Mafia Conquest. (Mafia love story #2)

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Chapter 43 part # 1

A soft calming breeze rustled the leaves. Early dawn still in its nurture as light greyish clouds covered the rosy sky, the redness of the sky looked like a soft blush on the newly wedded bride's cheeks.

The girl stirred slowly in her sleep as her eyes started to flutter open for a second she lay still and her body felt extremely drained out. Last night's event invaded her mind and a deep blush appears on her skin as she tried to move. But hissed our in pain when she felt that soreness between her legs.

She recalled how painful it was for her, to such extent that wanted to back off but he didn't let her as he coxed her into this.

The girl felt the bed beside her empty making her heart to fall due to uncertainty. But just on cue the door of the restroom opened and his footsteps were heard.

Anisah didn't dared to face him. She was to shy to do that. She realised, she's wearing only his shirt. She tried to move but her soreness was to much. She recalled his words earlier when he said she won't be able to stand if he would've done that.

And now recalling all the times, when she thought he did bad to her, make her feel stupid.

She really didn't want this. If she knew it first. Heck the pain was so much, she was willing to give up the pleasure if you've to pass that much phase of pain.

She can still hear his satisfying grunts when she layed there in pain. But she will not lie that after sometime she started enjoying. And he was right when he said it'll be rough for her instead of him being a lot gentle.

Her cheeks were flaming red and hot. How naive of her to thought that making love is easy.

"Perhaps you recalling what appears last night Habibti." He stated in his deep husky voice which made her a lot more fuzzy, she immediately shook her head in negative.

She tried to move but the pain didn't let her as she tried to control it. In no time Michael was beside her.

He crouched down beside her as he kissed her temple making her all more bothered with his closeness. "Are you sore baby?" He asked her softly, holding her chin in his fingers. Her coy long lashes lifted up slowly and with pouty cherry lips, she nodded.

"I-It's all y-your f-fault." She spoke with small anger and pain in her voice. Making Michael to scrunch his brows in concern.

"What was I supposed to do rather then being gentle. You're so small and I'm beast. But trust it will not hurt that much in second time." He cooed softly placing a rogue strand behind her ear.

She knew he was right but his last line made her eyes to widen. "Don't even t-think a-about s-second t-time!" She told her sternly as chuckled at her.

"Oh, there will be a lot more then second time." He told her with hidden mischievousness making her glare at him as his arms went around her body and he slowly picked her up bridal style.

"W-What are y-you d-doing?" She asked hesitatingly, he wasn't wearing any shirt as he shushed her and carried her to the restroom. He has already filled the tub with warm water and bubbles for his precious doll.

He softly placed her on the slab and started to unbutton her shirt. But she immediately stopped him with eyes she asked. "What are y-you doing?"

"Just taking my shirt back." He stated simply making her eyes to widen more if possible as she hold his large hands to stop him.

"Relax Habibti. You're going to bath, so you must remove this shirt." The girl gulped as she hold her shirt from the front and shook her head in negative while facing down.

"It's not like, I haven't seen your body." He spoke mischievously near her ear making her shudder as he bit her earlobe.

She gasped as she softly placed her hands on his chest to stop him from coming more closer. His lips kissed her neck and jaw as they started to went down. The girl panicked thinking that he'll do it again. So she did what came in her mind.

She punched hard on his chest and one or two hair from his chest came out making him growl out in pain as he rubbed his chest.

"You little vixen!" He spoke sternly with a hint of pain. "Now I must make it equal by pinching you as well." He stated boldly as his hand went to her shoulder and the girl immediately wrapped her arm around her bosoms. "No!"

She said in warning as he smiled at her tactics and picked her up again, slowly. Trying not to hurt her as he placed her in the lukewarm water along with the shirt.

The girl gasped first and then flinched as water touched her there and then after couple of seconds, she relaxed and slowly placed her head back on the edge.

A pure blissful sigh escaped her lips as she felt a lot better in the water. She felt him wetting her hair but she didn't stopped him as he took shampoo in his palms and started massaging her scalp softly. His fingers did wonders in calming her pain as she hummed in bliss.

Michael was in sweats as he has rolled them up and he was sitting beside the edge.

The girl was enjoying it as she slowly placed her bare wet legs on the side of the edge and lowered more in water.

Michael gulped at the sight of those glistening legs. They looked just...control, he told himself as he washed her silky soft hairs smoothly and then he started massaging her neck and shoulders and the girl literally purred in response as her eyes rolled back in pleasure.

It felt so good.

She slowly opened the top three buttons of her shirt as she lowered the shirt down from her shoulders, baring it to his eyes as she touched certain part of back and indicated him to do it hear.

The man smiled at her tactics and obliged nonetheless. As soon as he massaged her on her upper back. She mulled in pleasure making it hard for him to perform he fast at hand.

As his fingers and palms massaged her. She literally jolted few times and kept on mulling, arching and twisting.

Making the tightness to grew in his boxers.

If he stayed one more minute. He didn't know if he would be able to stop himself from jumping on her.

"I'll go and prepare breakfast Habibti." He told her softly as with much restraint he left the restroom with speed after closing the door behind.

Anisah smiled comfortably as she slowly removed her shirt and toss it aside. She bathed slowly as she felt a lot better now.

His words from last night ringed in her head. How he was praising her beauty. Telling her every now and then that how beautiful she is. That he felt the most luckiest person on earth.

The way he kissed her body, the way he touched felt beautiful shudders down her body.

"You're exquisite Habibti."

He had called her this last night and unknowingly her heart warmed up as she regained a lot more confidence in self for being beautiful. In just one night he made her believe how beautiful she is and it meant a lot to her.

Michael was preparing their breakfast as couldn't help but replay last night in his head again and again. It was magnificent and magical.

He had his perfect share of women before but not any of that thing matched this. This was most beautiful moments of his life.

The way her soft body felt against his. Her small whimpering moans. That so fucking responsive doll like body of hers. Damn! She will the death of him.

He heard footsteps as he saw his beauty dressed up in red floral dress came towards the kitchen with small steps. Her wet hairs were open and without a veil. She looked just so beautiful with that glow on her face.

He slowly went to her and picked her up in his arms bridal style making her gasp as she wrapped her arms around his neck.

He softly kissed her cheek making her blush as he softly made her sit on her chair. As he served them the breakfast.

Anisah couldn't help but feel like a princess at his so much care. He knows she's having difficulty in walking so he not letting her walk. Prepared that relaxing bath for her and man that massage was good that she can have that her whole life.

He placed the freshly made pancakes in front of her as the girl smelled the delicious food. "Here you go baby." He said softly as he placed orange juice beside her plate.

"If you keep treating me like a princess then I'll might think about a second time." She spoke in a teasing voice making him stare at her with love spilling throw his green pearls.

His eyes turned dark when he saw nibbling in her lower lip.

"Fuck me!"

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