Mafia Conquest. (Mafia love story #2)

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Chapter 42 part # 2

Michael's eyes widened at her words. Her words were same like last night and now she's confessing it in her sober form. Is this real or he's dreaming? Wait! If she remembers this then she must've remembered what happened between them.

"Or yeh shak, yakeen mai kab badle ga?"

(When this doubt will turn into surety?)

He asked in a mischievous voice making her all coy and red.

"A-Ab apki b-bari."

(N-now your t-turn.)

She spoke in a hesitating, stuttering voice. Michael wanted to chuckle at her innocence but he controlled himself and mused. "For what?" He asked innocently as if he didn't get what she's implying.

Anisah faced him but then immediately faced down with red cheeks and biting her lower lip, she contemplated what to say.

'Raat ko to bari jaldi keh dia tha, I love you. Ab konsa masla hogaya inhe?"

(At night he was really fast in saying I love you. Now what's his problem?)

She thought all red and fuzzy. "Now it's your turn to confess." She told him without stuttering. Accomplishment! She thought happily as she faced him with muster up courage.

"I don't know what you're talking about Habibti." He spoke as if he's clueless and he's doing it on purpose to get the reaction out of his love.

"Dramay check karo bas!"

(Check his drama!)

She spoke sarcastically making him to stare at her in shock. "If your not saying then I'm taking my words back. I don't love you at all. Just keep it in mind. Now dance with your ego!" She ranted angrily.

"Aya bara!"


She said that facing him as she made her way Allah knows where because she didn't know the place and nor she had her cane.

Before she could take two more steps. Her wrist was taken in a firm grip and she was yanked back colliding with a hard chest. "My! My! Itna gusa! (This much anger!)" He spoke.

The girl just huffed out in response as she tried to wriggle out of his grip. "Okay I will confess." He told her softly, enjoying her irritation.

"Itna rukha sa confession apne pass rakhe Mr. Michael Sheik!"

(Keep such dry confession to your self Mr. Michael Sheikh!)

Anisah spoke angrily with a craned up neck as she faced her beast.

Michael smiled genuinely at her irritation as he wrapped his arms around her waist pulling her form flushed against his making her gasp. "I love you Mrs. Michael Sheikh." He spoke smoothly just inches away from her face.

The girl freeze in her place for a second as her heart started beating in an abnormal pace and the tips of her ears reddened. But she controlled herself because vengeance is a first priority right now.

"Oh, wow! What a coincidence, I love myself too!" She stated with such sarcasm that he couldn't stop himself from chuckling at her tactics.

"Now say you love me." Michael mused in her ear making her breathing to deepened. His closeness was making her loose control.

"I l-love me." She mumbled as she felt his lips kissing her jaw.

She felt him smirking on her skin and she knew. He's up to something. "Oh, I'll make you confess Habibti." He spoke mischievously as his hold tightened making her toes to touch the ground and his face dipped in the crook of her neck making her breathing to hitch as she felt like electricity hitting her with full force.

"S-Sana!" Anisah spoke loudly with shock in her voice and Michael immediately let her go as he straightened up.

But in seconds his glaring eyes landed on the giggling girl as he growl lowly realising she just made a fool out of him and he marched towards her. And the girl was in his arms in no second.

He carried her on his shoulder and the girl was laughing as she punched his back lightly. "Aww big bad alpha got scared." She teased but only to still the next second as he spanked her ass making her stiff.

The next thing he stopped moving and his body became stiff because his pretty little wife just spanked him. Let it be really light but she fucking did it. "Babe! I liked that, do it again." He spoke happily with hint of mischievousness making her made an ew sound and face.

"You pervert!" She yelled as in next second she felt sunlight hitting her body and then she felt water touched her toes as he was moving down the stairs and she panicked.

"W-What are you doing? W-where are you taking m-me?" She started struggling on him like a fish and next thing splash. They both were in water.

The girl wrapped her arms around his neck to stay afloat. "Y-you a-are b-bad." She cried out as she hugged him for her life. "You know w-when I can't s-swim then why y-you torture me like this!" She cried in exaggeration as she clung to him.

"Because I like it when you cling to me like a leech and it can only happen when we are in water." He stated his reasons making her all more angry as she removed her arms from his neck and hold his hair in her small fists as she pulled at it. "You are one ugly m-man!" She yelled making him made an ouch sounds as she was pulling his hair and then she let go when she was satisfied.

"Gosh woman! I'll cut my hair to inch and you won't be able to perform this barbaric act on me." He told her sternly making her pout.

Even tho the water felt relaxing but she still felt scared. Michael observed her tense form and then he moved a bit and carried her to the attached pool on the side which was depthless. As soon as the girl stood on her feet, she called.

"Michael?" Michael replied. "Yes-" But he was cut short as a splash of water landed on his face as he internally mumbled.

'Not again!'

In few seconds they both were flashing water on each other like kids who got in the pool for very first time. Their laughter and splashing echoed in the empty area.

"For the hundredth time I'm saying I can make it." Anisah mumbled while giggling but Michael just glared at her and then fully concentrated on his work.

Currently a joyful Anisah is sitting on a kitchen slab whereas her lovely entertaining husband is making dinner for both of them that to for the very first time in life.

The cook on the YouTube video was going ahead of him and he was still stuck in cutting vegetables.

"Can I help?" She asked again feeling his frustration.

"Just keep quiet woman." He grumbled making Anisah to giggle at his frustration.

"Okay I'm quiet but don't make me eat something inedible." She mumbled in amusement and playfulness making him snicker.

"Wait and watch woman, you'll lick your fingers dry." Michael stated with full confidence making Anisah to giggle.

