Mafia Conquest. (Mafia love story #2)

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Chapter 43 part # 2

A whole week passed full of love and warmth as they got so close to each other. The last few days were full of the best moments of her life. She couldn't thank Allah much for all these beautiful blessings.

Never in her life she thought such happiness will engulf her being and never in millions years she can think that her kidnapper who scared the living day lights out of her will become this soft, gentle and loving towards her.

She couldn't help but relish those moments as they were now heading back to their home. The memories she got here were soulful and breathtaking. It will be a new start for their life. A new beginning and she can't wait for it.

They reached back to Pakistan in evening as a car was already waiting for them. They headed back to their home as Michael dropped her off and left to have a small look at the things at office.

Anisah understood his concerns as she went in and engulfed by the motherly hug of Amma and then Hina. They both welcomed her lovingly as they told her to take rest.

But Anisah just freshened up did her Esha prayers and went down to have dinner. She requested Amma and Hina to have dinner with her and they happily obliged. The glow in her face was visibly speaking that the innocent girl is happy.

They had their dinner while talking her trip and Hina didn't any chance to tease the poor girl making her blush furiously.

After dinner Anisah went to his now their room as she layed down on the bed. She knew he will be late for sure and she was really tired. So as soon as her head touched the comfy of the bed, she drifted into sleep in no time.

In morning she woke up as the sun rays hit her face making her roll to the other side only to hit a familiar hard muscular chest. The girl like a kid wrapped her arm around his torso and cuddled with him. Inhaling his musky cinnamon scent that became her favourite for life.

The man groaned as in no time his arms bulky arms wrapped around his doll, pulling her more closer as he softly kissed her forehead making her smile.

She after few minutes tried to wriggle out of his grip, when she was fully awake but he wasn't leaving her at all. "I need to use restroom." She told him softly but the giant of a man only hummed in his sleep squishing her into him.

Anisah shook her head as she smiled after a lot of pestering she got out of his grip. She went to the restroom did her routine, showered and changed into beautiful plain Shalwar Kameez. She let her half wet hair down as she came out of the restroom.

She was wearing her bangles when she felt his presence behind her. She softly placed her hairs aside on her shoulder and kissed her neck from behind making her breathing to hitch.

She still behaves like a virgin merry and he loved it.

"Get ready Habibti cause we are going out and no questions." With that said, he went to the restroom.

Anisah stood there confused for a second but nonetheless she obliged to his words and wore her large veil around her form.

In no time Michael was also ready as he hold her hand firmly and they intertwined their fingers together. He guided her down and straight out as he informed Amma that they'll eat breakfast outside.

He parked the car in front of a cozy restaurant as they had their breakfast there. Anisah kept on asking where he'll take her but he didn't said a word. Other then you'll know soon.

After breakfast he started driving the car towards the desired destination. And in no time they reached there. He guided her inside as she can hear people walking and few talking.

Her brows scrunched up as he walked her to one of the cabins and the girl almost squealed when he picked her up from the waist like a doll and placed on her something hard type of bed.

"W-where a-are we?" She asked confused. Michael sighed but holding her face in his large hands, he placed his forehead against hers.

"We are in Hospital Habibti." He informed her softly making her more confused then ever.

"W-Why? W-What's w-wrong?" She asked confused but then she gasped and her small hands hold his face softly as she mumbled with concern. "Are you hurt?" She asked hurriedly.

Michael smiled softly as he took her small soft hands in his and then placed feathery kisses in her palms making her coy and beetroot as she warned softly.


"Jee jaan-e-Michael?"

(Yes Michael's life?)

He asked her lovingly making her blush bright red. On cue the door creeped opened and the both slowly parted.

"Oh, look what we have here my favourite the one and only Anisah." Came the joyous voice of Zaroon making Anisah's eyes to widen for a second but then she smiled and mumbled a soft Salam and he replied back.

Zaroon eyed the irritated Michael to whom Zaroon just dismissed first but then he gave him a manly hug and Michael smiled as he patted his back. After that brotherly moment, Zaroon turned around to show a beautiful lady doctor standing there and beaming at them.

"This is Dr. Riya the best eye specialist of our hospital." Zaroon introduces but that doctor girl literally disregarded Zaroon and went to the confused Anisah as she stood beside her.

Zaroon glared daggers at the young doctors head making Michael to smirk as he observed the scene with his hawk like eyes.

"I'm here to do a checkup on you. Come with me." She hold Anisah's hand softly and by that time Anisah was somehow aware of what's happening but she face Michael for guidance as he softly hold her hand and spoke softly.

