Mafia Conquest. (Mafia love story #2)

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Chapter 5

"Damn these cupcakes are amazing." Sana chirped happily munching on the yummy cupcakes that Anisah and Sana has made together, taking two long hours.

"Yes, but you put to much sugar in it. It's to sweet Sana." Anisah mumbled chewing at the cupcakes.

"Oh come on NASA sparkle of bit sugar is good in life." Sana mused intentionally using the the weird nick name she had giving to Anisah years ago.

Anisah's jaw tightened as she glared at the place from where Sana's voice was coming. "Don't you dare use that name on me you sandal!" Anisah blurted angrily. Making Sana laugh out loudly at her friends tactics.

"Jeez Anisah don't ever glare at me like that. It always felt like you can see through my soul girl." Sana exaggerated seriously making Anisah to scoff at her.

"Come on lets go inside. It's getting dark and chilly out here." Sana mumbled standing up. Anisah to stood up nodding in approval as she felt the cold wind in the garden swept pass her, playing with her veil.

Anisah hasn't brought her cane with her because her auntie felt humiliated while walking with a blind girl holding cane. So here is the girl without her cane walking softly just on hearing Sana's mumbling.

From what Anisah has known. Sana's family is extremely rich. They are Sheikhs after all why won't she. The haveli (mansion) they lived in is known in the entire city. Her auntie is working here from five years and she get payed hefty amount of money. Her aunt often talk about how beautiful and posh the haveli is, even the portraits hanging here worth fortune and sadly she can't see it.

Suddenly she felt a hand holding hers as she felt Sana softly guiding her up the stairs.

"You know I had told you about my cousin Amir who went to abroad for studies. Well guess what?" Sana spoke in an overly enthusiastic manner.

Anisah chuckled softly as she spoke in a fake exaggeration manner. "What?"

Sana scoffed at her fake ness. "He just came back to attend my wedding. Just imagine all my four brothers will be present in my wedding. Who are barely home altogether."

Anisah nodded in understanding but than she made a confused face. "How come you have four brothers. From what I remember you only mentioned about Ibrahim bhai, that arrogant Jhangir and this Amir."

Before Sana could reply Anisah gasped her hand on her mouth and her face shocked. "Don't tell me your parents got a new baby brother for you!" Anisah asked almost shockingly earning a slight smack on her head from Sana, who glared at now giggling Anisah.

Even tho Anisah knew that Sana has one brother and three cousin brothers but she said it all just to rile up Sana. And the plan worked.

"Not new but he's my eldest brother and from not single angle he's a baby but rather a buff, hulk, giant builder of a man." Sana exasperated putting emotions in her voice to elaborate.

"Yeah whatever!" Anisah scoffed making Sana to smack her head again.

"Smack me one more time Sana and I'll tell Yasmeen auntie about it." Anisah threatened with a serious face.

Sana gasped dramatically. "Oh I'm scared." Making Anisah snicker at her idiot friend.

Sana is the only person with whom Anisah can feel her true self. Sana is far more important to her than a friend. She's like a sister to Anisah she never had. The way Anisah always stay happy and joyous in Sana's presence was unbelievable.

Maybe it's because Anisah only talk to Sana or maybe because she isn't afraid of Sana that she might say something and a slap would land across her face.

Her aunt has done quite good work in crumbling her confidence and personality into a scared mess. And to top it all her cousin brother Jameel has shown a beautiful image of man. That the girl is scared of even talking to stranger men always expecting something bad from them.

She was glad that whenever they came to haveli. Her aunt would let her alone with Sana and pretend all sweet and loving to her as a facade.

Often times Anisah felt like telling them, sharing her miseries with Sana. She has a strong background maybe the girl can help Anisah. Maybe her family can save her from this mess.

But Alas! When Anisah was telling Sana about the beating, her Aunt came out of nowhere. Shazia than moulded everything in such a manner that it looked like she loved Anisah more than her own mother and is doing everything for Anisah's safety.

That night her aunt was so furious that she tried to kill Anisah with a sharp knife more like a dagger. The girl was unable to fight for herself. Jameel was there, he saved her from his mother. It wasn't like he saved her it was more like he saved her mom from going to prison. The scar still littered her body starting from her right side of the ribs and ending near her naval, it wasn't deep but it hurt the most. After that day her aunt didn't let her come to haveli for a whole year. It was Sana who forced Shazia to bring the girl for meet-up and after so many promises, her aunt allowed her to meet Sana.

Her thoughts were interrupted when a voice shouted Sana's name. It was Yasmeen auntie. "Yes MA!!!!" Sana shouted so loudly making Anisah to cover her ears.

"I'm going to be deaf if you keep on screaming like a maniac." Anisah mumbled.

"Look Anisah just go straight from here and the..." Sana's voice faded away and Anisah couldn't even hear her last sentence.

