Mafia Conquest. (Mafia love story #2)

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Chapter 44 part # 1

These few hours were the most torturous for Michael as he roamed outside the operating room. His heart felt heavy as he waited for his wife.

After few more minutes the operating room opened and Dr.Riya came out. She was wearing all that doctor surgical stuff as she breathed a sigh of relief and stood in front of a worried Michael.

She smiled softly. "The surgery was successful Alhamdulillah." She told him softly while smiling.

A relief washed over him. "Can I see her?" He asked hurriedly.

Dr. Riya smiled. "Right now she's under anaesthesia but you can surely see her." She informed him softly and with a small nod she left from there.

Michael hurriedly went inside as he saw his precious doll laying there with a white gauze wrapped around her eyes. He slowly went close to her and sat beside on the stool.

He sat there for the longest of the times. Holding her small frail hand in his as he observed his wife.

It was late in night when she stirred a bit in her sleep and tried to move. Michael holds her hand immediately as he gave it an assuring squeeze. "I'm here Habibti." He told her softly.

As the girl felt his touch and heard his sound, she visibly relaxed. Michael softly kissed her hand as he sat there silently.

"W-What time is it?" She asked him in her parched voice. "It's late night Habibti, you should sleep." He told her softly as he caressed her hand with his thumb.

"Have you eaten your dinner?" She asked him softly knowing very well that he must be hungry. The man was silent which gave away his answer.

"I'm hungry." She told him softly making him stand instantly. "Alright Habibti I'll just go and come back in a second. Don't move from here." He warned her softly.

As she heard the door closing, she hissed as the effect of anaesthesia was fading away and the pain just started to be felt.

She slowly touched her eyes that were coated in gauze. She still couldn't believe that she'll be able to see.

The opening of door was heard as Anisah smelled that familiar cologne. Michael came and sat beside her bed on the stool. "I've brought this porridge for you, as you can't eat spices for few days." Michael told her as if she's a child.

Anisah pouted. "I'll only eat if you'll eat with me." She stated sternly making Michael to stare at his vixen. She did this just to make him eat.

"Fine." He mumbled softly as he settled her bed in a slant sitting position as adjusted the pillows behind her back to make her comfortable.

He silently feed her but also had to feed himself on her demands and damn that porridge was a torture. As soon as his Habibti gets well. He won't let her eat that ever.

After finishing up, he helped her lay back as he covered her body with sheets.

"What's the colour of your eyes?" She asked softly. She had thought a lot about the colour of his eyes but she never asked and now out of nowhere the question surged up in her hazy mind.

Michael smiled at her wife's inquiry. "Green." He told her softly. "And before you ask what green is like then baby soon you'll be able to see my eyes and everything else too." He teased mischievously making a soft smile to crack on her lips.

She didn't realised but she went into deep slumber holding his large hand like a baby as she hugged it.

In morning she woke by small hushed whispering.

"Will she see me?"

"I showered twice just to look more handsome." Came the same voice making others snicker.

"You still looks like shit!" Said the other voice earning a huffed groan in response.

"The gauze will be removed after few days." Came the deep voice.

"Crap! You should've told me first!" Came the voice of sad Jhangir as Anisah stirred in her place, recognising their voices.

Pin drop silence resounds in the room as everyone went silent making her worried as to what went wrong.

"What happened?" She asked groggily as she felt an irritation in her eyes and then she realised about the gauze and surgery.

"Don't move." Michael warned softly when Anisah was about to sit up.

"How are you feeling Nisah?" Came the soft caring voice of Ibrahim making Anisah to smile softly. "I'm feeling good Alhamdulillah." She told him softly.

"I showered twice to look good for you Cinderella." Came the sad voice of Jhangir making Anisah to giggle softly and Michael to frown at the endearment as he glared at his younger cousin for calling his wife Cinderella.

"You'll look good anyway so don't bother." She encourages him softly earning an arched brow and narrowed eyes as Michael stared at his innocent wife.

"Auntie Yasmeen wanted to come but couldn't because uncle Imran is sick." Amir informed her softly making her gasp as she immediately started to speak.

"What happened to uncle Imran?" Came the panicked voice of Anisah as she immediately tried to stood but Michael kept her in place by holding her arms as he made her lay on the bed again.

"He's fine. It's not that serious just his blood pressure was low that's all. But he's been taken care of and you don't need to worry right now. Just relax." Amir told softly as all the boys witnessed pure gentleness in Michael's form as he softly kissed her hand and Anisah went all shy and coy not looking up at all.

The boys were stunned to see so much softness in his cold eyes as they stared at the cold ruthless man looking all caring and lovey dovey with Anisah.

"Love is in the air." Ibrahim amuses while observing them as he received a death glare from Michael which made him to shut his mouth in an instant .