"Go with her Habibti. I'll be right here." He told her softly and with an encouraging kiss on her forehead he let her go as the girl smiled softly and went with dr. Riya.

"Oh man, Are you the same mighty Michael Sheik or my eyes are betraying me?" Zaroon teased enjoying this unbelievable soft side of Michael.

Michael just scoffed at him, annoyed. "Dr. Riya Huh!" Michael arched his brow making Zaroon shock but he covered his expressions in mili second making Michael's smirk to deepened.

"Don't you dare start! It's nothing like that." Zaroon warned him in a cold expressionless face.

Michael smirked. "You know I'm not dumb!" Michael stated tauntingly making him roll his eyes. They sat on the chairs talking about business as Zaroon gave him the head ups of the happenings.

Twenty minutes passed as they heard footsteps. They both stood up from there places as Dr. Riya came back Anisah. Michael instantly hold Anisah's hand as Riya let it go and sat on her chair.

Michael helped Anisah to sit as he himself sat as well and Zaroon stayed standing beside Michael. As they waited for the young doctor to say something.

"I've done a thoroughly check up of her eyes and if Allah wills she can see see again." Dr. Riya told them softly as a woman de smile appeared on all their faces and Anisah's eyes started to tear up.

"She's also healthy and ready for the surgery. We will perform vitrectomy. The surgery removes the jellylike tissue behind the lens of the eye and replaces it with a saline solution. Whenever y'all say, we are ready to proceeed with the process." Dr. Riya told them happily as they smiled.

Anisah couldn't help but cry. She lost the hope of seeing again when her parents died. They were her only support system. She thought, she'll remain like this forever but Allah is so great full.

The man she came to love is the one, who is helping her getting her sight back. She would never be able to thank him enough. He thought so much for her. She's truly blessed to have him in her life.

She felt his large hand holding her small one, giving it an assuring squeeze as the girl broke a soft smile.

"We can start tomorrow." Zaroon spoke happily with twinkling eyes making Dr. Riya to stare at him for few seconds but then she get out of her haze and straightened.

"Very well then, I'll talk to my colleagues about it and Mr. Sheikh you can bring your wife here at sharp 12 pm." She told them professionally with a soft smile.

They nodded their head. Michael was thinking about it from the time when she told Zaroon that when she was kid, her doctor said she can see again and there were chances that she can see now as well. So he called Zaroon and asked him to book an appointment with the best doctor and now here they are.

Anisah was crying softly now as Zaroon and Dr. Riya left the room discussing about certain facts. Michael at once pulled the crying girl on his chest as he softly patted her head.

"Why are you crying Habibti? You should be happy." He told her softly as she shook her head in negative. She moved back to face and then she mumbled softly with her pouty lips and teary eyes. "I'm h-happy. T-these are h-happy tears." She explained him softly as the man chuckled at his innocent wife.

"You're so lucky Habibti. You'll be able to see my handsome face." Michael joked softly as he caressed her cheek and wiped her tears making her to hit his chest playfully.

That night Anisah prayed to her lord as she thanked him for every blessing she was getting. She cried as she thanked her lord.

Michael was working late in office that night as the work was so piled up due to his small trip. But he was there for his wife in the morning.

It was him he woke her up and took her to the hospital. But before going to hospital they went to haveli to meet everyone. They all welcomed them and teased them to red tomatoes regarding their honeymoon.

When Michael informed them about her surgery. Auntie Yasmeen was over the moon as she hugged the girl and gave her lots of prayers. Everybody gave their silent prayers to the girl. Michael was glad that the boys weren't home. Otherwise they would've teased him to death.

After that they departed to hospital. Anisah was nervous as hell. She was was reciting Quranic verses to calm her heart down.

Michael guided his wife towards the room and guided her to the restroom where she changed into patient's gown. The girl softly sat on the patient bed as he hold her face and kissed her forehead.

"Just know this Habibti. I'm here for you." He ensured her softly as girl nodded with a soft smile.

She softly took his large hands in her small ones as she gave small cute pecks on his each hand one by one and then she let go turning all beetroot.

Michael chuckled and his heart warmed up for his doll. His eyes landed on her red cherry lips as his thumb grazed her lower lips and on cue the door opened breaking their small moment.

Dr. Riya cleared her throat before walking in as she took the sight. She couldn't help but admire this beautiful couple. A hot might alpha male husband and a soft, naive beautiful wife. What a deadly combination. She spoke MashaAllah softly under her breath.

As she told her to lay down on the stretcher. Anisah felt her nervousness increasing but as soon as she felt Michael holding her hand. She relaxed a bit. The took the stretcher to the operating room and that is where there hands were parted as girl was taken in and Michael stood outside with his heart in his throat.

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