"You my wife we're being like a wild tigress last night." He spoke with calm calculated voice that gave nothing away other then what he said.

Her lips quivered at his words as her heart dreaded to know what happened. "W-What d-do you m-mean?" She asked hesitatingly with teary eyes.

"I meant what you just hear but just keep in mind it was necessary to clean and change your clothes." He justified himself but the girl wasn't having it.

"W-What c-clean Huh?" She asked bit angrily.

"Now don't tell me you wanted to stay clad in your vomit whole night and not to mention you vomited on my chest as well!" He stated with same anger as hers making her eyes widened like they will bulge out of their sockets.

She vomited in front of him! Not only that, she vomited on him! And he saw it all, bear it all.

Now deep down she was glad she woke up in his shirt rather then clad in her own vomit. Just by thinking of it, she felt like vomiting again and the tears that were brining her eyes started falling like Niagara falls and she started crying like a child and that to loudly as she fall back on the bed, her legs hanging down and then she turned on her stomach, she punched the bed twice and sobbed like a child in her arm.

Michael was stunned at her behaviour, the way she just fell back with close eyes. For a second he thought she went unconscious but then she turned and punched the bed, he stifled a chuckle at her tactics and slowly went to sat beside because by now. He knew why she's crying.

Sitting beside her laying body, he slowly caressed her hair aside and softly asked. "Why are you crying Habibti?"

The girl shook her head in negative as she keep hiding her face down. And the next second he turned her around but she immediately placed her palms on her face and kept crying.

As if her hands can save her.

"Batao biwi, tumhare kapre change krdia, islia ro rahi ho fikar nhi karo maine apni ankhe band rakhi thi."

(Tell me wife, I've changed your clothes, is that why you're crying? Don't worry I did that with closed eyes.)

He told her truthfully to ease her worry but she wasn't stopping her sobs but after a minute she spoke up hurriedly.

"No, it's just t-that y-you saw me v-vomiting. *sob*" She started crying loudly again. Michael couldn't stop himself as he started laughing making her cries to die down.

"I'm so s-sorry for v-vomiting o-on you." She mumbled sadly while sniffing.

"Apology accepted." Michael stated chuckling.

"Did d-did a-any t-that thing t-to me l-last night?" She mumbled incoherently in a weird questioning manner.

Michael arched his brow as he completely understood what she's asking or trying to know. He slowly removed her hands from her face and hold them firmly in his hands, as she wriggled.

"Even tho you provoked me a lot but nothing like that happened because if it would've, you won't be able to stand." He told her softly but the last part made her eyes to widened and her face to reddened.

She immediately snatched her hands from his and abruptly move to the edge of the bed as she sat their. She slowly placed her rogue strands behind her ear. "Where are we?" She asked softly trying to convert the situation into normalisation.

"On our private overwater bungalow." He told her softly making her nod unconsciously. On cue her stomach grumbled loudly and she hesitated to ask him about the food but Michael was already on his feet towards the kitchen.

He has made an almost burnt toast and omelette with utter difficulty as he got a small burn on his hand as well.

Anisah silently ate that, even tho it wasn't that good but the mighty alpha had made it and she was sure that too for the first time. It warmed her head as she recalled her confession and on their own accord her cheeks turned red.

'Allah, what he must be thinking?' She thought while munching on the toast.

"Is kitchen fine?" She asked teasingly to clear her embarrassing thoughts and it somehow worked as she got a mischievous reply.

"Are you taunting me biwi? (wife)" He asked in a mused voice and Anisah just shrugged her shoulders.

"Do you remember anything from last night Habibti? He asked her with a hint of seriousness in his calm voice.

Anisah gulped as she nodded her head and with mustering up a lot of courage she repeated her words that she said to him last night.

"M-mujhe shak hai ke m-mujhe a-apse p-pyar hogaya hai."

(I doubt that I've fallen in love with you.)

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