According to his words the food was delicious. Anisah couldn't help but moan at the yummy taste. He had made a prawn dish with spaghetti, tomato etc, etc and Wallah it's delicious. The girl literally licked her fingers after finishing the bowl completely.

"That was the best food of my life. You should cook daily for me." She mumbled with pure seriousness in her voice as licked her fingers.

"I told you, it'll be tasty but babe I'm not your cook." He mumbled the last part as he grinned at her form who was still wiping the bowl clean.

"Want more?" He asked making her pout. "I'd love to but my stomach can't." She mumbled softly with a pout making him chuckle at her.

He placed the dishes in the wash basin as he went to drink water from refrigerator. Anisah started washing the dishes.

She was engrossed in her work when she felt large arms wrapping around her waist and stomach and she breathed in deeply. Her hairs were tied in a bun giving beautiful excess to him for all the assaults.

He softly kissed the back of her neck and she felt the sensations that hit her body. His soft warm lips trailed kisses all over her neck to the point where her shoulders and neck meet.

His kisses became needier and sloppier making her arch her back as a soft moan escaped her lips. That was it. He turned her around and closed the tap with his free hand.

He pecked her lips softly and then he smashed his on her soft cherry ones. He licked her bottom lip for entrance but she didn’t allowed so in no seconds his hands went under her hips and he pulled her up. The girl gasped and on instinct wrapped her legs around his waist and her arms around his neck.

He used it as an advantage as his tongue devoured her mouth deeply. He started moving towards the room not breaking the kiss at all and he groaned in satisfaction when her tongue caressed his and she started responding shyly making his beast all wild.

He closed the door with his foot as he lowered the girl softly on the bed and their kiss broke.

Anisah panted heavily as she leaned on her elbows. Michael removed his shirt immediately as his muscles flexed. Tossing his shirt away he crawled like lion towards his innocent prey who was all flustered.

Holding her chin in his fingers he moved closer to her face as his breath fanned her lips and girl involuntary moved forward for the warmth of his lips making him smirk as he fulfilled her unspoken arms plea.

The kiss was deep, passionate and demanding as they panted but Michael didn’t stop. His lips landed on her jaw and then trailed down her neck. His kisses became wetter and sloppier making the girl to pant.

She wasn’t struggling, neither she was stopping him.

His large hand landed on her chest as he squeezed her left bosom and the girl jolted in her place and her hands shot up to his shoulders. A whimpering moan escaped her lips when he squeezed it again.

He slowly made the girl sit. Even tho he knows she is willing but he still wanted to know. “Habibti?” He called in his deep raspy voice. “Can I?” He asked softly touching her shirt and the girl didn’t utter a word facing down with red tomato face but after few seconds she nodded. It was so light that it could’ve missed.

“Are you sure Habibti? I’m a beast and you’re a doll. As much as I try to be gentle but it will still be rough for you.” He told her softly because he wanted her to give herself with complete willing knowing of the consequences.

Anisah still nodded her head. She didn’t know what her body is feeling but her heart is drumming in her ear and she feeling exciting sensations. She didn’t wanted to back down. If not now, then tomorrow or day after tomorrow it’ll happen so why not today.

"I-I l-love you M-Michael." She mumbled softly and that was it as removed her shirt in one go and toss it away. And in no second her trousers also lay on the floor. The girl gasped as she coyly tried to cover herself but Michael hold her wrist on rather side of her head.

“Don’t hide from me babe.” He husked as he eyed her maroon coloured bra and panties, complementing her snow white skin.

His face dipped in the valley of her cleavage as he kissed her there and then gave a deep kiss on her belly button making her squirm badly.

“So fucking responsive.” He rasped as his hand went behind her and he unclipped her bra and in next second it was on the floor. The girl immediately covered her bosoms but he didn’t let her as in next next second her panties was also on the floor.

The girl gasped out loud as she tried to cover her intimate parts but Michael wasn’t having it as he held her wrists on either side of her head and kissed her deeply.

They both panted as he moved away from her and immediately removed his trousers but let let his boxers on.

He stared at the voluptuous beauty that layed on his bed. Perfectly thick at all right place and perfectly thin as well. She had a perfect doll like figure. Her red flushed face. Panting, swelled lips, heaving chest, messed hair. Fuck! She’s looking exquisite.

“You look so beautiful Habibti!” He husked as he hovered over her frail body. His lips landed directly on her pink bud. As he sucked and then nibbled at it. Earning a throaty moan from her.

His hand went to his desired heaven as he caressed it slightly with his fingers to find it soaking wet as the girl jolted so badly.

“Fucking beautiful!” He growled as his fingers started caressing her nether region as the girl started whimpering and trembling at those sensations that rocked her body.

His hand came up as he squeezed her other bosom making her jolt and his lips kept on sucking the other.

Her hands were fisting his hair as her eyes were closed and she was panting heavily.

He stopped as he faced her. “I’m going to make you mine Habibti. Mine!” He told her in her ear as he nibbled at it. Making her nod in haze.

“You’re mine to ravish and mine to cherish!” He said the deep words that sealed that night in pure bliss.

The stars that beamed in happiness at the sight got there eyes covered by the clouds that smirked mischievously at the hidden stars as moon shines bright speaking the story of love as its tranquil light reached everywhere. The waves crashed with the rocks, dancing in joy as the boats were sailed to the depths of life as two souls intertwined.

The younger members of the wind blushed as they twirl around the leaves making them rustle in serene. The elder members of the wind stared flabbergasted as their younger ones as they tried to cover their eyes blushing like roses of heavens.

The night moved slowly . The moonlight illuminating the dark room as the breeze hustle around. Washing across the shores with a warning of dark nights but want to cherish the moment a little longer.

Their breaths intertwined as their bodies collided sending sparks through every vein as the sky to was drowned in the blush of red.

That night they became two bodies one soul.

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