Mumbling filtered profanities Anisah contemplates whether to stand there stupidly or just go find Sana's room. Anisah has come to this floor couple of times with Sana but never bothered to know her way around because every time Sana was beside her.

Standing there idly for couple of minutes Anisah decided to go find Sana's room. How embarrassing it would look if someone saw her standing in the corridor idly.

Sighing softly with feathery steps the girl caressed the wall beside her as she followed it. Feeling smooth texture under her fingertips. It was so smooth that the girl imagined what colour could it be.

Her foot came in contact with the console table and Wallah! The girl was glad that nothing fell from it. Touching everything softly her hands came in contact with the door. This could be Sana's room but this is so close. Sana used to walk long before they reach her room. So maybe this isn't the room.

The girl continued her quest until she came to end of the corridor as she felt another door there. Touching the knob softly she tried to recall if it felt familiar with Sana's room but than again all the rooms won't have different doors or doorknobs. How stupid of her!

Contemplating the girl ended up in a decision. She'll knock the door. If someone will open the door. She'll simply ask for Sana's room, though going through certain amount of embarrassment in the process but if nobody answers than this will be definitely Sana's room.

Keeping that in mind the girl knocked on the door once! No reply. Twice! No reply. Thrice! No reply. Happily dancing in her head the girl twisted the door knob as she entered inside.

Closing the door behind she marched straight to where she thought the couch is and she sat but instead of landing on the couch the girl landed on the floor.

Opening of the door from somewhere indicated that Sana came in the room. Anisah was to caught up in pain that she didn't realised which door opened and than closed.

Hissing in pain the girl rubbed her butt. "You stupid Sana! You should've told me that you've rearranged the room. Because of you my butt is in pain." Anisah mumbled softly standing up while still caressing her butt to smooth the pain.

Pin drop silence as not a single noise could be heard. Frowning the girl spoke up as she moved further in the room with soft steps. "Sana!" No reply.

Her frowned deepened as she glared all around her. "My butt is cursing you Sa— Umphhhhh." Her foot hit the bed as she fell on it, face first.

Huffing, soft silk sheets comes in contact with her skin. Fisting her hand the girl harshly punched the poor soft bed in frustration as she stood up abruptly. Fixing her loose veil she hissed.

"Speak Sana!" No reply, Sana was literally getting on her nerves. Is she playing hide and seek with her.

A small creek of the step had her ears peeking up as slight turned to her right and marched straight towards Sana with angry face. "You are so dead San—-Umphhhh."

She abruptly moved back as her form collided with a wall. "Ya Allah! Why the jahanum (hell) there's a wall in the middle of your room and and it's w-wet." Her voice trailed of as she felt small wetness of droplets on herself after colliding with the wall.

With utter courage the girl raised her hand slowly softly trying to touch the wall. "S-Sana i-is that y-you?" Her soft hand came in contact with cold, wet and hard wall. Why the wall is wet and in the middle of her room.

She thought as her other hand came in contact with solid boxes. Boxes designed on wall, strange. Her hands slowly moved up from boxes like thing as she counted those boxes out loudly. "1...2...3...4...5...6...only six boxes." She spoke out confused.

Her palms slowly moved up to a broad and hard surface with a pointed design on each side. The girl tried to knock on it with her knuckles but it felt like flesh rather than a wall. But how can a flesh be this hard. That's impossible. Why Sana placed a board in her room. A wet wired flesh like board on that.

Frowning her nose scrunched slightly when she inched little closer to the wall. She inhaled the scent of fresh lavender with musky hint to it. At the same time she stood on her tiptoes and her hands touched the collarbones, shoulders, neck and a freaking beard, someone literally breathed on her head.

Shrieking the girl withdrew her hands like they were struck by lightening as she moved three steps back. Abruptly falling on the bed in sitting position. The girl hurriedly stood up feeling aghast.

'No Allah! please don't let it be what I'm thinking!'

Her face was pale like ice and her hands were trembling. She just not touched but felt a non-mehram man under her palms like he's one of the exquisite canvas of some other planet.

Her eyes were wide, face beetroot red, her ears were totally numb in horror and her heart was drumming in her throat. Her breathing fast and her hand clutched the end of her kameez (shirt) in a fist.

She is in someone else's room and that person is male. She just touched his body and Allah knows from how long that person was standing there watching her to whom she was considering Sana.

Her hands were wet and the man was bare that means he is .... he.... is....naked.

A horrified scream escaped her lips but it was stopped abruptly when a large calloused hand landed on her face and one hand was holding her neck from behind in a strong grip.

Dread creeped her bones, when the situation dawned on her fully. She's alone with an unknown man.

The girl stood their horrified feeling her heart slamming in her ear. Instantly her soft small white hands wrapped around the large, rough, calloused hands as she tried to remove it from her face, but the person won't budge.

'No please!'

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