"Don't tease him, if you want to live." Jhangir mused as he warned him.

She stayed in hospital for a week and not once her Michael left her side. He was always there with her day and night, looking after her every need. That the girl couldn't thank Allah enough for such a blessing.

Auntie Yasmeen, Uncle Imran, Sana, Sohaib and almost all the family came to visit her in these days bringing flowers and chocolates.

They'll loved her like their own and it warmed her heart. She will always remember their love and care. Now she realised that it's not always the blood related people that are yours but rather the ones, who loves you and care for you are your true family.

Everyday Dr. Riya came to check on her and she couldn't stop but to feel that spark between Dr. Zaroon and Dr. Riya. There's definitely something in between them as they always fight like husband and wife.

Soon the day came of her discharge but the gauze wasn't removed yet. The doctor didn't want her to leave until the gauze is removed which is still one week later but Anisah couldn't stay in the hospital one more moment.

So her husband took her back home with a great setup and complete precautions. As soon as they reached he carried her all the way to their room and Amma was just in awe at the sight as Hina helped him to lay Anisah down.

A nurse was appointed for her every need. Dr. Riya came along with Zaroon just to make sure that Anisah is doing perfectly fine at the house.

Two days passed with her being isolated in the room. And Michael was so cautious for her that he slept in the small couch just for her to stay comfortable as much as possible.

It was the third and the whole family was here to meet her as per Anisah's request. She was getting so bored with all this special treatment and Michael won't even let her stand without anyone's help.

"Everyone's here." Came his deep loving voice making her smile as was done getting ready but before she could stand from the couch she was already in his arms in bridal style making her gasp.

"W-What are you doing?" She asked hesitated, wrapping her arms around his neck.

Michael smirked as he leaned down near her face as he husked. "What does it look like I'm doing Habibti?" He asked mischievously making her squirm in his arms as her eyes widened at that tone.

She knows that tone oh so well. "P-put me d-down." She tried to order him sternly but it came out rather soft making his smirk to depend.

"Baby it's so long since I've touched you and it's making me go insane." He husked hotly in her ears making her cheeks flamed red as her eyes widened at his words.

She gulped audibly. "I think w-we s-should go." She said softly trying to control her red cheeks.

Michael was about to tease her more when a weird clearing of throat was heard. "Bhai if you're done with going insane then you should bring Anisah down. Everyone is waiting." Came the mischievous voice of Amir.

Michael cursed under his breath as he didn't bothered to turn around. Anisah went all red in embarrassment in his arms.

"Get the hell out of here! We are coming!" He spoke in anger making Amir to chuckle as he successfully accomplished to tease his brother. Allah how much Amir waited for these type of moments where he can tease the fuck out of his brother.

Amir left after making Michael angry but as soon as his eyes landed on his shying red doll, his anger evaporated like it was never there.

"Now cool down little doll, your flaming cheeks will definitely give wrong impression of us being late." Michael teased making her go even more red rather then cooling down.

Slowly she breathed as she tried to cool herself down as Michael went down the stairs but she couldn't help her blush because the reason of it was being in his arms. She just hopped that no one notice.

Soon they reached the lounge and the room was filled with the awes of women and smirks of men. Michael changed his soft expressions to stoic face as he glared each of his brother and Zaroon as well because he knows they'll surely try to irritate the hell out of him.

He placed the girl softly on the settee in a sitting position and sat himself as well just beside her as she spoke a soft Salam to everyone and they replied happily.

Everyone started talking about random stuffs and they all were enjoying really much. The only ones remaining were Sana and Sohaib they couldn't make it her because Sohaib's mother wasn't well so it wasn't appropriate of them to leave the house.

Auntie Yasmeen told Anisah about Michael's naughty doings when he was a kid and literally everyone started one by one opening Michael's deeds to Anisah from birth till now of what sort of a kid he was. And to be honest Anisah was laughing her ass off.

She couldn't even imagine this because g bad Michael ringing neighbours door bell and then running for his life when their dog ran after him. Just the imagination was hilarious because she wasn't imagining a kid but rather a big bad Michael.

They all sat on the dinning table, having their dinner as they enjoyed every moment. Everyone was so ecstatic because they all took Michael's class in a hidden way by telling every naughty thing to Anisah.

Only Michael knows how he sat there not uttering a word. When he literally wanted to teach them a lesson, his face emotionless. And everybody just took advantage of that because they now knew he won't say a word in front of Anisah.


"Why the fuck you've not done anything yet." Came the sharp bitter voice from other side making the person flinch.

"What can I do Boss?" The person asked scared at the anger of their boss.

"I don't want her to get her fucking sight back." The person snarled making the listener to gulp.

"But boss-" The person was cut short when the menacing voice of boss spoke up.

"Kill her!"

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